You will want to remember this date March 17, 2015

I found this interesting report today, and obviously it is a marketing ploy to sell gold, books and subscriptions, but could it also be a disclosure?
Over the years of hearing Jim Rickards speak, I have suspicions he may be a agent for the IMF or the banking cartel.
I post it below for curiosity value, as some insiders may disclose factual information… ~Ron

CIA Insider Warns: “25-Year Great Depression is About to Strike America”


According to one of the top minds in the U.S. Intelligence Community, that is when the United States will enter the darkest economic period in our nation’s history.

A 25-year Great Depression.

Does This Signal
the End of the Dollar?

An alarming pattern has caused many in the Intelligence Community to secretly prepare for a “worst-case scenario.”
Click here to see it….

And alarmingly, he and his colleagues believe the evidence they’ve uncovered proves this outcome is impossible to avoid.

In an exclusive interview with Money Morning, Jim Rickards, the CIA’s Financial Threat and Asymmetric Warfare Advisor, has stepped forward to warn the American people that time is running out to prepare for this $100 trillion meltdown.

“Everybody knows we have a dangerous level of debt. Everybody knows the Fed has recklessly printed trillions of dollars. These are secrets to no one,” he said.

“But all signs are now flashing bright red that our chickens are about to come home to roost.”

During the discussion, Rickards shared a series of dangerous signals he fears reveals an economy that has reached a super critical state.

One of the signals the CIA is most concerned with is the Misery Index.

Decades back this unique warning sign was created for determining how close our country was to a social collapse. It simply adds the true inflation rate with the true unemployment rate.

However, the Federal Reserve has repeatedly changed the way the Misery Index has been calculated over the years. Which Rickards believes is now being used to cover up the true scope of the problem.

“Today you rarely hear the government talk about the Misery Index with the public,” Rickards said. “The reason is they may not want you to know the truth. And the truth is, the Misery Index has reached more dangerous levels than we saw prior to the Great Depression. This is a signal of a complex system that’s about to collapse.”

During the shocking interview Rickards revealed the 5 dangerous “flashpoints” the Intelligence Community is closely monitoring that they believe will unleash this catastrophe.

And he also described how it would all unfold.

“I expect the first phase will appear as a nearly instantaneous 70% stock market crash. From the outside, nobody will see it coming.” Rickards explained.

“Once it becomes clear that it’s not a flash crash – it’s a systemic meltdown in the economy itself, that’s when the gravity of the situation will sink in. And there will be no digging out from it.

“$100 trillion is a conservative estimate for the damage. A lot can happen over 25-years as our country struggles to recover from this.”

Along with his CIA responsibilities, Jim Rickards has spent more than 3 decades on Wall Street as a leading international investment banker, hedge fund manager, and as the architect behind the technology nicknamed “the brains” of the NASDAQ.

This unique skill set has placed him at the center of some of the most important events in recent history.

For instance, Rickards helped negotiate an end to the Iranian Hostage Crisis in the early 1980s.

Then, in the late 1990s, despite being one of its most outspoken critics, the Federal Reserve called on him to step in to prevent a $1.25 trillion Wall Street meltdown during the Long Term Capital Management crisis.

And after 9-11, the CIA tasked him with tracking down potential terrorist insider trading that took place prior to the attacks.

Over 2X More Dangerous
Than The Great Depression

Does this chart prove a 70% stock market crash is imminent?

This led to him helping lead a sensitive operation called Project Prophecy.

The mission was to use the financial markets to predict pending national security threats from terrorists, rival nations, and from internal weaknesses lurking inside our economy.

The system he built through Project Prophecy proved its accuracy on August 7, 2006, when it detected the warning signs of an impending terrorist attack.

Three days later, in London, a plot to blow up 10 U.S. passenger jets was thwarted. And 24 Pakistani extremists were arrested.

However, Rickards now warns that the next attack is going to come from within. And he is not alone in his fears.

Recently, a sensitive report containing the consensus view of all 16 branches of the U.S. Intelligence Committee surfaced.

