NASA Is A Billion Dollar Joke

Official NASA poster for International Space Station Expedition 45 was revealed in Feb 2015
Is the above image a Science Fiction Movie Poster or NASA?
Answer: NASA makes sci-fi movies to scam billions of tax dollars…

– How To Make A Space Fortune –

Can you spot a scam?

Stephen Hawking Going to Space on Richard Branson Spaceship“…

Stephen Hawking Is Going To The Edge Of Space – Universe Today

Orbital & Space Jokes are so profitable that all space agencies want to join the comedy studios:

Title: It’s Official: Stephen Hawking Is Going to Space
Video posted 21 Mar 2017 by Futurism

Title: NASA caught Redhanded in a pool faking space-flat earth
Video posted 17 Mar 2017 by Martins Reality

Title: Proof China is faking Space like USA and Russia
Video posted 22 Mar 2017 by RT – Rhode Island

Video posted 21 Mar 2017 by RichieFromBoston

LOL, remember NASA played golf on the moon!

Title: Alan Shepard Hits A Golf Ball on the Moon
Video posted 19 May 2013 by Video

NASA is a government fraud

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In Plain Sight: U.S. War-Economy Accelerating!

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars

This blog has often discussed the evidence that the U.S. government has engineered a war economy (esp. since the 9-11 false flag during Bush regime). The charter for central banks is to fund wars, that debt is most profitable for that international club cartel.

– Current War Campaign –
President Trump has publicly announced the plan to reduce funds for social programs while simultaneously increasing military & national security spending; ignore the rhetoric for justifying the war economy and focus on the actions. Conclusion:
War Escalates and/or spreads to other regions, by design.
It is not an accident, it is policy.

Will the geopolitical war campaign succeed?
Not if the citizens refuse to support military intervention and boycott taxation.
Awareness is important.

MSM News:

Title: War Industry Muster- “Huntsville Alabama: Where the Heart of MIC Beast Beats”
Video posted 21 Mar 2017 by Newsbud

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“Bankers Are Evil”

That which can be detroyed by the truth should be destroyed

I take note when career professionals begin to share truth, at least some more individual investors are waking up to the reality. ~Ron

I don’t talk to my classmates from business school anymore, many of whom went to work in the financial industry.


Because, through the lens we use here at to look at the world, I’ve increasingly come to see the financial industry — with the big banks at its core — as the root cause of injustice in today’s society. I can no longer separate any personal affections I might have for my fellow alumni from the evil that their companies perpetrate.

And I’m choosing that word deliberately: Evil.

In my opinion, it’s long past time we be brutally honest about the banks. Their influence and reach has metastasized to the point where we now live under a captive system –Adam Taggart

Title: Peak Prosperity News Update 3-17-2017
Video posted 18 Mar 2017 by ChrisMartensondotcom

READ more:

Title: Wealth Inequality in America
Video posted 20 Nov 2012 by politizane

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Food ALERT: Brazil’s Crisis May Have Exported Tainted Beef

The government of Michel Temer is trying to limit the impact of the adulterated meat scandal that has resulted in restrictions on Brazilian exports to China, Europe, South Korea and Chile and has damaged one of the country’s strongest economic sectors.

In its attempts to resolve the crisis, the Temer administration announced that on Monday it will offer a detailed explanation to Chinese authorities to get Beijing to reverse its decision to temporarily suspend meat imports from the South American nation.

Brazil Moves to Calm Beef Crisis, Temer Heads to Steakhouse:
Brazil’s government moved to head off a crisis over allegations that meat exporters had bribed inspectors to approve tainted beef for sale and export…

According to Financial Times, China and EU suspend meat shipments from Brazil…

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March 2017 You Can Archive To PDF

Creative beauty adorns the edges of the last age of empire as forewords to a new book…

Awareness and Knowledge is increasing as truth seekers uncover deception, conspiracies, fraud, lost civilization, and ancient knowledge.
Unfortunately, state sponsored terror is on the rise as governments attempt to censor the internet and dumb-down citizens.

Archiving videos and documents is a good trend on the internet, but it is also a good habit to cultivate at home too. You can convert blogs to pdf files, whether it is your blog or other informative blogs on the internet!

Healing Foods
One useful tool to help you do this is:

  1. Go to WordSmith.
  2. Insert the URL (web-address) for the blog and choose (WordPress) format.
  3. Choose whether you want the latest posts (up to a maximum of 100 posts) or provide a time range (up to a maximum of a year).

