Will Greece Ever Escape The Slavery (E.U.) System?

Greek female slave

What is the monetary union?
Also called a currency union when sovereign states synchronize and manage each country’s monetary policy.

Read what the International Monetary Fund (IMF) had to say about this:

Definition of a Currency Union

As I state very frequently, it is not an accident, it is policy.

And sadly, the desperation from the zombie international monetary system (IMS) with their puppet governments is expected to become more despotic to meet debt payments, enforce harsher austerity policies and compliance to new policies and regulations.

press conference 9 May 2016
Each month I enjoy listening to how Lynette Zang discusses these issues in her recorded videos, below she discusses the Greece trap in her soft tone way.
Please listen to her as she presents charts and evidence of what actually happened.

Title: The EU Monetary Union And The Road To A Greek Debt Reset. Who Really Got Bailed Out?
Video posted 29 Aug 2017 by ITM Trading







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Who Want To Remain A Slave?

In a state where machines act like people and people act like machines, it may be possible for many individuals to trust and obey governments as if it is big brother or mother there to protect you.

[…] “I always thought politicians and all those beautiful extremely rich and powerful people are there to look for the interest of the poor” […] -excerpt from a forum comment, September 2017

Many citizens may Believe and trust the deceiving officials while disbelieve and distrust the truth seekers with contrary evidence – there lies danger.

The reminder comes from 1948 and George Orwell when he wrote the book 1984.

WTC Building 7 Didn’t Just Blow Itself Up!

WTC 7 collapsed without a cause

A Foundational Lesson:

The Government Lies – Governments’ official Lies – Keep Secrets & More Lies

A very simple lesson, ignore it at your peril.
Blind trust or Blind obedience …

Team End-The-Fed calls on the energies of all creation for the sword of TRUTH to slay the beast system of mass deception.
Amplify Awareness (AA) Worldwide

If you find this information useful or of value then please share it with others.

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Yes, UNPLUG – Fun Entertainment Is Available Away From Mass Distributed Stories and Entertainment

After I was done typing comments over the internet about unplugging from mass media, TV, Movies, institutional and official stories, I browse my feeds and go to the Corbett Report and no surprise really, James is talking about this too.

Solutions: Turn Off Your TV

Source: https://www.corbettreport.com/solutions-turn-off-your-tv/
CLICK HERE to watch this video on BitChute

Title: Solutions: Turn Off Your TV
Video posted 8 Sep 2017 by corbettreport

A public service announcement from corbettreport.com:

The military-industrial-corporate-financial-intelligence-entertainment complex spends zillions of dollars every year creating predictive programming for you to consume…and you can foil their plans by clicking one little button. -The Corbett Report

Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Solutions: The Peer-to-Peer Economy

Source: https://www.corbettreport.com/solutions-the-peer-to-peer-economy-transcript/

Podcast: Play in new window | Download

If the root of our economic problem is the tendency toward centralized, globalist bureaucracies (like the EU and the WTO and the IMF and the World Bank) why does anyone believe the solution will be centralized, globalist bureaucracies (like the BRICS Bank and the EEU and the AIIB)? Today we look at a truly paradigm-shattering civilization-wide change taking place right now that has the potential to undermine the status quo: the peer-to-peer economy. -The Corbett Report








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Are You Experiencing DNS and other Internet Problems?

Mapped network of undersea cables

Are the reports below factual?

1. Submarine (Undersea) Cable
9 things you didn’t know about Google’s undersea cable
Tokyo Correspondent, IDG News Service

About 99% of all transoceanic Internet data is sent via undersea cables. That’s a huge increase from around 1995 […]

Submarine cables have to withstand the pressure of 8 km of water on top of them, roughly the equivalent of putting an elephant on your thumb. Yet the typical lightweight polyethylene cable for deep oceans from NEC, whose company OCC is supplying cable for FASTER, is only 17 millimeters (.7 inch) thick. […]

Submarine cables can carry up to 80 Tbps, a capacity that’s equivalent to transmitting 2,100 DVDs (4.7 GB each) in one second, according to NEC. […]

The first working submarine cable was laid down across the English Channel in 1851, decades before Alexander Graham Bell received a U.S. patent for the first practical telephone in 1876.