It revealed that these agencies have already begun to jointly estimate the impact of “The fall of the dollar as the global reserve currency.”

Details of Government’s
“Day After Plan” Emerge

Warning: Emergency measures have already been put “in play” for this 25-year Great Depression.

And our reign as the leading superpower being annihilated in a way “equivalent to the end of the British Empire in the post-World War II period.”

The nightmarish endgame presented in this report involved “a worldwide economic breakdown and an extended period of global anarchy.”

And Jim Rickards believes we can no longer stop this, we can only prepare for it.

“Look at it this way. Americans are standing at the bottom of a very tall mountain – Mt. Everest, Mt. Kilimanjaro…they look up and see an avalanche barreling down.

Determining the one snowflake that started this chaos shouldn’t be our focus. Recognizing the severity of the situation and moving to safety should be,” Rickards explained.

The question we should all be asking ourselves now is “what if he’s right?”



Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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21 comments on “You will want to remember this date March 17, 2015
    • RonMamita says:

      Hmm…, more like the gold exchange was expedited to meet the planned events as the economic crisis escalates.
      I have the constant sense that the cabals’ event schedules are being rushed or influenced unexpectedly.

      Obviously, what has been hidden in plain sight, the international money cartel have a transitional plan for the cycle of ponzi economy collapse, to shift from one powerful region, to an emerging powerful region.
      What many are calling the shift “from West to East” and the SCO/BRICS components.

      We should report more often about the IMF’s China office activities and the PBoC.

      For some reason they apparently want military conflicts or human sacrifice to usher in the currency reset policy…
      Why mass murder is needed, is a bothersome question.


      • n3angus says:

        ” Why mass murder is needed, is a bothersome question”.
        because they think the earth is becoming Overpopulated


        • RonMamita says:

          Yes, I am aware of the litany of depopulation efforts and beliefs from the criminal elites.
          Vaccines, bioweapons, chemical weapons, warfare, water supplies, food supplies, concentration camps, Georgia guide stones, eugenics, and perhaps there are many more I am not aware of, even as I have not seen Wesley Smith’s works.
          From the 1960s we knew of their desires for genocide, and the 1974 movie “Three the Hard Way” staring Fred Williamson, Jim Brown, and Jim Kelly, then later the disclosure of the syphilis human experiments surfaces…

          Other than royal bloodlines and other protected circles of organizations there would be an extinction event(s).
          Diabolical and “bothersome”.
          I do “get it”, and it is “bothersome”.


          • n3angus says:

            its been a back and forth struggle between the technocrats for ever this debate on whether or not supply can be advanced and expanded to keep up with unfettered population growth . here is a sample of such a debate ,
            The back and forth between these factions of elites is one that has seen the advancement of technology in food expansion with implementation of circle pivot irrigation and higher yielding grains around the global after the 1970s , which was done with trade policies . But this expansion across the arid lands has seen the last grain of sand being tilled into productivity . Water Wars, , is going to be our next struggle as we watch the hierarchy try and consolidate the masses into the Zero Growth Policy .
            This is why we see the expediting of monetary policy into a one world entity that can ” Try ” and implement the Zero Growth Policy .


            • RonMamita says:

              Thank you for sharing a lively discussion about the depopulation plans.
              May I honor you with a nickname?
              “Blood Hound” fits your efforts to remain on “their” trail.

              When the People’s Grand Juries convene, your (along with others) documents will be helpful in removing “Authority” and “Trust” from officials and executives within institutions.
              Please keep a backup hard drive archiving your data.


              • n3angus says:

                this video is long but worth the time , it tells the story about what we are witnessing in this currency war thats leading to water wars ,


                • RonMamita says:

                  Hmm… what are the facts in that video that you wanted to share?
                  The intro was overloaded with drama and too many cut-paste from other flawed theories for me to remain interested in the first few minutes of what is almost a 90 minute video.

                  I found flaws with the beginning and I suspect some factual criminal or destructive activities needs to be addressed and are pointed to in the video.

