Every Community On Earth Need To Have A Crisis Discussion

U.S. Dollar, Gold Backed?
Below is a very important discussion about the looming international (World Wide) monetary crisis.
My wish (for 8 years now) is for public and community discussions to implement alternatives to the existing government & central banks’ money and currencies…
Money is an Agreement.
Readers should know I do not agree with Bix Weir’s (he believes Real Money Is Gold & Silver) theories and conclusions, however I have always considered his heart is good and his efforts have been and still are very valuable in amplifying awareness of the institutional deceptions, manipulations, wars, and monetary system crisis that have been ongoing from ancient Babylon till this very day.
Listen to the recording below and allow it to amplify discussions at home and your community.
Changes are occurring, be aware and be prepared. ~Ron

Bix Weir: “Disappearance of Dollar Happens This Year
Posted 22 Mar 2015

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When You Hear or See Important Info Save It To Your HD!

Censorship on the Internet is on the RISE!
I have noticed censorship on the rise here in America.
This trend is disturbing and reveals that America is not a “Land of The Free”.
Corbett had more to say on this topic. ~Ron

Click to Directly download

As GooTube goes on an AdSense purge of alt media we take a moment to remember that the entire “free and open” internet as we know it is just a flick of a switch away from total censorship. From censorship “bibles” and manipulated news feeds to bury brigades and disappearing front pages, viral truth content is already under attack. Are you prepared?

Google Doubles Down: Demands Review of All Antiwar.com Content

WeAreChange Censored By Google, Operation In Danger

Email leak reveals close NSA/Google relationship

How the CIA made Google

With One White House Meeting A Week, Google Has Become A Lobbying Powerhouse

Obama speaks with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg 21.04.2011

Maintaining Our Online Liberties With Jeffrey Tucker

Low-wage Facebook contractor leaks secret censorship list

Facebook Manipulated User News Feeds To Create Emotional Responses

Google Video archive on Wayback Machine

Hunting Down Digg’s Bury Brigade

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Connect The Dots: Air Crash

German wings crash in AlpsI have been holding this report, patiently waiting to see additional reports that could connect dots to a possibility of state sponsored covert activities.
Surprisingly, I did not have long to wait:
Germanwings Flight 9525 (4U9525/GWI18G) was a scheduled international passenger flight, flying from Barcelona–El Prat Airport, Spain, to Düsseldorf Airport, …
Germanwings Airbus A320 photo ops
This aircrash is as huge an event as Malaysia airlines’…
The Germany, Spain, and France government heads all are parading in mourning photo-ops relating to this “highly unusual event”; indeed as “highly unusual” as Malaysia’s air crashes.
My initial research attempts was to discover the passenger list for officials, agents, or other VIPs.
Thanks to Dahboo, who found a curiously suspicious passenger death connected with the unfortunate Germanwings airlinerBooz Allen Hamilton technology consulting firm, and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)…

Yvonne Selke’s death & NGA secrecy

Posted Mar 25, 2015
Yvonne worked with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, the Pentagon’s satellite mapping office, according to a person close to the family.
Yvonne Selke performed work under contract with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, the Pentagon’s satellite mapping office, Booz Allen and the Defense Department confirmed in statements after the AP had reported her identity and employment.

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) delivers world-class geospatial intelligence that provides a decisive advantage to policymakers, warfighters, intelligence professionals and first responders.
Anyone who sails a U.S. ship, flies a U.S. aircraft, makes national policy decisions, fights wars, locates targets, responds to natural disasters, or even navigates with a cellphone relies on NGA.

NGA enables all of these critical actions and shapes decisions that impact our world through the indispensable discipline of geospatial intelligence (GEOINT).

NGA is a unique combination of intelligence agency and combat support agency. It is the world leader in timely, relevant, accurate and actionable GEOINT. NGA enables the U.S. intelligence community and the Department of Defense (DOD) to fulfill the president’s national security priorities to protect the nation. NGA also anticipates its partners’ future needs and advances the GEOINT discipline to meet them.

NGA is the lead federal agency for GEOINT and manages a global consortium of more than 400 commercial and government relationships. The director of NGA serves as the functional manager for GEOINT, the head of the National System for Geospatial Intelligence (NSG) and the coordinator of the global Allied System for Geospatial Intelligence (ASG). In its multiple roles, NGA receives guidance and oversight from DOD, the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and Congress.

NGA is headquartered in Springfield, Va. and has two major locations in St. Louis and Arnold, Mo. Hundreds of NGA employees serve on support teams at U.S. military, diplomatic and allied locations around the world.

Airbus A320 airliner is very suspicious

“It is a highly unusual event,” said David Learmount, head of air-safety at Flight Global Group Inc. “For a modern short-haul airliner to develop — in the cruise phase of flight — problems the crew cannot deal with is almost unheard of.”

Copilot, Andreas Lubitz, Blamed “Deliberately Destroyed” Airplane

Posted 26 Mar 2015

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Disturbing U.S. NEWS: Military Helicopters Descend over Central Texas for Mass Civil Unrest Drill

Taylor Texas

“We’ve seen at least four or five military helicopters (and heard more that we couldn’t see due to cloud cover) in the Round Rock/Hutto/Georgetown/Taylor Texas area today, including two giant chinooks flying in tandem low enough and loud enough to rattle windows. We’ve been told there’s a mass civil unrest drill going on here that involves 3,000+ soldiers…”

What do you think the government knows that we don’t?
Posted 25 Mar 2015
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TRUTHstreammedia/videos

Website: http://TruthstreamMedia.com
FB: http://Facebook.com/TruthstreamMedia
Twitter: @TruthstreamNews
Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/bbxcWX

What do the government know that they refuse to tell us?

