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DreamWorks message
My wish and intention is to compile here a collection of stories that can assist in advancing awareness and consciousness.
More People will castoff the slave mentality of obedience to authority and stop asking others “What Can We Do?” disguising their real question “What Can I Do?” to change the institutional prison constructed over the Earth.
Finding your personal answer, and exiting the Matrix of mind control.
Allow these stories to kindle the flames of your imagination, to dream a vision you wish live, and to ignite the innate abilities within you to respond to all challenges.

I have not fully planned this section out, and thus I will allow it to organically grow as it naturally should with creative energy.
I am not sure if I will get permission from other writers to share their works, or if it will be only my writings.
Today I simply am moved to hold space for easy access to stories I have posted because I find it tedious to search for the few stories among my hundreds of posts below in the main dynamic blog section.

I imagine to have both fiction and nonfiction stories that sparks imagination and problem solving skills.

Today is 30 May 2015, Let’s get started!
Click on a link that interest you.

Open the door of imagination and dreams

Explore your imagination and creativity

Just a Common Joe… Posted 21 Sept 2011

Neighborly Sleuths Posted 26 Sept 2011

The year 2011 (my review) Posted 02 Nov 2011

WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP? Posted 15 July 2012

Remove the Yoke, a mental exercise Posted 20 Aug 2012

Be Aware of Mind Control:
Cultural, Social, Religious, Subliminal PROGRAMMING.

“If you have not already stopped and removed this institutional training and indoctrination then please make the clear conscious effort to do so now.
Become free minded.
Become free spirited.
Embrace your innate creativity.
Resonate with your natural, internal, innermost self
– it was there before your first visit to a school –
become re-acquainted with yourself.
Grow and become who you want to be…” –Remove the Yoke

A Bouquet of Diversity Posted 11 Dec 2012

Here is a bit of SYNCHRONICITY with my dream: – as a comment 14 Dec 2012

A Life-time VISION Posted 20 Dec 2012

Awareness, Nimble Thinking, Great Imagination… Posted 22 Jan 2013

Story Telling… Posted 6 Mar 2013

Imagine A Discussion (part-1) Posted 10 Jun 2013

This Is What Saved Me Posted 19 Jul 2013

Ourstory: Collections of… Posted 27 Jul 2013

Kiri: Status Update Posted 01 Aug 2013

Community: Spontaneous Self Organization Posted 18 Aug 2013

This is a work in progress

More stories to be compiled here, please return often!

imagine all the People Living Life in Peace

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