                  Speaking of water wars, I posted this a while back:

                  Below is a short excerpt:
                  cisternThe Ongoing Financial Crisis
                  The taxes, fees, and cost of living continues to skyrocket along with governments’ lavish spending on embassies, pork-barrel bureaucracy, and perpetual wars.
                  The current government debt, reported from the U.S. government Treasury, is $17.6 Trillion dollars and rising.
                  Governments have become the economy, whereas the economies were once driven by small businesses and mom & pop stores.
                  Corporate-governments own (or sold to foreign entities) everything and their fees are increasing.
                  Homeland security taxes, property taxes, water, insurance, and other hidden taxes & fees are bleeding the people into poverty.
                  In most municipalities a water fight is brewing…
                  Do you have your portable water filtration system operational?
                  If so get your buckets ready for a walk to the local river or collect rainwater. ~Ron


                  • n3angus says:

                    At frame 56:44 going forward is a interesting segment on trade and who is controlling it . The use of the dollar as the trade currency and how it favors the Multi nationals is why this is going on and further fueling the breaking apart of the BRICS away from the dollar regime .


    • RonMamita says:

      I recall a public discussion, a year ago or more, that the Chinese dynasties had a system to maintain control over the People. They would change empires as social unrest was climaxing and the people would rejoice in false belief and hope that real change was achieved.
      Ruling elites will not volunteer to join the commoners and working class.
      Crisis and next empire or hegemony is the model to perpetuate the institutional control meme.

      Below is Martin Armstrong’s view:


      1-ECM 2032

      ANSWER: This is why I say it’s like a Shakespeare’s play – the plot is always the same, only the actors change. It is just a question of time. The reason we go into crisis is because each wave builds in intensity. The 2007-2011 decline was the worst since the Great Depression. The bankers went too far. The level of bailout has been massive and the low-level of interest rates was set in motion because of that chaos the bankers created.

      Public pessimism is now at historical highs as is the lack of retail participation in stocks. There is no BUBBLE in the stock market without optimism. We have unemployment running with the fictional number of 7% still a 150% above the level prior to the Great Depression. Hence we are at higher and higher levels from one cycle to the next. So the next turn 2015-2020 will be worst than the last. By 2032, I seriously doubt we will exist as we have known it. Just as communism collapsed, we are facing the same collapse from socialism. This is not about helping the less fortunate – this is about government helping themselves to our income.

      Communism did not tax you because they owned everything. We have socialism where we own everything, but they tax that ownership pretending it is for our benefit. Don’t pay your property taxes and see how long the state will take to throw you out on the street with nothing. They have no problem leaving people homeless when the money benefits them.

      We call something “Draconian” because Draco of Athens passed laws and when you could not pay your taxes and interest, you lost the farm. However, he did not throw you out on the street. You were then a slave working your own land for Draco and his buddies.

      We have nothing left. There is no appreciable difference between communism that restricted movement and socialism that they can also restrict your movement until you pay your taxes. It is always about them.


      The problem is systemic and reemerges every single time – WITHOUT EXCEPTION!. Only the actors change from one crisis to the next and it is merely pattern after pattern on top of yet other patterns. It does not take a soothsayer to figure out the future. Nobody has to visit me in my dreams or in the middle of the night. This is just the same thing over and over again. I use to ask audiences what famous senator said these works above. In the 1980s, they would always reply it must be a Republican in Reagan’s camp.


      • n3angus says:

        to change the meme of a society shifting durable production of that societies means to be independently supplied away from those communities so that then the culture can be changed with the slow and steady implementation of subsidized incomes ie: welfare , making people dependent on that hierarchy and they support that regime and this be done peacefully is what the past 30 years of trade policies have done .

        People don’t even realize they have been transformed from a independent society into one thats dependent on the hierarchy and these cabals now are printing the means to feed the society that they have transformed , but the question now becomes how long before the supply is out paced by the demand of a growing population and once this happens does the mass murder start and look like what the reporter states in this video at frame 8 ?


