Are You Permanently Blind?

Blinded by science...

Are You Blindly Loyal – Loyal To What?

Loyal to the institution?
Loyal to officials?
Loyal to truth?

U.S. President Donald John Trump jokes about his blindly loyal supporters.

Leaving the herd mentality to think for yourself and search for facts can be a challenge.

Join Me To Think About All This:

What Will You Do When Facts Disagree With Your Beliefs?

The Rape of the Mind by Joost A. M.Meerloo M.D.
“In our era of warring ideologies, in a time of battle for man’s mind, this question demands attention.
What is mass delusion?
How does it arise?
What can we do to combat it?

When we tentatively define delusion as the loss of an independent, verifiable reality, with a consequent relapse into a more primitive state of awareness, we can see how the phenomenon of totalitarianism itself can be considered delusional.”

Consider the controlled narratives from institutions and mass media.

Have you ever researched mass delusions?
Are you mindful of daily thoughts?

Have you heard of the:

  • Science Delusion
  • Authority Delusion
  • National Delusion
  • Spell Casting
  • Indoctrination, Group Think
  • Emotional Attachment & Idols
  • Cognitive Dissonance
  • Emotional Block, social acceptance, peer pressure
  • Psyops, Framing, Manipulating the public, and Social Engineering

With data collecting/harvesting, supercomputing, Big Data, and data analytics the institutional research & deveolpment know you better than you know yourself.
There are projects like the Sentient World Simulation to reveal this.

The herd and the obedient can be easily controlled or manipulated…

Future of Scirence: We Will Have The Power Of Gods.


Title: flat Earth – captain T.Kirk blinded by science. part 2
Posted 12 Jul 2017 by Andrzace

Idol, Emotional Block & Cognitive Dissonance

Some individuals are not willing to accept the truth that destroy their false belief.

Are you or someone you know afflicted with this?

Are you a NASA fan?

Are you a Donald Trump supporter?

Are you loyal – what are you loyal to?

Think about the facts that are in plain sight, then realize the world is not as you were taught.

There are false news stories dominating mass media, aka mainstream media.
There are false teachings in accredited textbooks, schools, and universities.

So-called “Trusted” officials and experts deceive many, especially regulated corporate-government trained and employed officials.

With the “official” story and history the narrative is controlled, and false beliefs are formed for mass consumption.

How Have These Individuals Earned  Your Trust Or Loyalty?

Quack science idols

For decades STEPHEN HAWKING was paraded internationally as a celebrity, a science idol, a genius...

Critics Of President Trump Can’t Comprehend His 4D Chess Strategy?

Is that what Trump supporters really believe?

Thankful that Hillary isn’t the U.S. President, and yet there still is a problem…

Title: Critical Thinking & 4D Chess
Posted 9 Apr 2018 by Black Pilled

Elite Globalist Propaganda & Science Idol

This is Michio Kaku revealed:

Title: Illuminati Propaganda Par Excellence
Posted 7 Jul 2010 by CheshireGrinning

“Michio goes cuckoo and says you are a terrorist if you are against the NWO.
He claims that the NWO is Type 1 attainment on the Kardashev scale.” –CheshireGrinning

Video Timestamp Highlights:

00:00 -Michio Kaku reveals he is a NWO GLOBALIST SHILL, disguised as a “scientist”!

00:06 – Russian astronomer, Nikolai Kardashev Scale:
Type I, II, III, IV & V Civilizations

00:11 -Type I New World Order (NWO)
One world Government {Michio pretend it is ET, actually it is Nazionist supremacist racist tyrannical world governance}

00:24 -Type II Acting the bad aliens for the men in black to come to our rescue. Consider Hollywood’s greys/reptilians/abductions…
Remember acting president Ronald Reagan’s enemy ET speech at the U.N.

00:43 -Type III Galactic federation (Federation of Light?)
Consider the fallen angels, the entities in inner earth, fallen watchers, the orbs, or the giant hybrids of Nephilim?
What is he hiding about off-world civilizations?

01:02 -Type IV god and loyal holy angels?
Mind control: Psyops/mass media influence population to believe a demigod and his angels are evil aliens from a distant part of the galaxy and all forces must unite to fight them.
Is this part of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) Program?

01:09 STAR WARS!
Michio said, “Now, what are we on this scale?
We are zero!
We don’t even rate on this scale!”
See Ronmamita’s comment: To All The Fans Of NASA, SCIENCE and SCIENCE FICTION

01:27 How movies & TV conditions the people in society to expect huge eyes, grey aliens and attacking space invaders?
…Michio see “evidence of this historic transition from TYPE-0 (zero) to TYPE-I (one)” [civilization].
Isn’t this social engineering or engineering civilization?

Michio is priviledged to be alive to witness this transtion “The most important era in the history of the human race.”
Michio then goes on to say: The E.U. is IMPORTANT to THEIR PLANS.
Erects the geopolitical structure for world trading blocs or “zones”:
Zone Americas; Zone Euro; Zone Asia; Zone African or something similar with a basket of reserve currencies stabilizing the world economy… Type I civilization

Those who said this was the globalists’ plan all along, in opposition to this centralization of world domination and control were labelled crazy “Conspiracy Theorists”.
Thus, Michio Kaku is also a “conspiracy theorist” in support of central control world empire…

02:30Type I language will be English!
He reveals the UK as the invisible hand guiding this world agenda!
Some may have thought USA, but the U.S. was captured long ago by the international money masters. The U.S. is merely the military arm used as cannon fodder in war campaigns.

