The Restructuring For Next Market Disruption Is Already Underway

St Louis Fed org publications: cryptocurrencies and fintech research

The Restructuring Is Already Underway.

I have discussed what the money masters of the IMS are implementing with blockchain technology (aka cryptocurrencies and FINTECH). See the archives listed at the bottom for some of those insightful discussions about the governments and central banks of the world research and development operations.

I think that speaking bluntly is most effective because sadly, many individuals choose to believe the deceptive mass media and officials, that will not discuss the governing authority of the blockchain until the policies have been adopted and mandatory enforcement is underway.
Then it is too late, discussion is over and again the so-called “conspiracy theorists” will be proven correct.

Economist David Andolfatto, vice president of research at the St. Louis Fed, will discuss cryptocurrency; he will discuss the basics of blockchain technology, which is the underlying structure for cryptocurrencies.

Thus bluntly speaking, FINTECH is disruptive and would be acceptable if a major financial emergency scheme is used to scam the world – like all other false flags that were successfully used to start wars.

The IMS Member Central Banks know and research this, they research the impact of economic depressions (such as the 2008 ‘Great Recession’) and are implementing this disruptive FINTECH alongside disruptive policies in response.

“It is through the banking system that we execute our monetary policy.” -Herb Taylor VP, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Liberalism defines the globalisation and independence of central banks.
This was the consensus after WWII with the Bretton Woods Agreement.
Bretton Woods failed in 1971, then its amended Washington consensus failed in 2008, and with the IMF’s 2010 agreement a new consensus was reached.

Isn’t it interesting that a disruptive U.S. President hasn’t said anything about this international monetary ‘Liberalism’ policy consensus?
[True, it is against the rules to oppose the international monetary system…]

Trump has talked about his wish for rates to remain low, and how the U.S. market lost the previous trade war battles since WWII – but there is silence about this need for the markets to be disrupted as a prerequisite for implementing FINTECH/RESET as a permanent structural and policy change to the IMS (international monetary system).

The ruling class govern by crisis management within their global monetary system.
Yes, they do.

Populism and social unrest activism misses the target when they ignore the foundation – the fraudulent monetary system.
Are you ready for the next crisis?

Govern by crisis management

Scheduled Federal Reserve event next week:

29 August 2018 the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis is hosting a event (now closed due to full capacity) but may be live streamed. (see:

Dude, Where’s My Money!

And It’s Gone!

This is a political reminder to investigate the investigators and don’t trust institutions!

Too many individuals falsely believe that “government” is a single entity or single organization, but the fact is all governments are legal fictions consisting of many factions, many interest groups, and many different organizations – by definition, it’s a heavily armed Corporate Protection Racket Loan-Sharking (managing) resources.
“Institutions uses intimidating methods or threats of force in order to obtain repayment.”

Globalization Isn’t In Retreat, It’s Gone Digital

As Forecast, Here Comes The National Cryptocurrencies!

Banksters IN CONTROL OF THE WORLD, Because…

Ruling Class: Implementing Disruptive Policies & Technologies

The IMS Is The Worst Threat We Face

GLOBALISATION: Engineering Next Crisis

DAVOS WEF Hides Secret About Blockchain-Universal Identification System

Will Americans Ever Cut The U.S. Puppet Strings?

I collated Details About The Monetary System Reset – Includes De-dollarization & Blockchain Asset Digitization Digital Economy

A Looming Market Crash, But When?

Worldwide Socioeconomic Epicenter: Trump’s MAGAnomics

CHINA’s GLOBALIZATION Leadership: Technocracy Creeping Into Power

Boiling Pot: U.S. Government Says It’s All Gone!

Blockchain and Financial Market Innovation – Federal Reserve Bank …
By Rebecca Lewis, John W. McPartland, Rajeev Ranjan
“Blockchain technology is likely to be a key source of future financial market innovation. … Source: Financial Markets Group, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.”

Distributed ledger technology in payments, clearing, and settlement
Washington: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, …… 19 One specific type of distributed ledger is a blockchain, which adds changes to the …

Some Blockchain Challenges – Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Jun 3, 2018 … Notes from the Vault Larry D. Wall June 2018. A blockchain is a type of distributed database that is being touted as likely to dramatically …

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5 comments on “The Restructuring For Next Market Disruption Is Already Underway
  1. Alan Scott says:

    I enjoyed the South park clip 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. RonMamita says:

    Money Masters In Control

    Too Big To Jail – Banksters operate with impunity for their crimes.

    “The financial markets are the number one campaign contributors in the U.S. system now.
    We have a corrupt politics to the core – this has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans, it really doesn’t have anything to do with Right Wing or Left Wing [chuckles] by the way.
    The corruption is, as far as I can see, everywhere.
    But, what it has led to, is this sense of impunity.” –PhD. Jeffrey Sachs

    Finance ministers and central banks governors pose for IMFC family photo during the IMF/World Bank spring meeting in Washington, U.S., April 21, 2018. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas – RC19A1C82AB0

    Title: Still Report 80 Prof. Jeffrey Sachs 2
    Posted 04 May 2013 by The Still Report

    President Trump: Economic Reset

    Some individuals think that U.S. imperialism is the foundation of the globalist scheme and the dollar is the single most important mechanism supporting their power. This is an naive oversimplification of the IMS problem.

    Do not ignore the fact that Americans and most of the world are deceived by the IMS hegemony. Where the elite ruling class from many regions are in on the con-game to rule the world. Much of the control is hiding behind institutions in London, Vatican City, and elsewhere.

    Some misconceptions stem from the idea that globalists actually have loyalty to the U.S. system or patriotism to America.
    Read, “In A Battle Between Trump And The Federal Reserve, Who Really Wins?” by Brandon Smith.

    However, Doctor Dave Janda [ ]
    thinks ‘MAGA’ Trump will lead the world out of the economic “RESET” into a better economy with the “Rule of Law” restoring justice.
    Listen to his video and share your thoughts.

    Title: Trump & The Reset
    Posted 14 Aug 2018 by Operation Freedom

    Trump vs Federal Reserve

    More recorded thoughts about Trump and the coming financial crisis:

    Title: How to End the Federal Reserve #EndTheFed #Qanon
    Posted 20 Aug 2018 by Sara Westall

    Title: President Trump: Replace Dollar With Gold As Global Currency | IQD Dinar Currency Exchange RV
    Posted 30 Jul 2018 by Dinar Chat Voted #1 by Dinarians

    Title: Gold is Turkey’s Only Hope At Saving The Lira – Expert
    Posted 15 Aug 2018 by Kitco NEWS
    Will the FED continue to tighten or not?

    Below is a Turkish broadcast:

    Title: Turkey’s Lira vs US Dollar crisis
    Posted 17 Aug 2018 by Strait Talk


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