ALERT – Connect Dots:

There is not one single national economy in the world today whose people are free -Hugo Salinas Price


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Science Is Embarrassing Itself and Will Only Get Worse

Herding society and mass deception is a hidden agenda by governing institutions.
As a consequence we are witnessing crises throughout society…
That lead us to apply the mantra, Follow The Money, revealing the hidden path to institutional science. Over the course of decades I adopted the phrase “the 3-Ds” and “D-cubed” meaning the elites are Dangerously influential, Dangerously cunning, and Dangerously callous/unwise/destructive/control-freaks.
Summarized as danger cubed.

– Side Note: I learned today (researching DNA fingerprinting technology) that the ROYAL SOCIETY awarded Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys KBE FRS with the 2014 Copley Medal for his pioneering work on variation and mutation in the human genome. (That needs investigating…for mad science & eugenics alerts) –

For this report I focus on institutional science as it has abandoned Nature, as in Natural Philosophy was abandoned for today’s science.
{Those wishing for a summary view into the depth and disciplined research expertise of Natural Philosophy should read Summula philosophiae naturalis by William Ockham.}
Today , with mass media and their ultra hyped publicity, the herd mentality can be quickly influenced and manipulated with NEWS & SCIENCE studio stage media PSYOPS.
Notice the prevalence of the guru/expert/official portraying high esteem personalities to promote ideas, projects and policies. Nothing more than studio staged infomercials and psyops.
I wish to emphasize the evidence that when institutional control exerts itself we often discover contradictory evidence and dissenting voices disappear.
In this light we call attention to social & cultural engineering and manipulation.
Proponents of “science” say this is natural, it is how science has advanced, and many examples exist throughout “history“.
Indeed, many occurrences of disappearing dissenting research, lost research, and lost artifacts, does exist. The lack of discipline from prestigious institutions is incredible or perhaps more accurate to say beyond credulity.

An intellectual religion, is this worship of men with institutional awards that can argue the existence of a mechanistic operating cosmology without a designer, engineer, or architect.
They ask for one unexplainable miracle (Big Bang) and from that can and will explain the operation of everything!
Except SPIRIT and CONSCIOUSNESS, perhaps there is no need for that in a meaningless existence from a random cosmic accident. Then, theories are peddled to the public as facts to the masses.
The lauded dogma has many prizes, priests and names (and many new ones are created each year) NASA, scientism, psyence, quackery, foolishness, fakes and fakery…
Institutions with Priests, Dogmas and Taboos preaching science, oh my! ~Ron

Albert Einstein’s Personal Philosophy

6 EinsteinDid Einstein plagiarize? Did he hide an agenda? Why and Who hyped Einstein’s publicity?
Clearly, Einstein’s rise to fame was expensively promoted and engineered, it was meteorite!
The conspiracy research into Einstein is voluminous, you can discover it for yourself.
By now, if you are a sincere researcher that acknowledges truth as it reveals the ugly, hidden horrors of the past and present, then you can weed through the racist, eugenicist, aristocratic, supremacist, and other “high” society funded activities.
Researching rabbit holes can cause emotional pain and destroy false beliefs. ~Ron

The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein by Christopher Jon Bjerknes

“Probably Professor Einstein does not realize how sensationally
and cunningly he has been advertised. From the point of view of
awakening popular curiosity, his press-notices could hardly have
been improved. The newspapers first announced his discovery as
revolutionizing science. This sounds well, but its meaning, after
all, is rather vague. Then they printed a series of entertaining
oddities, supposedly deducible from his hypothesis, although most
of them could have been equally well deduced from the
conclusions of Lorentz or Poincare: for example, moving objects
are shortened in the direction of their motion.” — GERTRUDE
Besse King

“If anyone should ask how Einstein managed to get such vast
publicity in the matter of relativity, we may observe that he has
the habit of a promoter.” — THOMAS JEFFERSON JACKSON

Not Only Einstein, There Are Others

I considered sharing the facts about the elite, Sir Charles Darwin (his “Preservation of Favoured Races”) and then decided that many others have already done wonderful work on the Darwinian myths. Please refer to those researchers on the internet. A very brief mention to assist your research and cross references: Thomas Henry Huxley (and his 2 sons: Julian & Aldous), Goyim, Transhumanism, Eugenics, X Club, royal blood lineage, aristocracy and the 4th world (mind control/intelligentsia)…
Charles Darwin: "Preservation of Favoured Races"

Deputy Director of the National Science Foundation’s Division of Information and Intelligent Systems William Sims Bainbridge:
Techniques such as genetic engineering, psychoactive drugs and electronic control of the brain make possible a transformation of the species into docile, fully-obedient, “safe” organisms (Bainbridge, 1982).

It All Began With The Big Bang!

The priestly view of the cosmos:
Monseigneur Georges Lemaître, a Belgian Catholic Priest, was the originator of what would become known as the "Big Bang Theory".The Big Bang exposed as Psyentific Religion
Seeing the big bang cosmology had origins in religion is a pattern found throughout contemporary science…
That really is surprising to see it again, and again, and again… in each specialty from geological theories of the Earth’s core to the cosmological big bang. This could be evidence that ancient scribes’ records were accurately kept and descended from a lost advanced civilization and then some records survived to be handed down to religions.
However, the BIG Question for me is WHY THE DECEPTION?

Book 1 Timothy Chapter 6 Verse 20:
O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called

For me, ancient stories and religions go beyond mere superstition, there is some truth coded within.
The problem is occulted knowledge, deceit, lack of wisdom and care. The current institutional psychopathy is a world crisis.


