Collaborative AWARENESS: People On Earth Are Sharing

Have you talked or heard about the Luna Wave; Earthquakes; Volcanoes; Meteors; Chemtrails; War-crimes; Ponzi-Economy; GMOs…
This new year 2015 Is Strange:



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I am Pleased To See This Trend

[FSF Associate Member]
For decades we, along with many from all regions on Earth, have been sharing the consciousness and information systems problem, and alternative solutions – GNU with others in the Free Source , CopyLeft (with its flawed cousin “open source”) movement. This of course relates to all other social experiences as the meme of “control” dominates the world…
Consciousness Shift:
I observe more corporate controlled mass media, and wealthy executives are now sharing the messages that was considered as the hippie fringe and conspiracy theorist nuts. The wrongness of the system has become so odious that more are having difficulty ignoring it and accepting the status quo. Trade agreements, Wars, G20 Summits, policy reforms, market exchanges, and other major institutions are facing the trend of Lost Trust.
Boycotts, GNU/FSF/Free Source, Community Currency/farm, DIY, P2P, are helpful efforts. ~Ron


NSA Destroying American Technology

Posted by , 26 Feb 2015
American technology companies are losing business on a major scale. The NSA will be responsible for wiping out the United States as a leader in computer science all because they have to listen to the entire world like an old woman addicted to soap operas. I find myself totally shocked at Microsoft. I purchased the latest office at a store. You then have to go online to download the program. They REQUIRE you to have a Microsoft Account. The worse part of this was they demanded I enter a credit card to PROVE who I was acknowledging it would not be used since I already paid for it. I simply refused. They will not refund your money so this is the latest consumer fraud. It is not disclosed that you must PROVE who you are now to use their software. This has gone way too far. There are alternatives out there for word like LibreOffice, and Gnumeric is a better spreadsheet than excel for it can open files excel cannot. There are alternatives to Powerpoint and of course there are alternatives to Outlook such as Thunderbird.

The question is WHY should I have to PROVE who I am to Microsoft to use a product I already paid for? Something just smells funny so the only choice was to walk away and they stole my money for nothing. There are plenty of alternatives and Microsoft just lost all our business.

Now China has dropped most of the leading technology brands of the USA  all because of the NSA and who can blame them? Widespread Western cybersurveillance has just gone too far. I would now rather use any product from someplace else or write my own. US technology has commited suicide for China will be the biggest economy where all the economic growth will be in the years ahead.

This has impacted U.S. network equipment maker Cisco Systems Inc, which in 2012 counted 60 products on the Central Government Procurement Center’s (CGPC) list, but by late 2014 had ZERO according to Reuters. Apple, Intel, McAfee and Citrx have all been dropped. China is shifting to internal alternatives.

The NSA is wiping out the US economy rapidly and Congress, occupied with lawyers, can only argue to uphold laws they write without any comprehension of the consequences. This is all part of the economic decline we see after 2015.75.


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“De-fund Homeland Security Now!”

Police State and lost freedom
I enjoyed reading a blog-post so much that I decided to discuss it here.
The one thing I wish is that after de-funding and shutting down the DHS agency, to begin immediate criminal investigations and trials.
For not only the billions of dollars were scammed, but the People have been traumatized (a form of obedience training) with body searches, privacy invasions, humiliation and harassment for over a decade after the 911 terror events. ~Ron

“Despite reviewing 13 months’ worth of reporting originating from fusion centers from April 1, 2009 to April 30, 2010, the Subcommittee investigation could identify no reporting which uncovered a terrorist threat, nor could it identify a contribution such fusion center reporting made to disrupt an active terrorist plot.”U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs

“De-fund Homeland Security Now!”

By Preston James 2-24-2015 Via: kauilapele

veterans_today_banner_NEW_65veterans_today_preston_james_banner_27Another what I would call “statement piece” by Preston. I have a sense that these are somehow like coded “calls for action”. Well, maybe not so “coded”, but very forthright and no nonsense statements about what all of this DHS garbage is really all about.

