Lost Knowledge About BABEL…

Awareness and Free Your Mind

“In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test.
In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson.”

Can you sense that a big worldwide shift is needed?

Do you sense that society is on a wrong and destructive path?

According to the evidence of your senses and experiences, are we living in a scripted era on a collision path with drastic social changes?

I ask you take a moment to consider the archives, concepts and evidence provided below.

BABEL & Word Spells

When you think back to all the crap you learned in grade school, it’s a wonder you can think at all.

Cast Off The Spell & Reject The Script for a Human tragedy.

  • Rituals & Ceremonies
  • Hierarchy and Temples
  • Wars for Domination
  • Artifacts of Authority
  • Spells & Magic
  • False Logos & Laws
  • Calendars & His-Stories

3 Institutional Rituals of illusion
4 Institutional Rituals of illusion5 Institutional Rituals of illusion

Can you see the similarities from the past and today?

1 Institutional Rituals of illusion2 Institutional Rituals of illusion

You Ready To Change The Script?

Title: Jordan Maxwell – Raw & Uncut [2014 Intellihub News Exclusive]
Posted 23 Feb 2014 by INODEUX

The “aware” media sure has its hands full these days, as this Age is an Age of Deception where everything needs to be questioned, and explore an alternative view.

Excerpt: The Peak of American Insanity is the Tipping Point for Our Ascension by Georgi Stankov Posted on August 27, 2014
“When people are questioned about major issues of war and peace; political assassinations, such as those of JFK, MLK, or RFK; the alleged war on terror; the downing of Malaysian airlines; the overthrow of elected governments in the Ukraine or Egypt; the events of 9/11; government spying; economic robbery by the elites — the list is long, it’s common for people to echo the government/corporate media, or, if pressed, to say, I don’t know, I can’t remember, no one knows for sure, it’s impossible to know, we’ll never know, etc.. The confused responses are replete with an unacknowledged despair at ever arriving at clear and certain conclusions, not to say being able to do anything about them. On many issues they bounce between the twin absurdities of Democratic and Republican talking points, thinking they are being perceptive.

A sense of entrapment and determinism pervades [pop-culture]. And it extends to public issues as well. We are told either to accept official explanations for public events or be dismissed as crazies.

I would suggest that for people to break through to a true understanding of the important public events of our time, they must also come to understand the false memes of their culture, the way they have been mindwashed to believe that at the most rudimentary level they are not free.

Maybe the first best step toward free thought and out of the propaganda trap [is] to accept that you “possess” a forgettery . Listen to the American philosopher Paul Simon sing, “When I think back to all the crap I learned in high school, it’s a wonder I can think at all.” Use your forgettery and forget the crap. Make haste slowly to question everything. Remember that the corporate media works hand in glove with the ruling elites on two levels of propaganda — cultural and political, and it is necessary to understand how they are intertwined. Freedom is indivisible.

That’s worth remembering.” -via: http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com/





Consider Amplifying Mass Awareness with P2P collaborative Open Source Efforts


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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10 comments on “Lost Knowledge About BABEL…
  1. Leo says:

    Who are these builders of laws?

    Who is the indoctrinater in schools?

    Who is the gamesmaster who makes the rules?

    Who is the propagandist who trolls?

    Who is the jester who fools?

    Who is the spider who crawls?

    Who uses words as tools?

    Do they wear velvet gloves? To conceal their claws?

    Do they preach the Book of two bulls?

    Do they share a common cause?

    Do they hide behind a spirit gauze?

    Do they gather in grand halls?

    Do they sell poison in shopping malls?

    Do they celebrate when the working person falls?

    Do they fall to their knees when Lucifer calls?

    Have they got all the men by the balls?

    Do they laugh when people flock to church? When the bell tolls?

    Do they cast spells from ancient scrolls?

    Are they convincing humanity they are full of flaws?

    By Leo🐯

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    • Leo says:

      Politics, or many ticks? Crawling all over society

      Police or Po-Lice? Crawling over society

      Choose and Lose, for they are not there, for the likes of You and Me

      Look around and thus, Beware!

      These parasites, are only there to Scare

      To enforce Order, in the chaos they Create

      On behest of the Magicians behind the curtains, the One’s that preach Hate.

      In this Cube, this false construct, this Square.

      So look around, see the whole, and Beware!

      By Leo

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    • RonMamita says:

      Good prose, like crumbs of questions leading to the lair.


  2. Leo says:

    Are we controlled by Maritime Law? Lost at sea

    Or are we as Humanity, completely free?

    Are we floating on the watery void?

    All our thinking completely destroyed

    Do we strive to find a beach, some sand?

    A rock, an island, to cling to, terra firma, land

    As the wind blows us all off course, or a hidden hand

    For we are Seamen, and Mermaids, we don’t understand

    So are we all confused and lost?