Stephen Hawking
Can they stop exploiting the tortured man?
A computer synthesized voice that could be scripted to say anything.
IMPORTANT NOTE: “we told [them] what we wanted to ask beforehand”…
Have you asked how can we know the audio script is truly from the mind of Hawking?
Are people being gullible?

SCIENCE Has Become The New Religion
Stephen Hawking the Right person at the Right place at the Right time.
You caught that, right?

Quantum Quackery

The delusion of Modern Mythematical Psyence confessed by Shill Psyentists

Did you see the mathematical fallacy?
You can not divide by zero!

Did you catch the ad hoc confession?
A singularity is when we don’t know what to do.” -Harvard Prof. Andrew Strominger
This science is so embarrassing!

To be accurate, Einstein did not believe in “Black Holes” his followers later promoted that phenomena to keep Einstein’s mathematical theories alive – they made a quantum version!


I had no intention of criticizing Michio Kaku in this go, yet when their current media superstar science guru, fellow elite NWO dark cabal, satanist shill is so prominently featured as a expert in NEWS & SCIENCE social psyops studio stage sets, I refuse to remain silent.
I know people who idolize this fake!
Kaku is a paid deceiver and promotes the elites’ hidden agenda.

This is Michio Kaku revealed:

Elite Globalist Propaganda

Posted Jul 7, 2010
00:00 -Is Michio Kaku a NWO SHILL, disguised as a “scientist”?!

00:06 – Russian astronomer, Nikolai Kardashev Scale: Type I, II, III, IV & V Civilizations

00:11 -Type I New World Order (NWO) One world Government
{he pretend it is ET, actually it is Nazionist supremacist racist tyrannical world governance}

00:24 -Type II Acting the bad aliens for the men in black to come to our rescue. Consider Hollywood’s greys/reptilians/abductions… remember acting president Ronald Reagan’s enemy ET speech at the U.N.

00:43 -Type III Galactic federation (Federation of Light?)
Consider the fallen angels, the entities in inner earth, fallen watchers, the orbs, or the giant hybrids of Nephilim?
What is he hiding about off-world civilizations?

01:02 -Type IV god and loyal holy angels?
Mind control: Psyops/mass media influence population to believe a demigod and his angels are evil aliens from a distant part of the galaxy and all forces must unite to fight them, is this part of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) Program?

01:09 STAR WARS!

01:27 Why movies & TV conditions the people in society to expect huge eyes, grey aliens and attacking space invaders?

Erects the structure for world trading blocs or zones: Zone Americas, Zone Euro, Zone Asia, Zone African or something similar with a basket of reserve currencies stabilizing the world economy… Type I civilization

02:30 -Type I language will be English!
He reveals the UK as the invisible hand guiding this world agenda!
Some may have thought USA, but the U.S. was captured long ago by the international money masters. The U.S. is merely the military arm used as cannon fodder in war campaigns.

We saw that in two World Wars and all indications are we are readying to see it in a third universal war! Like Ambassador Whitelaw Reid told his fellow conspirators in London—

“Great Britain could count upon every dollar, every man, and every drop of blood in America.”

All wars are bankers’ wars.

02:48 Now we learn why news media and Hollywood use state of the art studio acting and production with stage, lighting, green screen, sound, video, A/V FX special effects technology… Infotainment, infomercials, obedient citizen-droids, good bye freedom & Liberty.

03:03 -The Internet will be limited to only a world wide phone!
Oh thank you, for informing us that the internet’s features to share libraries, research and detailed documents will be removed! No longer will the citizens be allowed to create their own independent investigative news, internet will only be for phone calls and approved TV viewing.
What a devolutionary depressing transition!

03:22 -If you RESIST this policy, (he calls it a transition but it is martial law, government sponsored and bank funded), then you will be labelled a TERRORIST!

03:26 -Is Michio Kaku a member of the satanist worshipers, dark cabal destroying freedom for supremacist elite club?
Did Michio Kaku join the REAL TERRORISTS, murderers, deceivers, and slavers; with the Enemy of truth, Enemy of Earth and its People?

NASA’s Studios

Rivals Hollywood Studios

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Said “Earth is Pear Shaped”
Neil deGrasse Tyson is an American astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, science communicator, director of the Hayden Planetarium…Deceiver
Earth is now “pear shaped” and no longer a “sphere”, and yet we still get images from NASA’s studios of images that show the “Earth-Sphere” Earth image!
Liars, caught lying again.

No affidavit, not telling the truth… Great Apollo moon landing missions

“This band of incessantly lying Freemasons and Nazis have completely deceived the world into believing their astro-nots have landed on the Moon” -Eric Dubay

NASA can not create a credible and consistent lie er story about close stellar objects such as the EARTH and MOON, but that doesn’t stop their expensive spending habits. They commit their state of the art studios to create science fiction tours of the distant planet Pluto!
A gullible public will never suspect NASA’s hoax; could that ever change?

Posted 17 Jan 2014

One Year LATER…
Try Not To Laugh, seriously.

Posted 14 Jan 2015

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Is The China Led AIIB the new Bretton Woods?