        • RonMamita says:

          Interesting path of inquiry, getting into the minds of the criminal elite…
          “Death panels” and rationing health care; indeed the evidence is there, and their staged discussions are framing the debate in preparing the “legal justifications” to come.

          Merely knowing of the existence of the control meme with the organized global criminal elite reveals their financing in most activities for all nations.
          Follow the money research and investigations usually leads to their interests and policies.
          Digital currencies controlled by institutions fit nicely in that “Control meme”.

          We here focus on empowering ourselves and nurturing personal sovereignty.
          Spotting the sociopaths has become easy, now that we are aware of them.
          Like the movie “They Live” special lens make them visible.


          • n3angus says:

            This is why these elitists are trying to diminish religion because it teaches us to cherish Human Life , so then it becomes hard to sell the Zero Growth Theology .
            Its not justified though because when you look at fertility charts it shows that developed and educated critical thinking societies in the world are sustainable growth freely so this should be the model going forward , but these elitists have come too far in consolidating the resources and control of durable production to give up this path we have been on …..


        • RonMamita says:

          Returned moments ago, the video tiptoes around the conspiracy “Why do countries need emergency aid” for the basic life necessity – WATER?
          What prevents those countries from building the infrastructure?
          Who forces those countries to implement misguided policies (focus on tea or coffee…)
          The truth about the IMF and the World Bank comes to the fore.

          No mystery or surprise to us, who are aware of whats going on.
          We here have been pointing to these fraudsters for over a decade…
          The famous economist, Joseph Stiglitz former VP & Chief Economist for the World Bank, resigned and blew the whistle on their policies; and the famous investigative reporter, Greg Palast, also documented their vulture activities.

          We all must continue to provide clear and factual information exposing the conspiracies for those who are still asleep.
          Please keep a backup hard drive and some paper files too.
          I am looking forward to the new Nuremberg trials in the near future…
          I read somewhere that a policy is in place that forbids Nuremberg to try U.S. officials, but never the less, People will find the way to convene trials for these perpetrators.
          My bet is on “grassroots” movements to succeed as social unrest mounts.

          In the meantime the criminal elite are implementing another round of social engineering with digital currencies.
          “You are required by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to switch to electronic payments. It’s the law. Get direct deposit NOW!”

          Click to access sav5396.pdf

          Banksters expect 100% tax compliance, and depositor’s”bail-ins” for the next banking crisis
          They will take your money with a computer keystroke.


    • RonMamita says:

      Re: “At frame 56:44 going forward is a interesting segment on trade and who is controlling it .”
      Ok, for some unknown reason a technical problem is now causing problem can’t watch youtube videos…
      I have early morning appointments and will reply later today.

      “for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.” –Revelation 18:23

      Remember, you are preaching to the choir, my friend. having all peoples in all regions paying for air, water, land, and just to live is the ultimate purpose for commercial law, aka admiralty law…

      Thank you for being here!


  1. RonMamita says:

    China and the IMF Partners since 1945

    The institutional global matrix is not about freedom for the masses of people on Earth, but rather about subjugation and control.
    Christine Lagarde and China?

    The IMF‘s website reports:

    • China joined the IMF on December 27, 1945, as one of its 35 original members.
    • People’s Republic of China assumed responsibility for China’s relations with the IMF in April 1980.
    • For China’s Governor, quota, and voting power in the IMF, see
    • In February 2001, the Board of Governors of the IMF approved an increase in China’s quota from SDR 4,687.2 million to SDR 6,369.2 million. As a result of the increase, China’s voting power in the IMF has increased from 2.19 to 2.95 percent of total.
    • China accepted the obligations of Article VIII of the IMF Articles of Agreement on current account convertibility on December 1, 1996.
    • China’s currency is the renminbi; its exchange rate is determined in the foreign exchange market.
    • On July 1, 1997, China resumed sovereignty over Hong Kong, which became a Special Administrative Region of China.
    • On December 20, 1999, China resumed sovereignty over Macao, which became a Special Administrative Region of China.

