Worldwide Socioeconomic Epicenter: Trump’s MAGAnomics

the newly designed $100 U.S. currency

Trump’s MAGAnomics

Both the Globalisation Agenda, and Trump’s ‘MAGA’ (Make America Great Again) Policy are rarely explained to the public.

Ever since the 2009 crisis response, the implementation of the Global Reset has been methodically implemented with G-SIFI liquidity market & monetary policies; with FINTECH disruptive technologies; with disruptive R&D capital funds; with regional multi-national trade agreements; and with war campaigns.

  • Social Unrest & Populism are real grassroots.
  • Nationalism Is A Major Geopolitical Policy Shift.
  • Disruptive technologies and policies are intentional.
  • De-Dollarization & International Monetary System Reset is real.
  • The Ruling Class’ Silent-War against citizens and workers is no longer hidden

The U.S. is complicit with the other member nation states to dethrone the Dollar as the world’s preeminent reserve currency.

World Order:
GlobalismNationalismPatriotismNeoliberalismMonetary System Reset

The Rules Have Changed.

It’s Not An Accident, It’s Policy!

Opponents to the globalisation faction within every nation state are taking notice of Trump’s ‘MAGA’ policy as a green-light to campaign for national pride and anti-globalisation.

You may be ignorant of these current world affairs issues and factions…
You may not like or agree with these issues or factions…
But these policy issues could impact you!

2018 IMF head: Trade tension hurts confidence, reported from

Current Disruptive De-Dollarization Events:

Below are a few very short videos that reveal the Trump policy effects:


Title: Iran Is Launching Its Own #Cryptocurrency To Bust US Sanctions
Posted 27 Jul 2018 by Rethinking The Dollar

[CHINA] see a shrewd, wily, chess-playing, Sun Tzu-grade genius, who could easily checkmate them, and they’ve got a lot of reasons for thinking so.
Here’s a bit of what Glenn Reynolds posted:

I have just spent a week in Beijing talking to officials and intellectuals, many of whom are awed by his skill as a strategist and tactician. . . .

Few Chinese think that Mr Trump’s primary concern is to rebalance the bilateral trade deficit. If it were, they say, he would have aligned with the EU, Japan and Canada against China rather than scooping up America’s allies in his tariff dragnet. They think the US president’s goal is nothing less than remaking the global order.

They think Mr Trump feels he is presiding over the relative decline of his great nation. It is not that the current order does not benefit the US. The problem is that it benefits others more in relative terms. To make things worse the US is investing billions of dollars and a fair amount of blood in supporting the very alliances and international institutions that are constraining America and facilitating China’s rise.

In Chinese eyes, Mr Trump’s response is a form of “creative destruction”. He is systematically destroying the existing institutions — from the World Trade Organization and the North American Free Trade Agreement to Nato and the Iran nuclear deal — as a first step towards renegotiating the world order on terms more favourable to Washington.

Once the order is destroyed, the Chinese elite believes, Mr Trump will move to stage two: renegotiating America’s relationship with other powers. Because the US is still the most powerful country in the world, it will be able to negotiate with other countries from a position of strength if it deals with them one at a time rather than through multilateral institutions that empower the weak at the expense of the strong.

My interlocutors say that Mr Trump is the US first president for more than 40 years to bash China on three fronts simultaneously: trade, military and ideology. They describe him as a master tactician, focusing on one issue at a time, and extracting as many concessions as he can. They speak of the skilful way Mr Trump has treated President Xi Jinping. “Look at how he handled North Korea,” one says. “He got Xi Jinping to agree to UN sanctions [half a dozen] times, creating an economic stranglehold on the country. China almost turned North Korea into a sworn enemy of the country.” But they also see him as a strategist, willing to declare a truce in each area when there are no more concessions to be had, and then start again with a new front.

Wow. So the Chinese watched the Trump dramas in Quebec and Singapore and Brussels and Helsinki closely, and drew their own conclusions as to what was going on from them. –

Title: Wilbur Ross: America won’t be a ‘sucker’ o…
Posted 24 Jan 2018 by CNNMoney | Back in January 2018 Wilbur Ross outlined Trump’s policies


Thomas Palley, an independent economist and author of “From Financial Crisis to Stagnation,” explains why President Donald Trump is such an important character in global economic history. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Joe Weisenthal, Scarlet Fu and Julie Hyman on “What’d You Miss?”

Title: Why Trump Is Such an Important Character in Economic History
Posted 26 Jul 2018 by Bloomberg Politics

TRUMP: What’d you’ve to lose?

