Gameplay: ME1

This is the playthrough for A engineer Shepard character completion of the first Mass Effect PC Game.

Name: Engineera Shepard
Date Added: 2018-Mar-28
Gender / Alignment: Female Paragon max w/Renegade 6 bar-strength
Level / Class: 50 Engineer/Operative
Background: Spacer/War hero
Romanced: Liara (saved her as first main mission completed)
Garrus added to party: Yes
Wrex added to party: Yes (Shepard killed Fist, Wrex gave Shep his bounty reward)
Wrex killed: No
Saved Council: Yes
Party member saved: Kaidan (Ashley died in battle)
Appointed to council: Captain Anderson

Shepard has Full Paragon bar (16 blocks), but only has approximately 7.5 Renegade bars. She attained 10 0f 12 Charm points, and 4 of 12 Intimidate points.

Shepard is a completionist:
purchased all Weapon Licenses; side quests; scholar codex; collected all minerals; Asari writings, Salarian and Turian insignia, explored every planet (or almost every, as I remember).

Bring Down The Sky DLC successfully installed, Shepard executed Balak for murdering human workers.

Pinnacle Station not installed:
My efforts failed to install the Pinnacle Station DLC.

Shepard saved the Rachni Queen.

Shepard always treated her number one fan (Conrad Verner) nicely (charm) for first two meetings, then on the third Citadel visit Shepard was nice, but rudely showed Conrad’s survival weakness is disqualification for becoming a Spectre!

(This renegade moment doesn’t matter in ME2: when Shepard meet Conrad Verner in ME2 the story canon recorded Shepard intimidated Conrad Verner by shoving a pistol in his face).
Some gamers falsely label this a bug, as they chose to not shove the pistol in Conrad’s face.


But, more than that, the story is very emotional.

What awesome story telling skills from the Canadian BioWare game developers!


Basically, ME1 is a war torn sci-fi, adventure saga with adult humor and emotional content, (RPG) Role Playing Game as a 3rd person shooter. The games have many talented artists (graphics, story-telling, voice acting, and music) deploying their excellent skills.


[Title: Mass Effect – FemShep Normandy Speech (One Combination) Posted by Rider Luke 21 Aug 2016]

These games are not rated for general audiences with human slavery, immoral human experimentation, human genetic clones, mind control, bloody murder, sex scenes, foul language, and a failure to define morality of rights and wrongs the Mass Effect series of games confuse rights/wrongs with paragon/renegade skill points.

Never the less, I enjoyed the FIRST game (ME1) more than the sequels, for its humor, emotional immersion where the player becomes emotionally attached to ship-crew on a epic mission to save the galaxy!

My major dissatisfaction is the writers’ lack of morals and their obvious effort to peddle scientism as a belief on the unsuspecting audience and purchasers of these games. I could not ignore the glaring impossible physics & engineering fiction, contradictions, institutional hypocrisy, and lack of displaying rights and wrongs as choices in a consistent manner.
Bah, I could list the numerous flaws and wrongness about the game, but others have made the effort and if I started a detailed list it would drown out all the entertaining elements of this cinematic rpg game.

The other two sequels are much more dark and evil and less enjoyable for me. The Andromeda game is a failed concept from start to finish, it was so much a failure that I never bothered to buy it nor play it for free. (Andromeda even redesigned the look of the species which broke the story’s environment and conflicted with the “feel” of the Mass Effect universe.)
I won’t detail Andromeda’s many flaws, I won’t play it; so let’s get back to the very entertaining but fantasy-physics masquerading as factual cosmological research in ME1.

For me, it is IMPORTANT (very important) to note that the entire story is a Psyop of Mass Deception!

