BREXIT: There is Much More to it Than Meets the Eye

Leave the thinking to us
The BREXIT is the call for the People in Britain to vote for the U.K. leaving the European Union (EU) in the June 23rd referendum.
In coming months I expect many will discuss secession, the possible collapse of the European Union, or the social unrest from the grassroots movements to exit the EU.
The BREXIT struggle shares more details in the videos below, however be aware that Americans are having similar discussions as institutional crime becomes regulated abuse and De facto law.

Title: BREXIT: There is Much More to it Than Meets the Eye
Video posted 27 May 2016

Video posted 12 May 2016


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Current Institutional Events Threatening Freedom

United Nations flag
Worldwide, institutional governance (civilization) is engineered with a plethora of Strategic Investments, Development Funds, the management of Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF), Pension & Insurance Funds, and Bonds.
The flow of that capital in the form of investment funds, engineering projects, war campaigns, government spending, and all the activities of the current worldwide system.
This is tooled as social engineering, propaganda, public relations, research funded projects, eugenics, technocracy, transhumanism, mass marketing, geopolitics, funding campaigns, indoctrination/education centers, think-tanks, policies, regulations, treaties, and agreements.

Yet, all of the above is largely ignored by citizens for entertainment, the daily routine of work and sleep.
One could easily be tied up in knots when trying to follow the many new policies and regulatory measures enacted on unsuspecting citizens.
However, with awareness of the control matrix tightening around the necks of all life then one will expect the institutions to remove personal privacy, increase taxes, fees, registration requirements, bureaucracy, fines, and jail sentencing to coerce compliance.
And if that is opposed, then expect the declaration of national emergency or war.

More war, WWIII ?
Will prostitution be taxed?
Will cash currency become illegal?
Will bank accounts become mandatory?
Will computer identification chip card become ubiquitous for all transactions?

The above questions may seem unrelated and random, however the activities below connect them as state sponsored policy.
Under the guise of sustainability and climate change, COP21 with carbon tax will impact citizens as tax payers and entrepreneurs.

The European Commission launched a platform mandating undeclared work become declared work (taxed).
In the years to come, how far will this policy go to document and tax all individual money transactions?

Launch of the European Platform Tackling Undeclared Work

“On 27 May 2016 the European Platform to enhance cooperation in tackling undeclared work will be launched in Brussels.

The launch event will offer an excellent opportunity for identifying and discussing thematic priorities and approaches to undeclared work, which should be included in the first work programme of the Platform.” -See

Title: 24 05 2016 EMPL Exchange of views, with Marianne Thyssen (Commissioner)EN SUB
Video posted 26 May 2016

Title: Nigel Farage on who is who in the EU commission
Video posted 20 Mar 2010

Title: ‘Who the Hell You Think You Are?’ Nigel Farage throws egg in Eurocrat faces
Video posted 26 Nov 2010

Title: Oral Assassin Nigel Farage Has Cannon Balls 1/2 Compilation
Video posted 18 May 2011

So foreign ministers from the 28 NATO member-nations met in Brussels for a two-day summit, while mighty military power Montenegro was inducted as a new member. –Authored by Pepe Escobar

NATO expands & Threatens RUSSIA

Title: NATO move near Russia, preparation for war: Analyst
Video posted 22 May 2016

In Response to NATO’s military buildup Russia deploys 3 Divisions to borders:

Russia deployed three army divisions to its borders with NATO.

Read More:
NATO Buildup on Russia’s Borders: Mobilization for War -sputnik news

Beware What Washington Wishes For – Russia Is Ready For War… -zerohedge

Rising Tensions In The South China Sea

Conservative Party Leader and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David William Cameron, warned China must abide to the arbitration ruling from the Hague.

Video posted 27 May 2016

Title: China Sends Nuclear Submarines In Response to US
Video posted 26 May 2016


The world hegemony appears to be seeking consensus leadership as the international monetary system requires a reset.
And the members such as the Vatican, U.N., BRICS, IMF, G7, G20, NATO, and other multinational and supranational organizations are tools for that consensus building.