2. Anchor caused cut in Gulf Internet cable



An abandoned anchor was responsible for cutting one of the undersea Internet cables severed last week, causing disruptions across the Middle East and parts of Asia, the cable’s owner said Friday.

A FLAG Telecom repair crew discovered the anchor near where the fiber-optic cable was severed Feb. 1 in the Persian Gulf, 35 miles north of Dubai, between the Emirates and Oman.[…]

It remains unclear exactly how any of the cuts occurred.

It also was unclear whether FLAG knew what vessel the anchor belonged to. Rough weather was reported nearby at the time of the cut, but conditions have improved since.

Meanwhile, a second FLAG repair ship continued work on two undersea cables that were cut Jan. 30. They are about 5 miles off the north coast of Egypt, near the port city of Alexandria, and run between Egypt and Palermo, on the Italian island of Sicily.
The cuts slowed businesses, hampered personal Internet usage and caused a flurry of Internet blogger speculation, including mentions of sabotage. Government authorities and FLAG, which stands for Fiber-Optic Link Around the Globe, have refused to comment on the speculation.
“It is difficult to comment right now on this,” said a FLAG spokesman, reached over the telephone. “We are doing our own investigation.”
He spoke on condition of anonymity, in line with company policy.

Ovum analyst Matt Walker said undersea cable networks are highly vulnerable to deliberate attack and need enhanced security.
“If ports, railways, gas pipelines and other types of networks are being secured against possible sabotage, we must similarly increase the security of undersea optical highways,” Walker said.

3. Australia-to-Asia traffic slows as typhoons cut submarine cables
By The Register Sep 5, 2017, 7:41 pm

Typhoons have broken four submarine cables in the crowded Asian sea-lanes, with a knock-on impact for Australian ISPs iiNet and Internode.

The four damaged cables are ASE (Asia Submarine-Cable Express), TGA-Intra Asia (TGA-IA), Asia-American Gateway (AAG) and SEA-ME-WE3 (SMW3).

SMW3 connects Perth to Singapore; ASE and TGA-IA are intra-Asia cables, while ASE connects various Asian landings to California.

According to Malaysia’s The Star, the cables were damaged by two typhoons in late August: Hato, which left three dead in Macau after hitting Hong Kon; and Pakhar, which swept through the same region a few days later.


The Reporters May Refuse To Speculate, But I Don’t.

If these reports are factual then may there be “skulduggery afoot”?
Or is this poor engineering and maintenance contracts?
Very expensive repairs and poor planning for sure.

Regardless of the true cause, these reports (and countless others) highlight the vulnerability of the internet and supports the claims about fake satellites.
What about all those satellites NASA and other space agencies claim are carrying the load for data transmissions?

I am curious about what’s really going on, aren’t you?




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Something BIG Is Happening Worldwide

frogs not see not hear do not speak_Alexas

But few see, hear, or talk about it

I challenge you to search for it, worldwide.
Search for what is hidden, the code of silence along with the institutional deception, fraud, and non-disclosure agreements.

Search for the truth.

Often it can be seen hiding in plain sight.

Like the unseen energies:
More To Come Soon

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To My Fellow Authors On WordPress and Those Managing This Awesome Plateform

Self-Govern, Freedom is worth it.

I’ve been reading your wordpress posts and wish to inform you and everyone that my GNU-Linux distro blocks and have difficulty accepting programming code and scripts that spy/redirect/alter my web-browser.

That means, I can’t comment and can’t click the like buttons on your posts – I say this for you to know I see your great posts, even if you have not heard from me recently.

