We Have Been Identifying A Trend From Our Litigation Archives…

“In 2012, Governor Gary Herbert formally challenged the feds over the right to control 31.2 million acres of Utah land when he signed the “Transfer of Public Lands Act.” One of the provisions of the act demands that the federal government turn over the lands by December 31, 2014.
[…]The lands in question account for more than 64 percent of Utah’s total acreage.”
Deadline TODAY: Utah Showdown with the feds

Finding Truth In an Illusory World

Citizens for Constitutional Freedom Support Group's photo.
Citizens for Constitutional Freedom Support Group
23 hrs ·


By Jake Morphonios, ETNR
January 29, 2016

Currently the federal government lays claim to 64.5% of the lands in the state of Utah, much to the ire of both the people of Utah and their representatives. But all that is about to change.

After three years of the federal government refusing to discuss the matter with the state government, Governor Gary Herbert is moving forward with plans to seize the 31.2 million acres of Utah land from the federal government and restore control of the lands to the people of Utah. The action is unprecedented.

In 2012, the Utah legislature passed the “Transfer of Public Lands Act”. This law demanded that the federal government relinquish its…

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Practically A MSM NEWS Blackout: Russian Gov. Said “No More Business As Usual With U.S.” Gov.

This 21st Century World War has been discussed often and it is developing far differently than what was taught in history textbooks… ~Ron

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov gave a remarkable press conference that was entirely ignored by western media: For Russia, there will be no more ‘business as usual’ with the European Union or the United States. A new stage of history is dawning which can develop only on the basis of equal rights and all other principles of international law.

newest-new-khazarian-khaganateSee author Lada Ray‘s blog for a perspective from Russian citizens…

Russia’s Had Enough: No More ‘Business as Usual’ With U.S.

Press Conference by Sergey Lavrov

Title: Annual Results Press Conference by Sergey Lavrov
Video posted 26 Jan 2016

Video posted 04 Feb 2016

Title: Putin to Western elites: Play-time is over
Video posted 31 Oct 2014
Electronic Money and Currency Wars: Russia’s biggest payment system (QIWI) begins operations in Europe
REMINDER: World War 3 Has Already Begun
Many Are Talking About Modern Slavery, AKA: Monetary System
Western Bloc Demands Ukraine Join
Major Geopolitical Changes: Hiding The Wars From The Public
Plans Unfolding: Currency Wars-Alliances-Territorial Disputes-Space Militarization
See The Effects of The Global Financial Crisis
Currency Wars, In The Past, Led To World Wars…
GLOBAL UPDATE: Currency Wars and Looming Financial Collapse
Institutional Watch: Financial Control Tug-O-War
G20’s New Financial Rules: Banks OWN Depositor’s Funds!
Is a Global War Being Waged Today?

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In Spain, Are They Going After The Bankers?

criminals wear suits
I have discussed how a trend is developing for a massive wave of Litigation going after the banksters.
Last year we discussed Rodrigo Rato‘s arrest (Spain’s former IMF Chief), but this was far more popular to the common man and woman on the Spanish streets than I was aware of…

– Spain’s Grassroots –
A important detail to the Spain popular movement, is the first ever crowdfunding campaign, reaching its funding target within 24 hours, to pay the Legal Fees to prosecute the case!

Obviously, these corruption and fraud charges connect to the political parties and reaches the current President of the Spanish government, Mariano Rajoy, and the Monarchs.

Is it possible we have entered a phase where the citizens and some courtrooms are fed up with the elites’ impunity to fraud and corruption?
The notable exceptions are the banksters’ controlled regions in New York and London, and I suspect other corrupt courts exist in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, and elsewhere where the central banking club has protection rackets.

We keep our wishlist open for creative innovations, grassroots alternative solutions and problem solving.
Expect some communities and regions to implement new currencies and alternative payment transactions to bypass the current fraudulent system.
As always, Do Research and Follow The MONEY. ~Ron

To Put Bankers Behind Bars, Spanish Citizens Take the 1% to Court

Ending the Corruption Era
14 Jan 2016 by Steve Rushton

Elites regularly profit with impunity from financial corruption.
This is clearly demonstrated by the numerous billion-dollar financial scandals in recent years, including LIBOR rate fixing, tax evasion, commodity price fixing and financial mis-selling schemes. The political power of finance and its revolving door into government makes many bankers seem above the law. But this immunity is not unbreakable, as demonstrated by the wave of Spanish citizens now leading an anti-corruption charge unlike any that has come before.

