Too Much Programming and Only One Solution Available:


There is a silent war waged against the citizens.

I like choices and options but with controlled TV and other corporate controlled media and entertainment we really only have one solution, and that is to UNPLUG!

Turn off the TV, research your information for factual evidence and entertain yourself with non-commercial and without corporate sponsored entertainment. Instead of popular famous idols, celebrities and professional sports do something at home, or at the local clubs with amateurs or hobbyists.

MLS sees 38% decline in 2015 MLS Cup TV viewing numbers
Posted on December 9, 2015 by Christopher Harris

RTL’s F1 Viewership Decline Continues In ’15; New Record For NFL On ProSieben Maxx
Published December 1, 2015

Americans are watching less live TV than ever before — A nightmare scenario for TV networks
by Lara O’Reilly Mar. 12, 2015
“TV viewing in the US is plummeting.”

Most Young People Say They Have Stopped Watching TV
by Lara O’Reilly Jan. 26, 2015

Have a joyful holiday season and be safe.

3 Minutes that PROVE All Media is Controlled by ONE Power !

One Script.
One purpose.
One ruling power.
A quick look at how far and wide this brainwashing goes…

Tell-LIE-vision – There’s a reason why they call it ‘programming’.

Proof TV Media 100% Fake – Fake/Green Screen Compliation (2014)
Click link above if video doesn’t play.


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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6 comments on “Too Much Programming and Only One Solution Available:
  1. RonMamita says:

    Governments are brainwashing the world

    It is known as the “Silent War”, and it is a war against the citizens.

    “A jury found that the United States government, along with Loyd Jowers, conspired to murder Dr. King. It’s what we already knew, but that trial was not covered by the press. There was only one journalist in the room.” – Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney

    “Everything that you think you know about the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. is a lie.”

    Title: Cynthia McKinney: US Govt Conspired In MLK Assassination (excerpt from “Incontrovertible”)
    Video posted 15 Dec 2015
    “Here’s an excerpt from Coretta Scott King, et al. vs. Loyd Jowers et al., Case No. 97242:
    THE COURT: In answer to the question did Loyd Jowers participate in a conspiracy to do harm to Dr. Martin Luther King, your answer is yes. Do you also find that others, including governmental agencies, were parties to this conspiracy as alleged by the defendant? Your answer to that one is also yes. And the total amount of damages you find for the plaintiffs entitled to is one hundred dollars. Is that your verdict?
    THE JURY: Yes (In unison).”

    Title: You are being brainwashed by your government !
    Video posted 17 Dec 2015
    Learn about mind-control, the power of suggestion, subliminal messages, hypnosis, cognitive dissonance, neurotoxins and more [that is involved in the “silent war”, the infowar, cultural engineering, psychological warfare, and manipulating public opinion.]

    Television NEWS

    It is Not News, it is A Psyop

    Title: How The Fake News Deceives The Planet
    Video posted 26 Sep 2014
    This clip shows you how the fake news works. It also addresses how your belief is used against you and how video news releases are being used around the world to deceive the planet. Do not be fooled and shut off your TV. In 6 months to a year you will be cured from this global deception.


  2. Brilliant. This is fantastic news.


  3. RonMamita says:

    Cynthia McKinney Explains Her Use and Then Forced Scrubbing of WikiLeaks in Her Dissertation

    Video posted 08 Sep 2015
    After being asked by her Dissertation Committee Member, Dr. Peter Dale Scott, what happened, Cynthia McKinney Explains Her Use And Then Forced Scrubbing of WikiLeaks in Her Dissertation due to the Obama Administration’s sentencing of journalist Barrett Brown to prison for publishing documents using the same whistleblowing platform.

    Read the dissertation preface where I protest what happened to me and restate the importance of using all such documents (including COINTELPRO and Frank Church Reports) in fully understanding, U.S. political behavior based on the policies and perceptions of the individuals who make or contribute to the making of it. In my case, I used State Department Cables published in WikiLeaks CableGate and Stratfor e-mails, published in WikiLeaks Global Intelligence Files. Barrett Brown was prosecuted and sentenced to 63 months in prison for merely linking to the Stratfor e-mails published on WikiLeaks. The title of my Preface is “Barrett Brown, Barack Obama, and Hugo Chavez: When Telling the Truth Becomes a Crime.”

    You may download my dissertation here:


    • Wow. This is dreadful. This is the first I heard about McKinney’s situation.


      • RonMamita says:

        Dreadful indeed, sadly this is merely business as usual in this current Age of Deception.
        From all deceptive institutional activities the Truth must be revealed, from the global warming program to the space exploration programs. The knowledge of the Truth shall set us free.


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