The JavaScript Trap

To the system operators managing wordpress.com and the application developers for wordpress I wish to remind you that we do exist!

There are authors (so-called “content providers”) and computer end-users who run GNU/Linux distros computers and have difficulties with wordpress and wordpress.com.
We may disable javascript (or have LibreJS or NoScript installed) to protect our privacy and property.
Some individuals simply segregate or cancel membership to websites and applications with javascripts.

To say that javascript is problematic is to understate the problems.
If you have installed some javascript or other disrespectful programming code please remove it, or re-write it to meet the Libre standards (GNU; FSF; Copyleft).

You can find more about this from these webpages:



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I Finally Did It – I Evicted Microsoft!

Windows is an Engineered Virus

Over the years I’ve delved into other operating systems for my computing.
Despite my wishes, Microsoft (henceforth to be known as “Microsuck“) remained.
Sometimes alongside other OSs or in the background within a virtual mode.

Today I feel much more strongly that focusing on “Free”, as in Freedom, is vitally important.
Thus, CopyLeft, GNU, LibrePlanet, and the concept of free source resonates with truth seekers’ increased awareness in the freedom movement. ~RonMamita

Microsoft logo over the years
No longer trapped!
I write to share with the People worldwide, that I have formally evicted Microsuck from my computers.
I felt like I was in a pre-arranged marriage, if so then I performed the annulment.

For me, Ubuntu OS was a failed attempt a few years ago. However, Ubuntu was a learning experience that showed me the hardware and firmware conflicts are big problems, along with the daunting task of learning to work with an unfamiliar operating system. Be warned, that if you attempt to modify your computer (into a hybrid) by installing a GNU-Linux distro then you most likely will face problems with hardware and BIOS.

That Ubuntu failed test led me to Trisquel.
What is Trisquel?
See: F.A.Q.

What is Trisquel?

Trisquel GNU/Linux is a fully free operating system for home users, small enterprises and educational centers.

“Trisquel GNU/Linux is a 100% libre Ubuntu-based Linux distribution. Its main purpose is to provide an operating system for varied audience, including home and office users, educational institutions, multimedia workstations, etc. The project is managed by independent developers and is partially funded by donations.” –distrowatch.com

Once I decided to switch operating systems from Microsuck to Trisquel 7, I began searching for sources that sold fully functioning (with freed firmware, hardware that has no compatiblility or instruction set issues with) computers with this GNU/Linux distro.

I spoke with a seller from Europe (kurtis with info@technoethical.com ) that was very pleasant and prompt reply/conversation!
Yet, I decided to avoid possible difficulties and misunderstandings with converting different currencies, additional costs and possible other issues dealing with a foreign business.
Later, I saw Libiquity’s website, which is located in America.
I had difficulty getting a reply from them, but eventually my order for the Taurinus X200 Laptop was completed.
Below is my unboxing.


My wife said my package was delivered precariously halfway (inside/outside) our wall-mounted mailbox.
The package was oversized for the mailbox and the U.S.P.S. mailman should have knocked on our front-door to hand deliver it, or placed it on the porch floor. If the package had fallen from that height it would have damaged the laptop.

Picture 1:
The first thing I noticed was the box-package had a penetrated hole, that had me thinking it went through rough handling during shipping.

Picture 2
However, upon opening the box the added bubble wrap was a needed protective barrier in place, Yay!
Thank you LIBIQUITY, for your foresight to carefully wrap the contents with protective bubble wrap – it saved us from the frustration of returning damaged goods and submitting insurance claims.

Picture 3 and 4
After removing the bubble wrap, we see the laptop was in a sealed bag and docked.

The three cables and power adapter were in separate bags.
I did not find any instructions.

Picture 5
All 5 contents are shown in this image or 6 contents if you separate the dock from the laptop which were shipped connected or docked.
I forgot to photograph the included small white envelope (not shown but similar to the white sticker on the left side of the Laptop) with 3 Libreboot stickers of the iconic leaping deer black-silhouette image.