I did note in the comments, that apparently there has been some break in the DHS funding deadlock (click here).

“Homeland Security (DHS) is a criminal organization with no official mandate. It is unconstitutional and even worse it is an private foreign based occupation army inside America deployed to surveil, harass, abuse, tyrannize, disarm and eventually to intern and then progressively mass-murder all Americans.

A recent Congressional study has shown that the DHS Fusion Centers have uncovered and prevented no incidents of terrorism inside America.

“A primary function of Homeland Security is to Militarize the American police and transform them into cloned, mind-kontrolled “agents of the state” rather than public servants there to “protect and serve.”

“We can not allow a foreign based Organized Crime Cabal Assets and Cutouts to run rampant inside America corrupting politicians and covering up the massive crimes of the Khazarian Mafia while oppressing, tyrannizing and murdering Americans. Now is the time to bust up and destroy DHS…

It is time to completely defund DHS and destroy it forever. Some of the basic Alphabets can be reconfigured and cleaned up, getting rid of any of the corrupt criminals in high positions and all of the Khazarian mafia cutouts and assets. Any good agents can be transferred back to the agency they came from if it is still left intact. All fusion centers must be eliminated…”

– – –
Read More: De-fund Homeland Security Now !



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Ukraine’s deputy foreign minister is preparing for “full-scale war” against Russia

Ukraine preparing for ‘full-scale war,’ says former envoy to Canada

Vadym Prystaiko, now deputy foreign minister, calls on the West to ‘stiffen up in the spine’

CBC News Posted: Feb 21, 2015

Ukraine’s deputy foreign minister says he is preparing for “full-scale war” against Russia and wants Canada to help by supplying lethal weapons and the training to use them.

Vadym Prystaiko, who until last fall was Ukraine’s ambassador to Canada, says the world must not be afraid of joining Ukraine in the fight against a nuclear power.
[…Read More]

U.S. military stocks

Lockheed Martin F35s in flight. Lockheed Martin is among a list of 22 equities from JPMorgan now considered less risky than U.S. government debt

Tom Reynolds/Chase photographer Lockheed Martin F35s in flight. Lockheed Martin is among a list of 22 equities from JPMorgan now considered less risky than U.S. government debt.


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Turkey: Did a Fight Erupt In Your Parliament?


Türkei: Gesetzesvorhaben löst nächste Prügelei im Parlament aus. Schlägerei in türkischem Parlament. (Quelle: Reuters)

 Die Debatte um eine Ausweitung der Polizeibefugnisse in der Türkei erregt die Gemüter. (Quelle: Reuters)

Türkisches Parlament

Gesetzesvorhaben löst erneut Prügelei aus

20.02.2015, 14:45 Uhr | AFP

What is going on in Turkey?
I recall other parliaments erupting in hostilities, including Japan, Georgia, Ukraine, and Bulgaria are certainly extremes. Yet, there are more subtle examples as well as rumours of threats from U.S. Congress and the United Nations…
These physical hostilities among politicians in government begs the question: what actually occurs during the closed door sessions?
Search youtube videos for parliament fights and you will be amazed at the volume of evidence of the officials losing their calm.
Politicians can’t govern themselves nor their families, yet the public is asked to TRUST and obey them!
Too many secrets including what politicians really know, what is really going on, and how they have been threatened, bribed, or coerced to continue public deception and bad policies…
Simply remember it is State Sponsored. ~Ron

Posted 19 Jan 2013
The leader of Bulgaria’s ethnic Turkish party escaped unharmed after a man jumped on stage at the party’s national conference and pointed a gun at his head.