Album_no_respectThe title for this post is a rhetorical question, as we expect a hyped public mass media staged event of a international agreement to be announced after a summit such as G20, BRICS or similar institutional body of fraud and deception to “Officially” roll out the new international monetary system.
Yet, what this reveals to me is that the plans (agreements at previous summits) for structural reforms and foreign direct investments have been carried out as commanded for the shift from West to East nears completion.
A replacement to the almighty Dollar’s unilateral role as the international reserve currency for the monetary system is reformed to accept the Renminbi (RMB) full convertibility as a world reserve currency.
The world stage is so comical that I wonder if the U.S. asked to join the AIIB that the U.S. could embarrassingly be denied membership.
I miss the humor of “I get no respect” Rodney Dangerfield.
The war mongering U.S. has lost respect. ~Ron
CA3XJl-U0AAR5SN.jpg large
RT reports 24 March 2015, Support of China’s development bank is ‘gigantic concession’ by U.S.
They also say that “The U.S. has changed its tune after first opposing its allies cozying up to China.”
And that the U.S. and World Bank had no choice but to do a 180 degree “U-turn”.
RT quotes Jeffrey Albert Tucker, CLO of the Foundation for Economic Education, “This is a gigantic concession on the part of the US, that it is not the world’s only superpower,”
“This represents a dramatic shift on the part of Washington and a concession to its allies in Europe,”
See RT for details.

Also note the international map, above, of participation includes: UK, France, Germany and Italy confirmed they’ll join China’s new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

IMF Managing Director Meets Senior Chinese officials, Speaks at 2015 China Development Forum

Press Release No. 15/131 March 23, 2015

“I am very impressed by the rapid internationalization of Renminbi (RMB) in recent years. The authorities’ commitment to accelerate reforms, particularly in the financial and external sectors, should further facilitate the international use of the RMB. The authorities have also expressed interest in having the RMB included in the SDR basket. We welcome and share this objective, and we will work closely with the Chinese authorities in this regard.

“During our meetings, we also discussed the delays in implementing the IMF’s 2010 quota and governance reform. I share the authorities’ view that every effort should continue to be undertaken to ensure that these reforms can be made effective as soon as possible.

“During my visit, I was honored to speak at the 2015 China Development Forum where I met with Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli and other senior policymakers, business executives and thought leaders on pressing issues facing the world and China in the “New Normal”. Topics of discussion included monetary policy, fiscal reforms, and enhancing international cooperation.
– break.


U.S. Commander Refused To Fire Nukes At Russia

My research to gain clarity on this controversy found a AP report posted on Military.com stating:
“A Navy statement said Capt. Heather E. Cole was relieved of her duties as commander of Strategic Communications Wing 1, based at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma, for what it called a “loss of confidence” in her ability to lead.
A spokeswoman, Cmdr. Jeannie Groeneveld, said the firing was based on findings of an investigation into her management of the wing. Details were not released.” http://www.military.com/daily-news/2015/03/18/navy-strategic-air-wing-commander-fired.html

I find the lack of details important and the contradiction that her command “has no role in operating nuclear weapons” to be ambiguous and intentionally misleading. Something BIG happened and we do not have the details, yet.
Some Russians are celebrating Capt. Heather Cole as a world hero, perhaps she is. ~Ron

For more see: http://pensacola.craigslist.org/pol/4946196049.html and http://engforum.pravda.ru/index.php?/topic/259734-the-sorcha-faal-controversy/

Posted 22 Mar 2015
On Monday, 16 March, this report states, Captain Heather E. Cole received from the Pentagon a launch order authorizing a “limited” nuclear strike against the Federation, but which failed due to a critical Permissive Action Link (PAL) failure thus causing her to abort this planned attack.
For her failure to communicate the launch authorization to US nuclear forces, this report continues, Captain Cole was arrested on Tuesday, 17 March, relieved of her command and then taken by armed guard to US Naval Air Station (NAS) Miramar in San Diego (California) where she remains incommunicado.

The SVR in their report on Captain Cole’s refusal to start World War III further states that her actions mirrors those of Soviet Naval Captain Vasili Arkhipov, who during the Cuban Missile Crisis, in 1962, also refused to obey orders to launch nuclear weapons against the United States.
– break.

Gerald Celente has a comical perspective on the U.S. Loss of Respect Internationally

“The Business of America is War; the business of China is Business” -Celente

JADE HELM is challenging eight-week “slated to take place between July 15 and Sept. 15,” joint military and interagency (IA) Unconventional Warfare (UW) exercise conducted throughout Texas,… see PDF and http://paulshort.com/real-terrorism/jade-helm-domestic-warfare-military-drill.php

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Slavery and Authority

Sword of TRUTH

Sword of TRUTH


Dark Age Today

Author = Writer = one who authorize the word…
The law giver. The Law, as man’s law, a false law, it is a “Writ”, It is written.
He/She “writes”, thus it sounds like he/she gives the “RIGHTS”.
He/she as a writer became the authority, became governmental gods, rulers, governance…

This word spell, is a mental conditioning enslaving mankind, the People on Earth.
Mon-eye = MONEY = One Eye Do You See?
Mon-eye = MONEY = One Eye
Do You See?

When the conditioning does not work on the few who refuse to obey and allow slavery, then coercion or death becomes necessary to perpetuate the system of control.
Later, a need for a protection racket developed along with a need for paid deceivers, and paid killers.
Trained to Obey and Paid to killThus today we witness militaries and policy enforcers in various forms and agents manipulating society and communities.
Look around and see the governments, municipalities, advertisers, news, Armies and Police in the light of TRUTH.

Look below, throughout the ancient past to this day and see various forms of Slavery as the Human Condition.
Ancient commerce: the slave market

Greek female slave

Greek female slave

White Slavery in Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast, and Italy 1500 - 1800 by Robert C. Davis

White Slavery in Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast, and Italy 1500 – 1800 by Robert C. Davis

China slavery

Commercial Slave cargo

Slave cargo diagram plan

Atlanta Georgia slave farm

Atlanta Plantation or Slave Farm

Not truly free

Hmm… Feeling truly free yet?