1 ea. Taurinus X200; 8 GiB RAM; 1 TB HDD;
1 ea. Dock with CD/DVD Drive
1 ea. AC power adapter
1 ea. 5ft network patch cable
1 ea. 12inch adapter cable (not sure but maybe VGA)
1 ea. 12inch adapter cable (not sure, maybe a card reader)

The laptop has some scratches on it but there doesn’t appear to be any noticeable damage.

I am feeling like a klutz, having difficulty opening the laptop, where is the latch?
Everything is black and challenging my poor eyesight to determine which latch is for the dock and laptop.
After fumbling around the edges,  I finally got it to open.

Plug it in and let’s power it on!

The green Trisquel desktop screen comes on with the system configuration menu.
Oops, the latop is auto connecting to the local WiFis in the area – how to power off?

I push the button with what appears to be the symbol for power, but it doesn’t power down so I close the lid, hoping it will halt and go to sleep or power-off automatically.

Move the laptop to the office where the ethernet and modem boxes are, plug in the ethernet cat-6 cable, now open the laptop’s lid and the screen lights up showing ethernet connection to the internet.
I will now go through the system configuration menu (GUI)…


My first time seeing a logon box for “Ron” asking for my password!

Ok, the first tasks I completed were change the screen background/wallpaper; (System Settings) sleep mode/power saving; settings for sound; and Universal Access.
I’ll have to learn how to install packages and apps that I need.
I see 160MB updated software is available for download, I’ll start that now.

Now I am in a happy mode, despite my unfinished project installing Trisquel on my old server-a/v blog work-horse.
I wish to thank everyone at Libiquity for safely shipping the fully freed computer to me.

Boycott Microsoft (Microsuck)

Do you wish to free your computer from Microsuck or other proprietary corporation?
Libiquity sells electronics and services that respect their owners’ freedom and privacy.

Contact LIBIQUITY and say that Ronald sent you, include my order number #196 and yours for a discount.
*DETAIL Rebate Instruction:
If you are interested in the Taurinus X200, then send a message to <mailto:sales@libiquity.com> with
referral” in the subject and the following information in the body:
* Ronald’s order number #196
* Ronald’s name, and
* Your order number.

I wish to have Libiquity rebates to go to the next 4 Taurinus X200 purchasers rather than to me, if they agree.

Taurinus X200 Laptop with the Trisquel GNU/Linux Operating System

Remember to request a Ronald discount – #196 .

PO Box 103
Greendell, NJ  07839-0103
United States

If you find this information useful or of value then please share it with others.


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Are The Foretold Dystopian Stories Playing In Our Lives?

What really happened

What Really Happened

Have you read many dystopic or “cyberpunk” stories?
If not, then you most likely may have been entertained by them in film or TV, and I am convinced that corporate sponsored mass entertainment plan to adapt many more sci-fi stories in the years to come.

Here are but a few from the film & animation archives:

  • Videodrome
  • Blade Runner
  • Alien
  • Minority Report
  • Total Recall
  • The Lawnmower Man
  • Ghost in the Shell
  • Tron; and Tron: Legacy
  • Akira
  • Robocop
  • The Terminator
  • eXistenZ
  • The Matrix
  • Hackers

Google's Dir. Ray Kurzweil, "We'll be uploading our entire minds to computers by 2045"

Manipulate Culture or Cultural Engineering

I now consider many Sci-Fi stories are dystopic by my reasoning, even the futuristic stories that glorify science and technology from Jules Verne, Arthur C.Clarke, Isaac Asimov, to George Orwell and others …

Apparently their sci-fi forecasts are being pursued by the globalists massive capital funds directed to develop a worldwide civilization based upon the digital economy.
Recall the G20 vowed all citizens will be “digitally connected” by 2025.

