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This so called “Information Age”, ironically, can be over-whelming with DISINFORMATION and MISINFORMATION as the public wake up to INSTITUTIONAL Crimes, Fraud, Deception and Control in a Global Matrix often referred to as the “Rabbit Hole”.

people that have the courage to seek the truth no matter where the information leads them;
those with the courage to question 9/11;
those who don’t buy into the false left-right political paradigm;
those who are grounded in peace and liberty;
those with the communication skills and platform to affect real change.

They provide a unique bridge to forbidden knowledge and they all deserve high praise for their efforts and commitment to inform the public. With so many people doing great work in the real alternative media, we are sure that some deserving reporters will be left off the list. This list is not intended to be exhaustive thus be encouraged to search for other voices sharing the needed information to pave the way for the emerging new Era.

Please share and AMPLIFY the Worldwide Dialogue for Freedom & Prosperity.

Below are some helpful resources to assist you with your awareness and research:

The Corbett Report

The Corbett Report is an independent, listener-supported alternative news source. It operates on the principle of open source intelligence and provides podcasts, interviews, articles and videos about breaking news and important issues from 9/11 Truth and false flag terror to the Big Brother police state, eugenics, geopolitics, the central banking fraud and more.


The Corbett Report is edited, webmastered, written, produced and hosted by James Corbett.
James Corbett has been living and working in Japan since 2004. He started The Corbett Report website in 2007 as an outlet for independent critical analysis of politics, society, history, and economics. Since then he has written, recorded and edited over 1000 hours of audio and video media for the website, including a weekly podcast and several regular online video series. He works as a film producer for GRTV, the video production arm of the Centre for Research on Globalization, a partner video producer for, the website of noted FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, and an editorial writer for, the weekly e-newsletter created by the recently deceased economic analyst Bob Chapman. His work has been carried online by a wide variety of websites, his video productions are broadcast on Sky satellite television channel 191 in Europe and the Next News Network in the US, and his videos have garnered over 11,000,000 views on YouTube alone. His satirical piece on the discrepancies in the official account of September 11th, “9/11: A Conspiracy Theory” was posted to the web on September 11, 2011 and has so far been viewed nearly 2 million times.

For more information about Corbett and his background, please listen to Episode 163 of The Corbett Report podcast, Meet James Corbett:

Episode 163 – Meet James Corbett

Newsbud– A 100% People-Funded Media with Integrity, in partnership with BFP, is an independent news, analyses and multimedia network. We do not receive a single penny from corporate advertisers, foundations, NGOs or partisan-affiliated entities. Not a penny! All Newsbud reports and multimedia productions are entirely independent, nonpartisan, and developed, written, produced, and vetted by our staff, who are paid with funding from the public-That’s you.

*Contributions to Newsbud-BFP are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Meet the Newsbud Team


Founder & Editor-In-Chief

Sibel Edmonds is founder, editor and publisher of Newsbud, founder and president of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC), and author of the acclaimed books Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story, and The Lone Gladio, a Political Spy Thriller. She is the recipient of the 2006 PEN/Newman’s Own First Amendment Award. Ms. Edmonds is a certified linguist, fluent in four languages, and has an MA in public policy from George Mason University and a BA in criminal justice and psychology from George Washington University.


Newsbud Executive Producer

Spiro Skouras is Newsbud production director. He oversees and directs Newsbud video productions on a variety of topics ranging from civil liberties and environmental issues to media censorship and geopolitics. Mr. Skouras is based in the US Pacific Northwest, and travels frequently as a roving cameraman with a keen eye for real stories.


Newsbud Senior Analyst & Commentator

Professor Filip Kovacevic is Newsbud senior analyst for Russia and the Balkans. He is a Montenegrin geopolitical author, university professor and the chairman of the Movement for Neutrality of Montenegro. He received his BA and PhD in political science in the U.S. and was a visiting professor at St. Petersburg State University in Russia for two years. Dr. Kovacevic is fluent in several languages, and is the author of seven books and dozens of academic articles. He currently resides in San Francisco and teaches at the University of San Francisco.


Newsbud Producer, Author & Analyst

John W Whitehead, Newsbud Producer, Author & Analyst, is an attorney and author who has written, debated and practiced widely in the area of constitutional law and human rights. He is the president and spokesperson of the Rutherford Institute. Mr. Whitehead is the author of numerous books on a variety of legal and social issues, including Battlefield America: The War on the American People. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Arkansas and a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Arkansas School of Law, and served as an officer in the United States Army from 1969 to 1971. Mr. Whitehead’s video show Battlefield America with John Whitehead is featured exclusively at Newsbud.


Newsbud Senior Producer

Kurt Nimmo is a writer, editor, producer and researcher based in New Mexico. His research centers on international geopolitics and national politics in the United States. He is the former lead editor and writer for Infowars and now edits Another Day in The Empire. His most recent books are Donald Trump and the War on Islam and Another Day in the Empire: The Reign of George W. Bush and the Total War Neocons.


Newsbud Senior Analyst & Commentator

Peter Lee has been involved in East Asian affairs since 1979, first as a businessman and then as a writer. He has been writing on China with a focus on US policy since 2005. Mr. Lee’s work has appeared at Asia Times, CounterPunch, Japan Focus: The Asia Pacific Journal, and the South China Morning Post. He is the proprietor of the China Matters blog..


Newsbud Analyst & Commentator

Christoph Germann, based in Germany, is an independent analyst and researcher majoring in political science. His analyses and work focuses on the New Great Game in Central Asia and the Caucasus region. Mr. Germann’s articles are regularly published at Russia Insider Magazine and BFP Report. He also runs the blog The New Great Game.


Newsbud Video Production Editor

Broc West is Newsbud’s video production editor. He has been the Video Editor of The Corbett Report since early 2015, where he helped produce and edit popular documentaries such as “9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money” and “How Big Oil Conquered The World”. He currently lives in Queensland, Australia.


Newsbud Video Production Editor

Jeff DeRiso is Newsbud’s video production editor. He has been focused on video storytelling from a young age, and received a BS in Film Production from the University of Texas, in Austin Texas where he currently resides. He has been working as an independent video post-production specialist since 2012. In 2016 he produced the web series Confronting Sophistry which explores the nexus of opinion, belief, truth, and personal identity.


Newsbud Researcher & Analyst

Ali Syed is a Newsbud researcher and analyst with a focus on NATO, the Middle East and the EU. He studied Business & Economics at the University of Kent at Canterbury. Mr. Syed is proficient in Urdu, French and English, and has some proficiency in Dutch. He is based in Belgium, where he runs his own businesses in electronics and textile.