Citizenship is slaveryDebt Slavery Crisis
Dark Age still Reign_it is a Mental Condition

There is not one single national economy in the world today whose people are free -Hugo Salinas Price


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WOW, Here is a GIANT Green Thumb!


Urban treehouse fights air and noise pollution (7 Photos)


In Turin, Italy there is a small apartment building that is sporting a brand new feature. The Urban Treehouse, designed by Luciano Pia was created in an effort to combat the less desirable aspects of city life. Loud noise and dirty air.

urban-treehouse-fights-air-and-noise-pollution-8-photos-1With more than 150 planted trees the Urban Treehouse can absorb almost 200,000 liters of carbon dioxide per hour hour and in addition to being beautiful to look at the thick foliage also helps to block noise pollution.
urban-treehouse-fights-air-and-noise-pollution-8-photos-2urban-treehouse-fights-air-and-noise-pollution-8-photos-5[…Read more]
Similar Awe Inspiring:

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Reminder: How Logos, Illusions & Self-Deception Works

Is the glass half full or half empty?

Is the Glass Half Full or is the Glass Half Empty?

The trick is the truth can be revealed and shown in plain view, and the deception (self-deception) or the spell-cast will over-ride the ability to perceive that truth.
Glass was full, pour in water and the glass still is full...

AWARENESS & Increased Perception!
Are there more than merely two choices?
Glass Half-Full with water.
Yes true…
But the glass is not Half-Empty, in fact the glass can never be empty!

Pour all the water out of the glass and the glass becomes full with air (water vapor).
Empty” is a deceptive word.
Remove the water from inside the glass container and the glass does not become empty, the glass becomes full of air (water vapor).
The glass container is always full...
The glass container is always full with something.
In the top (first) image, both glasses were half full with water (liquid) and half full with air (water vapor).
Awareness and Free Your Mind
Use of language casts the spell and creates a false reality, with a lack of awareness.
Language casts the mind-trap spell for the unaware.
Practice everyday: monitor your thoughts, and intercept your thoughts.

{Do you want another mental exercise? Contemplate wrongs & rights…}

… When is two plus two equal to one?

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Reinterpret ancient stories, myths and the past

United Nations' postal stamp
We now know that world wide Institutional governance is based on deception and control.
In every area of research we find deception and/or flaws in the official narrative.
Knowledge and Truth has been hidden or lost sometimes intentionally and other times unintentionally…

WW3 has begun, yet to place a accurate date is difficult. Considering the previous World War (WW2) we note borders were redrawn and the international monetary system was restructured, using WW2 as a guide we have evidence that national boundaries have been redrawn since the collapse of the USSR, and territorial sovereignty disputes has expanded since the 9-11 events.
A few things that many people fail to talk about are the facts that the destruction of the World Trade Center three towers and the budget analyst office in the Pentagon was an act of war and deception.
The  events effectively stole Trillions of dollars of wealth and silenced criminal investigations into the theft of other billions of dollars such as Enron and the DOD’s trillions of missing dollars. Also we note, the international monetary system is being restructured or attempts are underway to restructure.
With the escalation of military activities, both covert and overt, we have witnessed the loss of life and the continuation of wars with mortal sacrifices. Consider the drone strikes, consider Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine, and other regions were drones and death rain down upon homes and streets killing innocent civilians…
Indeed WW3 has not been declared and the major nations are not directly bombing each other in a obvious military conflict. What that means is that there is a deadly potential for the war to escalate to that obvious military campaign level of direct confrontation between Russia/China vs U.S./NATO.
The fear of thermonuclear destruction is so great that many people refuse to consider a WW3 is possible without nuclear war, and yet isn’t the current “war on terror”, cyber-war, proxy-wars, with economic sanctions what a non-nuclear WW3 could be?

Graham Hancock:
The central claim of my 1995 book Fingerprints of the Gods is not that there was but that there could have been a lost civilisation, which flourished and was destroyed in remote antiquity. […]
But, I thought, what if the scholars have got it wrong?
What if we’ve forgotten something important in our story?
What if we are a species with amnesia?

Rabbit Hole

The review of current event stories reveals the deceptions active today to maintain institutional control.
What I wish to explore are the ancient stories, with an awareness to consider alternate interpretations that differ from the classroom presentations.
I have shared some of this in past posts that revealed anomalous archeology and forbidden knowledge.
A few key words & concepts to explore lost ancient past are: giants; god; heaven; wrath of gods; wings/travel; flat Earth; moon; and spirit.
We shall suspend the belief that all ancient civilizations haphazardly concocted a concept of animal spirit into everything, as in animism – where people animistically assigned spirits to various features of the natural world in a foolish act to hide their ignorance. We shall also avoid the false belief that skin pigmentation (color), ethnicity endows lower or higher intelligence.
We shall explore the concepts of sentient entities existing every where, including the heavens, and in forms that resemble animals and mythical creatures. A cosmology (natural philosophy) of living energy that defines the conscious living universe.


Of gods and heroes

What was the Earth like during this era?

According to historians and archaeologists, the Sumerian civilization collapsed in 2024 BCE. Of this there is no dispute. According to a study by Harvey Weiss and Timothy Wieskel of Harvard University and H.M. Cullen from Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University, Sumeria’s sudden demise resulted from an abrupt and unexplained climate change, which brought aridity and wind-blown dust storms. Their conclusion is backed up by radiocarbon datings, which indicate this occurred 4,025 years ago, plus or minus 125 years. This computes to the demise of Sumer in 2024 BCE, a date that Zecharia Sitchin already established.- bibliotecapleyades.net

The oldest records of the ancient past comes via the Sumerians.
Could this image be sharing information about medieval cosmology, the flat earth, sky (heavenly firmament), as a illustration of research and the mysterious (Occulted) quests for knowledge?