Consider some of the themes and memes:

  • Advanced technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Drones & Cyberwarfare
  • Globalization (Michio Kaku TYPE-I civilization)
  • Merge Man & Machine (implant microchips/nanotech/neural enhancement)

The ‘Future’, the writers wrote about is happening as you read this in the so-called calendar year for 2017.
While their fictional stories may have spoke of giant computer systems to communicate and manage the world, now exists supercomputers and the worldwide decentralized digital network of computers, aka the internet and blockchain tech.

This is not an accident, it is policy.












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Central Banks Are Preparing To Regulate and Dominate Blockchain (with their Cryptocurrency & Data Harvesting offsprings) Technology

Beware of regulations, mandates, and policy enforcement.

The Bank of England (“BoE” is the UK’s Central Bank) published a press release in July 2017 revealing they now allow a new generation of non-bank payment service providers eligibility for a settlement account in the BoE’s real-time gross settlement (RTGS) system with direct access to the UK’s sterling payment systems that settle in sterling central bank money, including Faster Payments, Bacs, CHAPS, LINK, Visa, and the new digital cheque imaging system.
This appears to me that the banking cartel is preparing the path for FINTECH and blockchain developers!

If you do not read the full text, then remember these key points:
” Digital wallets draw funds from payment cards or bank accounts. Marketplace loans most often depend on loan origination by a bank partner. And payment innovations often “settle up” over legacy payment rails, like the automated clearinghouse system.(While Bitcoin is a notable exception, many consumers still rely on connecting their bank accounts with Bitcoin exchanges to convert their fiat currency to virtual currency and vice-versa.)”
“As envisioned by the OCC, obtaining a special purpose charter would have the practical effect of allowing certain fintech companies to potentially bypass the need for connecting to a bank for certain purposes in favor of becoming licensed as banks themselves. The OCC’s proposal raises interpretive and policy issues for the Federal Reserve regarding whether charter recipients would become Federal Reserve members or have access to Federal Reserve accounts and services, such as direct access to payment systems.”
“In the European Union, beginning in 2018, member states will be required to start implementing the European Parliament’s revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2).” -Governor Lael Brainard

Where Do Banks Fit in the Fintech Stack?

source Federal Reserve:Lael Brainard took office as a member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System on June 16, 2014, to fill an unexpired term ending January 31, 2026.

Below are some excerpts from the FEDERAL RESERVE.gov website:

The iPhone is a key platform on which that app ecosystem operates. How did that happen? Apple essentially made the smartphone a toolkit for third-party developers to experiment, innovate, build, and scale new apps. It did so by investing heavily in developing open application programming interfaces (APIs) that provided third-party developers clear instructions and open access to the iPhone platform. This strategy enabled those outside developers to build new applications that delivered Apple’s customers additional value by taking advantage of the existing functionality of the iPhone. Specifically, this open architecture makes available to outside developers clear instructions that enable them to use the iPhone’s various sensors, processors, displays, and other interfaces in combination with their own code to develop new products.

But for all of the talk of “disruption,” I want to underscore an important point: More often than not, there is a banking organization somewhere in the fintech stack. Just as third-party app developers rely on smartphone sensors, processors, and interfaces, fintech developers need banks somewhere in the stack for such things as: (a) access to consumer deposits or related account data, (b) access to payment systems, (c) credit origination, or (d) compliance management.8 For instance, account comparison services rely on access to data from consumers’ bank accounts. Savings and investment apps analyze transactions data from bank accounts to understand how to optimize performance and manage the funds consumers hold in those accounts. Digital wallets draw funds from payment cards or bank accounts. Marketplace loans most often depend on loan origination by a bank partner. And payment innovations often “settle up” over legacy payment rails, like the automated clearinghouse system.9 In short, the software stacks of almost all fintech apps point to a bank at one layer or another.