Newsbud Analyst

Erik Moshe is an independent writer who resides in Northern Virginia. He served in the U.S. Air Force from 2009-2013. His writings focus on technology, weapons of war, and futurism. He’s currently studying Rhetoric at George Mason University.


Newsbud Reporter & Analyst

Christian Sorensen is Newsbud analyst with focus on Military Industrial Complex related reports and analyses. He is an independent writer and Arabic translator. He served in the U.S. Air Force from 2007-2011. The profligate waste he witnessed during his time in uniform forced him to reassess his support for U.S. Empire. Mr. Sorensen holds advanced degrees in Translation Studies and International Relations. His writings focus on the Israel-Palestine conflict and U.S. imperialism


Newsbud Contributing Partners


Newsbud Contributing Producer & Commentator

James Corbett is an independent journalist. He has been writing and producing The Corbett Report, an online multi-media news and information source, since 2007. Visit The Corbett Report here.


Newsbud Legal Analyst & Commentator

Todd Macfarlane is an attorney, rancher, writer, political activist and commentator. Although he is comfortable wearing several different hats, beyond faith, family and ranching, his primary interests include natural law, property rights, western land-use, political policy, and what he often refers to as the “so-called justice system.”He also has a keen interest in waves – making a few, riding some, and being content to simply watch and admire others. For Newsbud, Mr. Macfarlane alternates between two columns: Legal Reality Check, and The Tug-o-War.


Newsbud Analyst & Author

Abigail Hall Blanco is an economist and Assistant Professor at the University of Tampa. She is a Research Fellow with the Independent Institute, a non-partisan think tank based out of Oakland, California. Her research includes a variety of topics surrounding U.S. Foreign and domestic policy including domestic police militarization, weapons as foreign aid, imperialism, drones, and the economics of the War on Drugs and War on Terror. She received her PhD from George Mason University in 2015.


Newsbud Contributing Author & Analyst

James Petras is a Bartle Professor (Emeritus) of Sociology at Binghamton University, New York. He is the author of more than 62 books published in 29 languages. He has a long history of commitment to social justice, working in particular with the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement for 11 years. He writes a monthly column for the Mexican newspaper, La Jornada, and previously, for the Spanish daily, El Mundo. He received his B.A. from Boston University and Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley. Visit Dr. Petras’ website here.

Newsbud’s Youtube Channel [formerly Boiling Frogs]

Land Destroyer Report

New Eastern Outlook
NEO: An Eastern Perspective

The Land Destroyer Report is maintained by Tony Cartalucci, an independent American geopolitical analyst based in Thailand.

Land Destroyer can be followed on Twitter here and Facebook here. Comments, questions, corrections, and article submissions should be sent to, or through the Contact LD page.

I currently do not do audio or video interviews but do frequently give e-mail interviews. Please send your questions using the Contact LD page.

We Are Change

WeAreChange Youtube Channel:

Title: The Number One Way Fake News Controls The Narrative
Video posted 19 Mar 2017 by WeAreChange

Mission Statement

We Are Change is a nonpartisan, independent media organization comprised of individuals and groups working to expose corruption worldwide.

Founded by Luke Rudkowski, We Are Change is comprised of independent journalists, concerned citizens, activists, and anyone who wants to shape the direction our world is going in. We seek to expose the lies of governments and the corporate elite who constantly trash our humanity. By asking the hard questions the mainstream media refuses to ask, we shine a little more light on truth. Furthermore, we seek to connect, educate, and motivate those who are interested in alerting the public to the pertinent issues that are affecting our lives each and every day. Our goal is to create a community of truth-seekers and peacemakers who share a commitment to nonviolent action.

We Are Change is not so much an individual or group, but an idea, an idea that “We the People” are the change we wish to see in this world. Together, as residents of this planet, we can push back against those who wish to dominate our lives and begin to restore liberty to all.

How To Get Involved

Getting involved is easy. You can join an existing We Are Change Chapter, or you can start your own Chapter. We Are Change encourages people to join groups, but also acknowledges that individuals can be just as productive. Do what works best for you.

Already have your own organization or We Are Change Chapter? Become a We Are Change Blog Contributor and drive traffic to your cause.

For more information on how to become a contributor, click here.

Code of Conduct

We Are Change is a peaceful organization that does not discriminate in any way. We are tolerant of all regardless of racial, religious, ethnic or sexual orientation (even though the SPLC still groups us with neo-nazis). We denounce any individual or group that would speak in our name and that would not adhere to these precepts. Anyone violating these principles will be asked by the group to leave permanently as a destructive individual working against the goals that We Are Change is striving to achieve.

Global Research
The Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) is an independent research and media organization based in Montreal.  The CRG is a registered non-profit organization in the province of Quebec, Canada.

In addition to the Global Research websites, the Centre is involved in book publishing, support to humanitarian projects as well as educational outreach activities including the organization of public conferences and lectures. The Centre also acts as a think tank on crucial  economic and geopolitical issues.

The Global Research website at publishes news articles, commentary, background research and analysis on a broad range of issues, focussing on social, economic, strategic and environmental processes.

The Global Research website was established on the 9th of September 2001, two days before the tragic events of September 11. Barely a few days later, Global Research had become a major news source on the New World Order and Washington’s “war on terrorism”.

pressfortruth logo

When it comes to investigative journalism and documentary film making Press For Truth has emerged as one of Canada’s leading groups who are on the front lines of fighting the new world order. In the last five years we have released five films “The Nation’s Deathbed” “United We Fall” “Into The Fire” “The Toronto Hearings on 911″ and our latest “The Turning Point”.

Our coverage of the G20 summit, the Bilderberg conferences and similar events have contributed to the growth of our audience which now reaches over a million hits a month (and growing quickly).
by Clint Richardson

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 – 1860)

Clint host a show on the “We ROAR” network once a week, produced by the good April Reigne.

No commercials. No restraints. No shock-jocks selling storable food, seeds, and guns while yelling that you are all going to die! And no doomsday predictions to pressure your purchase. Remember, I have nothing to sell.

The show will be called “A World Without Gray”, and will air Thursdays from 4-6pm Pacific Time Zone.

It all starts tomorrow, January 24th,  and you can listen live at:

Or you can listen on ITunes or media players with the link on this page.
Max Igan’s TheCrowHouse
Max has Pro-active and solution oriented information and news with a global awareness and Conscious Intention for Peace and Prosperity with Earth.
His youtube user channel is

RED ICE CREATIONS for the seeker

Red Ice is a news website and radio program hosted by filmmaker and researcher Henrik Palmgren. Additionally, we produce Red Ice TV, webcasts, music, videos and films. Red Ice Creations is headquartered on the west coast of Sweden, Scandinavia and is operated by Henrik Palmgren, Fredrik Palmgren, Lana Lokteff and Elizabeth Leafloor.