It is literally that simple.
What you will get is a PDF eBook with the blog posts inside.
Oh, and for very important information or documents please file a printed copy in case of power grid disruption or computer failure.
Enjoy reading and sharing!

Below are more feature rich alternatives.
Print Friendly is an app you can install on your browser:
Go to
You can use it from the internet, or choose to install it onto your browser… Insert the URL; print preview, select or ignore text size/remove images/ then finally choose printer or file folder.

Title: How to Convert a Blog Post into a PDF
Video posted 18 May 2015 by Ana Hoffman

AND Another alternative:
Go to

Title: PDFCreator – Create PDF Files for Free on Windows [Tutorial]
Video posted 9 May 2014 by JAGTutorials

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G20 Turmoil?

March 2017 G20 trade wording considered a setback for export champion Germany
The G20 meeting was categorized as a bitter impasse by one report. A interesting read is from; from which I note a few highlights:

As Bloomberg reports, at the heart of the disagreement are globalist (and mercantilist) powers such as Germany (and China) defending the existing rules-based system, on the other the U.S. is calling for a recognition that trade must be “fair” without however explicitly stating what that means. Chinese
Finance Minister Xiao Jie said in a Saturday statement that the G-20
should be “adamantly against” protectionism. According to reports,
China has been the most insistent on a commitment to the current system
that the World Trade Organization represents, which is understandable: together with such exporting powerhouses as Germany and South Korea, China has the most to lose from a dramatic overhaul of the status quo.

Yet while many had expected difference to emerge, the degree of immediate animosity and disagreement caught most by surprise. According to Bloomberg, negotiations were bogged down on Saturday with the U.S. rejecting the latest German compromise on wording over trade. Meanwhile, an earlier German suggestion that accommodated some U.S. concerns was rejected by delegations including France, the U.K., Italy, Brazil and the European Union.

French Finance Minister Michel Sapin told reporters on Friday “We don’t want a rollback on what was said before by the G-20.

“We” don’t, but Trump does, and therein lies the rub.

Of course, if Trump is successful at overturning years of draft language in G-20 communiques, all those nations reliant on the status quo would be impacted.

And speaking of Sunday’s FX open, Bloomberg also notes that among the other language in the communique under review is a pledge to refrain from currency manipulation, which however is expected to remain unchanged from last year. Little time is being devoted to global banking regulations..
In a move that is set to infuriate environmentalists, the whole section on climate change is set to be dropped.

In any case, the focus remains trade:
“It makes sense that in this case the Chinese, who benefit from a rules-based trade system, are trying to preserve it. We just don’t have any firm ideas about what the alternative will be.”

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Alarm: U.S. Minted Coin Commemorates Pedophile Coverups !

Is this merely poor judgment, or an intentional effort to cover up child abuse that was documented in the Boys Town scandal?
The evidence from the 1990’s pointed to child prostitution ring for wealthy elitists and political leaders and was effectively silenced, but now the mint honors it… ~Ron

Paul Bonacci recalls being flown across the country to “bad parties”

Paul A. Bonacci told Caradori he was a victim of sex abuse since he was 8 years old. He described how children were flown around the United States for “bad parties” and says he attended about 100 such parties at a penthouse in Omaha’s Twin Towers from 1981 to 1986.

Bonacci says the pedophile sex parties grew more gruesome and at times, he was tied up while other children were forced to sexually abuse him.
Read More

Title: OUTRAGE: A “Pedogate Coin” from the US Mint! (Bix Weir)
Video posted 13 Mar 2017 by RoadtoRoota

Title: THE FRANKLIN SCANDAL – A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal
Video posted 19 Jul 2015 by Francisco Figueira

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2017 Watch Antarctica

United Nations flag
We continue our Antarctica discussions with requests for public disclosure, and open source research into the secrecy in Antarctica.

IF you are not familiar with alternative research then do not be confused with different conclusions or perspectives about events. Often real events will be discussed but the recording may draw on the conventional view based on state funded research and accredited institutions for education. A few important notes of contention are:

  • The calendar has been changed which added false number of centuries (perhaps 10 centuries or more), thus past events are not as many seasons ago as academia and history textbooks claim
  • Past civilizations were worldwide (to include the Americas, the Arctic and Antarctic circles)
  • Giants did walk the earth
  • NASA (with other space agencies and funded science research) are state funded frauds, and completely untrustworthy sources
  • Lost technology is slowly being re-introduced as this current civilization is scripted to follow a certain path.
    Are you ready to go off script?