    IMF Economic Policy Consultations with China
    The IMF holds annual Article IV consultations on economic developments and policy issues with China. In recent years, these discussions have focussed on macroeconomic policies to cushion the impact of the Asian financial crisis and foster sustainable growth over the medium term. Other important issues have been structural reforms in the financial sector, external sector, and state enterprises. For the latest Article IV consultations, see

    Current Financial Relations
    Since 1981, China has twice used IMF credits — in 1981 and in 1986. The credits under these arrangements have been fully repaid; see table on China’s financial position in the Fund .


  2. RonMamita says:

    Dethrone ‘King Dollar’

    We also add weight to the comments:

    The New York Times
    printed an [August 27, 2014] Op-Ed piece by Jared Bernstein, former economic advisor to Joe Biden and part of the economic team for the White House from 2009-2011. In it Mr. Bernstein floats the trial balloon filled with highly flammable gas which suggests the U.S. should “voluntarily” give up the throne of issuing the world’s reserve currency.

    You had to know sooner or later something like this would come out. Clearly China, followed by the rest of the world and including most all of our allies already know the dollar will be replaced …but, someone had to “warm up” the U.S. population for the inevitable.

    The use of the phrase “voluntarily giving up as issuer of the reserve currency” is loaded and misleading. Will military conflicts breakout over this?
    The international money cartel seems prepared for this, but are the rulers of Washington DC accepting this?
    Maintaining the global military would have to be scaled back, and many military industrial money interests would be terminated…

    Don’t you think Goons with weapons will use their weapons when their money is threatened?

    My, oh my! How financial sentiment has change from 2008 when they refused to imagine the possibility that the U.S. Dollar would not remain the international reserve currency, to today where everyone is discussing the possibility.


  3. RonMamita says:

    China’s central bank joined its European counterpart in boosting liquidity

    Global Ponzi Economy Resets Eastward

    China Joins ECB in Adding Stimulus as Fed Scales Back

    By Bloomberg News Sep 17, 2014

    China’s central bank joined its European counterpart in boosting liquidity to address weakening growth, underscoring a divergence in direction among the world’s biggest economies as the U.S. reduces stimulus.

    The People’s Bank of China is injecting 500 billion yuan ($81 billion) into the nation’s largest banks, according to a government official familiar with the matter, signaling the deepest concern yet with an economic slowdown. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen will announce another $10 billion cut to its monthly bond purchases after this week’s meeting, economists forecast, as she steers toward gradual interest-rate increases.

    China’s credit expansion builds on targeted measures to shore up growth while stopping short of broad-based stimulus seen in the U.S. in the wake of the global financial crisis and still being pushed in Europe and Japan. By attaching a three-month term to its injection, China is taking a step down that path while maintaining control of a process designed to fuel demand for credit in an already debt-laden economy.

    China’s Economic Data

    “It’s like quantitative easing with Chinese characteristics,” said Louis Kuijs, Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc’s chief Greater China economist in Hong Kong, who formerly worked at the World Bank. “The threat is that growth is slowing down below the comfort level of policy makers and that will then also warrant further easing steps.”

    Photographer: Tomohiro Ohsumi/Bloomberg

    Passengers on a ferry look at buildings in the Lujiazui district at dusk in Shanghai.

    The PBOC will funnel 100 billion yuan each to the five biggest banks for a three-month period, said the official, who asked not to be identified because the measure hasn’t been formally announced.

    ‘Easing Stance’

    “It shows China’s monetary policy is leaning toward easing, and the easing stance may last throughout next year,” said Hua Changchun, a China economist at Nomura Holdings Inc. in Hong Kong. The lack of an official announcement shows that the PBOC “doesn’t want to send a strong signal” of policy easing, Hua said.

    The website earlier reported the injection and the PBOC didn’t respond to faxed questions.

    Bank stocks rallied in Hong Kong, the yuan halted a four-day slide and one-year interest-rate swaps dropped to the lowest since June.

    Not all analysts saw the move as policy stimulus. Chang Jian, chief China economist at Barclays Plc in Hong Kong, said it was “a normal liquidity operation.”