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SWIFT: Financial Terrorism

Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT)Much activity is occurring under the misnomer of funding terrorists, and I am not talking about the ghastly media hype of human organ harvesting. The United Nations’ recent policy to eliminate funds to terrorist would necessarily investigate SWIFT as well as tracking national currencies as “cash”.
After Iraq, Libya, and Iran faced the financial terror of SWIFT “sanctions” Russia, and China were pressured into leading the efforts to install alternatives. Look for many other governments to jump on board.
The Awareness trend is spreading as indicated by more voices sharing information and current events about the SWIFT international financial transaction network.
Remember: Follow The MONEY. ~Ron

Is Russia Ready to Neutralize the Bankers’ Nuclear Option?
Video Posted 20 Feb 2015
De-Dollarization Accelerates: Russia Launches SWIFT-Alternative Linking 91 Entities

Russia Announced The Universal Credit Rating Group (UCRG) Will Rival Moody’s, S&P, and Fitch This Year

Sanctioned Russian banks begin testing national payment system next week

Russia in Negotiation with China for alternative SWIFT Bank system

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Lenovo Admits Putting Tracking Software On Your PC: “We Messed Up Badly”

Artificial Intelligence Tracking everything
Lenovo has issued a public apology, admitting it “messed up badly” by selling laptops with a controversial tracking software called Superfish pre-installed, “We messed up badly here,” says Peter Hortensius, Lenovo’s chief technology officer. “We made a mistake.”

LENOVO shared instructions to remove the “Superfish” spyware from program files, however I recommend you return the PC for refund and get a different computer and reset all passwords for all accounts. ~Ron

“We Messed Up Badly” Lenovo Admits Putting Tracking Software On Your PC

Zero Hedge News

Submitted by Simon Black via Sovereign Man blog,

File this under ‘you can’t make this stuff up.’

Lenovo Group, the largest computer manufacturer in the world, has made a rather stunning admission that they have been pre-installing tracking software on their PCs.

The tracking software is made by a company called Superfish, which apparently paid some “very minor compensation” to Lenovo for putting the software on people’s computers.

The Superfish program is a total disaster.

It has image recognition algorithms which essentially monitor what a user is looking at… then suggests relevant ads based on what it thinks you might like.

This is not only REALLY high up on the creepy scale, it also completely destroys Internet security.

Whether you’re buying something online or accessing Internet banking, the Superfish program essentially cuts the secure link between you and sensitive websites that you’re trying to access.

According to the first user who found the vulnerability a few weeks ago, “[Superfish] will hijack ALL your secure web connections (SSL/TLS) by using self-signed root certificate authority, making it look legitimate to the browser.”

This means that the tracking software basically fools a web browser into believing that a connection is secure when it’s not… all for the purpose of pushing more ads in your face.

This scheme is so powerful that even if users uninstall the Superfish software, the security breach still remains.

This is so flagrant I have to imagine that even the NSA is shocked.

After its initial approach of being completely unapologetic and dismissal, Lenovo is now groveling for forgiveness.

The company’s Chief Technology Officer now says, “We messed up badly here,” and “We made a mistake.”

Duh. But untold amounts of consumers out there have been totally violated.

There are a few interesting points to make here–

1) Privacy isn’t dead. But it’s extremely difficult to maintain. There are so many forces out there trying to pry whatever little privacy remains from us, one has to fight tooth and nail to preserve it.

2) There’s no transparency in the system; we never really know what’s going on behind the scenes with big institutions.

Governments and politicians will lie to our faces. They’ll tell us to be excited and that everything is fine; then behind the scenes they’ll plan for capital controls and huge tax increases.

No one has any idea what kind of toxic crap banks have on their balance sheets. They’ll post record profits and tell us how successful they are. But internally they know that it’s only a matter of time before they collapse (as we saw in 2008).

Even major tech brands are betraying the public in the dark of night with crazy spyware or selling us all out to government agencies.

There are very few, if any, big institutions out there that we can trust anymore.

And maybe that’s how it should be.

It’s a shark-filled world with bad people who do bad things. Perhaps it’s all the better that a trusted brand becomes the poster child for betrayal.

Because if Lenovo is doing this, are we supposed to be so naïve to presume that Google, Apple, AT&T, etc. are not?

Question everything.

