Kim Dotcom Plans A Censorship Free Social Media Platform

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Kim Dotcom announced on Twitter his desire to create a new social network to replace the platform, along with fellow social media platform Facebook.

Dotcom, who rose to fame in Germany in the 1990s as an internet entrepreneur, said that instead he wanted to start a decentralized platform that governments could not control, calling the two channels “deep state conspirators”.

He also asked several high-profile internet figures to join him, including Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and the German hacker association Chaos Computer Club (CCC).

I would like to invite top security experts like @JulianAssange, @Snowden and members of the @ccc to join together in creating a secure social media platform that will replace the deep state conspirators Facebook & Twitter. After years of betrayal it’s time for something better.
— Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) June 5, 2018

“All it takes is a real alternative with real privacy protection and zero censorship from a trusted source and Twitter will become the next MySpace, an online ghost town”… –

Title: Kim Dotcom: The Deep State, WikiLeaks, and Seth Rich
Posted 17 Mar 2018 by Black Pilled

Kim Dotcom Will Be Launching a Decentralized Social Platform
By Bitcoin Exchange Guide News Team -June 4, 2018

Kim Dotcom, Founder of the already defunct file hosting service Megaupload, will be launching a decentralized social media platform that will aim to be outside the control of any government from around the world.

The information has been released by Kim Dotcom on his Twitter account on June the 3rd. He said that after launching, a content monetization system, MegaNet will be working on a decentralized social media platform that will be “outside the control of US Empire or any Govt.”


Mike Adams The Health Ranger Launched ‘REAL.VIDEO’ Youtube Alt-Platform for Free Speech

Title: REAL video is TAKING OFF as a free speech video platform!
Posted 27 Jul 2018 by variety

“Alright, this is huge news for content creators and especially those who have been banned by YouTube or Facebook – which basically includes pretty much every successful content creator these days, especially those who have conservative voices, pro-liberty voices, pro-second amendment voices and so on. So, my name is Mike Adams – you might already know that.

I am launching a new YouTube alternative that protects your free speech.
I have a history of launching successful programs.
I am a former software company CEO – I founded a software company back in 1993. Then I sold that off and have been running Natural News for many years. Then I built a multi-site platform over the last couple of years – well we completed it about a year and a half ago – it took about two years to develop that program and it now powers the 300+ websites now that we publish… –Mike Adams (AKA The Health Ranger)

Go to:

Team End-The-Fed calls on the energies of all creation for the sword of TRUTH to slay the beast system of mass deception.
Blacklisted: Mainstream Media Is Fake News and Propaganda

U.S. Crisis Percolating a 21st Century Grassroots Freedom Movement

RT Exposes U.S. Corporate Media Propaganda

Mass Media, Social Media, and Alternative Media Going Orwellian!

Globalists Launch Fake News Campaign Within Pizza Gate, Social Media and Populist Movements

Sockpuppets: Fake Personas & Bots Are Weaponizing Social Media

Here Are Social Media Alternatives


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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2 comments on “Kim Dotcom Plans A Censorship Free Social Media Platform
  1. Alan Scott says:

    I’ve been following Kim Dotcom with interest for the last few years. He was given special residency status in NZ as a consequence of being very rich. Then the NZ govt got scared when the US wanted to extradite him. They made fools of themselves with a huge police invasion of his home.Since then, all kinds all kinds of embarrassIng stuff has come out about high level corruption. Good work, Kim, say I!

    Liked by 1 person

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