Ending the Corruption Era

The case of Rodrigo Rato is perhaps the most interesting among some 150 high-level corruption cases scheduled to take place this year in Spain – involving over 2,000 elite figures in Spanish society. Rato was the country’s Minister of Economics from 1996 to 2004, and a leading political force in the conservative Popular Party (PP) as well as managing director of the IMF (2004-2007) and chairman of Bankia, Spain’s largest bank (2010-12).

These institutions’ combined actions spurred Spain’s economic crash and intensifying poverty crisis, as Bankia’s massive debts were nationalized by the PP-controlled government and Rato’s bank became the main recipient of the bailout deal with the EU and IMF. From these business-government arrangements, Rato and the rest of Spain’s 1% profited while imposing austerity on the majority.

Last April, the Financial Times described Rato being shoved by a law officer during his arrest. “The touch lasted only a few seconds, but it will be seared into the mind of Rodrigo Rato — and of millions of Spaniards — for years to come,” wrote the paper. Millions saw the clip repeated on rolling TV coverage and the Internet. The Times article quotes an editorial by Spain’s El Mundo newspaper, illuminating its importance: “The precise moment in which the customs agent grabs his head… marks a point of no return, in which we leave behind an era.”

Translation: Rato and many others were no longer untouchable.

See more at: http://www.occupy.com/article/put-bankers-behind-bars-spanish-citizens-take-1-court

Title: Spain’s Princess Cristina stands trial on tax fraud charges

Title: Spain demands jail sentence for former IMF chief

Spain’s former IMF chief Rodrigo Rato arrested over fraud claims
Gallop Poll: 75% in U.S. See Widespread Government Corruption
New Trend: Whoever Is In Office Voted Out
Catalan: People Cast Vote To Leave Spanish Government
Banksters Won Another Round, Scotland; Is Spain Next?
Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy visit to the United States

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Lost Trust In The System: More Legal Complaints

I have lost count of how many discussions where I talked about lost trust and betrayed trust in institutions from religious, to banking and all between, as institutions attempt to make policies and implement worldwide governance.

Maybe I have talked about lost trust more than 200 times in detail.
Which is why I get some measure of entertainment when it goes to court and legal complaints charging wrong doing and harm!

Before you read the current events below about the Legal Suit against major banks, I want to share some background.
I recall back in March 2015 Swiss Banking Giant UBS Settled $135 Million with U.S. Law Firm Hausfeld in Forex manipulation cases.
I also recall saying that this wasn’t over, I was referring to the systemic fraud and corruption revealed in LIBOR and Forex rigging.

The Legal firm Hausfeld, (it was reported in October 2015) received €30 million euros investment from third party litigation funder Burford Capital to open services in Germany.
The Burford investment pot is the largest-known facility established to fund litigation in Germany, where Hausfeld states there is ‘significant and growing client demand for funding’, particularly in antitrust-related litigation.

A statement this morning [28 Oct 2015] added that Burford’s ‘commitment will ensure that these claims have the necessary resources’.

Hausfeld’s new foreign office opened in January 2016 and is located at Kurfürstendamm in Berlin, after the firm secured an investment of at least €30m from litigation funder Burford to bankroll German claims, according to published reports.

Also this month (14 Jan 2016) Goldman Sachs reached two settlements on 2 different legal cases where the corporation agreed to pay a paltry $15 million (just petty cash for Goldman) in the smaller case, and a whopping $5 Billion (protection racket cost to stay in business) to settle the larger case with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC is regulatory agency)!
Whereas the legal case with the smaller fine may have revealed more behind the great veil of secrecy and fraud with the complex Wall Street Plumbing attached: securities lending, and short-selling, executing trades for hedge funds and other large institutional investors.

With those legal findings some of Goldman Sach’s customers may now be able to file new legal complaints to recover damages from the firm, securities lawyers say.

Fraud & Corruption is Rampant!
I imagine turbulent years ahead for the risky investment landscape of vultures and wolves, where corporate and commercial Law will be a growth market for skilled litigators.
Apparently, the litany of lawsuits have only just begun against the institutions… ~Ron

Lawsuit against German Bank: central bankers want compensation from Deutsche Bank

An American law firm is planning a class action suit in Europe against the major banks involved in the currency manipulations.
These banks have already paid billions in fines; now comes the lawsuits.
If they stay out of New York City, they might get a real court to go after the bankers.
The lawyers have said that they have corporations and central banks of countries lining up as clients as well. –Martin Armstrong

What is going on just behind those windows?What is going on just behind those windows?