The controllers and rulers can leave now, they are no longer wanted and forced slavery is unacceptable.
Truth Seekers worldwide are searching and sharing!

Title: New Yorker Magazine – The matrix is falling apart – Research Flat Earth – Mark Sargent ✅
Video posted 4 Mar 2017 by markksargent

Title:Flat Earth Smarts – 11 – Navigation 101 by Adam Carter – Mark Sargent ✅
Video posted 2 Mar 2017 by markksargent

Title: Hidden in Antartica a Naval Officer tells us Exactly What He Saw
Video posted 2 Mar 2017 by Matrix Wisdom

Video posted 8 Mar 2017 by REVEALED TRUTH

Title: Mud Flood part 1 Who is in charge now?
Video posted 25 Feb 2017 by Philipp Druzhinin

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15 March 2017 Why Preppers Are Reviewing Emergency Plans

OpEd: Cicero and the Ides of March
The Ides of March, March 15, 44 B.C., is among the most important dates in the political history of Western civilization. It marks the assassination of one of the … –

15 March has a dramatic history.
I often see discussions veer toward being on the watch for possible false flags, political assassinations, wars escalating, severe market volatility (so-called “corrections”), and pedophile ring investigations.
This month Many Eyes are on these upcoming events:

  • 15 March 2017 Dutch elections has Geert Wilder campaigning to exit the Euro, and currently leads in the polls.
    The Euro is one of the 5 reserve currencies, with the populist movements to exit the tyrannical monetary union sweeping across Europe we see another looming crisis.
  • Bloomberg reports institutional investors (traders) expect the Federal Reserve to hike interest rates, quote: …”the central bank will almost certainly raise rates at its March 14-15 meeting.
    Interest rate hike is expected to cause markets to plunge.
  • David Stockman points to 15 March 2017 as expiration of the U.S. government debt ceiling holiday.
    Will Congress Raise The Debt Ceiling?
    Will the U.S. government shutdown?
    How will the markets react?
  • Clif High, the creator of the Webbot, has forecast: chaos begins in the middle of march… and continues for some length.
    The ruling class infighting, market volatility, ailing economies, pedophile ring investigations, and public distrust are part of the chaotic environment as more knowledge and revelations seep out about the horrific secrets and advanced technologies hidden from the public.
    Clif alerts us all to watch Antarctica.

– Disclosure –
We must not forget the 1988 Economist magazine issue predicted a new world currency for 2018. Many are expecting to see some media reports for international monetary policy reform reflecting a call for a currency solution.

The public want the secrets to be out, then Healing, Innovation, Transparency and Trust begins.
I wish to remind problem solvers, and solution minded individuals that these volatile years are great opportunities for engineers, inventors and entrepreneurs to thrive.
Offer new products and services (especially modders or modification specialists to remove malware/spyware) in the personal privacy market, P2P technology, internet browsers, search engines, routers, Android apps, secure computers/networks, local currencies, and crypto-currencies to address the many intrusive activities by the institutions are great market opportunities.

Wikileaks Vault 7 was a treasure trove of data about the methods and software/firmware code embedded in products that invades personal privacy and are security risks for businesses and governments.
I recall China said it would adopt the West’s Intelligence (“counterterrorism”) methods that could include backdoors and spyware in their products.

Hopefully new start up companies and existing small companies will leap on this opportunity to restore security and privacy and assist in the mass awakening.
More competition to the mega-corporations is a good development, and alternatives to the current financial hegemony is a necessity.
Ultimately this is about abolishing the enslavement of mankind and removing the insane authority of institutional governance that is spying on everyone and manipulating the world for the ruling class’ narrow self interests.

Meanwhile, everyone who are aware of the worldwide institutional criminality, and looming financial crisis can be prepared.
This Time The Most Embarrassing Thing To Say Will Be
No One Saw This Coming” ~Ron

Title: ALERT: Clif High, Bix Weir & “V” – Hump Day LIVE!
Video posted 8 Mar 2017 by RoadtoRoota

Bix, Clif and “V” sat down for a chat about the world changing all around us. We cover bitcoin, gold, silver, conspiracies and weather changes.

