Fake Law Is Worse than Fake News

An individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law.

Sadly, Mueller’s crooked FBI investigation is a heavy American tax burden.

I wish to thank the Gateway Pundit news-blog for sharing this laugh at Mueller’s Special Counsel expense.

After reading this, I encourage you to read their full report:
Rogue DOJ Adds Four More Leftist Attorneys to Mueller Team in Last Ditch Attempt to Save Phony Russian Bot Case“.

The defence attorneys representing the Russian Bots that the FBI falsely claim, illegally influenced the 2016 U.S. Elections against the front runner Hillary Clinton, are destroying Mueller’s “Unlawfully Appointed Special Counsel” in court.

WOW, the most awesome defence statement against Mueller’s Special Counsel thus far!!!

Last weekend the Concord Management team filed a motion against the Mueller team’s protective order request to conceal all data related to their case. The Concord team states in their motion filed June 14th:

Having produced not one iota of discovery in this criminal case the unlawfully appointed Special Counsel requests a special and unprecedented blanket protective order covering tens of millions of pages of unclassified discovery.

Having made this special request based on a secret submission to the Court and a hysterical dithyramb about the future of the American elections, one would think that the Special Counsel would cite to case holdings that support this remarkable request.
But no, instead, the Special Counsel seeks to equate this make-believe electioneering case to others involving international terrorism and major drug trafficking, and relies only on irrelevant dicta from inappropriate, primarily out-of-circuit cases.

In short, fake law, which is much more dangerous than fake news.

Cinton gang has dirty cops in FBI and White House.

Concord Management’s lawyer’s previously said Mueller indicted “the proverbial ham sandwich.” The reason the Concord Management attorneys called the case a ‘proverbial ham sandwich’ was because one of the entities indicted by the Mueller team, Concord Catering, was not in existence at the time the crimes were alleged to have taken place.

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2018 Red Pill

As more of the population realize that mass media and institutions deceive and teach false narratives, then more of the population can implement alternative solutions based on truth for healing and joyful living.


“Come together and realize that, WOW, We are Legion!
Actually we are the majority, we just didn’t know it.
They won’t let us meet each other.
We send a letter to the editor and it never gets published.
We make a comment on twitter, or facebook and it gets cutoff.

So, nobody knows that there are more of us out there than they want us to know. –G. Edward Griffin

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IMS Faction battle inside the Deep State issue threat to Trump?How much corruption and threats did the 2016 U.S. Elections reveal and continue to reveal?

This is a political reminder to investigate the investigators and don’t trust institutions!

Too many individuals falsely believe that “government” is a single entity or single organization, but the fact is all governments are legal fictions consisting of many factions, many interest groups, and many different organizations – it’s a heavily armed Corporate Protection Racket managing resources.

Determining which specific faction or organization is in control of a specific agency or department in government is often difficult; and even afterwards, another challenge is to determine individual government agents and officials’ loyalties.
Scrutinize who is being protected and attacked inside the U.S. governing apparatus – it should be obvious to all, that a struggle is underway as the MSM attack and protect specific government officials.

An International Crisis Is Required For The IMS ‘Reset’

Can we expect redistribution of wealth, distrust and retaliation from factions during this volatile transition of monetary policy and structural reforms?

We, the People, need the truth for criminal prosecutions and transparency – perhaps then will the signal be seen that change for the better is really happening.

Until then, assume the Deep State is the Permanent State and all the scandals are merely public theatre as one faction is weakened or merely embarrassed.

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Clinton Gang: No Indictments Means The U.S. Swamp Protection Racket Continues

The Permanent State is The Deep State!
[Maybe, the DOJ & FBI should be fined the same as the Too Big To Jail banksters and close the investigation files. ~Sarcasm]

Additional Pro-Hillary, Anti-Trump, DOJ/FBI employees involved in the Hillary-Classified-Email-Trump-Russia-Collusion investigations were found, but their identities remain secret.

Horowitz said the FBI is withholding the names from the public “because they work on counterintelligence.”

To be blunt, the DOJ/FBI was rotten under Clinton/Bush/Obama regimes, and remains rotten under Trump.
Removing 25 consecutive years of corrupt officials in a protection racket with the full institutional power of the U.S. government is the challenge facing Americans.

This corruption is much worse than the news media portrays, because they refuse to investigate a full international conspiracy with a culture of money laundering corruption and deception.

Few have noted the evidence of foreign influence/control of the U.S. system through London and elsewhere.