We saw that in two World Wars and all indications are we are readying to see it in a third universal war! Like Ambassador Whitelaw Reid told his fellow conspirators in London—

“Great Britain could count upon every dollar, every man, and every drop of blood in America.”

All wars are bankers’ wars.

02:48 Now Michio explains the IMPORTANCE of corporate mass media & entertainment and why news media, NASA, and Hollywood use state of the art studio acting and production with stage, lighting, green screen, sound, video, A/V FX special effects technology…
It is a worldwide psyop: Fake News, Infotainment, infomercials, obedient citizen-droids, and order followers.
Goodbye freedom & Liberty, greet the worldwide central control, a TYPE-I CIVILIZATION being engineered as you read this in the so-called 21st century.

03:03 -The Internet will be limited to only a world wide phone!
[My IMS research reveal  smartphones become bank ATM cards or you can accept computer-chips surgically implanted]

Oh thank you, for informing us that the internet’s features to share libraries, research and detailed documents will be removed!
No longer will the citizens be allowed to create their own independent investigative news, internet will only be for phone calls and approved TV viewing.
What a devolutionary depressing transition!

03:22 -If you RESIST this mandatory policy, (Michio calls it a transition, but it is martial law regulated, corporate-government sponsored and bank funded), then opponents will be labelled TERRORISTS!

03:26 -Is Michio Kaku a member of the satanist worshipers, dark cabal destroying freedom for supremacist elite club?
Did Michio Kaku join the REAL TERRORISTS, institutional murderers, deceivers, and slavers; as the Enemy of truth, Enemy of Earth and its People?

Massive Tax Debt Spending For Trip To Mars?

The More You Question, The More Deception You Find.

Donald Trump Signs Bill Authorizing NASA Budget, Mars Exploration

WASHINGTON, DC – MARCH 21: U.S. President Donald Trump participates in a bill signing ceremony as NASA astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson (4th L) and legislators, including Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX) (L), and Rep. John Culberson (R-TX) (2nd L), look on in the Oval Office of the White House March 21, 2017 in Washington, DC. President Trump has signed S.442 – National Aeronautics and Space Administration Transition Authorization Act of 2017 into law. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Team End-The-Fed calls on the energies of all creation for the sword of TRUTH to slay the beast system of mass deception.

We Shall Know The Truth

Title: Blinded By Science With Carl Sagan
Posted 17 Sep 2016 by GuruMediator

Bots for sex and marriage - advanced technology.

Science Delusion

Title: NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft Wakes for Pluto Encounter
Posted 14 Jan 2014 by NASA New Horizons

Read: A New Religion in the Name of Science

The Dogma of a pseudo-religion in the name of Science.

Thirty years after his first heretical books, Sheldrake's new one, Science Set Free, is a landmark achievement.

Title: Thomas Dolby “She Blinded Me With Science” meets “Metropolis” Music Video
Posted 14 Oct 2017 by Kata Jacobson

With Great Authority They Speak In The Name Of Science

Believing in science makes science another religion, but even worse science is a religion without a moral compass.


OPERATION EMPIRE: They were given Missions!


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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One comment on “Are You Permanently Blind?
  1. RonMamita says:


    U.S. President Donald J. Trump performing his White House obligation to deceive the taxpaying citizens alongside NASA with their astronots.

    Title: 34 Percent no longer believe in Globe
    Posted 4 Apr 2018 by Mike Helmick

    And The Survey Said!

    “Just 66% of millennials firmly believe that the earth is round”

    Mike has a website:

    Curious Bill, former two term U.S. President Clinton wrote his doubts in his 2004 autobiography about NASA’a claim to have landed men on the moon:

    “Just a month before, Apollo 11 astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong had left their colleague, Michael Collins, aboard spaceship Columbia and walked on the moon…The old carpenter asked me if I really believed it happened. I said sure, I saw it on television. He disagreed; he said that he didn’t believe it for a minute, that ‘them television fellers’ could make things look real that weren’t. Back then, I thought he was a crank. During my eight years in Washington, I saw some things on TV that made me wonder if he wasn’t ahead of his time.”

    Title: Neil Disgrace Tyson is Falling Faster Than The Globe
    Video posted 7 Jun 2017 by jeranism

    FakeX is SpaceX

    Title: Globe Earthers must lie. They have no choice. FAKE X (Flat Earth)
    Posted 15 Dec 2017 by Mike Helmick

    More Monkey Tales

    Title: Epic Deception | Flat Earth Documentary ▶️️
    Posted 9 Jul 2016 by ODD Reality

    Deceivers Stage, Fake, and Steal Money

    When you examine the list of great achievemenrts by mankind – such as engineering massive structures, the wheel, the locomotive motors, electrical circuits, flight you see a pattern of modeling, operation, replication & duplication, advance improvements until the abnormally from NASA and sister space agencies.

    Strangely, no one but the international sister space agencies with government funds and regulations are capable of replicating their feats to the moon and space travel!

    Now there is so much fraud and deception around space travel that it is astounding to observe.
    Why ‘believe’ anyone?

    Better to question everything and search for truth.

    There is a actor playing the scripted part of the deceased Stanley Kubric who never confessed to producing the Apollo moon missions for NASA.
    So much fraud surrounding what is claimed to be mankind’s greatest feat.

    Grand Deception…

    Title: After THIS You WILL Question EVERYTHING! Hidden NASA Messages In CINEMA! (2018)
    Posted 25 Feb 2018 by StrangerThanFiction

    We can see what Stanley Kubric and NASA staged to deceive the world:

    Title: One Giant Lie For Mankind – AstroNots Gone Nowhere
    Posted 15 Mar 2017 by jeranism


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