    How to find our island? What cost?

    Do we drown in a debtful of Waves?

    All waiting for a Messiah, the one that Saves

    I look around and see people Yelp!

    Preying and crying for divine help

    But it never comes, this second coming of Christ, is he on his way?

    Is it all mind control, indoctrination, a Play?

    Who sets the pace? For this steeple chase?

    The pace of the race of the Human Race

    Lost at sea, and paying for time, every second counts, in this construct

    The energy exhausted, all of our lives, the walls or laws? That obstruct

    Keeping our heads above the waterline, gasping for air

    Of the liquid void, endless, like time, the despair

    Three score years and ten

    What an existence, trapped in a pen

    A cage or a writing tool?

    Take your pick, you choose. Like a fool!

    Splashing around, drowning, in the endless pool

    These masters, these players, are so cruel

    Keeping the lifeline, the buoy, the island, out of reach

    In the class growing up, is what they teach

    That we are just a number, another brick in the wall

    That my friends, is Maritime Law.🐯👍

    By Leo

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  3. Leo says:

    Sir John Dee, mystic, druid, Celtic magic and a spell

    An onyx mirror, Edward Kelley, beings from beyond the veil

    Enochian Magic, symbols, Sigils, runes, the Grimoire, Elizabeth 1st

    Blood rituals, sacrifice, virgins, beheadings, and hunger and thirst

    For knowledge, occultism, hidden, in plain sight, esoteric

    Taught in universities, mystery schools, The Dark Cleric

    Wicca, poisons, potions, familiars, Paedophillia, and death

    Sir Jimmy Saville, purple robes, knight’s templar, and Lilith

    Kabbalah, Old Gods, sacred geometry, and Light

    Darkness, and demons, and creatures of the night

    Hollywood, parties, orgies, corruption and blackmail

    Priests, sodomy, wickedness and idols of Hell

    Evoking, invoking, and a strong sulphur smell

    Whispers, and threats, never to tell

    Ouja, summoning, cold crispy air

    A tingling sensation, a tug of the hair

    Black eyes, altered egos, division and hate

    Pop divas, celebrities, narcissism, an evil trait

    A legacy of occultism, Alister Crowley, Blavatsky and Dee

    All available, in this Renaissance, for you and for me. 🐯👍

    By Leo

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  4. Leo says:

    Leo here. Just thought I would express some of the monkey chatter in my head. I do it with prose. Hope you don’t mind me taking a liberty. 👍🐯

    Money makes the world go round, silently, secretly, no sound

    Dollars, Euros, but, mostly the pound

    From the city of London, the cash will flow

    Country to country, unseen, covertly, to those in the know

    Banks control money, like a rivers direction, it’s end and source

    Meandering, disappearing, crashing, and going off course

    Accumulation, profit, Swiss bank accounts and tax fraud, and liquid assets

    Presidential elections, foundations, charities, all different facets

    Drug cartels, mafia, lawyers, and judges, a swamp, a quagmire

    All shown as entertainment, in the TV show the Wire

    A court system rigged, did I mention it is a game?

    A Judge, two briefs, a suspect, a witness, a victim to point blame

    It is all about the money, plea bargains, and deals

    Justice right? Or just us? It’s all bollocks, and bullshit, and spiel

    Orchestrated by Law, Lords, Knights, and the Crown

    A court, it’s Royal, municipal, in every town

    So money makes the world go round

    Swirling, spiralling, it’s all abound

    Without it we are fucked, these tokens we crave

    To feed our children, our loved ones, we try to save

    Money is bondage, usury and greed, do we need it to survive?

    To feed our families, to keep them alive?

    What if now humanity finally can see

    Twas all just a game, to trap ye and me

    CEO’s, offshore accounts, private islands, and think tanks

    Backed by high academia, corporations and banks

    All part of a secret club, a cabal, a network, a web, a brotherhood

    Tightly knit, compartmentalized, secret handshakes, symbols only for those who could

    Understand them, decipher them, look and see

    The hidden meanings, and the family tree

    Of bloodlines and descendants, Royal or not

    The elites are the Alpha, it is all a plot

    To own the cattle, the sheep and the swine

    To laugh at the masses, whilst they sip fine wine

    For Britannia rules the waves, the currency, the cash

    The gold, the diamonds, the Knight’s Templar stash

    This piracy is history but, hidden from thee

    On behest of the Vatican, and the Holy Sea

    For money is water, and land is not free

    To all and sundry, including me

    This I found out, just recently

    When I tried to escape, this mediocrity

    This digital matrix, this farm, this colony

    This geo engineered, dumbed down, society

    I lost my mind, it was all too much to take

    I had to get away, for my girlfriend’s sake

    I had had enough, I could see through the veil

    It was not pretty, it was bloody hell!