Red Ice Radio is an independent, thought provoking online radio and TV program, dedicated to bringing diverse research. We feature interviews with some of the most groundbreaking authors, filmmakers, bloggers and thinkers in the world.

We provide all our listeners, viewers and readers with a variety topics such as: Geopolitics, Conspiracy, Ancient Civilizations, Megalithic Cultures, Secret Societies, Fraternal Orders, Esoteric and Occult Subjects, Numerology, Meterology, Archeology, Science and Technology, Psychology, Space, Spirituality, Health, History, Antropology, Echatology, Future Studies, Transhumanism, GMO, Archeology, The New World Order, Zionism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddism, Socialism, Communism, Collectivism, Multiculturalism and more.
Mission Statement / Disclaimer

Red Ice Creations is a Coincidentia oppositorum, a unity of opposites. Our attempt is to awaken the sleeper to a greater reality and to broaden the perspective of the curious minded. Red Ice is for those who want to explore the mindscape and listen to aspects that will push the boundaries of their own thoughts.

It’s not about agreeing or believing. It’s about understanding and growing.

Red Ice is a platform where researchers, authors, journalists, filmmakers and thinkers can share their work, perspective, theories and testimony with you, our audience. We focus on a wide variety of subjects that we consider to be important, interesting, intriguing an essential. The topics we cover span between “down to earth” and ”out there”, from the exoteric and provable to the esoteric and more elusive in nature. Some of the programs you’ll hear will be more difficult to prove with data and research, while other programs will be much easier to footnote and verify. We’re not afraid of uncertainty or the unknown. This means that we do not veer away from a subject just because it’s more difficult to prove or because it’s not documented. We believe in using both rationality and intuition, to come closer to the truth …as you see it.

We are prepared to go anywhere in the search for answers to many of the questions we have. Our intent is to find the truth and what the truth is, is a matter of debate. Truth will be different for everybody. We believe that by listening to those who both have done their homework and those that have the ability to think outside the box – we can get the synapses firing and head into new and unknown territories of your mind. If we want to grow and learn, this is where we need to go.

In this process of listening we can discover new perspectives and gain understanding about things we previously did not contemplate or consider. Research, science and data is certainly important aspects but opinion and personal perspective is an equally important addition in the process of discovering the truth. We consider life to be more than just materialistic and “provable” facts set by the standards of a dogmatic scientific field. There are elements of philosophy, contemplation and thought that never will be provable, but they can be equally, if not even more, effective when it comes to open your eyes to new possibilities and help to widen your perspective.

If you find yourself disagreeing with some of our guests, great! To agree is not the point. We say: take in what you can, and examine the rest.

If you find yourself disagreeing, question then instead why you consider that you have the “superior perspective”. Why do you disagree? Why are you right and the other person wrong? Examine your own knowledge and beliefs. Question them. We can learn from everyone, especially those we don’t agree with.

This is why we offer such a wide variety of perspectives, subjects and guests. An attempt to offer you a “smörgåsbord” of mind candy, a diverse platter with all kinds of subjects that we believe you can both benefit from but also grow by learning about.

Planet Earth and our universe are filled with mysteries, waiting to be discovered and understood. One of our many objectives is to investigate these mysteries and also researchers who claim they have answers to these mysteries. Our objective is to let our guests speak and present their point of view so that we can understand them. If we don’t understand them, we can neither agree nor disagree. Therefore, the purpose of Red Ice Radio is to listen and learn and so that we can understand why we agree (or not) with a point of view, a concept or an idea.

We are interested in attaining a balanced point of view, listening to different sides of the story – across the spectrum. If we are interested in true understanding, the more data we have the better it is and only then can we make good decisions and come to a conclusion. We are not afraid to present the facts when we have them and to speculate when we need to. We encourage contemplating multiple possibilities and multiple answers. Keep an open mind and use your rationality. One does not exclude the other.

What we offer is an alternative to the left-right polarized and controlled mainstream media that presents only a very narrow perspective. In our view. We are not in a position to say what subjects are more important than others or what you should think about the material that is presented. We select certain subjects because of our interest in them, but we do encourage you – our listeners and viewers – to recommend guests and topics so that we can all expand on our knowledge.

Red Ice is 100% independent. We are not funded by any organization, religious group, individual, political party or ideology. We are not on any radio network, therefore we are not censored. We can discuss what we want. Our website and everything we produce is free from advertisements and commercial interruptions. We have no blinking banners on the wesbite and we’re not trying to sell you anything else then diverse opinion and research. Our program is listener supported.

We are free thinkers, truth seekers and philosophers. Freedom of thought and freedom of speech is one of our highest values. There is nothing more important than being able to have the freedom to pursue our own truth.

If you don’t like our point of view or any of our guests point of view …good for you, but it doesn’t really matter. We encourage you to respect those who hold different opinions than yourself. Try to let people think what they want to think. We encourage you to stop trying to control what other people think or believe and start trusting in peoples own ability to “figure it out” and use their own discernment, rationality and their ability to come to their own conclusions in due time. We believe that truth is mostly subjective and that change comes from within. Change yourself: and you’ll change the world.

If you intend to criticize us for whatever you happen to disagree with, we encourage you to make the criticism constructive.

We very much encourage tips and hints on potential factual errors.

Our aim is to provide diverse research material and opinion. Weather Red Ice Creations agrees with every guest and their opinion or not is not the point. This is about what you think, not anyone else.

Some of the topics we currently cover on the website includes: History, Mythology, Philosophy, Symbolism, The Occult, Secret Societies, Conspiracies, Religion, Alchemy, New Technology, Science, Transhumanism, Archeology, Ancient Civilizations, Eschatology, The Apocalypse, Environmental Issues, Geoengineering, Genetic Engineering, GMO, Spirituality, Life After Death, Reincarnation, Astrology, Archaeoastronomy, Esotericism, Gematria, Theurgy, Numerology, Energy, Space News, Earth Changes, Ecology, Art, Film, Extra Terrestrial Life, UFO’s, Angels & Demons, The New World Order, Time Travel, and much, much more.

Some useful quotes to keep in mind as you listen:

“Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.”
“Don’t shoot the messenger.”
“I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief”

Our aim is to provide diverse research material and opinion. Red Ice Creations doesn’t necessarily agree with our guests or their opinions.


