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United Nations flag_Flat Earth Model
WHY Are Nations’ Militaries Stationed Around Antarctica & Denying Exploration?

Below are records revealing the Amazing Shift in Consciousness Occurring on Earth!

A Mass Awakening is in Progress.

Individuals are questioning everything and revealing mass deception at the institutional level.
The fraud, deception, coercion, manipulation, and secrecy is so established that the world is literally not as you were taught!

See and hear for yourself…

Let’s Meetup In Antarctica!
And not leave until until we remove the barrier and secrecy.


Is The Earth A Spinning Sphere?


Have you ever taken great care and effort to scrutinizingly research the earth is a sphere claim for yourself?

Ball Earth Math for curvature

NASA science fiction space magic

… You are now aware of the extraordinary skills and innovation available to all mass media productions for Psychological Warfare against unaware citizens.
Everyone must question All media, textbooks, school lessons, news, governments, and science claims!

Remember this when you research NASA, ESA, CIA, FBI, NSA, and other institutional agents or agencies covert operations in NEWS, Politics, Elections, War Propaganda, and so much more that is presented to the public on a massive scale everyday.

Watch NASA’s Moon illusion move toward the left of screen and then corrects to the right of screen while rising to the top of screen…
Be sure to enlarge the video to full screen HD viewing and note the subtle flaw in the video below:

You know what to look for, spot the Water Bubble in Earth Orbit!

Oh, a Egress Tunnel From The Rocket?!

WHY is NASA on a Jet Faking the I.S.S. In Orbit?

NASA, at it again:

PhD. Neil DeGrasse Tyson Updates the True Shape of the Earth:
“Oblate spheroid”? “Chubby”? “Pear shape”?
Doesn’t that mean the early NASA-Apollo Mission Photos are false?

Professional Liars_NASA

You are now aware that NASA has covert operations to deceive the public…

Do You Need more evidence that NASA are Deceivers?

Indeed there is more to NASA’s secrecy than mere Freemasons.
There are Nazis and Dark Occultists Too!

NASA Occult Secrecy

What is the Moon?

Is the Moon an Illusion?

Shooting lasers at the moon; REALLY?!

And Mass Media


*Below are archived research into why the Earth is not a Sphere!

Yes, indeed this is not a ruse or joke!

The evidence is convincing that the Earth is not a Sphere, however many researchers want to CONCLUDE the Earth is therefore FLAT (may be true, or partially true).
Please, do not make another leap to accept another model without your personal research and scrutiny.
Park all Earth models into “unconfirmed” status until you personally have researched and scrutinized it exhaustively enough to convince you to reach a conclusion.

The reasons I have included the archives below is for the simple reason that the evidence is overwhelming that:
1. The institutions’ claims of a spinning, ball Earth is false.
2. We now know the institutions have been deceiving the citizens and the classroom have false teachings.
3. The institutions are deceivers and untrustworthy! Even the so called “science” is infected with their institutional dogma and funding influence that maintains the deception.

Resource Sites:

NASA What Do You Stand For?

Not A Space Agency

Never A Straight Answer

1. Liars and Deceivers
2. Cheating and Stealing
3. Fraud and Fake It!
4. Nazis, Dark Occultists, and Murderers (some personnel died suddenly and mysteriously)

8 comments on “Consciousness Shift Archives
  1. RonMamita says:

    Published on Jul 2, 2015

    Mark and Johnathan talk to Jeffrey Grupp about all things Flat Earth.

    Are we inside a Truman show enclosed world, thousands of miles wide? This is part of a series of videos that shows not only is it possible, but likely.

    Please feel free to upload these videos anywhere – Mark Sargent


  2. RonMamita says:

    Whats Going On In Antarctica

    Posted 05 July 2011


  3. RonMamita says:

    K-Talk Taboo Conspiracy Thursday – Flat Earth & Fake News

    Video posted 9 Dec 2015 by JibbyJedi


  4. RonMamita says:

    Truth Seekers Are Sharing

    The fact that the earth is not a spinning ball and the heliocentric model is wrong.

    Title: Flat Earth on Trial (3)
    Published on Mar 7, 2016
    You can check out my blogs and spiritual teaching at

    Below are links to videos which helped to convince me that we do in fact live on a flat earth.
    I thank the producers of these videos.
    They serve as the witnesses which disprove the prosecutors assertions I present in part 2 of this series.



  5. RonMamita says:

    When Did Science-Fiction Become Science?

    As far back through the “History” I search I find that same pattern for civilization!
    First it is written or prophesied, then it come to past, and written as fact in educational centers with approved (funded) textbooks.

    Is that the real application of mass mind control?
    Is that evidence of the hidden hand(s) directing civilization on Earth?
    Are more examples to be found by researching “history”, such as Copernicus, Newton, Einstein, and what of the writings from the Bible or other religious texts?

    Is predictive programming a foundational element for effective social engineering?

    The many questions above have answers, but rather than reading volumes of text you can view a few videos and quickly search for more evidence of manipulating society and Mass-deception:

    Title: Flat Earth & the “PROPHETS” of Sci-F[eye]…
    Video posted 04 Mar 2016

    Title: Another Faked ISS Clip From US Government Agency NASA
    Video posted 05 Mar 2016

    Title: “Flat Earth: Jesuits & the Global Conspiracy!”
    Video posted 04 Mar 2016

    *Keep Looking for evidence and improve your skills as a Truth Seeker.
    Remember: We all play a fool, some time in our lives – there is no exception to that rule.
    But, it can be remedied as we seek the Truth.


  6. RonMamita says:

    Webbot Creator, Clif High, Challenges Flat Earth!

    I am archiving this video out of respect for Clif High.
    He asked 5 simple questions (makes me question if Clif bothered to look at the geocentric evidence that already refutes those sources or answers his questions):

    Title: Alt Realty #4 – Not flat earth! Top 5 human reasons why!
    Video posted 20 Apr 2017 by clif high

    “Welcome to Alt Reality #4 – Not flat earth! Top 5 human reasons why!

    In this discussion there are presented my top 5/five human reasons to think we do not live on a flat earth. Each and every one is presented as a challenge….you tell me why each item proves we don’t live on a flat earth. A few easy ones at the beginning to get your brain warmed up.

    Not a big deal but I am getting annoyed at having to constantly fight with people about flat earth, so now I have a video where I can point them, asking, “can you answer my 5 questions first?”….

    thanks for watching.

    Clif high channel on YouTube

    Remember, if it doesn’t leave you wondering WTF did I just watch? It is not a clif high video!”
    End quote.


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