Regardless if the hegemony is lead from New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, Tel Aviv, Taipei, Johannesburg, or some other financial center, the worldwide monetary system is the destructive beast in our midst.

Is the Great Reset at hand?

Prominent economists thought this debt based monetary system would crash and burn a long time ago.
Researching the past banking reforms, the script is revealed plain as daylight that a consensus for a system reset is expected…

Maybe decades out… or maybe sooner, with or without a World War.

What’s important to take from this is that the rules of the game are changing.
Those stuck within the old paradigm of banking & finance are facing dangerous threats to their retirement, and current standard of living.

Implement alternatives at the grassroots level, inform everyone, and
BE PREPARED. –gang of twenty banksters

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Massive Worldwide Protests Monsanto May 2016

1 food
For many People worldwide the boycott Monsanto is a permanent decision, and it is an annual call to spread the boycott worldwide to end the gmo food threat.

Title: Japan: Thousands protest against Monsanto in Tokyo
Video posted 21 May 2016

Mercopress reported:
Hundreds of thousands in 500 cities worldwide protest against Monsanto

The protesters took to the streets in hundreds of cities around the world on Saturday and demanded an immediate ban on the production of the multinational biotech and agribusiness. They said the company works unethically in its development and implementation of genetically tailored seeds and pesticides.

Veterans Today reported:
Hundreds of thousands in 500 cities worldwide protest against Monsanto
Hundreds of thousands of people have demonstrated in nearly 50 countries around the world to protest against the U.S. mega producer company of genetically engineered (GE) seeds Monsanto, saying the corporation’s modified food and chemical herbicides pose grave threats to health.

Title: Protesters across the world demonsrate against Monsanto
Video posted 23 May 2016

Title: March Against Monsanto Orlando May 21st, 2016
Video posted 22 May 2016

FOOD: Medicine or slow poison

FOOD: Medicine or slow poison


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2016 G7 Summit In Japan

Finance Ministers & Central Bank Governors' Meeting Sendai May 20, 2016
Organized Crime as Religion, Governments, and BanksI discuss the G7 less often than the IMF, and G20, because the Gang of 7 (G7) is a gang consisting of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States that cloak their objectives and decisions more effectively than the G20 or IMF.

However the G7 are meeting in Japan (May 26-27) and the rumors are interesting as Russia is blacklisted as the gang was once renamed the G8 with Russia.
If there is a imaginary dividing line among the empires, then the G7 is the popular candidate for such a layer of hierarchy, in that the G7 could be the representation of the West Power Bloc with an apparent hold of the reigns of the world hegemony. With puppets, monarchs, and hidden influences, the puzzle picture is shrouded in deception and secrecy for public uncertainty.
The Pravda Report said, “The G7 is an atavism that does not contribute to improving international relations, but maintains a strong pro-Western bias, thus undermining its legitimacy.”
This may not be important, but interesting none-the-less, that two of the five U.N. permanent Security Council Members (CHINA and RUSSIA) are not part of a G8 or G9.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is acting as chair of this year’s G7, while hosting the Summit in the Holy & historic Ise-Shima national park to publicly promote health and security (combat Terrorism).
The link is being made in the Mass Media to the UNITED NATIONS’ adopted 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs, and COP21,) of health initiatives. This keeps World Health (WHO), the HIV, Ebola, Zika viruses, and War on Terror fear mongering in the news headlines. Japan announced their commitment to contribute $1.1 billion to the World Bank and an assortment of NGOs and U.N. organizations in that international effort.

As to discovering the policies and activities funded and planned to manage wars (Syria, Ukraine, etc…), the world markets (decline in trade, jobs, trust, and currency valuations) there is little, and below is what has been reported:

CFRWhat’s on the Agenda for the 2016 G7 Summit?
Japan will join the United Nations Security Council as a nonpermanent member in July, chair the Sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development in Kenya in August, and chair the Japan-China-South Korea Trilateral Summit in the fall. However, of all its international leadership roles, Japan is attaching the greatest importance to the Group of Seven (G7) Ise-Shima Summit, which will take place on May 26 and 27.