By now, you may have read the public version of the OIG’s 568 page report
A Review of Various Actions by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice in Advance of the 2016 Election“.
[download: https://www.oversight.gov/sites/default/files/oig-reports/2016_election_final_report_06-14-18_0.pdf]
Ignore the Executive Summary and dive into the factual and footnoted details.

…”the Midyear prosecutors concluded that there was not a basis to prosecute former Secretary Clinton, her senior aides, or others under any of these statutes.” -page 254

The OIG Report Protects the DOJ/FBI while uncovering facts of misconduct, obstruction, and violations of U.S. Law – similar to what FBI Director James Comey did in the Hillary email scandal.

Thus, a “REAL” Criminal Investigation into the scandals connected to Hillary Clinton’s classified email, the U.S. 2016 Elections, and counter intelligence operations against the Trump campaign is required to have indictments for criminal court hearings.

Without criminal indictments everything is merely a entertaining political game show.

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The Ruling Class Live On Fantasy Island

Fantasy vs Truth

They dream of ruling the world.
They write world policies.
They convene world summits.
They manage the world monetary system.
They fund world development.
They fund world wars and deadly technologies.
They call their puppets world leaders.
They act like they rule the world.

But They Are In For A Rude Awakening…

They are frauds.
They hide the Truth.
They do NOT know everything.
They do wrongs and are untrustworthy.
They have many conflicting greedy interests.

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Title: Oh, freedom! Fleming, Reed, Baez, Lou Reed, Suzanne Vega
Posted 25 Nov 2009 by Jakub Stadler

Z koncertu Už je to tady, 14. listopadu 2009 aneb připomínka 20 let pádu železné opony vysílaná Českou televizí z Prahy, kterou pořádal bývalý prezident Václav Havel.
The concert This is it, 14 November 2009, reminder of 20 years of the fall of the Iron Curtain broadcast by The Czech Television in Prague, organized by former President of The Czech Republic Václav Havel.
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Mighty G7 Summit Is Now The G6 Plus 1 Summit

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars

Everyone should know the Central Banks broke the IMS (international monetary system) but kept it on life support with QE, NIRP, ZIRP and other manipulations.

Since the 2010 IMF Treaty (in response to the 2008 “Great Recession”) we have been warning about the treaty that resets the IMS.
To shift from West to East and dethrone the U.S.Dollar as the preeminent reserve currency.
Now, the policymakers are bluntly stating this in public, for those who are aware of the IMS’ World Order can interpret clearly what is ‘Really’ being said.

The question has always been, which nation will be given the public iconic position as the ‘leader’ after the IMS reset.
Trump is playing his U.S. Role as disruptor, to facilitate rapid movement from the slow to act politicians. If the U.S. is viewed as a problem, then other members should quickly unite to protect their self interests from the USD/Military.

“The meeting this week will be by far the most dysfunctional G-7,” said Ian Bremmer, president of the Eurasia Group, a political-risk consulting firm. “The old order is over.
What we are fighting over now, as the new order emerges, is whether the U.S. wants to have the most important seat at the table or not.
Right now the answer is no.”

Read: “The Old Order Is Over”: Trump To “Confront” G-7 As Macron Plans On “Standing Up” To US President

Aren’t we witnessing the most bizarre politics imaginable?
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Will ‘THEY’ Really Do It?

Monkey Money & Monkeynomics science experiment.
Do you remember Planet of The Apes (1968 movie) when Charleston Heston realized he had traveled to an alternate earth and is looking at the destroyed Statue of Liberty?
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U.S. Protection Racket = Institutional Crime = Crises

The Justice Department's Inspector General submitted the his report as a draft causing turmoil in the FBI and DOJ.

They, with help from other officials and corporate controlled mass media, protected Hillary and Obama from criminal investigations while simultaneously attacking opposing narratives from independent and social media.

Sadly, the Justice Department Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz is in the middle of this political scandal and he is tasked with cleaning it up to protect the FISC, DOJ and FBI as legal institutions.

Many patriots will use children in analogies to protect the government, as in “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater“.
But that ignores the deadly disease.
Some deadly things need to be permanently removed.

I appreciate the efforts by investigative journalists to report these ongoing scandals and cover-ups in government, and below I include a very detailed video log of events and documents for you to archive.


However, I don’t have any trust in the soon-to-be-released OIG Report from Mr. Horowitz, and I encourage everyone to scrutinize the OIG Report after it goes public.
Perhaps a few, of the many witnesses soon to be called for Congressional testimony, will reveal more criminal activity in government that digs deeper than the OIG Report is allowed to go. One such witness to watch for is former head of the FBI’s national security division, John Giacalone, who (reportedly) resigned in disgust over the Hillary classified email potection racket. Mr. Giacalone’s testimony may be a key to revealing the scheme from within the bureau. Many government agents are reported to wish to testify against the criminal elements inside the Justice Department and FBI.
Whether that is true, remains to be seen.