From the fantasy-full environment modeled on the false heliocentric scientism model of the universe, to the mass deception memes deployed by both the Citadel Council and the human alliance. Where they deceive to get what they want:
1. Citadel lie about Reapers, and want everyone to falsely believe “Reapers” is a false myth.
2. Alliance (Admiral Hackett) deceive Shepard in hopes he will kill a tyrant-lord the Alliance created/supported – now after the tyrant Lord’s usefulness is no longer required, a convenient death is sought.
3. The galactic meme is a hierarchy of wealthy elite rulers and lesser species not important to be granted an audience with the rulers – heck, in later sequel they hire NASA’s astroNOT “Buzz” Aldrin as a voice actor

{Surely, by 2018 you realize that NASA space agency’s trip to the moon was fiction.}

The fact that Bioware’s writers either do not know the difference from rights and wrongs or chose to intentionally remove correct moral choices is a disgrace – no, its worse!

This story-game is a crime against humanity as kids and adults are psyop’ed with contradictions to morality every minute of each day and night.

So I rate the Mass Effect games A+ for fictional movie entertainment, but grade it an “F” for content value, because it is counter to sharing and advancing knowledge, learning, ethics and helping social awareness.

Put more bluntly, Mass Effect harms society with false teachings and destructive psychological memes, but does so in a very entertaining way.

Sadly, too rarely have I found a “good” game that advance learning, knowledge, and moral understanding to assist in healing this diseased world.

I wish for a team to develop a good RPG.
Using some of the elements found in Mass Effect a great educational and entertaining game could be made.

The Mass Effect game’s limited choices won’t allow me to play Shepard the way I would like to, so I will tell you my Shepard became aware of Mass Deception (see the collective consciousness link to “Mass Effect“!) when she began independent thought and research. After emotional outbursts from her mother, father, and friends she stopped talking about false beliefs and the institutions of Mass Deception!

But not talking about mass deception is not the same as forgetting; Shepard knows the Mass Effect of Mass Deception and like “NEO” from the MATRIX movie, Shepard wants out!
Shepard is the ONE, the one who knows this is not real, Shepard knows this is a false reality based on false beliefs. Shepard will save what she can as she explores what is hidden. If her life is threatened she will remove the threat, other-wise she will allow the living to live. Shepard is not a order follower and does not salute (but the game developers betrays her)…

People from earth are the most recent species to petition to join the galactic Citadel Council (bureaucratic capitol).
Mass Effect in-game codex

“In 2148, explorers on Mars discover ruins of a Prothean outpost. Additionally, Charon is discovered to be a Prothean artifact called a ‘mass relay,’ which enables near-instantaneous travel to Arcturus; it is one of many mass relays littered about the galaxy. Their use allows humanity to come in contact with the Citadel Council and its associate species. As of the year 2183 (the time in which the first game is set), mankind is the newest species to join the galactic community and is still working to make a name for itself.” -Mass Effect game codex

Shepard (28 or 29yo) was born 2154; the current calendar year is 2183.

I prefer playing the FemShep, because Jennifer Hale’s voice acting is best – too bad they did not choose a better voice actor for the maleShep.

It is important to note that “paragon” does not mean Shep is “good” and “renegade” does not mean Shep is “evil”, it is merely a stats point system that increases effectiveness for the available dialogue wheel choices. Usually, renegade is more of a rude & intimidate choice, while paragon is for more polite & military solute options.
The more points in renegade or paragon enables that dialog wheel option.

The game doesn’t allow correct moral choices, so you are limited to justifying why this violation was chosen and mentally asking to be forgiven for your evil deeds within this game.
I will not play a pure paragon/renegade Shep, but rather mix it up to develop Shep’s morals based on knowledge of this fictional matrix that is deceiving the universe (the earth is not a spinning ball) with the false heliocentric science model!!!

Esoteric Flat Earth
– Aurora Borealis, The Northern Sky Lights –
[Imagine the Arctic as an exotic land of magnificent scenery and strange phenomena with endless summer sunlight, and winter darkness that lasts for months on end, when even the ocean freezes and the country is lit by the flickering light of the aurora borealis.]

I can imagine modding ME1 to a level plane earth model with hidden species and civilizations using advanced tech to travel to and from realms above, below and beyond. Displaying alternatives to the established consensus false theories that is accepted as truth in games may wake up many more individuals to search for truth.