Agreed to strengthen cooperation on countering terrorism and addressing challenges in Syria and Ukraine…

Called for renewed cooperation toward nuclear arms reduction and nonproliferation.

Ambiguous text on the declining world economy, anemic growth, various monetary policies taken by members leaves the reader with vague guesses that the G7 will discuss it in private.
However, they do list them as “Three Priorities for the 2016 G7 Summit“.

Read CFR, and IMF reports about the G7 Summit

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars

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Confidential Research and Experiments, part 1

Artificial Intelligence Tracking everything

Who Sponsored and Funded This Scientism?

A very disturbing religion that appears to be based on funded research to prove dogma, engineer “Type I civilization“, dominate the world and justify technological warfare to protect an elite ruling class…
human farms are possible with industrial size birth chambers and mechanical wombs

– Pathology & Conspiracy of Silence –
Since 1938 the elite have been funding cloning experiments, and centuries earlier they were conducting inhumane human-experiments on slaves and the poor.
This inhumane treatment was documented in science journals and doctrines about the distinctions of race, or superiority of breeding, as in royal bloodlines with the divine right to rule. Justifying Lords over estates and human chattel.
They documented their legal governance (statutes and policies) legislating slaves as inferior, going so far as to quantify slaves as 2/5 fraction of the man.
Some religious leaders blessed the slave trade and claimed:

“Slaves are lesser creatures without Christian souls and thus are not destined  for the next world.” -Rev. John Newton (1725-1807)

The pathology and cognitive dissonance from that kind of institutional doctrine for slavery and fiefdom has many researchers characterizing the 21st century as a return to Feudalism, a “neo-feudalism“.
We see it in Action thrillers, Fantasy Romance, Cyberpunk, Space Operas, and other forms of Science Fiction.
Face the ugly truth.
I discuss this to increase our awareness, and to not ignore the dystopian society being engineered and funded as you read this.
Civilization is not an accident, it is by design.

Recall we discussed how science fiction has been used to shape civilization.
Many Sci-Fi fans thought killing machines (robots, androids, drones, etc.) would never be used because it violates morality, yet today in the 21st century killing drones are used daily in war campaigns that are criminal and based on false justifications.
Computer chip implants are being marketed and the minds of naive citizens are being conditioned to accept it as inevitable use of technology, not bothering to research and consider hidden agendas such as transhumanism and the dystopian technocratic society (world order).
The elite globalists often talk about this funded future, see World Economic Forum, and see Google’s Director Ray Kurzweil explain it to us with desire for immortality, and flowery utopia foolery.

Ray Kurzweil Google's Director
The classified projects that need to be exposed are about war-tech, GMO, RFID, implants, vaccines, drones, robotics, nanobots, androids, human synthetics, clones, Artificial Intelligence, and other means for controlling life and the environment, and also the confidential underground cities, the exploration beyond the Arctic and Antarctic Circles.

Yes indeed, questionable activity with dangerous potential hidden behind the cloak of secrecy…

Title: FEH – Robot Replacements
Video posted 21 May 2016


Title: Illuminati Human Cloning EXPOSED! #STOPHUMANCLONING
Video re-posted 01 Dec 2015

Future of Scirence: We Will Have The Power Of Gods.

Title: Dead Elites to Survive in Cyberspace by Cloning Brains
Video posted 04 Feb 2015
Google's Dir. Ray Kurzweil, "We'll be uploading our entire minds to computers by 2045"

Title: Oregon researchers create cloned monkeys using variety of stem cells
Video posted 05 Jan 2012

None Dare Call It Conspiracy

Post Traumatic Slave Disorder (PTSD):

More commonly known as Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (PTSS).