Title: Judge Jeanine: Why Americans elected an outsider businessman
Posted 28 Jul 2018 by Fox News

*Regardless if you think this is true or false – Understand, what President Trump supporters say about deceptive trade agreements:

“Interestingly Reuters uses the narrative from an anonymous Canadian “official” to frame an article about how global car manufacturers are coming together next week in Geneva to coordinate their strategy against the United States and President Trump.

Just let that part sink in for a moment…

Behind that context we can clearly see: 1) the economic importance of the Auto industry to the countries that are assembling; 2) their multinational corporate interest in retaining unlimited access to the U.S. market; and 3) the absolute need of all assembling corporations to find a way to keep their investments in NAFTA’s fatal flaw viable.

Who is gathering?
Canada, Mexico, the EU (ie. Germany), Japan and South Korea.

Where are they going?
To visit Geneva, Switzerland.

Why Geneva?
Because that way China can attend (see Volvo/Sweden) without being on the official roster.

::nudge, nudge::
::wink, wink::
::say-no-more Panda boy, say-no-more:: [CHINA and Globalists’ Eastern Agenda]

Additionally, Cecelia Malmström (EU Trade Minister), is the person Canada is relying upon to cover their anti-Trump position”[…]

President Trump doesn’t care !

President Trump doesn’t care what the opinion of the Auto industry is.

President Trump is not beholden to the interests of the corporate auto industry.

President Trump doesn’t give a flip about what international leaders gather to discuss.

President Trump will do what is in the best interests of the United States and the workers within it. Period; end-of-story.  Done.

It is in the corporate and financial interests of the multinationals to retain their open-ended tariff-free access to the U.S. market by exploiting the back-door of NAFTA.  The multinational corporations have invested hundreds of billions on the supply chain and manufacturing system all using this NAFTA loophole. They have also paid hundreds-of-millions for the political policy of multiple world leaders, all to support and retain their interests therein.

Guess what?

President Trump doesn’t care.

If it is not in the best interests of the U.S., it simply will not be allowed.

The multinational corporate leaders can assemble and strategize until they are blue-in-the-face.
It matters not. –

Title: Media downplay Trump administration’s economic successes
Posted 27 Jul 2018 by Fox News

Birth of Hegemony Crisis Financial Revolution and Emerging...

There are archives documenting centuries of exploiting international (slave) trade that was always backed by the power of the economically and militarily strong nations.
With methods ranging from direct military backing to more nuanced forms of coercion and manufactured consent, economic theory is always proven wrong.

International trade has always been a subject of State Power policy seeking institutional advantages. But, it has never been free in the economic textbook sense.

Crime and coercion is rarely part of a economic model in textbooks.

What is the ‘MAGA’ Policy?
Basically Trump calls for the United States to

  • Lower taxation and regulatory burdens on U.S. corporations
  • increase its saving rate,
  • remove dependency on imports,
  • raise productivity (esp. manufacturing & HiTech) and expand exports

Hurry The F’ck Up!

The key is to make a faster track for the reforms of the international financial system. This is a ‘power play’ with a fundamentally disruptive strategy to problems facing the U.S. and the IMS as a whole, whose central banking preeminent reserve currency was the international U.S. Dollar, as the world’s piggy bank (Federal Reserve), that also sacrificed trade deficits and deteriorating infrastructure to fleece Americans. This was often characterized as the war on the middle class in America and shipping jobs overseas with the creation of the “war economy” and service sector growth as the replacement. (It remains to be seen if Trump will transform that dominant structural war industry and neocon politics – with the lobbying entrenched I doubt Trump will change these fundamentals…)

The overuse, misuse, and reliance on the preeminent reserve currency for trade and efficiency of the IMS has caused imbalances, insecurity, disputes/gunboat diplomacy, trade deficits, and financial crises.

Many individuals fail to realize the post Bretton Woods International Monetary consensus with factions, distinctions and nuances in the IMS (international monetary system) – HEGEMONY.

Monetary and Fiscal Policies are played by all member States with their narrow interests.

The IMF’s 2010 Quota Treaty was ratified by all member States’ Legislatures, that agreed to make the U.S. Dollar less relevant within the IMS.
The reform consensus is to select several sovereign currencies through market competition and then form a combined international reserve currency using the weighted average method – This is a basket of currencies, aka the SDR to be used as the international reserve currency by institutions.

And all the IMS players make the false claim that they are working in your interest and ask for your Trust and obedience to their ever changing policies and enforcers.

By now, everyone should realize the ruling class with their IMS Hegemony doesn’t care for the citizens as they prioritize the survival of their precious established World Order SYSTEM.

The De-Dollarization policy is disruptive and no easy task for the IMS ‘Reset’.
Is another World War Required to satisfy the ruling class?


