World Crises: The Geopolitical Watch

Keep an alert watch on what officials fund and document (not what they say in front of cameras).

Below is a forecast watch based from official documents as a preplan for expected crises.

Follow The Money

This is the “Govern by crisis management” script we discuss so often, along with social engineering.

Much reform is disguised as “sustainable development” and for a “resilient and inclusive global economy”.

With the above catch-phrases and campaign slogans, the policy makers stealthily, since 2009, established preparations and protections for the coming banking crisis with a Digital Payment System.

Lessons learned:

  • Wolves Do Not Care What Sheep Think.
  • Appearances are Deceptive.
  • Govern By Crisis Management
  • It’s Not An Accident, Its Policy.
  • The tyrant will always find an excuse…

David Rockefeller, September 14, 1994.


(Reminder: the U.S., Russia, China, and the other IMF member States all signed the “2010 Quota” treaty that called for the end to the U.S. unipolar leadership, in favor for what is called a multipolar world. Some call this the de-dollarization policy, while others call it the monetary system reset.)

Clearly the majority of the world population is unaware of this IMF treaty calling for structural reforms to reset the monetary system and change the balance of military power. Thus, crises become a major deception tool to force adoption of major changes during emergency events or the threats of war.

Deception has become second nature to institutional governance as the mass populous is seen as chattel or pawns in the game.

I have identified two factions, one has ties to nationalism and the other is globalism, however both factions embrace the monetary system that is founded on debt bondage.

What to watch for in coming years:

  • Forced Commercial Digital Transactions (replacing common cash transactions as banks increase fees for distributing cash – entering the cashless society).
  • Regional Control Centers (Multipolar international relations, and boundaries redrawn on maps)
  • The growth of redundant (resiliency) systems – such as Supernodes, Exchange Markets, SWIFT and Credit Rating Clones in the East.
  • Regulated Blockchain Financialization (big data analytics, algorithmic platforms, smart contracts, crypto-currencies and digital money).
  • Eur-Asia positioned to be the engine for “global economy” growth.
  • Increased military spending by world powers (E.U.; Russia; China; et al.)
  • Rising Taxation as Pension and Bond funds in crisis.
  • The 2025 deadline (Search this blog and the internet for more references)…

These projects, policies and programmes are all orchestrated with bank funds and increased debt.

Remember to follow the money, and capital flows.

This is Actual GDP excluding artificial stimulus. The U.S. is in actual fact in an economic depression.

This is the Actual U.S. GDP excluding artificial stimulus. –Source
The U.S. is in an economic depression.

Also remember: the G20 vowed every citizen will be digitally connected by 2025.


It’s Not An Accident, Its Policy.

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars


Title: All America’s Wars Begin with False Flags (and WWIII Will Too)
Video posted 11 Mar 2016

Mysteriously Deagel.Com (a government contractor) Forcasted Mass Devastation for 2025
[ ]

Title: Americas Planned End – The Deagel Prophecy Ep# 0122
Posted 31 May 2017 by The RatFiles

If you think the problems we create are bad, just wait untile you see our solutions


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