Reports reveal Hillary was given “Special Treatment” with a faux investigation.
I think current politicians don’t have the political-will-power to criminally prosecute Obama, Clinton, and their top appointed government officials aiding them in what is being swept up in “Spygate” aka Operation Crossfire Hurricane.

Apparently, the political insiders have knowledge of what is inside the OIG Report before it reaches the public, and the emerging newspeak ‘spin’ is now contradicting itself and nearly 2 years of fake Trump-Russia Collusion political hit job has gone astray of U.S. Legal Code.

“Obama officials made the Trump campaign the subject of a counterintelligence investigation.” -nationalreview.com

Please read “Yes, the FBI Was Investigating the Trump Campaign When It Spied” written by Andrew C. McCarthy 30 May 2018, as there is now a counter-narrative (see Trey Gowdy) emerging from the corporate controlled mass media that President Trump was never spied on and is not under investigation – please forget that the FBI relied upon former British spy Christopher Steele and his foreign sources to obtain four FISA permits from the 2016 Trump Presidential Campaign into the Trump Presidency September 2017.

I continue to suspect the investigations will conclude well before real justice and full transparency reaches the public.
Because there is Big-Money involved which leads to the INTERNATIONAL MONEY CARTEL.

What happened to Seth Conrad Rich, and the leaked hacked DNC eMail Servers?
Where is the missing forensic evidence?

The money trail leads to major financial institutions, such as Swiss Banks, et al. Financing politicians, terrorists and other covert operations.
Protect the system takes priority above everything else.

I wish the end of the U.S. Protection Racket. ~Ron

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This Forgotten Realm & Lost Civilization


Before this Tale of Woe meet its tragic end.

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Swamp Watch: Spain Sinking In Corruption

“For decades, the Spanish People’s Party benefited from kickbacks in exchange for giving contracts to a network of business people, bidding for tenders. The former treasurer of the party has been sentenced to 33 years in jail. But president Mariano Rajoy insists there are no grounds for him to resign, and warns that any attempts to oust him will cause instability in Spain.” -Catalan News

Mariano Rajoy as Spanish president, could soon be Ousted after he claimed no knowledge of corruption.
Not only is that unbelievable, but even if true it shows his incompetence to fight corruption.
Rajoy is a career politician and was already a minister in parliament back in 1996, and yet he never learned of this entrenched corruption?

How will the weakened Spanish Parliament affect the independent movement in Catalonia and other regions?

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World Crises: The Geopolitical Watch

Keep an alert watch on what officials fund and document (not what they say in front of cameras).

Below is a forecast watch based from official documents as a preplan for expected crises.

Follow The Money

This is the “Govern by crisis management” script we discuss so often, along with social engineering.

Much reform is disguised as “sustainable development” and for a “resilient and inclusive global economy”.

With the above catch-phrases and campaign slogans, the policy makers stealthily, since 2009, established preparations and protections for the coming banking crisis with a Digital Payment System.

Lessons learned:

  • Wolves Do Not Care What Sheep Think.
  • Appearances are Deceptive.
  • Govern By Crisis Management
  • It’s Not An Accident, Its Policy.
  • The tyrant will always find an excuse…

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Institutions Sinking Into Their Global Swamp

Globalisation and swamp centers are seen where ever corruption resides.

This is a non-virtuous economic system.
And should not be a surprise to anyone who is aware of the foundational fraud for the creation of fractional reserve banking and institutional governance.

European Union, corruption more generally is estimated to cost €120 billion per… -OECD

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Pension Cuts Are Coming

Many workers are simply too trusting.
They work 20, 40, or more years for reduced wages to fund insurance and a pension that is likely to break their promises.
This pension money is important to many who will suffer without it.

– All Workers Need To Know This –

As the IMS (international monetary system) is drowning in distrust and debt, the institutional investors, brokers and hedge fund managers are having difficulties maintaining the performance needed for consistent payouts to beneficiaries.

Pension funds are secretly meeting to cut pensions

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Another Link To Pedophilia Sends Vatican Into Turmoil

The Vatican attempts complete media ban of Cardinal Pell’s trial

I find it very revealing that this criminal court case is under the gag order.
Secrecy reveals, even as it succeed in hiding…

In his most recent report Mr. Leo Lyon Zagami goes on to state:
Pell’s trial and other scandals might push the Pope to finally resign

The alleged criminal Cardinal Pell has some very influential political connections, including, but not limited to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt. ~Ron

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