Worldwide, the People are in need of healing, for they have been traumatized.
Centuries of slavery and war has left a lasting unhealed injury that was past down from generations of slave masters and captive slaves, from authorized murderers to witnesses to murder, from institutional abusers to abused and witnesses of abuse, to ritual sacrifice with the code of silence.
This dis-ease or disorder continues today in the 21st century as machines are implanted into humans to design a more reliable worker, or a perfect slave to serve an elite class that wish to dominate all that exist…

Title: Post traumatic Disorder Dr Joy de Gruy Leary
Video posted 18 Feb 2014

Race vs. Ethnicity:
Question: What defines the cutoff between groups?
What % of race you do have to be in order to be considered a member of that race?

  • 1870 US Census – Mulatto = any mix of Caucasian and African blood
  • 1890 US Census -Quadroons = 1/4 African blood (e.g. one grandparent)
    Octoroons = 1/8 African blood (e.g. one great-grandparent)
  • 1930 US Census -If mixed then your race was the same as the non-white parent.
    – The single drop view.
  • Brazil has between 5 and 30 “racial categories” depending on the area.

Master Commands Everyone To Kneel and Obey

Demigod Loki sums up the world order bluntly:

Title: loki avengers kneel speech
Video posted 11 Jun 2012


WARNING! Flu vaccines contain Mercury

WARNING! Flu vaccines contain Mercury

Science invent shoes?

Killing Machines

Mass Deception Tentacles everywhere

Title: Hybrid Armies and Little Green Men – Part 1
Video posted 19 May 2016

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Too Many Secrets: John Lilly, The Order of the Dolphin, and Others

TRUTH is illegal during age of deception
Occult secret societies have been tracked from Babylon, to Rome, the Vatican, the Jesuits, the founding of modern science, central banks, Foundation Think Tanks (policy research), the C.I.A., NASA, and all member nations of the United Nations.
Those societies have funded extensive research into human biology, behavioral psychology, weapons, earth exploration, sea exploration, space exploration, ancient artifacts, and much of it is hidden and classified.
Those societies continue to setup institutions as monumental centers of control & authority.
Research what is hidden and consider civilization by design where citizens volunteer to be slaves and experimental specimen.

Good, Bad, or a mixture, the occultists are guilty of hiding knowledge and the threats are obvious in a struggle for truth and freedom.
With the Spell of Illusion in this Age of Deception, ignorance, as in the lack of awareness, knowledge, and truth, is dangerous.

Below is the (John C. Lilly, M.D.) Maxim about the Province of the Mind and excerpts from the interview with JEFFREY MISHLOVE, Ph.D:
“Dr. Lilly is a former researcher with the National Institutes of Health and the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center. He is the author of some five books on human-dolphin communication, including Lilly on Dolphins, Man and Dolphin, The Mind of the Dolphin, Communication between Man and Dolphin. He has written many books on deep inner exploration, including The Deep Self, The Center of the Cyclone, The Dyadic Cyclone, and The Scientist, and he is particularly known for Programming and Metaprogramming the Human Biocomputer. In fact he introduced that term, the biocomputer, into our language.
LILLY: In the province of the mind what one believes to be true, either is true or becomes true within certain limits. These limits are to be found experimentally and experientially. When so found these limits turn out to be further beliefs to be transcended. In the province of the mind there are no limits. However, in the province of the body there are definite limits not to be transcended.

MISHLOVE: You’ve probably devoted your whole life, and certainly many decades recently, to pushing to see what really were the limits — by going into new realities, taking on the belief systems of those realities, and then coming back to your basic working reality and challenging those beliefs, integrating those beliefs with your own. In your writings you’ve explored almost every state of consciousness I could imagine — the various mystical levels of satori, communication with extraterrestrials, communication with other species. You’ve established probably a more significant mapping of inner space than almost any other modern person, and I think we all owe a great debt to you for that.

LILLY: But don’t get stuck with those. I’ve abandoned all of them. It’s impossible, because there are infinities within the mind.

MISHLOVE: I think that’s the beauty of your work, is that you keep moving further and further out. In The Center of the Cyclone you described a state — you had a whole system, virtually a quantitative system, for mapping states of consciousness, and you talked about one that I found most fascinating, which you call +3, Mega Samadhi. In that state you describe going so far out of your body, even out of the physical universe, to the point of being at the level of essence, in which the physical universe is created.
LILLY: Well, there’s one state beyond +3. That’s +1, but you’re not allowed to remember that once you go into it. It’s union with God. That’s the true yoga, and so you’re nonhuman, so there’s no way you can recount what happened. You have no way of saying it, because it’s beyond language. Well, all those states are beyond language. Language is a very poor instrument to express it.

