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I found that writing is my answer to silence.
Ejercer la libertad means Exercise freedom

I and my family are in a heightened state of alert and awareness in an effort to end the Age of Deception.

Realizing Corporate-Governments are colluding against the People of Earth in worldwide massive and systemic fraud.
Now is the time to do your own research, question your beliefs and question institutions of authority, (corporations, governments, sciences, religions, doctrines, customs, traditions, and man-made laws).

Realizing Grandmother Earth is going through rapid changes (weather anomalies, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunami, geomagnetism, floods and storms are increasing symptoms of this phenomena).

Realizing all wars are financed by Central Bankers, witnessing Increasing campaigning for war, increasing military expenditures and increasing worldwide institutional debt during an international financial crisis are yet more reasons to be on alert and to have an emergency preparedness plan ready.

We seek to Amplify World Prosperity and Awareness.
To assist in the emergence of the new paradigm.

Be calm and creative; ready to improvise and help People during a Crisis or a War…

Ask yourself – What is truly important?
My reply is

We are all connected,
Always have been and now we are aware of our worldwide connection…

People expressing their innate creativity
and sharing the experiences of living…
This is Ourstory and no longer his-story.
An experience of sharing, the joys and pains of living is what people do;
some do this effectively and some not very effectively.
This also makes life either bearable or unbearable…

Are diverse, creative and dynamic.
I ask people to Never give up.
Exercise your awareness, creativity, perseverance and share it…

Self Govern or be Governed by others

Be aware and share it…

“Free people don’t want to be governed from the left, right, or center;
free people want to govern themselves”

WE the People are the solution we have been searching for. Unite in Peace…
“The Power is in the hands of the people they have only but to exercise it”

LOVE and Peace
AMOR y Paz
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don't give up
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  1. ronmamita says:

    His-Story (history) – “Is the lie currently agreed upon.”

    Notice the mandatory texts in institutions and the process of indoctrination.

    Obedience to authority was a lasting legacy from my childhood years,
    but thankfully with effort and determination
    I can replace it with self discovery, knowledge and awareness.


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    We, the PEOPLE, each have a story that is not included in “his-story”.
    [ See More his-story: False Logos ]
    I encourage each of us to find a way to share our experiences and share your story with the people of Earth in a global dialogue.
    The self-organizing phenomena in nature will assist in manifesting our abilities to live together in peace. Nature welcomes diversity.


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