On a level plane earth, I can imagine the game with some civilizations living underground, some live within the Arctic’s Center, aka Hyperborea (Asgard with a portal and energy barrier), some live under oceans, and some civilizations live beyond the Antarctic barrier (holding countless inhabited uncharted lands).

Instead of launching faster-than-light traveling rocket-ships, the “mass relay” would be a portal (allowing entrance to other realms), and design advanced tech that defy current mechanical engineering speeds allowing craft to travel from the Arctic to the Antarctic within an hour!

Imagine A Fun Game Story

“Traveling peoples of northeastern Siberia may have been the first to master the Arctic environment. More than 1,000 (5000?) years ago, some of ancient people crossed the Bering Strait from Siberia to what is now Alaska. The crossing was probably made on sailing vessels, which was a dangerous route between Asia and North America. Over a period of several generations, they expanded across Arctic North America and became the first to explore this huge region of the northern world. Their descendants had spread out to occupy all of Arctic North America, as far north as Greenland and as far south as Labrador.

Archaeologists call these peoples Palaeo-Eskimos, a name that means “Old Eskimos.” In Inuit traditions, they are known as “Tunit.” For over ten centuries (3,000 years according to archaelogists), in isolation from the rest of the world, they developed a unique and intriguing way of life.”]
Also consider the Agartha myths (underground civilization)…

With this type of modded game you could offer correct moral choices and educate the public about wrongs and rights and lost ancient facts and lost oral stories while retaining the thrilling dangers of modern computer games.

Delete “science” fantasy and connect ancient stories to advanced engineering where the gods are skilled engineers and artisans.

… This Post Is A Work In Progress …
More To Come???????????????????????????????

Okay, back to the game.

CMDR Shepard An Engineer Hero!

Mass Effect game The hero Commander Shepard becomes a engineer!
Fem-Shep is playing as a virgin (1st play-through) with a level 50 restriction; level 60 is max game play only available after first game completion.

Mass Effect game: CMDR Shepard's various Talents based on character class, such as Engineer, Soldier, etc.

Eden Prime prologue mission for Mass Effect game
Mass Effect gasme: prologue mission to Eden Prime.

Squad Members

Ashley Character Shot Garrus Character Shot Kaidan Character Shot
Ashley Williams Garrus Vakarian Kaidan Alenko
Liara Character Shot Tali Character Shot Wrex Character Shot
Liara T’Soni Tali’Zorah nar Rayya Urdnot Wrex

Temporary Squad Members

Jenkins ME boxshot
Richard L. Jenkins


Admiral ahern ME boxshot Anderson Character Shot Kate bowman ME boxshot Chakwas ME boxshot
Admiral Tadius Ahern David Anderson Kate Bowman Dr. Chakwas
Joker ME1 Character Shot Ochren ME boxshot Udinacharactershot
Jeff “Joker” Moreau Alud Ochren Donnel Udina


ME1 Saren Character Shot Balak ME boxshot Matriarch Benezia boxshot
Saren Arterius Balak Matriarch Benezia
Sovereign boxshot Thorian boxshot Vidinos ME boxshot
Sovereign The Thorian Vidinos


Krogan Battlemaster is a non-playable class, similar to a Vanguard-Soldier hybrid.

The Krogan Battlemaster class is similar to the Vanguard class, with Assault Rifles instead of Pistols in the way of weapons, and with Stasis replacing Lift. This makes the class very deadly on the battlefield as both biotics and weapons can deal damage to enemies, making the class a valuable ally and a heavy hitter on any mission or assignment.


Shepard’s Engineering Talent

Protecting Shepard as a engineer is more challenging than the other powered talents.
I finished playing the first run of a Engineer Shepard (I named her “Engineera”) and submitted the saved character file to
I don’t know if it will be shared on that website but here is to sharing my game experience.

Below are links to some recorded ME1 game video by youtubers.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you have a enjoyable day – CHEERS!

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