A Quick list of headline news primarily from the corporate-state controlled media; but at least you will Know what they are reporting even if it they are intentionally deceptive. Also there are foreign events and sources that may have been censured from your national and international news feeds.
meria heller header

Meria Heller


Independent Media Host: Meria Heller



Productions: The Meria Heller Show (Subscriber-Only), The Weekly Free Show, and The Meria Heller Show on Progressive Radio Network (Saturday nights @ 7pm EST)

Focus: The first to broadcast on the internet, in a time where there was no such thing, Meria has been producing, hosting, and publishing her own show for over 11 years. Meria specializes in world-class interviews on a broad spectrum of topics, she gives her guests carte blanche to speak their minds; depending on you to do your own critical thinking to make your own conclusions. Providing an atmosphere which seeks out truth in all its forms, Meria publishes 4-5 shows per week, consistently rounding-up interesting minds and controversial topics.



As a Radio Talk show host for the last 16 years, Jack Blood has interviewed some of the Top experts, researchers, investigative reporters, historians, Whistle-Blowers, and political “policy makers” the world over. The list includes: Four Star General Tony McPeak (Joint Chiefs USAF – Gulf War 1), General Janis Karpinski (Abu Graib) Former Governors Jerry Brown and Grey Davis, Col.s Oliver North, Col. Doug Rokke (DU), Celebrities: Michael Moriarty (Law and Order…) Chuck Barris (The Gong Show), Tom Coughlin (Billy Jack), Warren Cuccurullo from Missing Persons / Duran Duran, Scott Kelly from Neurosis, Future NFL Hall of Famer and Dallas Cowboy Lineman Mark Stepnoski, and Jeanne Garafolo… Congressman Ron Paul, Congressman Tom Tancredo, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky… Former Deputy Secretary of the Treasury: Paul Craig Roberts, Former CIA Analyst: Ray McGovern, Larry Johnson (CIA), MI5 Whistle Blowers: David Shayler and Annie Machon, NBC’s – Meet the Press Host: Tim Russert, Former Deputy Secretary of Education: Charlotte Iserbyt, Former UN Weapons Inspector: Scott Ritter, Authors: David Ray Griffin (New Pearl Harbor), Mark Crispin Miller, Howard Zinn, David Icke, Jim Marrs, David Brock, Ann Rule, Dave McGowen, Will Thomas, Webster Tarply, Stephan Kinzer, Greg Palast, Nafeez Ahmed, Jerome Corsi, Alex Jones, and Anthony Hilder, Former Presidential Speech Writer (“Axis of Evil” Speech) David Frum, Col. “Buzz” Patterson (Carried the nuclear “Football” for Bill Clinton), Pentagon Whistle Blower Daniel Ellsburg (“The Pentagon Papers”), Former Israeli Ambassador to the UN Dr. Dore Gold, Former Gitmo Chaplin: James Yee, Un-embedded Iraq reporter: Dahr Jamail, DEA Whistle Blower: Cele Castillo, 911 hero and Whistle Blower: William Rodriguez… and a load of Neo Con, CFR, Bilderberg, Think-Tank types, Local and regional Politicians, NWO official spokespersons, Thought Criminals, and Enemies of the State.

With several years of research and comprehensive information gathering, Jack has a serious understanding of how the Global Super Elite do their business.

He understands and decodes the doublespeak, and groupthink of the mainstream media, and outlines the agenda of those who would seek to kill off or enslave the planet. Jack can also discuss Mind Control, Corporate Corruption, The Police State, Globalism, The United Nations Agenda (Inalienable Rights vs UN Privileges), Secret Societies, Government Sponsored Terrorism, and Collectivism vs Individual Sovereignty as well as Breaking News Du Jour.

THE JACK BLOOD SHOW has just recently Launched on American Freedom Radio. It airs every Morning 10 AM – 12 Noon Eastern Time. It can also be found on and through various affiliates world wide. If you would like to contract this show, please contact us and we will get you going.

Jack is currently the Host of “Frontline Texas”, a No nonsense TV show airing in Austin TX.

Jack Appears Monthly with Meria Heller on “Blood and Guts”

Jack Appears twice monthly on ‘Dangerous Conversation‘ with Scotty “Ledge” Ledger.

Jack Blood has been interviewed on Numerous radio stations, and syndicated radio networks, and is currently available for interviews EVERYWHERE!

Call your local radio station, TV station, or Print Vehicle NOW… Jack will represent you, and freedom lovers EVERYWHERE, with Truth and passion rarely heard or seen in the media today!

Jack Blood is NOT affiliated with any organizations, or political parties, and does not have any other mission than that of freedom of human consciousness.

The Intel Hub™ a beacon of information that hosts many different ideas and topics that the corporate media is simply too scared to cover.

Rather than pigeon hole ourselves into the left right paradigm we instead view world events from a middle ground not influenced by establishment politics and corporate funding.

Whether it be Geo-Politics, Human Rights, the expanding Police State, or the New World Order, brings you real news and information that you can count on.

History™ was originally founded in early 2010 by Shepard Ambellas, and co-founded by Alex Thomas as an independent blog focusing on depopulation and mass graves.

After rapidly expanding through grassroots platforms such as Blogtv and Blogtalkradio as well as developing a loyal initial following, begin to make ground in the “freedom” movement through exclusive reporting, including on the ground information during the entire BP Oil Spill.

This eventually lead to Shepard Ambellas’ Radio Show being picked up on various popular patriot radio stations and the transformation of into one of the biggest and fastest growing alternative media websites on the internet.

Funding is not funded by large corporations or foundations that limit content.

The products offered by our unique sponsors should not be considered solely because of the news you read on this site, rather they should be considered because preparing and eating healthy foods is important in any situation.
The Peace Revolution Podcasts

Peace is the way. The Revolution is in between Your Ears. The Peace Revolution Podcast is an Educational Public Service funded by the Subscribers and Benefactors of Tragedy and Hope dot com. Supporting T&H allows Peace Revolution to remain free of commercials and advertisements.

Ways You Can Effectively Help

Learning is the Answer. What’s the Question?

Since 2006, we have created over 400+ hours of educational information, of the highest-academic quality, and we have presented it for FREE, to millions of individuals around the world; many of whom are desperate to encounter and integrate such information.