The Sumerians [recorded] that a great domed roof contained the sky, the stars, the moon, and the sun which lighted the cities beneath it; they also believed that below the earth swirled the dim netherworld, a fearsome abode of demons and the kingdom of the dead. Enlil and Enki are credited with creating the cattle, sheep, plants, the yoke and the plow to provide sustenance for themselves and less important deities, but these minor gods lacked the resolution to make use of this bounty so man was fashioned from clay and given breath so he might tend the sheep and cultivate the fields for the gods. The gods of Sumer, much like mortal men, suffered the vicissitudes of fate and many legends tell of their often ineffective exploits. -history-world.org

I find the reports of ancient mines in Southern Africa to be very interesting. They are cited to be a hundred thousand years old and possibly even older. So who was mining the resources, and why?
Clearly this does not fit the historical narrative of ancient primitives.

Anomalous Artifacts

A metallic sphere from South Africa with three parallel grooves around its equator (photo courtesy of Roelf Marx). The sphere was found in a Precambrian mineral deposit, said to be 2.8 billion years old. [p. 813, Forbidden Archeology]

Thus, credible efforts to discredit Michael Tellinger have surfaced, yet when other researchers have similar anomalous research evidence, then we endure the mounting controversy over Adam’s calendar and the South African Ancient Mines as not going away. See Michael Tellinger, and see here, 160, 000 years ago…

Ancient aviator
Above is a intriguing ancient image. I note a few details: wings (wings often denote a pilot or aviator, someone who can travel via flight) on the right wrist of the aviator is a device. Perhaps the device on the wrist is not a time piece, however, I consider the possibility it may be a mechanical device. Apparently the artist portrayed some significance with the object in the right hand, it appears similar to a pine cone. In addition to the necklace beads, the clothing, and the adornments around both biceps, he has two protrusions from the right-side of his tunic vest.

You can have a lord, you can have a King, but the man to fear is the tax collector!” —Sumerian proverb, 2000 BC

The Great Ziggurat of Ur

Sumerian Ziggurat at UrThe Sumerian Ziggurat at Ur During Excavations

The Sumerians called themselves Sag-gi-ga, which meant “the Black-headed Ones” and their country Ken-gi-r, “the Civilized Land.” By 2000 BC Sumerians living in cities such as Ur and Uruk in southern Iraq had developed paved roads, the arch and vault, writing, schools, epic literature, law codes, banking, and even joint-stock corporations. All this occurred two thousand years before Cleopatra or Julius Caesar.

One Last Time: What was the REAL REASON the U.S. invaded Iraq?

U.S. soldiers decend the Ziggurat of Ur, Tell el-Mukayyar, Iraq


A writer noted this interesting and forgotten truth”

“Today many Africans trek to Europe and other places to study and work, but the reverse was true in the past when other nationals braced the peril of the seas and deserts to come to study in Africa.”

Khem (Ancient Egyptians):

Also known as Khemet, Kemet, Kem, Kmt, Km, Kmem, and a few other variants.
Upon researching ancient Africa I found many references to the ancient Egyptians calling themselves Kmtjw (Kemetu) and Kmmw (Kmemu) or Black people (In contemporary Egyptian: Kmemou=Black people).
Furthermore, I found the tradition of ancient Greeks to add the consonant “s” to ancient proper nouns.
Thus, Osiri was translated into Osiris; and countless other examples are further corrupted by other Semitic and British translations.
Memphis – Is a corruption of the proper noun “Ht-Ki-Pth”, “The Temple of Ptoh’s Essence,” to Aigypth (sounds like hay-gip-Toh) and today known as Egypt.

Learning about this, rarely discussed, awkward convention to change words, sounds and spellings into different symbols means we must always search for a earlier or most ancient origin of the symbols, this is known as etymology.
Etymology is challenging work, and while solving some puzzles it also creates new puzzles or confusion, as in the “Tower Of Babel” to dumb down the People on Earth.

The practice has spread world wide and here is an Asian example:
The “Tschina” dynasty became “China,” after the original Qin dynasty emperor (“Tschina” in Indo-European). The Chinese, however, call their country Zhongguo or ‘the Middle Kingdom.’

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

… See More at Sag-gig-ga

PhD. Gabriel Audu Oyibo
I think some people are too quick to dismiss Professor Oyibo’s Theorem as lunacy, and others go overboard in promoting his work with false award claims (he is not a Nobel Prize Nominee), and even I note his associations with (NASA sponsored research) paid deceivers as worthy of suspicion. Could he be paid to deceive?
Yet, I have always found Oyibo’s research very interesting, because he explains ancient Khemistry and unifies simplicity in geometrodynamics, structural mechanics, electromagnetic dynamics, and the periodic table of the elements, that resonates with “FORM HAS A FUNCTION. FUNCTION HAS A FORM. FOLLOW THE FORM” as natural philosophy!
With these important facts in mind, all the mud tossed on Professor Oyibo is merely a distraction away from the efficacy or merit of his theorem.

There is a relationship
[Are we able to see all things are connected? Nature has structure? A Design, a Architect?]

GAGUT Part 1 of 5
Gabriel Audu Oyibo is a Nigerian who achieved his Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) Troy, New York,  and claims to have solved the Grand Unification Theory – popularly known as the “Theory of Everything” or “The Holy Grail of Mathematics and Physics”, in 1990, by discovering the GOD Almighty’s Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT).
GAGUT also proved geometrically that Hydrogen, also called Africanium, is the only real element on the periodic table of “elements” while the remaining 117 previously called “elements” are nuclear compounds of Hydrogen or Africanium, which now has a potential of making science 118 times simpler to study.