    This esoteric world that runs parallel, to only those that see

    It is cleverly woven, thought society

    There is no where to go, to finally be free

    From this oppressive big brother, we call society

    For did I not mention, that the land is not free?

    Not public, or private, to the likes of ye and me

    Money is bondage, usury, and theft

    These puppet masters are one hundred percent bereft

    Of any compassion, empathy or care

    It is all about profit, as long as they get their share

    No matter who they step on, it is all a game

    Like pieces on a chess board, to them we are all the same

    Commerce, commodities, pawns on a board

    To be exploited, sent to war, made to work, and whored

    Who is on the currency? Who’s face is here?

    Printed like some deity, for all to Revere

    False idols, sports stars, Hollywood and fame

    Gods, narcissists, showbiz, did I mention it’s a game?

    Actors, pop stars, soap stars, and reality TV

    All distractions, disinformation, for ye and me

    History or his story? We do not know

    Who tells the truth? A TV show?

    Their is a reason the Nazi’s and Roman’s burnt the books, it is plain to see

    To socially engineer, to change the thinking of the future society

    Forget about school, in the words of Pink Floyd

    “Teacher leave those kids alone”. You fucking Reptoid!

    OK the second bit was my own words, it’s OK, don’t vent

    Pink Floyd won’t mind, they fucking hate ‘the Establishment’

    The Sex Pistols too, great music, great times, change

    I thought maybe back then, when everything was strange

    The fashion, the trend, the gossip, the way we spoke

    That finally as humans, we manage to choke

    The head of the snake, it was in our grasp

    It did not last long, I sigh, and I gasp

    If only, if only, peace would begin

    As we neared the destruction, of the Wall in Berlin

    Humanity at last, can see a way forward, a new dawn

    The cold war was over, it’s time for tea on the lawn

    But the party was over, as a new bogey man emerged

    The world was shocked as emotions surged

    For now we had Jihad, to lift its head

    Forget the Russians, let’s pick on the Muslims instead

    Invade all the countries in the Middle East

    Take all their oil, print their currency, and feed the beast

    Turn nation against nation, the profit of conflict

    Control both sides, and try to inflict

    As much pain and suffering til’ both sides agree

    For outside help, the trojan horse, the real enemy

    So banks are cruel greedy and wrong

    Yet we all go about our day, and plod on

    By Leo

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  5. Leo says:

    If you want truth, go out and see

    Not like in 1984, Richard Burton on TV

    Orwell must have been psychic, or was he in the know

    Cos’ what’s going on in the world clearly shows

    That humanity is programmed through a TV screen

    Since its conception, its all its ever been

    News, films, dramas, sports, soaps and cartoons

    Leaving the masses wide eyed, like Buffoons

    All the rhetoric and propaganda, oozing about us, every place we look, and go

    It is everywhere, embedded, enveloping, as people to and fro

    Screens on buildings, bus stops, train stations, all over the place, fuelling our vices

    PC’s, laptops, google glass, tablets and mobile devices

    Its in the ether, the air and the subconscious brain

    Whether one is aware or not, the information leaves its stain

    Orwell must have been psychic, or was he in the know

    Perpetual war, a bogeyman, terrorists, must be real, its all a TV show

    Censored press, hacking phones, spying on the masses

    Every email, phone call, text message, and google eye glasses

    Technocratic Dystopia, hunger games, people put into factions

    Not allowed to speak, monitoring our actions

    In the name of security, no person is free

    Unless your blood is Royal, or have connections to the family

    Or a valued member in Vatican State, purple robes, velvet glove, and iron fist

    A Freemason, a congressman, senator, president, PM, you get the gist

    Social engineering, eugenics, deep state, cabals and satanic cults

    Lodges, temples, hail, thunder and lightening bolts

    Rapture, ragnarok, jihad, ends of days TV

    In dramas, films, cartoons, its all we ever see

    Monsters and bogeymen, cold war, terrorism, and disease, and destruction

    People trafficking, drug smuggling, arms deals, and child abduction

    All entertainment, to keep the masses distracted

    No freedom of information, cos the juicy bits are redacted

    In the name of security, or for the security of a famous name

    The whole thing is inverted, its all a game

    Cos’ rules are lures, and laws are walls

    And all of the people are silly fools

    Glued to a PC, Mob Phone or TV screen

    Since its conception, its all its ever been

    Was Orwell a psychic, or was he in the know

    One things for certain, it won’t be on a TV show

    By Leo.

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  6. Kenneth T. says:

    My wife and I were just talking about Babel AND Word Spells, just the other day, then… wham… so many posts on the subject.

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