MISHLOVE: In some of your other writings you’ve described language as being a thin film that separates us from reality. Much as we try to use language to describe what we mean, it really puts barriers up.
See Transcript or Video

Title: John Lilly and the Secret Society Behind the Nation’s Largest Radio Telescope
Video posted 17 May 2016

Title: At the Shadow Government Headquarters: A Few Notes from the Council on Foreign Relations
Video posted 20 May 2016

Trailer for "The Mirror" Published on Oct 16, 2015

NASA is a government fraud
That which can be detroyed by the truth should be destroyed

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Rainy Day Reveals Institutional…

Yes, these two gentlemen are actually watering a tree in the middle of a downpour…

First, quietly contemplate the above photo for awhile and let it work its magic on you…

Do you sense a wrongness?
Yes, two gentlemen are actually watering a fir tree in the middle of a raining downpour.
You notice that the two men with the watering cans have two living umbrella-holders at their disposal and possibly impairing their security effectiveness.
Obviously, the image suggests this is likely to be a VIP ceremony of some sort.

The victimized fir tree in the picture is actually a young fir, and one must consider that it may drown. Small firs do of course need water if they want to become big firs, but there can be too much of a good thing, and this may well be such a case.

I think it unusual to see anyone watering plants during a rainstorm while exuding a solemn sense of loyal obedience and duty.

The two male waterbearers are Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the President of Turkmenistan, and Belorussian President Alexander Lukashenko, in the process of planting (and evidently drowning) a fir tree at the Alley of Honored Guests near the Minsk Independence Palace.
Minsk Summit
The Independence Palace is where Ukraine’s peace negotiations were held for the Minsk Agreements, and embarrassing for the U.S. who were uninvited with denied attendance.
President Obama with president Alexander Lukashenko

1 President Alexander Lukashenko
This fir tree ceremony photo provides us with a metaphor about the foolishness with institutional governance.

I wish the fir tree all the best, as it struggles to survive a drowning, and I thank David Stockman for pointing to this on the internet.:)

Archives Laugh At The Deception:

BEHOLD! The True Psychopathic Nature and Heartlessness of those at the Helm


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The Naked U.S. Economy Exposed

Debt Slavery Crisis

From belief to outrage: The decline of the middle class reaches the next American town

Below, [Michael Krieger at Liberty Blitzkrieg] provide some excerpts from the article, but these select passages don’t do it justice. I think this piece is so important, it’s imperative you read it in full and share it with everyone you know. The future of America rests upon reversing this pernicious trend.

From the Washington Post:

Chris Setser worked a 12-hour graveyard shift while his children slept, cleaned the house while they were at school and then went outside to wait for the bus bringing them home. He stood on the porch as he often did and surveyed the life he had built. The lawn was trimmed. The stairs were swept. The weekly family schedule was printed on a chalkboard. A sign near the door read, “A Stable Home Is A Happy Home,” and now a school bus came rolling down a street lined by wide sidewalks and American flags toward a five-bedroom house on the corner lot.

“Right on time,” Setser called out to the driver, waving to his children as they came off the bus.

In came 14-year-old Ashley, holding a payment notice for a school field trip. “Are we going to become one of those families with a voucher?” she asked.

“Don’t worry,” he said, handing her $20 from his wallet.

All around him an ideological crisis was spreading across Middle America as it continued its long fall into dependency: median wages down across the country, average income down, total wealth down in the past decade by 28 percent. For the first time ever, the vaunted middle class was not the country’s base but a disenfranchised minority, down from 61 percent of the population in the 1970s to just 49 percent as of last year. As a result of that decline, confusion was turning into fear. Fear was giving way to resentment. Resentment was hardening into a sense of outrage that was unhinging the country’s politics and upending a presidential election.