Returning to lost or forbidden knowledge, we discover this:
Imhotep God of Healing (2667BC – 2648BC)
Researchers examining documents dating back more than 3,500 years have confirmed that the origins of modern medicine lie in Khemet (ancient Egypt) and not with Hippocrates and the Greeks. The medical papyri was written in 1,500BC some 1,000 thousand years before Hippocrates [born c. 460 BC , island of Cos, Greece; died c. 375 , Larissa, Thessaly] was born.

Dr Jackie Campbell:

“Classical scholars have always considered the ancient Greeks, particularly Hippocrates, as being the fathers of medicine but our findings suggest that the ancient Egyptians were practising a credible form of pharmacy and medicine much earlier,”.

“When we compared the ancient remedies against modern pharmaceutical protocols and standards, we found the prescriptions in the ancient documents not only compared with pharmaceutical preparations of today but that many of the remedies had therapeutic merit.”

“Many of the ancient remedies we discovered survived into the 20th century and, indeed, some remain in use today, albeit that the active component is now produced synthetically.”-telegraph.co.uk


Vedic Sanskrit:

Vimanas: Wings denotes flight
A vimana is a word with several meanings ranging from temple or palace to mythological flying machines described in Sanskrit. References to these flying machines are commonplace in ancient Indian texts, even describing their use in warfare. As well as being able to fly within Earth’s atmosphere, vimanas were also said to be able to travel into space and travel under water. …
vimana flying


Vimanas ancient aircraft…Vimanas were powered by some sort of “anti-gravity.” Vimanas took off vertically, and were capable of hovering in the sky, like a modern helicopter or dirigible. Bharadvajy the Wise refers to no less than 70 authorities and 10 experts of air travel in antiquity. These sources are now lost.

Vimanas were kept in a Vimana Griha, a kind of hanger, and were sometimes said to be propelled by a yellowish-white liquid, and sometimes by some sort of mercury compound, though writers seem confused in this matter.
In the Mahavira of Bhavabhuti, a Jain text of the eighth century culled from older texts and traditions, we read:

“An aerial chariot, the Pushpaka, conveys many people to the capital of Ayodhya. The sky is full of stupendous flying-machines, dark as night, but picked out by lights with a yellowish glare”

The Vedas, ancient Hindu poems, thought to be the oldest of all the Indian texts, describe Vimanas of various shapes and sizes: the “ahnihotra-vimana” with two engines, the “elephant-vimana” with more engines, and other types named after the kingfisher, ibis and other animals.

Source: The Anti-Gravity Handbook (Lost Science)
by D. Hatcher Childress

Sanskrit texts are filled with references to gods who fought battles in the sky using Vimanas equipped with weapons…

The World Is Not As You Were Taught

Ancient Hebrew Genesi
We have read Ancient Text that resonates with anomalous artifacts and forbidden archeology.
We are aware of many cultures recording stories of warring gods, and gods of war.
Comparisons between the ancient Hebrew Bible and the Sumerian texts also reveal many similarities, not only in their stories, but also in their language. Could they have an similar origin?
Ancient Hebrew (Tanakh, some of which survives in the Old Testament) was researched:
Mauro BiglinoMauro Biglino’s literal translations from the Ancient Hebrew help us to discover what they didn’t know.

* the Bible clearly says that God dies as all men do
* the Bible explains that we have been formed with our creators’ DNA
* The Bible tells us that our creators travelled by flying objects
* the Bible quotes a direct relationship between the UFOs and Sumer, the land of the flying objects’ keepers
* The Glory of God was in reality… a UFO
*The Bible refers to giants and tells where to find their evidence
*The Angels mentioned in the Old Testament, where they are perceived as spiritual beings, however do not exist.
* The Ten Commandments written on the stone were not those that have been reported.
* John the Evangelist drew his mystical doctrines from the Hellenistic literature of his time
* and much more, such as the fact that the Church admits that the Old Testament knew of the aliens.

And there are more recent Mauro Biglino interviews:

Mauro Biglino Re-cap

Mauro Biglino and Jim Marrs at Paradigm Unhinged

“Perhaps the earliest of the combination of mythical and theological ideas is found in the Mesopotamian civilizations (divided into the Old Babylonian, Assyrian, New Babylonian and Late Babylonian periods). The Babylonian myths centered on plurality of the heavens and earth with a six-level universe consisting of three heavens and three earths: two heavens above the sky, the heaven of the stars, the earth, the underground of the Apsu, and the underworld of the dead. The Earth was created by the god Marduk as a raft floating on fresh water (Apsu) surrounded by a vastly larger body of salt water (Tiamat). The gods were divided into two pantheons, one occupying the heavens and the other in the underworld.” -uoregon.edu

Flat Earth Clues Interview 5 Truth Frequency Radio via Skype Audio


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Paul Hellyer Writes About The Money Mafia and UFOs Within Governments


An Address to the International UFO Congress
Fort McDowell Resort, Scottsdale, Arizona
Saturday, February 26, 2011
by Hon. Paul Hellyer, P.C.
Former Canadian Minister of National Defence

The world financial system is a total fraud. It is one gargantuan Ponzi scheme, no better than the one Bernie Madoff used to swindle his friends and neighbors, and thousands of times worse if you add up the total number of victims it has ripped off over countless generations. […]

Wilbert Smith, who was a senior employee at the Department of Transport, where I became minister not long after his retirement, wrote a top secret memorandum to the Controller of Communications dated November 21, 1950 asking permission to set up a group to study the geomagnetic aspects of UFOs propulsion systems.
As part of his memorandum Smith said that he had made discreet enquiries through the Canadian embassy staff in Washington where he obtained the following information.