This site is free, please consider helping us; so that we can continue producing projects which enable Cognitive Liberty.
Verdad Ahora
Truth Now

Freedom Force International

Creed of Freedom

Introduction by G. Edward Griffin

There is nothing more common in history than for oppressed people to rise up against their masters and, at great cost in treasure and blood, throw off the old regime, only to discover that they have replaced it with one that is just as bad or worse. That is because it is easy to know what we dislike about a political system but not so easy to agree on what would be better. For most of history, it has been the habit of men to focus on personalities rather than principles. They have thought that the problem was with the man who rules, not with the system that sustains him. So, they merely replace one despot for another, thinking that, somehow, the new one will be more wise and benevolent. Even if the new ruler has good intentions, he may be corrupted by the temptations of power; and, in those rare cases where he is not, he eventually is replaced by another who is not as self-restrained. As long as the system allows it, it is just a matter of time before a new despot will rise to power. To prevent that from happening, it is necessary to focus on the system itself, not on personalities. To do that, it is just as important to know what we are for as it is to know what we are against.

Even today, with so much talk about fighting to defend freedom, who can stand up and define what that means? For some, freedom means merely not being in jail. Who can define the essence of personal liberty? Who can look you in the eye and say: “This I believe, and I believe it for this reason and this reason and this reason also.” The world is dying for something to believe in, a statement of principles that leaves no room for misunderstanding; a creed that everyone of good faith toward their fellow human beings can accept with clarity of mind and strength of resolve. There is an old saying that if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. The Creed of Freedom that you are about to read is the rock-solid ground that will allow us to stand firm against all the political nostrums of our day, and those in the future as well.

The Creed of Freedom expresses the core ideology that binds all members together. This is not like the platform of a political party that typically is a position statement on a long list of specific issues and which changes from year to year to accommodate the shifting winds of popular opinion. Instead, it is stated in terms of broad principles that do not change over time and that are not focused on specific issues at all. If these principles are followed, then most of the vexing political and social issues of the day can be quickly resolved in confidence that the resulting action will be consistent with justice and freedom.

Although I have authored the Creed, I cannot claim credit for it. Anyone familiar with the classical treatises on freedom will recognize that most of its concepts have been taken from the great thinkers and writers of the past. My role has been merely to read the literature, identify the concepts, organize them into logical sequence, and condense them into a single page.

When you read the Creed, please be aware that it is a summary of a much longer dissertation. It cannot be fully appreciated until after reading the explanations, definitions, and arguments to support it. Although the Creed appears here first, it is recommended that, after reading it, you follow the link at the bottom of this section that takes you to the more complete explanation.


I believe that only individuals have rights, not the collective group; that these rights are intrinsic to each individual, not granted by the state; for if the state has the power to grant them, it also has the power to deny them, and that is incompatible with personal liberty.
I believe that a just state derives its power solely from its citizens. Therefore, the state must never presume to do anything beyond what individual citizens also have the right to do. Otherwise, the state is a power unto itself and becomes the master instead of the servant of society.

I believe that one of the greatest threats to freedom is to allow any group, no matter its numeric superiority, to deny the rights of the minority; and that one of the primary functions of a just state is to protect each individual from the greed and passion of the majority.

I believe that desirable social and economic objectives are better achieved by voluntary action than by coercion of law. I believe that social tranquility and brotherhood are better achieved by tolerance, persuasion, and the power of good example than by coercion of law. I believe that those in need are better served by charity, which is the giving of one’s own money, than by welfare, which is the giving of other people’s money through coercion of law.

I believe that all citizens should be equal under law, regardless of their national origin, race, religion, gender, education, economic status, life style, or political opinion. Likewise, no class should be given preferential treatment, regardless of the merit or popularity of its cause. To favor one class over another is not equality under law.

I believe that the proper role of the state is negative, not positive; defensive, not aggressive. It is to protect, not to provide; for if the state is granted the power to provide for some, it must also be able to take from others, and that always leads to legalized plunder and loss of freedom. If the state is powerful enough to give us everything we want, it also will be powerful enough to take from us everything we have. Therefore, the proper function of the state is to protect the lives, liberty, and property of its citizens, nothing more. That state is best which governs least.


The Creed of Freedom is based on five principles. However, in day-to-day application, they can be reduced to just three codes of conduct. These are The Three Commandments of Freedom:

Only individuals have rights, not groups. Therefore, do not sacrifice the rights of any individual or minority for the alleged rights of groups.

To favor one class of citizens over others is not equality under law. Therefore, do not endorse any law that does not apply to all citizens equally.

The proper function of the state is to protect, not to provide. Therefore, do not approve coercion for any purpose except to protect human life, liberty, or property.


Another way of viewing these principles is to consider them as the three pillars of freedom. They are concepts that underlie the ideology of individualism, and individualism is the indispensable foundation of freedom.

For the rational and historical support for The Creed of Freedom, see The Chasm in the Issues section of his site. This 21-page document will take 10 to 45 seconds to load depending on the speed of your Internet connection.


Click on images to enlarge them for better viewing and reading

Which of these robots would you want? If you choose the one on the left, you are an individualist. If you choose the one on the right, you are a collectivist.

When dealing with the state, which signs would you prefer to see? If you choose the one on the left, you are a collectivist. If you choose the one on the right, you are an individualist.

Which of these signs would you prefer in your community? If you choose the one on the left, you are an individualist. If you choose the one on the right, you are a collectivist.

Which of these statements is correct? If you select the one on the left, you are a collectivist. If you select the one on the right, you are an individualist.

Which of these signs would you prefer in your community? If you choose the one on the left, you are a collectivist. If you choose the one on the right, you are an individualist.

OK, you are an individualist. So why have you been voting for collectivists? Answer: You may not have realized what you believe and, more important, you probably never questioned what your elected representatives believe. Politicians prefer to talk about issues rather than principles, the what rather than the how. Collectivists seek political office because it gives them power over others. Individualists shy away from office because they just want to be left alone. If freedom is to prevail, that has to change.

This page revised on 2010 March 5
Investigative Reporting

Jon Rappoport has worked as a free-lance investigative reporter for over 30 years.

He has written articles on politics, health, media, culture and art for LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, Village Voice, Nexus, CBS Healthwatch, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe.

In 1982, the LA Weekly submitted his name for a Pulitzer prize, for his interview with the president of El Salvador University, where the military had taken over the campus.

Jon has hosted, produced, and written radio programs and segments in Los Angeles and Las Vegas (KPFK, KLAV). He has appeared as a guest on over 200 radio and television programs, including ABC’s Nightline, Tony Brown’s Journal (PBS), and Hard Copy.

In 1994, Jon ran for a seat in the US Congress from the 29th district in Los Angeles.  After six months of campaigning, on a very small budget, he garnered 20 percent of the vote running against an incumbent who had occupied his seat for 20 years.

In 1996, Jon started The Great Boycott, against eight corporate chemical giants: Monsanto, Dow, Du Pont, Bayer, Hoechst, Rhone-Poulenc, Imperial Chemical Industries, and Ciba-Geigy.  The Boycott continues to operate today.