Because of the high stakes, fintech firms, banks, data aggregators, consumer groups, and regulators are all still figuring out how best to do the connecting. There are a few alternative approaches in operation today, with various advantages and drawbacks.
A number of large banks have developed or are in the process of developing interfaces to allow outside developers access to their platforms under controlled conditions. Similar to Apple opening the APIs of its phones and operating systems, these financial companies are working to provide APIs to outside developers, who can then build new products on the banks’ platforms.

As regulators, we have a responsibility to ensure that the institutions subject to our supervision are operated safely and soundly and that they comply with applicable statutes and regulations.


Regulators in the United Kingdom and continental Europe have recently outlined new approaches to facilitate connectivity in financial services, while attempting to mitigate the associated risks. In August 2016, the UK Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) released a package of mandates aimed at increasing competition for consumer and small business current accounts (akin to U.S. checking accounts).27 This year nine of the country’s largest banks were required to create open APIs to share nonsensitive, non-consumer-specific information, like pricing, fees, terms, and conditions as well as branch and automated teller machine locations.28 This initial limited sharing of information has started communication and collaboration across the industry on areas like data standards and organizational governance, which will facilitate work on more contentious questions. Before March 2018, the CMA is scheduled to enforce a broader package of reforms, including mandating that the nine banks create APIs that allow third-party banks and nonbanks to access consumer accounts for reading transaction data and payment initiation.
In the European Union, beginning in 2018, member states will be required to start implementing the European Parliament’s revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2).29


the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), which is responsible for administering national bank charters, has announced that it is exploring offering “special purpose national bank charters” to fintech companies.34 As envisioned by the OCC, obtaining a special purpose charter would have the practical effect of allowing certain fintech companies (companies that make loans, make payments, or accept deposits) to potentially bypass the need for connecting to a bank for certain purposes in favor of becoming licensed as banks themselves. The OCC’s proposal raises interpretive and policy issues for the Federal Reserve regarding whether charter recipients would become Federal Reserve members or have access to Federal Reserve accounts and services, such as direct access to payment systems. If the OCC proposal is finalized, the Federal Reserve would have to closely analyze these issues with respect to any fintech firms that express an interest in moving forward with an application.

I encourage you to download the entire text and bibliography – “Know thy enemy“.
Download pdf version here.

Read how the ECB’s revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) has focused the opportunities it could create for new fintech companies, and how mega-corporations are also viewing the reforms as an opportunity in the changing market:
European Banking Authority “EBA” publishes a Discussion Paper on its approach to FinTech 04 August 2017

Financial Institutions news, tag psd2

EBA News-Press Calendar

Related Posts:

The IMF’s SDR Role as the Preeminent Reserve Currency: De-Dollarization Policy Agreement

Blockchain, Virtual Currencies, and FINTECH are no ACCIDENT

Blockchain Video Promo has creepy subliminal message!

With policies ratified and structural reforms underway, next comes armed enforcement!

THE European Central Bank (ECB) has called for greater punishments on those eurozone countries that fail to implement reforms

Philip R Lane, Governor of the Central Bank of Ireland wants to make sure internal working groups are focused on FINTECH innovation

“Banks and fintechs are also increasingly cooperating rather than competing.”

More Evidence For The Coming Blockchain Regulations and New Policies To Enforce

Oh-oh, Goldman Sachs Has A Cryptocurrency Patent!

If you find this information useful or of value then please share it with others.



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Moments Like These I Almost Despair…

What Do Others Think About Blockchain Technology?

I have to remind myself to not get trapped in a echo chamber, where only the choir are singing. Look outside and see what others are actually doing and believing. With that thought I did a quick search right here from the wordpress public reader search bar.

These images convey a powerful message about chains and money, if you are not able to pause to consider the possible connection to enslavement then this editorial is not an easy message to accept.

This blog was the second result on the first search page, but there are page after page of posts that praise the amazing wonders of blockchain technology.
I actually became nauseous.