The German bank (Deutsche Bank) has been involved in many scandals, but that European central bankers therefore recover damages from Germany’s leading financial institution, would be a first. Exactly this is the case, says Christopher Rother, partner of the American law firm Hausfeld in Berlin: The we represent clients from Europe include not only pension funds, large corporations and commercial banks also central banks,” Rother said in an interview with this newspaper.

The scandal has been smoldering since two and a half years ago, over the manipulation of currency markets. Therefore, major international banks had already paid fines amounting to billions. They have manipulated exchange rates in foreign exchange transactions, to the detriment of their customers in order to pocket profits itself.

No comments from European Central Bank (ECB)
First, the investigation of the regulatory authorities in Europe and the United States focus primarily on collusion between dealers of various institutions in the highly intransparent currency market. A number of new claims for compensation of law firm Hausfeld contrast aim to software tricks in electronic foreign exchange trading. The currency trade is with daily sales of more than $ 5 trillion, the largest segment of the global financial market.

Read More: http://www.faz.net/aktuell/wirtschaft/klage-gegen-deutsche-bank-notenbanker-wollen-schadensersatz-von-der-deutschen-bank-14019383.html

Untrustworthy & Dishonorable

Institutional Deception and political deception
The Legal complaints are but symptoms and probably a growing trend, while the mass shift in awareness and consciousness reveals a mass loss of Trust in institutions claiming the public trust.
If knowledge of mass deception and psyops becomes common knowledge then the crisis in government is bare, with no citizen support to sustain government as we know it.
That social phenomena would be a sign of the end to this current Age of Deception.

Peaceful Noncompliance:
Saying NO, communicates a powerful message!
The message is nonviolent.
The message is clear, direct, concise, and unambiguous.

I had several discussions asking, What If government lost the trust and support of the citizens?
Note some interesting possibilities:

  • Tax boycotts
  • Corporate boycotts
  • Walkouts and Walk-offs by students and workers
  • Alternative currencies and local currencies
  • Alternative engineering, alt. technologies, and alt. farming
  • Holistic healing modalities
  • Resurgence of entrepreneurs, social media, and small business.
  • P2P exchanges and networks
  • Resurgence in local amateur entertainment, talents, and sports
  • Land and Sea Exploration
  • Founding of new small communities
  • PANIC by institutions: Governments, Wall Street, central banks, mega-corporations, and other institutional investors, aka development funds and Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF)
  • Announce a State of Emergency and Martial Law
  • Use of force in an attempt at coercion to force compliance and obedience from citizens
  • Short lived implementation of draconian laws and failed overt tyranny
  • Abolish legislation and governing authorization
  • Emergence of a different Age with sweeping cultural change…

Is when institutions conjure up visions of the populous not buying products, not showing up for work, withdrawing their assets from the banks, and in other words boycotting institutions where institutions lose all their control due to lack of public support and trust.
That is indeed a nightmare for globalists and their institutions.
The influential power hidden in the shadows of banking, governments, religions, and other elite constructs would panic.

With imagination comes creative energy with a focus on alternatives and solutions.
In this light, opportunities for something better are presented.
My wish is that communication technology will assist us in spreading awareness.
We can share our knowledge.
We can share ourstories.
We can share our vision.
We can Amplify our creativity and innovation.
Perhaps then this Age of Deception will transition to the next Age…


Another David vs Goliath Lawsuit?
Legal Complaints May Ultimately Unravel the Current Global Financial Cartel
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In-fighting Eventually Goes Public
Bank of America Ordered to Pay $1.2 BILLION for Fraudulent Mortgages
NY FED (Wall Street Bankster Central) Pressured To Address Public Criticisms
Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld & CIA Officials Face War Crimes Case Filed in Germany
Are We Witnessing A Culture Change: Institutions Lost Trust?
I am Pleased To See This Trend
International Banking Crisis Continues
The Public Trust is Another Great Deception

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Oregon Crisis Continues: No, Not The Militia Shooting

The Portland Rescue Mission provides emergency services of food and shelter at their downtown location on West Burnside. They also provide addiction recovery in the form of a 12-month residential program. Thomas Boyd/The Oregonian

The Portland Rescue Mission provides emergency services of food and shelter at their downtown location on West Burnside. They also provide addiction recovery in the form of a 12-month residential program. Thomas Boyd/The Oregonian

This Is America
The documented evidence reveals there is a crisis in government.
While the corporate mass media and the alternative media are focused on the recent Oregon Militia Shooting, there is another Oregon crisis that goes unnoticed.
The severe homeless crisis in Oregon continues, and it is cold!

