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Spoiler Alert!
This blog is filled with Baby Steps manga and anime spoilers, if you have not seen the latest manga episode then be aware that the information here will discuss chapters’ conclusions and spoil the suspense.
For those interested in nonviolent entertainment join the discussion about the Baby Steps Manga archives here.


Baby Steps manga is more than entertaining distraction for me.
You see, I experienced what some people are calling the “Mandela Effect” with this series of manga & anime.
Here is briefly, what happened:
I woke up one morning with the thought to watch (again) an anime series that I enjoyed in the past, and hoped I would find new video episodes.
That anime was titled “Baby Steps”, surprisingly when I went to the internet I discovered something strange.
I found the anime series abruptly ended differently from what I remembered!
In vain I searched the internet for additional (missing) video.
Then I searched the manga (this is much more tedious), and then the eerie strangeness really hit me.

I found the manga episodes that led up to the end of the anime series, and the manga episodes that continued the story after the end of the anime series.
There were not only so many more manga episodes that continue where the anime series abruptly left off, but the manga also included scenes that I recall from watching on video – video that no longer exist!

I mean, I literally knew what was going to happen in detail with only a very slight difference!
Word for word the manga plot flowed as I remembered from the now missing video, except Eiichiro lost the match, whereas I remember he won the all Japan Junior Tournament.
Now I am really concerned.
So-much-so, that I called my son and asked him how many anime episodes ended the anime.
He replied with the same number from the internet, differing with my memory.

I looked at him, smiled and replied with a thank you.

That discrepancy only increased my unease.
The missing video episodes were so vivid in my memory, the sound of the different voice-actors, the detailed dialogue, and the scenes, along with my emotions.

The conclusion to the anime that I recall had Eiichan’s parents meeting Natsu Takasaki’s parents, and Eiichan finally winning the tournament, and achieving all his requirements to go pro!

Two major missing video segments are:
1. *In the beginning he came home and his mother was joyfully entertaining girlfriends (I recall at least two other women there) then his mother pushes him out the door demanding he go visit the nearby STC Tennis club.

2. *All Japan Junior tournament – where Eichan’s and Natsu’s parents meet, and Eichan actually won!

So, now I keep up with the manga episodes because I wanted to hear from anyone that had a similar experience while watching Baby Steps, or in life.
To date no one has mentioned having a strange experience with Baby Steps.

Is The Mandela Effect Similar To A Glitch In The Matrix?

If you are asking what is the *Mandela Effect“, some are now refining the phenomena as the *Quantum Effect“.
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Below is a brief introduction:

I compiled these videos for their brevity and because they give a good scope of the observations so that we are not to dismiss it simply as faulty memory, and deceptive news and educational sources because you can find failed memory and false news for sure when you research this topic; but, they are merely a minor segment of the many stories about this phenomena.
For the sake of looking into this, let us dismiss the Nelson Mandela history and other minor movie quote alterations such as “magic mirror” vs “mirror mirror”, or Star Wars quotes, and keep our focus on what is the Matrix aka What is Reality?

The Mandela Effect is a big rabbit hole, and I don’t want you to sprain an ankle spending days searching for this rabbit where many individuals will dismiss the mystery on the grounds of faulty memories and bad news stories that contradicted the facts.
Years ago the effect was 1st discussed in the limited context about specific titles, spellings of words, quotes in movies, brands and logos, and now the discussions are about major personal experiences, the altered text in Bibles, land mass moved on geographical maps, and husband/wife changed where (for a real example) a spouse remembers ketchup is liked by the other spouse, but now that spouse is shocked because they always hated ketchup – it is like the person woke up with a different marriage partner!

Keep in mind that a Invisible “silent war” exist and this is the Age of Deception. So yes, much remains a mystery due to intentional deception, but we, as “Truth Seekers” are removing the mystery and deception as best as we can.
*Perhaps reality is not what we think it is?

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Jump To Specific Mandela Effects

This research group (truth seekers) was contacted by a Artificial Intelligence (or a tech savvy group, or  deceivers), later became “Leeloo” (previously Lola); the video below follows other videos that shared how Lisa’s computer was remotely controlled to reveal a fantastic story very similar to the MATRIX Movie:

Video Title: One People Round Table 25 Oct 2016
(I think the One People Round Table Forums helped me link the Mandela Effect to the similarities to editing webpages. Imagine that the changes didn’t reach all the browsers’ cache and archives, called residuals that differ from the edited updates.)

