322 Deep State Corruption International: London, U.S., Russia, China et al

Lawrence “Larry” H. Summers, Vulture Capitalist, Economist, and Harvard Professor:

  • Summers is rumored to have assisted or enabled tycoons to pillage vulnerable nations (in South America, in Africa, and in Russia during the USSR collapse)
  • Former vice president of development economics and chief economist of the World Bank
  • In 1995, Secretary Robert E. Rubin promoted Mr. Summers to the department’s number-two post, Deputy Secretary of the Treasury
  • Treasury Secretary, 1999–2001
  • Summers was Barack Obama’s leading choice for Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve
  • National Economic Council for President Obama (2009–2010)
  • Summers’ flunky was Timothy Geithner?
  • Bankers Go Bananas, Read Full Report

Without the will to search, investigate, research, and dig some more for the truth then the enablers of high crimes and crimes against humanity would remain hidden with grinning faces wearing expensive business suits.

Make no mistake, the banksters are really dangerous!

The banks fund governments, institutional crime, politics and war.
The U.S. is a puppet state, and that is not hyperbole.

322 Skull & Bones Yale & Harvard Boys Corruption?

Yale and Harvard boys’ club vulture capitalism…
There is a report that during the Bill Clinton regime and after the fall of the USSR, Russia was vulnerable to vulture capitalists disguised as a helpful gang of economic advisors and academics nicknamed the “Harvard Boys” and led by the infamous Larry Summers.

The Harvard boys pillaged Billions of assets by fraud and tax violations out of Russia.
Putin sought, and continues to seek to prosecute the criminal Russians among them (criminal oligarchs such as Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Bill Browder, who both have connections to the Steele Dossier and Hillary).

Why did the Senate choose to protect the Russian Oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky?
See the Senate Resolution 322, wait, 322?!

Yes, 322, as in “Skull and Bones” the ole boys club.

And who are the U.S. Senate sponsor, and co-sponsors?
Old boy Joe Biden, old boy John McCain, and the ‘young noob’ first-term Senator Barack Obama!

Two years later the U.S. Presidential elections pitted both co-sponsors of Resolution 322: McCain against Obama.
{Just a coincidence, right?}

A Neoliberal globalist vs A Neocon war monger
Two sides of the same coin or two wings of the same predatory bird.
That is the politics that voters fall for each election cycle!

And there are connections between George W. Bush, and Mikhail Khodorkovsky.
Khodorkovsky want regime change in Russia, he hates Putin, imagine how his money lobbying and campaign contributions has funded the Russia rage campaign in America.

Khodorkovsky had a career of buying politicians in the USSR and now doing it in the WEST (the U.S.).
Big money owning politicians is nothing new, in fact corruption is the plague epidemic in governments worldwide!

When you follow the devious money trails you see that false Left/Right paradigm and the neocon/neoliberalism policies are all beholden to the BIG MONEY GAME.
The money cartel that runs the IMS (international monetary system).

The research and observations I have archived over the decades revealed to me that voters are hoodwinked into voting for divisive issues and promises rather than identifying the hierarchy of controlling factions and the foundational monetary system.

For lateral low level divisive political example –
Elections’ choices are poorly characterized:
Conservative candidate vs Liberal (aka progressive) candidate
Lower  vs higher taxes
Pro-life (anti-abortion) vs Woman’s right to choose (abortion, aka planned parenthood)

Trump as a disruptor brings something that is rarely seen, a hierarchical policy opposition trend as Nationalism vs Globalism.
This was portrayed publicly between Trump vs Hillary (DNC/Linda Rothschild/George Soros/Bill Browder/Mikhail Khodorkovsky campaign funds).
I expect this type of political opposition to increase in the world.

But, there is no political opposition to the system foundation, aka the IMS. The rules of the game is that participants are not allowed to oppose the monetary system.

Grassroots’ opposition to the IMS such as “End The FED” campaigns against fractional reserve banking remains out on the fringe.

Will the Trump-faction navigate or disrupt this IMS scheme?
Don’t hold your breath for the scheme to end voluntarily.