Jon has lectured extensively all over the US on the question: Who runs the world and what can we do about it?

For the last ten years, Jon has operated largely away from the mainstream because, as he puts it, “My research was not friendly to the conventional media.”

Over the last 30 years, Jon’s independent research has encompassed such areas as: deep politics, conspiracies, alternative health, the potential of the human imagination, mind control, the medical cartel, symbology, and solutions to the takeover of the planet by hidden elites.

A painter, Jon’s work has been shown in galleries in Los Angeles and New York. His poetry has been published by The Massachusetts Review.

He is a graduate of Amherst College (BA, Philosophy), and lives with his wife, Dr. Laura Thompson, in San Diego.

The Narco News Bulletin<br><small>Reporting on the War on Drugs and Democracy from Latin America

The trademarks “Narco News,” “The Narco News Bulletin,” “School of Authentic Journalism,” “Narco News TV” and NNTV © 2000-2011 Al Giordano

Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

Greg is the producer and creator of  Greg Hunter’s  The site’s slogan is “analyzing the news to give you a clear picture of what’s really going on.”  The site will keep an eye on the government, your financial interests and cut through the media spin.

Greg Hunter’s is neither Democrat nor Republican, Liberal or Conservative.   Before creating and producing the site, Greg spent nearly 9 years as a network and investigative correspondent. He worked for ABC News and Good Morning America for nearly 6 years. Most recently, Greg worked for CNN for shows such as Paula Zahn Now, American Morning and various CNN business shows.

Greg is a hard hitting reporter who has a history of getting to the truth no matter how difficult the subject.  Some of his stories include “Dangerous Deadly Depleted Uranium Munitions,” where Hunter uncovered the Army’s failure to warn our troops of their exposure  to radioactive dust on the battlefield.

In a story called “Produce the Note”, Hunter uncovered  in 40 percent of foreclosures the bankers cannot prove they legally own the property.   If an embattled homeowner knows that fact, it could mean the difference between being thrown out in the cold and having a roof  over his head.

And in a report in March of 2008,  Hunter exposed the hidden fact the banks were in trouble and the economy was headed for a fall.  Greg warned viewers of the coming problems long before other reporters picked up on the looming financial catastrophe.  In 2009, many in the mainstream media said things such as “no one saw the crisis coming.”

Hunter joined ABC News in 1999 from WTSP-TV in Tampa.  He has earned a “National Headliner Award,” an International “Freddie Award”  for health and medical reporting, as well as investigative reporting awards from both the “Society of Professional Journalists” and the “Radio Television News Directors Association.”

Please also view weekly news wrap-up videos by Greg Hunter on YouTube.


Host: Santos Bonacci
Program Archives
Call-in Number: (218) 339 – 8525
Time: Monday & Tuesday, 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm Central
Starts 11/5/12

For over 30 years, Santos Bonacci has been researching the ancient works, compiling and translating them into more accessible terms in his study of AstroTheology.

This knowledge is the basis and origin for all of our Myths, Legends, Fairy Tales, Nursery Rhymes and Folk Lore. It is also the Pure Science developed by the very enlightened, wise and ancient priesthood that give us the Holy Books of all religions. his language was heavily veiled in allegory and symbolism and much of it was deliberately done to keep the higher truths from the masses.

Veritas Radio
Host: Mel Fabregas
Program Archives
Call-in Number: Pre-Recorded
Time: Saturdays, 10:00 pm – 11:00 pm CST

Veritas Radio represents “a movement set on informing the world – teaching and finding out everything about the hidden knowledge being kept secret from humanity.” Veritas is Latin for truth. Previous guests include Zecharia Sitchin, Edgar Mitchell, Whitley Strieber, John Perkins, Graham Hancock, Jim Marrs, James Gilliland, Richard Hoagland, Michael Tsarion, Catherine Austin Fitts, Nassim Haramein, John Lash, Jay Weidner and many more.

The Truther Girls
Hosts: Sonia
YouTube Channel:
Blog site:
Program Archives
Call-in Number: (218) 339 – 8525
Time: Fridays, 9:00 to 11:00 pm Central

Live from Montreal Canada, Sonia and her friends bring you the truth about H1N1, vaccination, chemtrails and much more. If we make you laugh while we’re at it, all the better. You gotta keep a sense of humor, even at a time like this.

THETRUTHERGIRLS ARE NOW ON WORDPRESS! Come visit our blog for updates on what is going on in Haiti and other NWO/depopulation-related issues.

Truth Jihad Radio
Host: Kevin Barrett, Ph.D.
Program Archives
Call-in Number: (218) 339 – 8525
Time: Mon-Wed-Fri, 3:00 to 5:00 pm Central

Kevin Barrett is an outspoken 9/11 truth activist, author, and academic. A co-editor of 9/11 and the American Empire Vol. 2: Christians, Jews and Muslims Speak Out (Interlink, 2007) and author of Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie (Progressive Press, 2007), he has taught English, French, Arabic, American Civilization, Humanities, African Literature, Folklore, and Islam at colleges and universities in the San Francisco Bay area, Paris, and Madison, Wisconsin. He is a co-founder of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth This show, like his writings, features Dr. Barrett’s all-out struggle for truth spiced with his offbeat sense of humor.
Kevin on Hannity and Colmes.

Soul Journeys
Host: Christie Aphrodite
Program Archives
Call-in Number: (218) 339 – 8525
Time: Tues Wed Thurs, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Central

Welcome to Soul Journeys Radio with your hostess Christie Aphrodite. Christie will embark on a new journey to help guide us on our path to personal health, wellness and enlightenment. She will have various guests on the show to introduce us to ideas that most people have never been exposed to.

Christie was born in San Diego, California. She excelled in sports and music, her sports career revered in the San Diego Sports Hall of Fame. A graduate of the School for Creative and Performing Arts at the top of her class gave her the necessary tools to the next chapter on her path. Later on she exposed a sex-trafficking ring in McGonigal Canyon in 2006 and paid a heavy price for her efforts with her 2 beautiful daughters ultimately being kidnapped at gunpoint while facing 56 years for her efforts in exposing the political criminal syndicate.

Christie went through many illnesses and countless injuries through her upbringing and faith in mainstream medicine. After decades of entrusting the professionals in the system, she found it getting her nowhere, but sicker, ultimately leading her into a wheelchair, paralyzed from the waist down. In 1995 doctors told her she had 6 months to live. She took it upon herself to learn how to heal through better nutrition and clearly reaped the benefits of it completely healing herself and becoming a poster child of health, and inspiration to many, then on to help teach others how to heal themselves from all the so called incurable dis-ease they were suffering. She is not only walking now, which is something doctors told her would never happen, she has helped countless others on their healing path with her discoveries. She knows nothing is impossible and that ALL is curable and possible if the desire exists. She will share her experience, strength and hope so that others can achieve the same outcome if it is also their desire.