Setser had heard rumors earlier in the day that the company had decided to move its operations to Mexico, but he found them hard to believe. While dozens of other manufactures had left Northeast Indiana, his factory, United Technologies Electronic Controls, or UTEC, was still taking back contracts from China and winning president’s awards for performance. It was the area’s largest employer and also a rare place where America’s fraying social contract had remained mostly intact: Employees helped the factory’s parent corporation earn more than $6 billion in annual profit. In return they got a decent hourly salary with good overtime, bonuses for completing work-training programs, a turkey to take home on Thanksgiving and a ham on Christmas. “Successful businesses improve the human condition,” read one sign posted on the factory wall.

But on that night in February, another announcement had come over the factory speakers, instructing all UTEC employees to report to the cafeteria. The factory manager was standing at the front of the room, holding a piece of paper and reading into a microphone.

“A difficult decision,” he said.

“Relocation is best,” he said.

“Northern Mexico,” he said.

“No questions,” he said, and then he told employees they would have an hour-long break in the cafeteria to process the news before returning to their lines.

Together between his overtime and Bowers’s small salary at another manufacturer in Fort Wayne, they had remained firmly in the middle class by finding ways to make their money stretch. When they wanted to drive to Florida for their first overnight vacation in a decade, Setser could volunteer for more overtime to save up the cash. When they wanted a new TV, he could spend the 10 percent premium he earned for working third shift. He had cashed out part of his 401(k) account to pay for his daughter’s braces, purchased some of their basic household items with credit cards and taken out a no-money-down loan on their $95,000 house.

He had made the drive enough times to already suspect what he might find. Stride Rite had left Huntington for Mexico at the tail end of the recession; Breyers Ice Cream had closed its doors after 100 years. In the weeks after each factory closing in his part of Indiana, Lewandowski had listened to politicians make promises about jobs — high-tech jobs, right-to-work jobs, clean-energy jobs — but instead Indiana had lost 60,000 middle-class jobs in the past decade and replaced them with a surge of low-paying work in health care, hospitality and fast food. Wages of male high school graduates had dropped 19 percent in the past two decades, and the wealth divide between the middle class and the upper class had quadrupled.


Central banks are dumping America’s debt at a record pace

China, Russia and Brazil sold off U.S. Treasury bonds as they tried to soften the blow of the global economic slowdown. They each sold off at least $1 billion in U.S. Treasury bonds in March.

In all, central banks sold a net $17 billion. Sales had hit a record $57 billion in January.
So far this year, the global bank debt dump has reached $123 billion.

The fastest pace for a U.S. debt selloff by global central banks since at least 1978, according to Treasury Department data published (16 May 2016) Monday afternoon.
Treasuries are considered one of the safest assets in the world, but some experts say a sense of panic about the global economy drove the selloff.

Source: U.S. Debt Dump Deepens in 2016 – CNN

U.S. Slaps China With 522% Tax on Dumped Cold-Rolled Steel

The U.S. has raised its import duties on Chinese steelmakers by more than five-fold after accusing them of selling their products below market prices.

The taxes of 522% specifically apply to Chinese-made cold-rolled flat steel, which is used in car manufacturing, shipping containers and construction.

The US Commerce Department ruling comes amid heightened trade tensions between the two sides over several products, including chicken parts.

Source: US Slaps China Steel Imports with Fivefold Tax Increase – BBC

The Feds Fess-Up: Industrial Production Revisions Have Erased The Recovery

by Jeffrey P. Snider • May 18, 2016
Industrial production contracted for the eighth straight month in April, dropping 1.07% year-over-year. That’s a slight improvement from those prior months but likely only until April’s estimate is revised lower in the coming months. That has been the trend of late in both immediate terms as well as serious long-term revision to benchmarks.

[That devastating revisionist trend suggests the U.S. industrial production is doing so at a more steeper pace than the below charts indicate. It is worse than the statistics suggests and as officials cook-the-books, they fail to hide the awful truth about this engineered crisis.]

