Level-Plane Lab Work

Meru Mountain Tanzania Africa

Meru Mountain Tanzania Africa

Seeing From Above The Clouds

This is Flat Earth Version 2.0

WE Are Seeking Truth

A dangerous trek to the peak

View from little Meru

View from little Meru

[If you have not realized the Earth is not a spinning-ball-planet, then click on other links, for this section is specifically for modeling the actual Earth as accurately as we can. This is hands-on work for model testing.
I read one comment that suggested a model needs to include the dynamics of moving clouds.
Obviously the more details a model includes the more expensive the model becomes to engineer, many manhours pushing the production and sharing with the public further away.
Please keep that in mind as we advance.]

Sunrise from Mount Meru

Sunrise from Mount Meru

This means a community of researchers are searching for the current evidence of this Earthly plane.
The preponderance of documented evidence reveal the deceptions of the “Heliocentric model” or as some individuals prefer to call it “science”.
The fact is the Earth we live upon is not a spinning ball planet.
It is for good reason we call the great oceans “Sea Level”!
The Earth Is Not A Globe.

Get over it, and Advance onward toward knowing the Truth.

{Beautiful video climbing Mt Meru, thank you Ankoor Shah; unknown if he is aware of Flat Earth.}

Below is our collective ongoing effort seeking knowledge of the Truth.
Antarctica, our independent full exploration, is on the to do list!
Meanwhile below are less expensive efforts to develop a model for understanding Earth in the 21st Century.

Laboratory questions and hypothesis for developing the Level-plane Earth model:

Based on observations, our replications and hypothesis are founded, without need to insert fictional phenomena that can not be replicated with applied engineering. Sure the architect(s) of this Earth is advanced beyond our current skill level, even so we see the creator’s handiwork and most, if not all can be replicated on a smaller scale.

Morph Level Plane into Ball Earth

This is creepy in how simple and uncanny this is!
Now you see how turning a flat earth into a ball earth is possible:

Title: Gleason 3D Globe -Flat Earth
Video posted 29 Feb 2016 by Immune2BS

Title: Zeteticism (FLAT EARTH) Vol.1: Zetetic Eye Gyroscope (2nd dr), Curvature Illusion,Ocean currents,Etc
Video posted 29 Dec 2015 By Zeteticism DotCom

Title: New Generation of Flat Earth
Video posted 05 Dec 2015 By MrThriveAndSurvive
“With enough foundation time now put-in, we are beginning to see more advanced theories and models about the flat earth. This is to be expected Once we get a good “next generation” of flat earth material available, we will be able to really put together solid theories and will be able to see [if] they stand up to scrutiny.”

Note in the video below demonstrating the elements of physicality can be manipulated to lock a path above a level plane. Again this is very important to repeat, it is not “FLOATING” above.
You must remove the false concept of “gravity”, and instill the knowledge of electromagnet energy in all things.
The researchers at thunderbolts.info have a catchy phrase: We live in an Electric Universe.
Unfortunately, they are attempting to be accepted by mainstream institutional science within a heliocentric model.
Do not fall into that trap.
I do not want to be in the camp of scientism exploring a “Star Trek” science fiction universe.

Welcome a new generation of Zetetic and Natural Philosophy researchers.

Title: Flat Earth: Sun & Moon electromagnetic field locking above the flat earth
Video posted 29 Jul 2015 By Ashlee Webster

Title: Flat Earth: Tides & The Electromagnetic Energy of the Sun & Moon
Video posted 07 Aug 2015 by Ashlee Webster

We can not accept as fact anything from “science” without our independent critique and verification or disqualification of the claims.
How big is the earth?
Is it 24,000 miles, or are they lying about that too?
Yes, I see how some individuals reached that conclusion because 24 time zones x 1000 miles per time zone = 24000 miles
The Earth may be vast, but not infinite. The scriptures, as a starting point to be examined for inquiry, state that God has measured the ends thereof, so I do not have a reason to conjure up an “infinite” plane but I do observe an amazingly massive plane that is measurable.
As I work with others to develop a coherent model of the Earth we live on, here I present to you my working hypothesis that includes key concepts guiding my inquiry:

  • Density
  • Energy (electromagnetic dynamic properties for all things seen and unseen)
  • Water (frozen, liquid, vapor, and plasma forms – Note: we walk, swim, and breath it.)
  • The Arctic & Antarctic regions has some secrets occulted…

* I wish to model the Level-Earth-Plane system with sun, moon, land, water, and air.
I have viewed some good videos of amateurish attempts without water that are useful concepts for further development. Those early models mostly explained the concept of the Sun & Moon circuit above the Earth to explain Day and Night. ~Ron

One more video demonstrating that we can engineer a accurate earth replica with sun and moon above a level plane using electromagnetic dynamics:

Title: “Lost due to incompetence – Flat Earth

Below is one sample from Rob Skiba who is a “Ball Earth Skeptic” and not a “Flat-Earther”; and below that video I will also include his model of God’s creation based on the ancient “Book of Enoch“. Please watch both videos:

Title: Stellarium shows the sun moving faster in January than in June
Video posted 07 Aug 2015 by Rob Skiba
“Stellarium is a free software you can download on-line. It is a heliocentric, globe-based program. However, by setting the location view to essentially be at the center of the South Pole, and using the Stereographic view mode (with all of the stars and planets turned off), I was able to get a view of the sun and moon orbiting the Earth. From that particular view however, the orbit was counter-clockwise, so all I did was flip it to be a clockwise rotation and then I laid it over the Flat Earth model with a screen filter. This was the end result. What amazed me though was how it literally shows the sun speeding up and slowing down, depending on how tight or wide the circuit was. I didn’t do that. Stellarium did. This shows how the time of day remains consistent, whether in January or in June.”

Title: Enoch’s Domed World
Video posted 11 Sep 2015 By Rob Skiba
“This video depicts a 3D model of the Biblically and extra-Biblically described enclosed, flat Earth. Without a doubt, the book of Enoch is a slam-dunk for the Flat Earthers. You simply cannot get away from the way the Earth is consistently described in the ancient Hebrew texts.”

Title: Zen Garcia Plots the Course of the Sun Over the Flat Earth

Published on Aug 16, 2016

This is part of an interview I did with Zen Garcia last week [10 Aug 2016] on The Revolutionary Radio Project. Using the writings of Solomon and Enoch, Zen plots the course of the heavenly luminaries (namely the sun) over the Flat Earth. Cool stuff!


We need to document charting the Southern Ocean.
We need a skilled hydrography community that have not signed a nondisclosure agreement to secrecy.
We need readers to search the elite institutions’ archives, such as the Royal Geographical Society from the 1800s and earlier.
We need tinkerers, inventors, modelers, individuals who have mechanical, craftsman, or engineering skills.
We need amateur astronomers with their own equipment.
What photographs that have been shared are stunning:

cliff coastline great southern ocean

Title: NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer Extraordinary, Port of Bitung Indonesia 6/23/2010
Video posted 29 Mar 2013 by NOAA oceanexplorergov

Title:’REAL’ FLAT EARTH MATH & MODEL by Freeman Dyson
Video posted 22 Jun 2016

Below is a presentation from Santos Bonacci about how the astrological cosmos fits the truth of the Level Plane, Terra Firma Earth.
The advance technology to manipulate the nuanced distinct frequency (Octaves) of energy is very complex to model so he goes over several ancient and the recent azimuthal equidistant images to share the general concepts.

Title: We are the ones we have been waiting for – Eilish De Avalon talks to Santos Bonacci – Flat Earth
Video posted 22 Dec 2015

…This Site is growing…
The research continues

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