The Vinny Eastwood Show
Host: Vinny Eastwood
YouTube: mrnewsguerillamedia
Program Archives
Call-in Number: (218) 339 – 8525
Time: Weekdays, 5 to 7 pm Central

Vincent Eastwood (AKA MR. NEWS) was born in the ominous year of 1984, the same year set out in Orwells masterpiece and the year of New Zealands neoliberal economic reforms. After working in the telecommunications industry he quit when he noticed that when he lied to the customer the companies profit margins went up. Unable to work or have an employer in the conventional sense Vincent went out with frustration at the mainstream media and began to make his own news by interviewing the activists about real issues that truly affect New Zealand and the world. The idea is to get the activists who live and breathe the issues and are not bound by corporate or political parties to be the pundits reporters and watch dogs on the multi-faceted agendas of the global elite right here at home. He hopes to one day be part of an alternative media revolution that will replace the mainstream media, for they are no longer relevant. He runs a website and a youtube channel

The Middle Chamber
Host: Frater X
Program Archives
Call-in Number: (218) 339 – 8525
Time: Saturdays, 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm CST

Frater X began his journey in colonial New England in 1970. His family has lived in the same small coastal town since 1690. He is descended from a Scottish Royalist P.O.W. sold into slavery through the London Slave Market in 1650 after his Clan lost the decisive Battle of September during the English Civil War and Protestant Ascendancy.

After 13 years in the bog iron mines of Quincy, Mass. Ancestor X found a new home here in the Colonies settling on the Northeast shore.

Born with a ‘wanderlust’ Frater X set out from his colonial hometown at a very young age. In true mystic beatnik bardic fashion he drifted the land, “…moaning for man…” in search of the post-modern “American Zeitgeist”.

His travels took him to Rainbow tribes and Gatherings, Road Kid refugee camps, and sword wielding Druids living in old-growth trees in the forest of the Pacific Northwest. After ten years of “vagabondage” he had wandered America from coast to coast gathering experiences, and wisdom.

He returned to the Northeast in the mid-90’s after a month camping in the Arizona desert on Havasupai and Navaho lands. He attended several semesters at UMass on a Philosophy/Comparative Religious studies program. He was elected President of the Philosophy Club the first semester of his Freshman year.

After viewing Oliver Stone’s JFK in the 90’s he began a quest for the Truth which led him to over 15 years of extensive research into Conspiracy Theories, Fringe Sciences, New Thought concepts, Ancient and forbidden knowledge and wisdom.

Tracing his own family tree back from New England to Scotland in 1650, and eventually 9th Century Ireland, it seems he comes from a long line of Initiates on The Quest in search of the Grail-in fact one of his ancestors was a member of an “Order of the Grail” in Scotland in the 14th century.

Frater X is a published author of both speculative fiction, and critical research. He is a lecturer of esoteric philosophies and Mystery Traditions. He is considered a prolific analyst and commentator among his Masonic peers.

As a member of nine different Esoteric Orders including the Knights Templar, Knight Masons, Rosicrucians, and Ancient Order of Druids, Frater X brings a well-versed and truly unique perspective to the microphone.

Tapping into a strong optimism and belief in the resilience and inherent goodness of humanity he is committed to help guide and be guided by others along the paths of Truth leading to Transformation and Self-Actualization.

All the while pondering Life’s big questions of: Who are we? Where did we come from? and Where are we going? Join Frater and his many great Guests as they explore the Known and Unknown!

Outside The Box
Host: Alex Ansary
YouTube Channel:
Program Archives
Call-in Number: (218) 339 – 8525
Time: Saturdays, 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm Central

Alex Ansary was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. His program focuses primarily on the growing police state being established internationally, and it’s connection the technologically sophisticated world of surviellance. Each program is geared to challenge the listener into questioning the offical view of reality that’s presented by the mainstream media. This show goes ‘outside the box’ and questions what it truely means to be a free human being living on planet Earth today.

Topher’s Unpopular View
Host: Topher Field
Program Archives
Call-in Number: (218) 339 – 8525
Time: Thursdays, 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm Central
Starts 10/25/12

Topher Field now has a weekly radio show! Topher is taking all the things you love about his ‘Unpopular View’ and ‘Forbidden History’ series and bringing them to you every week via internet radio.

Born and bred in Australia, Topher packs a no-nonsense punch when he turns his sceptical eye onto all things government. Topher cut his teeth exposing the absurdity, waste and lies of the Victorian State Government’s water policies during the drought from 2000 to 2012 and soon gained a reputation for his ability to decrypt complex issues and lay them bare for all to see.

Topher is not afraid to call it as he sees it and owes nothing to any ‘side’ of politics. He’s a firm opponent of socialism in all it’s many forms and a big believer in the power of personal liberty combined with personal responsibility.

Topher’s focus is very much on the practical, the realities that we face day by day and the ways in which our government is making our lives much harder than they need to be. He covers everything from the big-picture principles such as the size and scope of government, levels of taxation and the true cost of regulation, down to the nitty gritty dirty details of specific policy decisions and the ‘unintended’ consequences they bring.

Your own government should not be the reason why you cannot live your life in the peaceful pursuit of your own happiness and it certainly should not be the reason you struggle to make ends meet.

But it is.

Find that hard to believe? Then you need to listen to Topher and his unique ‘Unpopular View’.

Fabian 4 Liberty
Host: Fabian Calvo
Program Archives
Call-in Number: (218) 339 – 8525
Time: Mondays & Fridays 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Central

I am very passionate about promoting the principles of our Constitutional Republic and economic liberty as well as exposing the corrupted New World Order political establishment. Education and awareness is the only way we can defeat the criminal elite from taking our liberties.

I believe my unparalleled stand against the Federal Reserve & Americas foreign resource wars have made me an alternative to a lying and dying mainstream media. The birth of the new alternative media is here, and we are ready to challenge the current power structure.

I was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in a working-class family of immigrants. For over 10 years, I have run a small business that has worked on the front lines of U.S. financial markets and commercial real estate investments including owning and operating a private equity firm that will exceed $100 million in sales in 2012.

I am an ardent seeker of truth, a father who is dedicated to his family and a patriot who is working hard to be proud of his country.