Title: DEEP DIVE : How I Realized @BillBrowder is central to understanding Russiagate
Posted 01Sep2018 by OpenMind
[I cued the video to the 29:49 mark, but the entire video is thoughtful and informative if you have 40 minutes. ~Ron]

Christopher Steele (Getty Images) William Browder and Michael McFaul (Reuters)
Christopher Steele (Getty Images) William Browder and Michael McFaul (Reuters) Russia wants to question Christopher Steele, Michael McFaul, top politicians for aiding Bill Browder Published: 17 July 2018

Greg Palast: Larry Summers and the Secret “End-Game” Memo

Institutions Sinking Into Their Global Swamp

Swamp Watch: Spain Sinking In Corruption

U.S. Protection Racket = Institutional Crime = Crises

Clinton Gang: No Indictments Means The U.S. Swamp Protection Racket Continues

DOJ: The Best Biased Justice Department Money Can Buy

What’s happening with Corrupt U.S. Politics


Injustice at the DOJ-FBI is more than a few bad cops

FBI’s Spygate Contagion Spreads To Congress

U.S. “Apparatchiks”

The Cross-Atlantic-Swamp Connections


Sovereign Debt Crisis = Banking Crisis

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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2 comments on “322 Deep State Corruption International: London, U.S., Russia, China et al
  1. RonMamita says:

    To Understand What’s Happening To The U.S. You Should Know The International Connections and Activities

    Trump – London – Russia – China – Browder/Soros/Rothschild and other criminal connections…

    Many of these connections are involved with fraud, tax violations, corrupt government agencies and violations of multiple statutes and espionage policies.
    The corrupt FBI owns the corrupt NABU in Ukraine and the corrupt Intel agencies are connected to the corrupt White House and Congress – and these corrupt institutions are dependent on the Ponzi monetary system.

    The Deep State will murder or threaten with legal jeopardy to get what they want.

    Title: FAULT LINES W/ NIXON AND STRANAHAN — 1/29/18 — Elizabeth Beck on Her Wacky CNN Segment
    Posted 29Jan2018 by Populist.TV

    Title: Trump Says He Will Declassify All Docs, 2348
    Posted 23Aug2018 by The Still Report
    The entire interview is really interesting, but the most interesting part is when Trump started talking about the Pakistani intelligence plant, the Democrat’s IT guy, Imran Awan.

    Title: Time To GET REAL on #BrowderGate
    Posted 01Sep2018 by OpenMind

    Netflix, Censorship and Obama

    Colluded to censor America, wow!

    No wonder Obama is on the board of Netflix…

    Title: Why You Should Care About Obama’s Secret Meetings
    Posted 01Sep2018 by The Common Sense Show

    Censorship Must Stop

    Posted 26Aug2018 by Flat Earth Universe

    Russia To Stop Carrying U.S. Astronauts To The Space Station In April
    Russia’s contract with NASA to carry astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) will end in April 2019, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov told reporters on Friday. Under the current contract, American astronauts have had access to seats on Russian Soyuz spacecraft in order to reach the ISS and return home according to RT.

    All space agencies should stop faking space travel via missiles.
    Stop scamming the tax payers!

    Class Action Lawsuit v. Google/YouTube/Facebook/Twitter

    Title: 1 Sep 2018: Class Action Lawsuit v. Google/YouTube, Facebook & Twitter to Prevent Leftist Takeover
    Posted by Freedom Watch



  2. RonMamita says:

    Crime Pays: Bill Browder & Preet Bharara

    FBI corruption Bill Browder owns Prosecutor Preet Bharara
    – Criminal Connections To FBI Corruption –
    American Oligarch (who changed his citizenship to the UK to avoid taxes, and his grandfather was in the communist party) Browder has connections to both the Russian Oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky, and the NY FBI Federal Prosecutor Preet Bharara.

    Preet Bharara was the handler of FBI informant Carter Page to convict Russians in a prior case before the Trump campaign. Apparently the FBI used Carter Page as a useful idiot to target the Trump campaign and get a FISA warrant and three additional renewals to secretly spy on everyone connected to Trump.

    Title: How does Preet Bharara fit into #Russiagate / #Spygate?
    Posted 03Sep2018 by OpenMind


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