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Share: Intentional Energy Today

Embrace nature and your innate creativity.
Here is something I enjoy doing and I invite you to experience it too:
Close your eyes for a minute and imagine a sparkling, colorful web connecting the deepest essence of all life in the world. You can place your hands over your heart or the center of your chest as you do this. Take a few deep breaths as you open to this beautiful image.
See the living trees, flowers, plants, and grass?
See the living birds, animals, people, and fish?

Now, while taking a slow, very deep inhale, silently say …to yourself:
sacred LOVE flows in to me.

Then slowly exhale fully while thinking and feeling:
sacred LOVE flows out to you.

Repeat this a few times while opening your heart to all the LOVE present. Make sure to fill your lungs completely on the in breath and to exhale fully on breathing out. Breathing sacred love like this for just a minute or less can powerfully shift you into a more open and loving space. Try it now, and invite yourself to really let the love flow.


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