The Region 10 Report
Host: Susanne Posel
Program Archives
Call-in Number: (218) 339 – 8525
Time: Thursdays, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm Central

The Region 10 Report is an alternative news show dedicated to exposing the Elite and their plans to Globalize our money, our Governments and our people.

It is beyond our 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech. Our Republic is at stake.

The Region 10 Report is dedicated to reporting the actual news as it happens; not as it is spun by the corporate funded mass media. We are exposing the hidden agenda of the Zionist goal of One World Government.

Greenewave Radio
Host: Christopher Greene
Program Archives
Call-in Number: (218) 339 – 8525
Time: Tues & Thurs, 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm Central

Christopher Greene is a dynamic independent economist, activist, investigative journalist, frequent video-blogger and author of several monthly newsletters. With a unique background in finance and real estate, Christopher has pioneered and redefined the concept of Alternative Media. In 2008, Christopher awakened to the fraud and corruption evident in Washington, the Federal Reserve, our regulatory agencies and the Too-Big-to-Fail banks during the height of the financial crisis.

Christopher believes whole-heartedly in the concept of freedom, would describe himself as a free-spirited capitalist and believes that we must act now to prepare for an even more devastating economic collapse in the very near future. It is clear that a kick-the-can-down-the-road strategy currently being implemented by the Federal Reserve will only result in greater imbalances in global capital markets and help to inflate even larger and more aggressive asset bubbles that will eventually collapse. Fraud and corruption is now generally accepted among the apathetic public while the strategy being implemented by our leadership is one that is clearly unsustainable.

Christopher attended George Washington University on athletic scholarship at our Nation’s Capital in Washington D.C., graduated with a degree in Finance from Arizona State and is a former Division I Water Polo All-American. Clearly an immense talent, Christopher has quickly become one of the most talked about and explosive media personalities on the Web today.

Fairdinkum Radio
Host: Leon Pittard
Program Archives
Call-in Number: (218) 339 – 8525
Time: Wednesdays, 11:00 pm to Midnight Central

G’day folks, thanks for joining me on Fairdinkum Radio. We are here to offer an Alternative Independent Media platform. We will focus on the news behind the news, the unseen story, what is not said, what is not talked about. We examine the subjects that Corporate Media does not talk about, including their role in Social Engineering and steering humanity into a designed Scientific Technocracy.

We will bring you stories of freedom loving people and their fight for liberty, let down by their own Government, Corporate Media and a Propaganda controlled population. We are Alternative, Resistance Media.

We will examine and analyse the building of ‘The Global Management Plan,’ a mighty plan to bring all Humanity and all Recourse’s of the Earth under Centralized Governance. We will analyse the Smoke Screens, Tactics and Propaganda that this plan has been employing for thousands of years, to destroy Individuality and Freedom.

We document in our studies their own statements. These facts are evidence of a well advanced plan of a control state agenda. We will prove that this agenda is well under way to destroy every countries sovereignty. Thereby making our elected officials and government mere administrators of a World Government.

Time 4 Hemp & Time 4 Pets
Host: Casper Leitch Time 4 Hemp Website:
Time For Pets Website:
Guest Schedule: T4H GUEST CALENDAR
Program Archives
Call-in Number: (218) 339 – 8525
Time: Weekdays, 12:00 pm CT & Tuesdays 1:00 pm CT

Casper Leitch got involved in the hemp movement in 1990 and launched the cable television series ‘Time 4 Hemp’ on January 5, 1991. It was the first television series in the history of broadcasting to focus strictly on the topic of cannabis, thus giving Casper the dubious honor of being known as ‘The Father Of Marijuana Television’. He was a participant in the United States Government Funded ‘UCLA Smoked Marijuana Study’ headed by Dr. Donald Tashkin and is the first person in the world have television filmed footage of themselves smoking legal marijuana in a Government funded lab.

Over the years, ‘Time 4 Hemp’ has remained on the cutting edge of the Marijuana Movement by opening the website in 1999 and being one of the first sites to offer free audio and video downloads. On July 4, 2007, the first segment of the ‘Time 4 Hemp – TODAY PotCast’ was released and six months later, the ‘Time 4 Hemp – MUSIC PotCast’ made its debut. Both now rank in the number one and number two spots when the word ‘hemp’ is typed into the iTunes search engine.

Past guests on the series include Dr. Tim Leary; Willie Nelson; Congressman Barney Frank; Keith Stroup (founder of NORML); David Boaz (Co-founder of the CATO Institute); Kevin Zeese (Co-founder of the Drug Policy Foundation); Ethan Nadelmann (Founder of the Drug Policy Alliance); Judge James Gray; Marc Emery (founder of Cannabis Culture Magazine); Ed Rosenthal (Co-founder of High Times Magazine); Steve Hager (editor of High Times Magazine); and Eddy Lepp (Hero of the Marijuana Movement).

Host: Matthew Hurtado & Sarah Landucci
Program Archives
Call-in Number: (218) 339 – 8525
Time: Saturdays, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm CST.

Matthew David Hurtado is the CEO of RnA Drops World-Wide, Transcension is a word given to us by iON ( to describe the effect of RnA drops aligning the cells of our bodies with new information, through chromosome-14. Millions of people all over the world are now discovering RnA Drops, and many have chosen to embrace RnA Drops and experience Transcension!

Sarah Landucci co-hosts Transcension and brings her expertise in ‘having NO rules’ to assist others in embracing the new environment created by RnA Drops. As an avid listener and student of iON & Bob Neveritt (, Sarah lives the life of a free-thinking, ascending human creator here to share the message of pleasing and delighting yourself! Get happy about being happy or get out the way… Transcension is for those who embrace the fastest path to their joy and engage RnA Drops.



Videos can be viewed:

Press TV takes revolutionary steps as the first Iranian international news network, broadcasting in English on a round-the-clock basis.

Our global Tehran-based headquarters is staffed with outstanding Iranian and foreign media professionals.

Press TV is extensively networked with bureaus located in the world’s most strategic cities.


Heeding the often neglected voices and perspectives of a great portion of the world;

Embracing and building bridges of cultural understanding;

Encouraging human beings of different nationalities, races and creeds to identify with one another;

Bringing to light untold and overlooked stories of individuals who have experienced the vitality and versatility of political and cultural divides firsthand.

What’s Real About Us

We won’t blindly follow wire services or official press releases that attempt to set the news agenda. We will cover the big stories of the day, but we will broaden the definition of what’s important.

The Real News will investigate, report and debate stories that help us understand the critical issues of our time.

The movements for the rights of working people, women, children, immigrants, indigenous people, for freedom of religion and conscience, for moral and spiritual values and for peace and against racism are news. The health of our planet will be a story, day after day.


Podcasts radio show



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