Reuters: Global auto powers plotting response to Trump… threats
By Anthony Esposito, David Ljunggren 28 Jul 2018

EU Skepticism Is Rising And Goes Beyond Brexit Backers In 10 European Countries, Poll Shows 7 Jun 2016

Is The China Led AIIB the new Bretton Woods?

Prepping For 2016 NWO Agenda Monetary Reforms

Will President Trump “Openly” Engage In The Currency War?

Planned Catastrophe For The Ponzi Economy

I collated Details About The Monetary System Reset – Includes De-dollarization & Blockchain Asset Digitization Digital Economy

The New Rules Have Gone Into Effect.

Global Systemically Important Financial Institutions (G-SIFIs)


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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One comment on “Worldwide Socioeconomic Epicenter: Trump’s MAGAnomics
  1. RonMamita says:

    CNBC: “Donald Trump disrupted the liberal world order”


    MSM News Gone ‘Looney Tunes’!

    • Corporate News continue their lunacy bias with full frontal assault and rage against everything Trump – it’s called (TDS) “Trump Derangement Syndrome”!
    • Corporate Fake News falsely believe they have credibility with the American Public!
    • Fake News claim Trump is attacking their free speech by calling them fake news as they simultaneously attack Trump’s free speech tweets?
    • Fake News make their agenda so obvious after hiring so many CIA and other Intel agents for their studios and newsrooms.
    • Perhaps most troubling is the fake news continued support for the criminal Hillary Clinton!

    According to John Harwood, reporting for CNBC Fri, 27 July 2018

    “The cost of Donald Trump’s mission to put America first and abandon the liberal world order”

    • Since taking office, Trump has shaken one international structure after the other in his mission to put “America First” and abandon the liberal world order.
    • The Trans-Pacific Partnership, Paris climate accord and NAFTA are just a few of the agreements he has either withdrawn from or questioned their legitimacy.
    • Both Democrat and Republican officials are pushing back, worried that undercutting traditional alliances will harm the economy and make America less safe.


    I’ve seen some very interesting discussions about the coming years.
    Some have Trump winning with a master strategic plan to defeat the globalists’ World Order, while others argue that Trump will be disgraced from office and war will break-out after a major false flag event…

    It should be noted that a legitimate argument could be made that Donald Trump is not a strict anti-globalist, he simply isn’t a fan of the current variety of globalization world order.

    Consider the past when the colonial powers exploited undeveloped regions to gain huge profits increase in trade, driven by falling transportation and labor costs and faster communications (similar to today). That huge wave in the international exchange of goods took place with stiff barriers by imperial powers selfishly focused on conquering new markets while protecting their own.

    I am not making the above argument, I am simply pointing out that other strategies and policies could explain how the IMS will ‘Reset’ the international system even with Trump at the iconic helm of the U.S. machinery.

    I do ask if the 21st century trade and military wars will DE-escalate rather than follow the trend of past international monetary system resets that led to catastrophic world wars.

    American Voters Have No Other Political Choices?

    Unless voters are offered someone better, Trump will remain the voice for change.

    Certainly, the establishment and the MSM has no icon to rival Trump.
    Meanwhile the corporate media continues to, inadvertently, make the appealing case for Trump to continue ‘winning’.

    "Please Forward All My Mail To This Photo of Hillary Clinton and Bette Midler; I Live Here Now" By R. Eric Thomas Jul 27, 2018

    “On Thursday night, Hillary Clinton attended a performance of the musical “Hello, Dolly!” starring Bette Midler and Shubert Theatre lit up in a brilliant display of joy and admiration. The ecstatic audience showered her with a raucous standing ovation. Bette Midler herself was extremely excited describing Clinton’s visit as “a thrill” that “made us all unbelievably happy.”

    Such joy!” –

    After watching a 2 hour plus Charles Ortel video, I decided to discuss some of it with this post.

    Charles covers many subjects, and shares his political opinions too often, but he does share facts about the Clinton charity fraud and current fake news reports that should be investigated for crimes and public awareness.

    Did China Build The Largest Economic Bubble Ever?

    China not ready to fuel the IMS' global economy - by default that role remains the U.S.

    The above chart was shared by Charles K. Ortel to compare China’s market to the U.S. market as a potential leading fuel for the IMS so-called global market.
    Except for one lone green category, China is dominated by red, which according to Charles is a bad indicator.

    Thus China isn’t ready for the leadership role and by default the U.S. remains the leader.

    Again I am not making the above argument, I am simply sharing this for public awareness and discussion as a educational exercise.

    To listen to Charles Ortel’s geopolitical, socioeconomic 21st century reasoning jump to the video’s 43:53 minute cue.
    Charles Ortel is worried about China as a economic bubble threatening the global market.

    Title: Sunday with Charles – Hello Folly
    Posted 29 Jul 2018 by Jason Goodman


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