Below I share two reports that attempt to be helpful by calling attention to the homeless problem. ~Ron

Oregon City Police Sgt. Matt Paschall checks on homeless camps in Oregon City, Oct. 9, 2014. The homeless are often hidden in suburbs but that doesn't mean they aren't there. Sgt. Paschall and another officer find a man sleeping under a ware house near the Clackamas River. Thomas Boyd/The Oregonian

Oregon City Police Sgt. Matt Paschall checks on homeless camps in Oregon City, Oct. 9, 2014. The homeless are often hidden in suburbs but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Sgt. Paschall and another officer find a man sleeping under a ware house near the Clackamas River. Thomas Boyd/The Oregonian

Our Homeless Crisis

The homeless population in Portland has steadily increased since 2007 even while national rates have dropped by 11 percent during the same period. The Oregonian has characterized it as a problem “spinning out of control.”

Ten years ago, Portland said it would end homelessness.
Today thousands still sleep outside every night in the metro area…

A decade ago, federal housing officials made a deal with more than 300 American communities: Let’s end chronic homelessness in 10 years.

Local leaders nationwide embraced the challenge.
They drafted plans, created budgets, held public meetings and congratulated themselves on being part of a national movement to get people off the streets.

Then most failed. Miserably, in many cases.


…Read More: http://www.oregonlive.com/portland-homeless/


YES! Magazine wrote:

On a frigid January morning, a tour through Portland’s Dignity Village follows the same path its residents are required to travel. All were, or are, homeless.

Newcomers to this homeless refuge huddle in the warming station, a small portable with photos of smiling former residents and where they are required to stay during a 60-day probationary period.

They hope to graduate to a small makeshift home…

One of Dignity Village’s tiny housing structures.


RELATED, You Know It Is Bad and Getting Worse:

Video Title: Finding Emotional Resilience in These Times

Military Veterans Enter Ourstory and Our Communities
Detroit’s Imperiled Home Owners and Small Businesses Demand Moratorium
Angry Residents Wave Pitchforks, Torches In Protest Of Mayor’s Crackdown On Homelessness
House Judiciary Committee hearing: Steve Cohen suggested a White House moat roughly six-feet wide may be “attractive” and “effective.”
Ken O’Keefe: 2nd International Conference of Independent Thinkers in Tehran 2014
Why Are Americans Unhappy?
Over 100,000 Homeless People Have Been Moved Into Homes & It Isn’t Stopping There! One Of The Most Profound Movements Ever!

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Google’s DeepMind: A.I. algorithm masters ancient game of Go!

Google's Deep-learning software defeats human professional for first time.

Google’s artificial intelligence computer has beaten the European champion of the board game Go. Not just once; but 5 to 0. This is far more difficult than Chess. This is more than merely creating lists of patterns to beat. It requires strategy. –Martin Armstrong

I see this simply as a intentional pursuit of worldwide control.
This is an age-old script.

From the days of overt slavery, to the current era of covert slavery, also known as debt slavery, to a future of reduced population, cashless society of technocracy and slave-bots.
The psychopathic globalists’ agenda want obedient workers, indeed they require slaves, and that quest can be seen throughout history.
Schools, aka “indoctrination centers”, and propaganda mass media are insufficient programming tools to maintain an obedient class of workers for worldwide control.

I thought it very telling when this year’s DAVOS  World Economic Forum theme was “The Fourth Industrial Revolution“.
DAVOS is where the wealthiest and most influential individuals meet.
U.S. VP Joe Biden, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, IMF Christine Lagarde, and other globalists were there.
This is what the control freaks revealed at DAVOS:

How can we embrace the opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Of the myriad challenges the world faces today, perhaps the most overwhelming is how to shape the Fourth Industrial Revolution that began at the turn of the century. New technologies and approaches are merging the physical, digital, and biological worlds in ways that will fundamentally transform humankind. The extent to which that transformation is positive will depend on how we navigate the risks and opportunities that arise along the way.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution builds on the Third Industrial Revolution, also known as the Digital Revolution, which entailed the proliferation of computers and the automation of record keeping; but the new wave of transformation differs from its predecessors in a few key ways. First, innovations can be developed and diffused faster than ever. Second, falling marginal production costs and the rise of platforms that aggregate and concentrate activity in multiple sectors augment returns to scale. Third, this global revolution will affect – and be shaped by – all countries, and have a systems-level impact in many areas. –weforum.org/agenda/2016/01/

A technician makes adjustments to the “Inmoov” robot.