    The injection is “mainly aimed at providing liquidity to pre-empt potential liquidity shortages in the banking system in the coming weeks,” Chang wrote. Cash needs for the coming National Day holiday, along with initial public offerings of stock, are among the reasons she cited.

    Photographer: Tomohiro Ohsumi/Bloomberg

    A man walks past the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) headquarters in Beijing, China, on… Read More

    Slowdown Signs

    The weakest industrial-output expansion since the global financial crisis and moderating investment and retail sales growth shown in data released Sept. 13 underscored risks of a deepening economic slowdown. Those readings followed a second straight drop in imports and a 40 percent decline in the broadest measure of new credit for August, as well as indicators showing a manufacturing pullback.

    The injection marks “the first clear policy response to weak August data” on the economy, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. economists including Beijing-based Song Yu wrote in a research note. “We expect monetary conditions to loosen modestly, which will provide some much-needed support for demand growth. Other policies may follow.”

    Further steps may include accelerating planned fiscal spending, the Goldman analysts wrote. They estimated that the 500 billion yuan extension of funds through the standing lending facility, or SLF, is roughly equivalent to a half percentage-point cut in the reserve ratio, though such moves tend to have a larger impact.

    Biggest Banks

    The five largest banks are Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd., Agricultural Bank of China Ltd., China Construction Bank Corp., Bank of China Ltd. and Bank of Communications Co. Press officers at the five lenders declined to comment.

    “With growth slowing and regulators cracking down on shadow banking, it seems like the PBOC is trying to cut costs for preferred borrowers and sectors without reflating the property sector,” David Loevinger, former U.S. Treasury Department senior coordinator for China affairs and now a Los Angeles-based analyst at TCW Group Inc., said in an e-mail. “But it risks stepping back from a more market-based allocation of credit, which China sorely needs.”

    The injection of funds underscored how the PBOC has yet to adopt the type of communication practices followed by its counterparts among the world’s largest economies. The European Central Bank, Fed and Bank of Japan typically issue press releases for significant policy actions.

    Draghi, Kuroda

    ECB President Mario Draghi this month announced a final round of interest-rate cuts and a plan to buy privately owned securities as he seeks to revive inflation in the 18-nation euro area. BOJ Governor Haruhiko Kuroda this month assured his prime minister he would do what’s needed to achieve an inflation target as he continues unprecedented easing.

    Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said last week that the government can’t rely on monetary stimulus to spur economic growth. Yet like counterparts in Europe and Japan, he faces constraints from moderating tax-revenue gains.

    In a speech at the World Economic Forum in the northern Chinese city of Tianjin earlier this month, Li said the government won’t be distracted by short-term fluctuations in individual economic indicators and will maintain its focus on structural adjustments and dealing with long-term issues.

    ‘Pessimistic Tone’

    “A pessimistic tone that China may miss its whole-year economic growth target and the government needs to adopt strong stimulus measures such as an interest rate cut is getting louder,” according to a commentary by the official Xinhua news agency published yesterday. “These noises emerge repeatedly because: on one hand, they are not seeing the New Normal in China’s economy, and on the other hand, they are showing distrust in China’s reforms.”

    Before the latest action, the central bank had made two targeted reductions in reserve ratios after instructions from the State Council, China’s cabinet. The first, in April, applied to some small rural banks and the second, detailed by the PBOC in June, covered most city commercial banks and non-county-level rural commercial banks and cooperatives.

    “The PBOC has left itself a lot of flexibility,” Hu Yifan, chief economist at Haitong International Securities Co. in Hong Kong, said by phone. The injection has the same result as a reduction in the reserve-requirement ratio while being “more controllable,” she said.

    To contact Bloomberg News staff for this story: Steven Yang in Beijing at; Kevin Hamlin in Beijing at


  4. william R says:



    • RonMamita says:

      Indeed, as I said at the time:
      “I post it below for curiosity value, as some insiders may disclose factual information…”

      Interestingly the forecast for 4th qtr. of 2015 is major market volatility as the crisis continues.


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