(a) The matter is the most highly classified subject in the United States Government, rating higher even than the H-bomb.
(b) Flying saucers exist.
(c) Their modus operandi is unknown but concentrated effort is being made by a small group, headed by Doctor Vannevar Bush.
(d) The entire matter is considered by the United States authorities to be of tremendous significance.

So, Dr. Vannevar Bush, one of America’s pre-eminent scientists, and a team of experts he had assembled, were already working on back-engineering by 1950. […] http://www.victoryfortheworld.net/speech.html

About Paul Hellyer

Paul Hellyer is one of Canada’s best known and most controversial politicians. First elected in 1949, he was the youngest cabinet minister appointed to Louis S. St. Laurent’s government eight years later. He subsequently held senior posts in the governments of Lester B. Pearson and Pierre E. Trudeau, who defeated him for the Liberal Party leadership in 1968. The following year, after achieving the rank of senior minister, which was later designated Deputy Prime Minister, Hellyer resigned from the Trudeau cabinet on a question of principle related to housing.

Although Hellyer is best known for the unification of the Canadian Armed Forces and for his 1968 chairmanship of the Task Force on Housing and Urban Development, he has maintained a life-long interest in macroeconomics. Through the years, as a journalist and political commentator, he has continued to fight for economic reforms and has written several books on the subject.

The Money MafiaSee Other Books by Paul Hellyer

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France freaks out over “We Are Not Charlie Hebdo”

Finding truth amongst the lies
I thank both PhD. Kevin Barrett and Kauilapele’s blog for sharing this information that we may have missed otherwise. I may have missed how Francois Hollande’s government is attempting to censor knowledge and the “aware media” on the internet!
State Sponsored
Indeed, book banning and censorship policies are signs that a hidden “TRUTH” is underneath… ~Ron


French President attacks me, wants to ban my “conspiracy theories”

France freaks out over “We Are Not Charlie Hebdo”

or click: Youtube

Enjoy this week’s False Flag Weekly News – before it gets banned! (Watch it above, or click here to see links to the stories we covered.)

The first country to ban us will probably be France, where Prime Minister François Hollande recently attacked me by name, while also calling for removing “conspiracy theories” (i.e., truthful reporting) from the internet:

The President of France orders you not to buy this book

[link to purchase book]
Read more at VT…

[Anti-Semitism] maintains conspiracy theories that spread without limits. Conspiracy theories that have, in the past, led to the worst…[The] answer is to realize that conspiracy theories are disseminated through the Internet and social networks. Moreover, we must remember that it is words that have in the past prepared extermination. We need to act at the European level, and even internationally, so that a legal framework can be defined, and so that Internet platforms that manage social networks are held to account and that sanctions be imposed for failure to enforce.” (source)

Hollande’s suggestion that “conspiracy theories” will be banned “at the European level, and even internationally” means that if he’s right, you may not be able to watch False Flag Weekly News much longer.

Actually, for all I know, we may already be banned in France.  According to RINF.com:

“Earlier this week, the Interior Minister of France — with no court review or adversarial process — ordered five websites to not only be blocked in France, but that anyone who visits any of the sites get redirected to a scary looking government website, saying:

You are being redirected to this official website since your computer was about to connect with a page that provokes terrorist acts or condones terrorism publicly.”

Along with his statement calling for outlawing “conspiracy theories” Hollande issued a diatribe attacking me personally, alongside four other “leading conspiracist intellectuals.

Why are the French authorities so angry with me?

They are freaking out about the new book I am about to publish, We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo: Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11.

The book has intellectual respectability and thus crossover potential and the ability to reach and influence people who matter. And it includes more than enough information for any reasonable reader to conclude that the Charlie Hebdo affair, like most of the other spectacular “Islamic terror attacks,” was a false flag operation.

In former times, books banned in the USA, like Ulysses and Naked Lunch, were printed in France and smuggled across the Atlantic. Will We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo have to be printed in North America and smuggled into France? Or will Hollande get his way and convince the US to revoke whatever is left of the First Amendment and ban it here too?

charlie-back-coverHollande’s moves are just the latest in a series of trial balloons aimed at outlawing “conspiracy theories.” The initial impetus came from Obama’s former Information Czar Cass Sunstein, who argued that some day it may be necessary to ban “conspiracy theories,” but in the meantime governments should just “cognitively infiltrate” conspiracy movements and “disable the purveyors of conspiracy theories.”

Today, Western governments are already working overtime to “disable” truth-tellers.  Check out Snowden’s leaked document exposing the war on alternative media:

Snowden: ‘Training Guide’ for GCHQ, NSA Agents Infiltrating and Disrupting Alternative Media Online

Another trial balloon came from UK PM David Cameron, who said that people like me are “nonviolent extremists” comparable to ISIS who need to be eradicated using all means at the government’s disposal.

Thanks, David, I love you too!

Ironically, it seems the Charlie Hebdo PR campaign, which was supposedly about defending free speech, has triggered the biggest crackdown on free speech in French history…a crackdown that is threatening to go global.

So if you actually do support free speech, please go to http://wearenotcharliehebdo.blogspot.com and purchase an advance copy of We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo: Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11. As David Ray Griffin says, it’s a “breakthrough” book. Buy it while you can – and deliver a symbolic middle finger to François Hollande and the other state terrorists who “hate our freedoms.”

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