“We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before. We do not yet know just how it will unfold, but one thing is clear: the response to it must be integrated and comprehensive, involving all stakeholders of the global polity, from the public and private sectors to academia and civil society.” –Klaus Schwab was born in Germany in 1938, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

With Robotics, A.I., HFT in the markets, Killer Drones in the Wars, tracking software, and Automatons in the corporate workplace, you can see a trend for the future of civilization.
We saw this trend developing when IBM’s Deep Blue super computer beat chess masters in the 1990s, and we continue to witness this developing policy as drones and robots are built for military, police, corporations…

RFID: Frightening Tracking Tech
Civilizations Guided By Hidden Hand(s), Aliens-Elites-RFID-A.I. Oh My!
Lenovo Admits Putting Tracking Software On Your PC: “We Messed Up Badly”
Is Oblivion a Anti-War Movie Calling To End The Drone Wars?
Civilizations Guided By Hidden Hand(s), Aliens-Elites-RFID-A.I. Oh My!
Major Alert: EVERYTHING Is About To Change TPP and Sustainable Development
To The Allies & Enemies of Humanity, Slavery is Unacceptable
Mad Scientists: Frankenstein, Genetic-Engineering, Robots, A.I., Transhumanism,
The Anatomy of a Hoax: Man-Made Global Warming
COVERT Human Experimentation EXPOSED


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Freeman TV: Free Energy For the Freedom of all Humanity

The Anatomy of a Hoax: Man-Made Global Warming
Operation Empire: They Were Given Missions
From the Archives: The Script Reveals What Is To Come, Globalization
NOAA’s Contempt: Refuses To Reveal Documentation For Global Warming
Full Disclosure: NASA Face Mass Protest Amid Claims Of Criminal Fraud
NASA is a Government Hoax!
Boycott NASA Until It Is Shutdown
NASA’s International Embarrassment and Lost Credibility
The More You Question, The More Deception You Find
Science Is Embarrassing Itself and Will Only Get Worse
Revelations: Ancient Mystery Scholars, Poetry, and Natural Philosophy
The Crisis In Physics
GMO: Weaponized Agriculture

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Greece Austerity Faces First 2016 Protests Against Reforms

21Jan2016 Tsipras_Davos1-1-696x442
Thousands of individuals marched in Athens against pension reforms…
Social unrest is developing in Greece as worker Unions have called for a general strike on February 4th, 2016.

The Greek government’s plans for pension reforms have brought thousands of farmers out on the streets in protests in the north of the country, and in Athens it was pensioners who voiced their anger. The farmers have threatened to block key roads with their tractors on… –euronews.com

Ferries stay docked, farmers empty milk churns in Greek pension protests

Ferries remained docked at Greek ports and farmers poured milk onto the streets on Wednesday in protest over plans to revamp Greece’s pensions system, a condition for the country’s multi-billion euro bailout.

Public anger is growing over the leftist-led government’s drive to cut its costly pension bill by some 1.8 billion euros this year, the equivalent of about 1 percent of national output.

Public and private sector workers plan a national walkout on Feb. 4 but ship workers took early action on Wednesday by starting a 48-hour strike that brought passenger shipping activity in the seafaring nation to an effective standstill.

“This is a first response to the third (bailout) maelstrom,” the Panhellenic Seafarers’ Federation said in a statement. Under reform proposals, their own contributions fund will be merged with another, sparking concerns about lower pensions in future.

On the Aegean island of Naxos, where farming accounts for 50 percent of the local economy, farmers gathered at its port to pour away milk. In the city of Thessaloniki in northern Greece, farmers gathered with their tractors to protest.

“The government is planning to double our taxation … and triple our pension contributions. This is unacceptable, they will exterminate us”, said Vagelis Boutas, president of a national committee coordinating the farmer protests.