2016-ABOOK-May-Industrial Production-SA-YY
2016-ABOOK-May-IP-Revisions-Two-Labor-Versions“The economy has shrunk with US consumers the primary factor in it. The implications of that are enormous and global, and begin to suggest its true causation (monetary). The production of consumer goods, and the revisions that continue to reveal the true state of it, comes as close to proving that as anything might. This is much deeper and more drastic than just the search for the next recession.”

Source: Alhambra Investment Partners


It is not an Accident, It is Policy


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Brazil Crisis: Something Hides Behind The Scenes

brazil_mapI have not wanted to post the day-by-day dire news coverage in Brazil, as the news-feeds were flooded with it all year so far.
We often discuss Brazil, BRICS, and South America as part of the worldwide crisis and the Age of Deception as the current human tragedy story.

– Globalism: Crisis Management As Geopolitical Strategy –
For those who have not seen the headlines, nor our discussions about Brazil’s protests & crisis, the summary is this:
Corruption, poverty, economic recession, currency valuation, looming debt default, Olympic Games Jeopardized, President impeachment, and social unrest destabilizes South America’s Largest economy and a founding member of BRICS.

Massive public protests and popular political outcry to begin criminal investigations, and end fraud & corrupcion, moved the Legislature to impeachment procedures.
On call was the crisis management team, and voila!
Quickly install new puppet government and banking team to announce Brazil’s bright new future.
Not so fast!
Everyone should search the details and be aware of this:

  • For years Michel Temer has been associated with Satan and corruption.
    Michel Temer’s party is deeply involved in the corruption scandal at the state-owned oil company Petrobras…
  • Michel Temer is a U.S. Intel Informant, according to WikiLeaks…
  • Michel Temer appoints (Israeli-born IMF veteran economist and partner of Itaú Unibanco) Ilan Goldfajn to head Brazil’s central bank.
  • Temer sets government’s proposal for operational autonomy a priority.
  • Researchers ask, was Brazil’s impeachment a successful political coup and coverup?
  • Cover-up: No more corruption, case closed; Petrobras and all the politicians associated with it are home free.
  • At this moment, Brazil remains in the money mafia’s club as a captured state.


Is Brazil’s Interim Pres. a Satanist or a U.S. Agent/Asset?

Is there a difference?

It’s Gone Viral, Brazilians Claim Michel Temer A Satanist

Provado que Michel Temer é satanista. Durante discurso de posse, Satã se apodera de Michel Temer e vocifera sua voz gutural ao microfone.
During his inauguration speech, Satan seizes Michel Temer and barks her throaty voice to the microphone.”

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Look Very Closely, Tell Us What You See

§ Alien Threat_Emotional Recruitment

§ Alien Threat_Obey Authority

§ Alien Threat_Geopolitical Strategy

What’s The Hidden Agenda?

  • This is State Sponsored
  • The United States Army is now using a fictional alien war to recruit real people in a war against What?
  • U.S. Army General (Mark A. Milley) tells U.S. troops to expect to have to deal with “hybrid armies” and “little green men.”


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The size of problems is nothing.

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TSA Made Travel A Disgusting and Humiliating Experience

Not me personally, I have avoided commercial flights since 2001 and refuse TSA services.
TSA is on my Boycott-List, along with Monsanto and others.

This Isn’t Freedom, This Is Fear

Do You Want A TSA Boycott?
Who would proudly claim in public they work for the TSA?

If you wanted to leave the country with anything the government chose to restrict, then the TSA “Search and seizure” would be their effective tool.
Personal assets and wealth leaving the country becomes difficult, but not for the elites.
Heads of State and Governments traveling on flights from international departure points into the United States “may” be exempted…

Personal Privacy and Freedom?
Forget ’bout it!

“You cannot recruit, you cannot train, you cannot retain, and you cannot administrate,” said Rep. John Mica (R-FL). “This is a huge failing program.”

Under fire from Congress and outraged passengers over long wait times at security checkpoints, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced …

New York, New Jersey Airports Threaten To Ditch TSA, Hire Own Security Screeners.

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed

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