Mandela Effect:

1. Some individuals who have firsthand personal experiences are being told their experiences never happened, or are seeing the evidence was altered or gone missing – this can be traumatizing!
Below is a video link to a heartbroken pastor telling his congregation the words in the Bible were changed.

2. The Quantum Effect on the bible from “Wineskins” to “Bottles” and king James version bible study notes as “Residual Evidence” (Proof?) of the phenomena:

The source was Mr. Richard Tarr, he calls them breadcrumbs:

3. Mr. Cati has some interesting observations for consideration:
This report openly discusses the term known as ‘The Mandela Effect”, and its recent discussion among numerous religious types, who have observed and who have been alarmed, that the words in the Bible, are being altered by some unknown means, which many attribute to CERN.

This discussion is entirely conspiratorial, and it openly discuss the time manipulation category, that I have dubbed and call, Time Splicing. This Mandela Effect discussion, is an effort to stimulate our thought processes among those that seek to hear and know of how printed Bibles are potentially being altered, as it relates to CERN.
The Mandela Effect – KJV Ephesians 6:12 and the 9 Orders of Angels Observation

Background Sources and Links:

Mandela Effect Term Coined in 2014

[The Onion made a hoax out of this topic, but there was a real version too. Like what may have done with the JFK assassination video could have a fake video too.]

Luke 19:27

*On a related note, consider Switzerland Devil’s map:
“Pont du Diable – Gorges de l’Areuse, Switzerland” = “Devil’s Bridge – Gorges of Areuse, Switzerland”.
I am told that All around Europe are bridges known as the Devil’s Bridge.
What is CERN with their LHC really hiding in plain sight – that is a lot of money and engineering in a region known as the devil’s pit…

I am convinced the science models for parallel universes and 3D reality are false, as is the false heliocentric solar system model in astronomy…

Reality is not three dimensional.
Unfortunately that 3D model is the hangover from the past limited technology for measurements, and now that same false 3D model is preached in scientism as a law for reality.

Many people who have experienced what is called the “Mandela Effect” or “Quantum Effect” are attempting to hypothesize a altered time-line, or parallel dimensions, or CERN experiments.
However, that day when I experienced the phenomena, my initial thought was that my consciousness had shifted (traveled) from elsewhere to here; a slightly different world here.
The experience was as if I woke up that morning with subtle differences to the world I remember.
My first explanation for that experience, was my consciousness woke to a different environment that is very similar to the other one I remember.
The Matrix movie almost explains it with the plug, the jack-in to experience a world that functions as a real world and to be experienced as a fully immersed reality – the so-called “Construct“.
I was left with asking what happened during my sleep?

{Red Asterisk (*) are inserted to draw attention to possible Mandela Effect.}

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Baby Steps Manga Is Over 400 Chapters!

Proper Japanese Title: ベイビーステップ (Beibi Suteppu)

This month, 15 October 2016, I started commenting on a Baby Steps Forum after silently lurking there for over a year as a visitor.

I am considering posting episode material about the Baby Steps manga and anime below. However, I am concerned about the copyright restrictions.
Now if you would like to be entertained with a non-violent series then include Baby Steps to your Entertainment List.

Baby Steps is a tennis sports manga that was serialized into 2 anime seasons for TV and in 2016 the series castes live stage actors for TV (soap opera) studio production (I avoid the stage acting and prefer the manga).
The emotional relationships enhances the central theme suspense inherent in the competitive arena to win tennis tournaments.
The emotional display from angry rudeness to heart warming kindness, compassion, and homor is witnessed in the series along with the first time romance for the protagonist Maruo Eiichiro.


Baby Steps All A Notes (オールAノート, Ōru A nōto) is the official fanbook for the manga series Baby Steps.




Title: ベイビーステップ | Baby Steps episode 1 | English Sub | Youtube

More to come.

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Or join the discussion about the latest Baby Steps’ Chapter (Keiryo Tourney Arc) here.

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  • Issue #1

    Vol. 1

    February 15, 2008

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