“The biggest maker of personal computers responds to a deluge of criticism for installing software that monitors Web behavior and suggests advertisements based on images a user might be viewing.”-

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Destroying your hard drive is the only way to stop this super-advanced malware

That which can be detroyed by the truth should be destroyed

In 20 years from [now], you will have to give a DNA sample to get on a plane and passports will be issued domestically restricting movement until you have paid your taxes if we will still earn money or are we just slaves entirely by then.
Every politician who has defended the NSA and called Snowden a traitor is a traitor to everything the United States ever stood for.

Remove Toshiba hard drive

Computer Hard Drives – All We can do is Destroy Them!


It now appears that the hard drive companies had better get off their ass and publicly state they work with the NSA or bring suit for interception of their products that threatens their business and identify the carriers who are involved with the NSA. The NSA’s Office of Tailored Access Operations (TAO) has been already exposed as operating a covert interception scheme of deliveries of new computer equipment. Der Spiegel in December 2013, citing a top secret document revealing this practice.

PC World has now weighed in. They have bluntly stated that destroying your hard drive is the only way to stop this super-advanced malware. We need a new manufacturer outside the USA to provide certified SSD drives for we cannot trust the main manufacturers until they stand up to be counted. The NSA is wiping out the technology industry in leaps and bounds. Yes – thank you Snowden. There are far too few people willing to stand up for what is right selling all of us down the river. Nobody thinks for a millisecond what kind of world they are leaving their child. In 20 years from, you will have to give a DNA sample to get on a plane and passports will be issued domestically restricting movement until you have paid your taxes if we will still earn money or are we just slaves entirely by then.

feinstein-and-obama Every politician who has defended the NSA and called Snowden a traitor is a traitor to everything the United States ever stood for. This is about national security and that is the economy first. You do not destroy the economy hunting your own citizens for loose change and then undermine the very technology that the world trusted. This is outrageous and any politician who does not get it should be removed from office if not imprisoned as a traitor. California – please split up into 7 states and give the worst of the lot your favorite crook. You have done the nation a great disservice sending this ruthless woman to Washington



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“We Who Believe in Freedom”

Sweet honey in the rock – Ella’s Song
La Belle Verte

Imagine A Discussion (part-2)

Change Air Into Drinking Water

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Swiss police raid HSBC’s Geneva office

hsbc-mexican-drug-cartelsAbove Photo from our archives.

Earlier, 16 Feb 2015, PhD. Jim “Golden Jackass” Willie reported  sources told him the SWISS locked major accounts that was tens or perhaps hundreds of billions dollars of foreign assets not allowed to be removed…
This month of February 2015 has been active with BIG Events, from peace summits that that defies U.S./UK, Greece defies ECB/IMF/EC, United Nations vows to shutdown terrorists funding, AND Langley Virginia CIA headquarters in mysterious lockdown. I think these are major events, with more to follow…
My interpretations were that the U.S. DOJ/AG-Holder was paid big money to protect HSBC, now I wonder what the U.S. DOJ response will be. ~Ron

Keep watch on the 8 houses of the Federal Reserve System (Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Wells Fargo, Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch/Shell, BP, and Chevron Texaco) and other Major players such as: Deutsche Bank, BNP, Barclays, Vatican bank, HSBC, and Goldman Sachs.” Following the money trail…

Swiss prosecutor raids HSBC office, opens criminal inquiry

(Reuters) – Geneva’s public prosecutor searched HSBC’s (HSBA.L) lakeside Swiss office on Wednesday after opening a criminal inquiry into allegations of aggravated money laundering, the second probe to hit the bank this week.

Europe’s largest lender is in regulators’ sights after details about how its Swiss private bank allegedly helped wealthy clients dodge taxes were leaked to the media and published last week.

In an unusual move, the Geneva prosecutor’s office notified the media of the raid as it was going on. It searched two HSBC offices and said its investigation could target individuals, who would be liable to a fine and up to five years in prison if found guilty of serious money laundering offences.
“As of now, we aim at securing all the information concerning the accounts and clients who have been mentioned as detaining funds resulting from criminal offences,” Attorney General Olivier Jornot told reporters. […more]

And first hand eye witness:



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