Read More @ Reuters

Lagarde and Tsipras Meet in Davos: IMF Demands Debt Relief for Greece Or Else…


In basic terms— if the Eurozone wants the IMF involved, it would only do so if Greece’s debts are written down.
The IMF is already a participant in Greece’s first two bail outs but expressed concern about the country’s ability to grow, given that debts are too burdensome and will prevent a lasting economy. –pappaspost.com

Banksters Won Another Round, Scotland; Is Spain Next?
Technocrats Can’t Hide…
Greg Palast Reports: The Vulture Chewing Argentina’s Living Corpse
Global Crisis: Talking About Hidden Agendas, Control, and Deadly Secrets
Turbulent Storm Winds From Venezuela To Greece Sweeping Through E.U.
People in Greece Challenge the European Union
The Bankers’ Wars, Political Puppets and Assassinations
This Modern Contrast Is As STARK as Armored Knights Protecting The Royal Castle!
The coming Capital Controls are designed to protect the banks from YOU
Evaporating Complacency: The Greece Fulcrum Is Forcing Rapid & Immediate Decisions
After 5 years of Austerity, Greece begins to awaken…
Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras resigned
Greek News Ask “What Is Wrong With the System?”
A Grexit Political Party Is Born, Does It Have Enough Armor?
Portugal’s Parliament Reveals Tyranny

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You Saw This Crisis Before It Became News

Bankers and politicians Jailed
From signs that the 2016 Olympics are in jeopardy, to shipping said to have ceased, to escalation of World War, to Bank Bail Ins.
Who has not heard the alarms?
Turbulence is everywhere I look and everything is connected in a fraudulent worldwide monetary system based on deception, debt and taxation.
To make this worse is the fact that psychopaths and criminals are the officials in charge…

1funny money
About $21 billion have been pulled out of equity funds

Bloomberg Business News reports:
Is It Over Yet? Two Weeks In, 2016 Feels Like Year of the Bear

Not even the pessimists on Wall Street thought things would go so wrong so fast in 2016.

For the first time in 12 years, oil is below $30 a barrel. China is struggling to prop up its slowing economy and calm its volatile stock market. For the moment, the bears have the upper hand — and January is only half over. As the Dow Jones Industrial Average sank 391 points on Friday, investors the world over seemed to be groping for any good news.

– Lost Trust & Bail Ins –
Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa widens rift with Central Bank on Novo Banco

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, right, looks at a packet of cakes as she talks with Portugal's Prime Minister Antonio Costa during an EU summit in Brussels on Thursday, Dec. 17, 2015. European Union heads of state meet Thursday to discuss, among other issues, the current migration crisis and terrorism. (AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, right, looks at a packet of cakes as she talks with Portugal’s Prime Minister Antonio Costa during an EU summit in Brussels on Thursday, Dec. 17, 2015. European Union heads of state meet Thursday to discuss, among other issues, the current migration crisis and terrorism. (AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert)

Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa said he was concerned by the central bank’s treatment of Novo Banco SA bondholders and the possible impact on confidence in the nation’s lenders.
The government was “apprehensive about the systemic effects” of imposing losses on some senior bondholders, Costa told lawmakers in parliament on Friday. These concerns were expressed to the Bank of Portugal, he said. He didn’t say whether this happened before the central bank announced its decision.

The premier’s comments deepen a divide between the government and central bank regarding the transfer of about 2 billion euros ($2.2 billion) of Novo Banco bonds to a bad bank late last month. The move sparked complaints from noteholders about significant losses and unequal treatment, while the central bank has said it focused Novo Banco losses on institutions to shore up depositors’ confidence. –Bloomberg Business

Meanwhile Reuters reported:

Last year, the central bank failed to sell Novo Banco, which was carved out of failed lender Banco Espirito Santo after a 4.9 billion euro state rescue in 2014, as bids came in too low with investors concerned about its liquidity and potential contingencies.

On Dec. 29, the central bank took a controversial decision to transfer nearly 2 billion euros in bonds from Novo Banco back to Banco Espirito Santo, making some investments nearly worthless, a decision private bondholders plan to challenge in courts.

The transfer was meant to plug a 1.4 billion euro capital shortfall identified by an ECB stress test after the rescue. The Bank of Portugal said at the time the solution should help to lure investors and sell Novo Banco on the second attempt. –Reuters

Federal Reserve Official Confesses They Rigged Stock Market

Here are the significant quotes from Richard Fisher on CNBC’s video:

What the Fed did — and I was part of that group — is we front-loaded a tremendous market rally, starting in 2009.

