What Mass Awareness & Mass Awakening is all about

Awareness and Free Your Mind

What agreements people come to with each other and with institutions to help us operate at larger scales with some shared expectations. Governance happens — whether we like it or not.
All living beings govern each other with every interaction they have. –Jean M Russell w/ Raymond D. Powell

The Future of Governance is not Governments

Think about this:

The Lost knowledge of Rights & Wrongs…

A Friendly Reminder:

“No one is more enslaved than those who believe they are free.”

When you grasp the concept that a armed gang of bullies do not have the Right to beat you until you submit to their commands and demands (might does not make right) then you will know what governments truly are.

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There is no substitute for your self teaching efforts to seek the truth and unlearn the lies you were taught to believe.

There are archives documenting centuries of exploiting international (slave) trade that was always backed by the power of the economically and militarily strong nations.
With methods ranging from direct military backing to more nuanced forms of coercion and manufactured consent, economic theory is always proven wrong.

International trade has always been a subject of State Power policy seeking institutional advantages. But, markets have rarely been (if ever) free in the economic textbook sense.

Crime and coercion is rarely part of a economic model in textbooks. ~Ron

Money Is An Agreement
Okay, so the crux of the problem is multifaceted.

The internet was broken by corporate-governance.
Layered in mass ignorance among the populous, military domination by the State, and perpetual debt by the international monetary system based on debt-bondage is deception, false beliefs, docile obedience, and bad habits (aka blind obedience, traditions, social norms, crime, and indoctrination).

We, the People are problem solvers and survivors.

We have a task at hand, let’s get started:

Your Disobedience Is Required

The majority of society do not accept this truth:

Freedom is the ability to disobey, to simply say “NO“.

Answer this question:
Is blindly obeying orders a mental disorder?

Video Title: A Message Most Don’t Want to Hear
Re-uploaded by Headlines With A Voice on 16 Dec 2018

Lawful and Legal: not always the same…

The Future of Governance is not Governments

We actually have the capacity to create a very different reality by enabling our energies to move more freely where they are most needed

Every Journey Asks You To Leave Something Behind

Spontaneous Evolution

Innovative Alternatives Can Revive Local Businesses and Communities

Have Fun Experiencing The Game of Life!

D.I.Y. The Change We Seek Shall Be Created By Us

Lost knowledge: Rights and Wrongs

Lost Knowledge About BABEL…

Have You Seen The Delusion Spell?

Awareness, Nimble Thinking, Great Imagination…

Reminder: How Logos, Illusions & Self-Deception Works

Is the glass half full or half empty?
{The container is always full with something – be it gas, liquid, solid, plasma or some combination…}

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Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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