Federal Reserve Policy:
Making rich people richer – that is what the Fed calls the “wealth effect“.

Title: Revese Robin Hood: The BIG Confession
Video posted 15 Feb 2017 by L. Reichard White

Title: 5 Reasons the Mindblow will be in Vault7 #YearZero #Wikileaks
Video posted 8 Mar 2017 by The Outer Dark

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Secret Intelligence Agencies Have Gone Wild, But Who Cares!

Deception and $ecrecy fits like a tailored suit.
Every woman, man, and child are potential victims or prey for these criminal organizations.
Yes, many employed by these organizations are ignorant, unaware of the fraud, deception, murder, and coercion that goes on in secret, or under the deception-spell of national security and patriotism.
Compartmentalization and patriotism can effectively hide many horrors after indoctrinating employees and agents to accept blind obedience with a fat paycheck and a nondisclosure agreement.
“I was following orders”, or “Just doing my job” are often repeated to justify their actions.

This international deception to control the world goes beyond mass surveillance and spying, it is so much more than that.

Open Vault 7

Out of control influence and power to do anything they want, in secrecy!
Codes and information that is now in unknown hands and international organizations to wield some of that power…

Now something devious has been added to the revelations when you consider self replicating software (A.I.) code:

Which contractors, and tech corporations will receive massive funds to clean up the CIA and the backdoor malware/spyware?

Can that kind of ruse be expected to be offered from government oversight committees?

Protect their agencies and departments, then cover-up to move forward is what we have seen in the past, in the national interests of course.
These runaway rogue activities is a path to overt slavery and tyranny.
This must end.

Watch the videos below to learn about mass surveillance, the misuse of engineering and the abuse from institutions with fraudulent authority, and then research further.

Video posted 3 Mar 2017 by RichieFromBoston

Title: The Real Point of Wikileaks Vault 7
Video posted 8 Mar 2017 by Truthstream Media

Title:THE TOP 5 Under Reported Scariest Facts About The Vault 7 WikiLeaks Release
Video posted 8 Mar 2017 by WeAreChange

Title: Wikileaks, Vault 7, The CIA And The Point Everyone Is Missing!
Video posted 9 Mar 2017 by Press For Truth

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Governments Make Sure We Don’t Know What’s Really Going On

Pawns in the game by William Guy Carr

When a crisis unfolds be ready to ask “what institution funded it” – was it state sponsored?
Deception started at birth and that is a very challenging condition of programming to overcome.

Park the debate about the nuclear weapons for the sake of this discussion, to focus on the fact that governments continue to keep deadly secrets and plan to fund more secret projects. ~Ron

“The major function of secrecy in Washington is to keep the U.S. people … from knowing what the nation’s leaders are doing.” -John Stockwell, former CIA official and author

Title: 6 Secret Cities That Prove We Don’t Know What’s Really Going On
Video posted 6 Mar 2017 by Truthstream Media

Secrecy has become a way of life, particularly for the stealthy operations of nuclear powers and a continuity of government system.
In preparing for all eventualities of defense, and attempting to stay one step ahead of every adversary, the U.S. government and governments around the world have become so secret, that entire cities and underground civilizations have been created without the knowledge of the public.

If these are the ones we now know all about, take a guess what we don’t know about…

Please consider supporting our work by funding us on Patreon.
You make this media happen!

Truthstream Can Be Found Here:
Twitter: @TruthstreamNews
Amazon Affiliate Link (help support TSM with every Amazon purchase, no cost to you!):

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DARPA Using Warfare Technology on Unsuspecting Civilians for Mass Mind Control

The government is also using agencies such as DARPA for applying this psychological warfare technology to covertly control and manipulate entire civilian populations.

By Paul A. Philips

Never mind the bombs and bullets or other conventional weaponry, consider the use of hi-tech stealth weapons. Not just for use in warfare, but for other nefarious purposes. A number of whistleblowers have come out of the woodwork to let us know that governmental agencies such as DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) are using some of these hi-tech stealth weapons on unsuspecting civilians for mass mind control.

Through his research, such as that based on the startling revealing information he obtained from whistleblowers, author Dr Nick Begich explains the nature of the operations and hidden ulterior motives behind this rapidly developing mind control technology.
Read more:

Title: Nick Begich “DARPA Is Testing New Mind Control Technology On Unwitting Civilian Victims.”
Video posted 14 Feb 2017 by The Richie Allen Show


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