We front-loaded at the Federal Reserve an enormous rally in order to accomplish a wealth effect.

A lot of people are building cash positions…. Those [investors] that are taking a longer term view are being extremely cautious here, are raising their cash levels, are nervous about the valuations that are in the market.

The values are very richly priced here, so I could see significant downside.

I was warning my colleagues, “Don’t go wobbly if we have a 10-20% correction at some point…. Everybody you talk to … has been warning that these markets are heavily priced.

You have to be careful here and frank about what drove the markets…. It was, the Fed, the Fed, the Fed, the European Central Bank, the Japanese Central bank … all quantitatively driven by central bank activity. That’s not the way markets should be working…. They were juiced up by central banks, including the Federal Reserve…. So, I think you have to acknowledge reality.

In a dynamite interview, Richard Fisher, former president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, gave what may be the biggest confession you’ll ever see and hear from a Federal Reserve insider: the Federal Reserve knowingly “front ran” the US stock market recovery (i.e., manipulated the market) and created a huge asset bubble. Fisher expresses certainty that the “juiced” stock market will come down and is coming down now that the Fed has taken its foot off the accelerator … and that it has a long way yet to go. –alt-market.com

Richard Fisher threw the rest of his colleagues (including Janet Yellen) under the bus in a futile attempt to excuse himself, his past actions and culpability.
Mr. Fisher said he voted for QE1 and QE2 but thought QE3 was not needed.
This criminal [Richard Fisher] is telling you, flat out, that a massive wealth transfer is taking place and whatever funds are in the stock market, well, they will belong to someone else and no longer be part of your 401k, IRA or private pension plan.
You have been warned by the criminal that instigated the theft.

Imagine When Citizens Become Aware Of The Crisis In Government
SURPRISE! Bank Of America Sounds The Alarms
Technocrats Can’t Hide…
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COVERT Human Experimentation EXPOSED

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Imagine When Citizens Become Aware Of The Crisis In Government

Problem solving asks: WHAT IF

Problem solving asks: WHAT IF

What can happen when the People become aware of the crisis in government?

I am not telling you, the reader, what to imagine, your imagination has many options of possibilities to choose from.
I am not limiting this awareness to any region or governing body, this crisis is worldwide.

Will you imagine great problems or great opportunity for alternatives and solutions?

Will you imagine chaos and destruction with a massive loss of life?
Will you imagine yourself joining a war?
Will you imagine yourself in public protest in front of institutional offices?
Will you imagine yourself begging government for emergency assistance?
Will you imagine yourself at home boycotting institutions and their sponsors?
Will you imagine yourself off-grid living?
Will you imagine yourself connecting to creative individuals to assist in implementing a resilient alternative community?
Will you imagine something else?

21st Century

Use your imagination and know that you are not limited to past movies and storybook scripts of doom or utopia.
Hollywood movies, Mass Media News, School Textbooks, nor can institutional officials in governments and banks, and religions limit your creative imagination for the life you wish to live.
national currencies
I do not know when this massive wave of knowledge and awareness will occur, as some individuals have a faith in institutional authority (“it’s the law”) without awareness of their faith and without a reason other than indoctrination and habit. I have read stories of some soldiers only learning that the war ended many years after, as they faithfully remained in their obedient soldier role.
Obviously, a lesson from the past shows that not everyone will become aware and some individuals will reject truth in a futile attempt to cling to false beliefs.

We can move forward with the People who are aware and wish to apply their problem solving skills to manifest healing and creative freedom for all to prosper.
We can abandon that old institutional script from history (his-story), which is a repetitive drama & tragedy control meme.

– Alternative Paths –
With imagination comes creative energy with a focus on alternatives and solutions.
In this light, opportunities for something better are present.
My wish is that communication technology will assist in our spreading awareness.
We can share our knowledge.
We can share ourstories.
We can share our vision.
We can Amplify our creativity and innovation.
Perhaps then this Age of Deception will transition…

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1funny money
Debt MastersDebt Slavery Crisis1 political moneyThe Money MafiacurrencyBank chartAll Wars Are Bankers' Wars


2 YesFOODgardens

What if you are creative and can govern your self?

Prompting Creative Thinking (from People Who Don’t Think They’re Creative)

Sharing Awareness, Knowledge, Imagination and Focus allows Solutions to be present.

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