Making money is an obvious incentive, but are workers chained to the system?
Globalist Bank funded, workers are oblivious of the chains

I do not wish to have a heated debate about career choices and survival or defining personal success, obviously that is a personal choice.
Right or wrong, or good or bad it still is a choice, and the consequences fall on the individual.

What I was interested in is the sense of the collective consciousness and the will of the people. This is where creative energy is invested, as well as labor and funds.

How many career professionals consider or research where these plans (for the digital economy and FINTECH craze) come from?

I know some individuals think it is an accident of innovation and some think it is the benevolent design of talented and wealthy engineers and developers.
Few make the connections to nefarious organizations such as Bilderburgs, BIS, IMF, OECD, CFR, G20, various central banks and others.

Meanwhile my heart sank among the many praises posted in blog after blog about the promising blockchain, with benefits and advances such as:

  • Increased time effectiveness due to real time transactions
  • Direct Transactions eliminate the overheads and intermediary costs
  • Reduced risk related to cyber crimes, frauds, and tampering
  • More transparent processes with a proper creation and tracking
  • Highly secure due to cryptographic and decentralized Blockchain protocols

I could add some more benefits to the beast system that seek to enslave humanity, so I was surprised that the list was so short and lacking any depth. The real absence was the lack of facts that connects coordinated efforts from the most influential international organizations such as:

Sigh, I have to console myself with the knowledge that this is why I and others bother to research and investigate the plans and policies coming from think tanks and supra-national organizations. Call us conspiracy researchers, but don’t call us “theorists” because the research documents the facts.
Sadly the facts contradict the praises for the emerging digital economy with blockchain technology and virtual currencies.

If you care to read and learn more then click on the links below.
Meanwhile do not dare say that no one ever warned you about the massive deception and looming crisis.
Update your emergency preparedness plan, take your assets out of the banks and have some physical, tangible assets in your possession for insurance and survival.





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CHINA’s GLOBALIZATION Leadership: Technocracy Creeping Into Power

Is the globalization agenda for the digital economy with virtual currencies on the blockchain and institutional governance run by technocrats the threat to freedom worldwide?
China has publicly stated many times they are prepared to assume the leadership role for globalization.

Lynette Zang (market analyst at ITM Trading) explains her analysis:

Title: Chinese Technocracy Creeping Globally
Video posted 22 Aug 2017 by ITM Trading


If you find this information useful or of value then please share it with others.


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Is This Collective Awareness Expanding OR Being Captured Into The Digital Matrix?

As you ponder this, include the blockchain, digital banking, digital money, and the digital economy
Is it a Babel legacy or Freedom?

James Corbett has an excellent effort exploring these questions:

Title: The Library of Babel – Film, Literature and the New World Order
Video posted 15 Aug 2017 by Corbett Report Extras

The universe is the internet is the library is the internet is the universe.
Or is it?
And if so, who are the librarians?
And if we have all the information we can ever want, does that mean we have knowledge or wisdom?
If not, how do we make it?
Or who will make it for us?

Join James this month for a Film, Literature and the New World Order examination of “The Library of Babel” by Jorge Luis Borges.

For a reading of this story by James Corbett, CLICK HERE.

For those with limited bandwidth, CLICK HERE to download a smaller, lower file size version of this episode.

For those interested in audio quality, CLICK HERE for the highest-quality version of this episode WARNING: very large download.


“The Library of Babel” – Text / Audio

More at The Library of Babel – FLNWO #27
Civilization is not an accident, civilization is engineered – it is by design. And now the digital economy is emerging as the internet has been embraced worldwide (especially via so-called “smartphones” and digital banking) – is this the global matrix?
Click on the links below:

You Should Feel The Forced Herding Down The Digital Economy, Unless You Are Too Young…

Do The Next Generation Hear The Calls From Past Generations Echoing Down From Seasons Past?

G20 Has Commitments Vowed All Citizens Be “Digitally Connected” By 2025

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