Naked White House, No Longer clothed with Coalitions’ Blanket Support

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We are not alone in our analysis of the White House’s spiral of embarrassment, gaffs, lost support, destructive policies, and war mongering over the years (and beyond the Bush regimes).
The decades of White House wrongness has been rolling downhill (crushing opposition), but recently supporters are moving out of the way, no longer willing to risk themselves in supporting White House destructive activities. More ex-government, former White House, and Wall Street officials join alternative media and bloggers pointing to the obvious destruction out of the secret dungeons of DC and the FED.

Will military officials one day counter-command orders from the White House?
Has it already happened and we have not heard about it?
It would not be a surprise.
Consider chicken hawk politicians ordering military officers off to wars protecting bankers’ profits while military families are harmed by the bankers back home.
Regardless, the global crisis continues and the White House, face of leadership, deteriorates from deception and self destruction. ~Ron

David Stockman

(Formerly: U.S. Rep., White House OMB Dir., and Wall Street Investor)

Folks, this war is only three days old and its already a gong show. Its become at least a four-front affair—with Obama’s “broad” coalition amounting to little more than a few stealth Arab nations renting back to Washington the equipment and American trained pilots it had earlier provided them.

After three days the two nation’s with the most at stake and the greatest capability to contain and defeat the Islamic State—-Turkey and Iran—-are  still on the sidelines. After three days  Obama’s “broad” coalition remains a joke, […]

These five participants [Qatar, Jordan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE?] take the notion of a “coalition of the willing” to a new extreme in Washington orchestrated incredulity. None of them even publicly acknowledged that they participated in the attacks! As the WSJ noted, […].

READ FULL: David Stockman

Paul Craig Roberts

(Ph.D. Economist, Former:  Asst. Sec. White House Treasury, and assoc. ed. Wall Street Journal)


In previous columns, we have documented the heavy short-selling into light trading periods.
See for example:

The bullion banks do not have nearly enough gold in their possession to make deliveries to the buyers if the buyers decide to stand for delivery per the terms of the paper gold contract. The reason this scheme works is because the majority of the buyers of the contracts are speculators, not gold purchasers, and never demand delivery of the gold. Instead, they settle the contracts in cash. They are looking for short-term trading profits, not for a gold hedge against currency inflation. If a majority of the longs (the purchasers of the contracts) required delivery of the gold, the regulators would not tolerate the extent to which gold is shorted with uncovered contracts.

In our opinion, the manipulation is illegal, because it is insider trading. The bullion banks that short the gold market are clearing members of the Comex/NYMEX/CME. In that role, the bullion banks have access to the computer system used to clear and settle trades, which means that the bullion banks have access to all the trading positions, including those of the hedge funds.
Today there are many economies that have tradable currencies, and accounts can be settled between countries in their own currencies. There is no longer a need for a single reserve currency. As this realization spreads, pressure on the dollar’s value will intensify.

For a period the Federal Reserve can support the dollar’s exchange value by pressuring Japan and the European Central Bank to print their currencies with which to support the dollar with purchases in the foreign exchange market. Other countries, such as Switzerland, will print their own currencies so as not to endanger their exports by a rise in the dollar price of their exports. But eventually the large US trade deficits produced by offshoring the production of goods and services sold into US markets and the collapse of the middle class and tax base caused by jobs offshoring will destroy the value of the US dollar.

When that day arrives, US living standards, already endangered, will plummet. American power will have been destroyed by corporate greed and the Fed’s policy of sacrificing the US economy in order to save four or five mega-banks, whose former executives control the Fed, the US Treasury, and the federal financial regulatory agencies.

Click to listen to Paul Craig Roberts:



Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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2 comments on “Naked White House, No Longer clothed with Coalitions’ Blanket Support
  1. RonMamita says:


    Lawmakers want officers to resign “in a blaze of glory” in opposition to White House’s middle east policy

    Republican Congressmembers Urge Military Officers to Rebel Against Obama


    Republican members of Congress are urging military officers to rebel against the Obama administration’s middle eastern foreign policy by resigning “in a blaze of glory,” according to U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn of Colorado.

    During a liberty group forum on Wednesday night in the basement of a Colorado Springs bar, Lamborn, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, answered a question from a member of the audience who urged members of Congress to “support the troops” in the absence of leadership from the White House.

    According to Cory Hutchins, who attended the meeting, Lamborn responded by remarking, ““You know what, I can’t add anything to that, but do let me reassure you on this. A lot of us are talking to the generals behind the scenes, saying, ‘Hey, if you disagree with the policy that the White House has given you, let’s have a resignation.’”

    “‘You know, let’s have a pubic resignation, and state your protest, and go out in a blaze of glory,’” Lamborn added . “And I haven’t seen that very much, in fact I haven’t seen that at all in years.”

    The Pentagon failed to respond to Hutchins’ request for a comment, but Democrat Irv Halter, a retired Air Force major general who is running against Lamborn, accused Lamborn of politicizing the military.

    “Our elected officials should not be encouraging our military leaders to resign when they have a disagreement over policy,” Halter said in a statement. “Someone who serves on the House Armed Services Committee should know better.”

    The notion that Lamborn and other members of Congress are urging military leaders to resign amidst yet another bombing campaign in the middle east is extremely noteworthy given suggestions that ground troops may ultimately be deployed in Syria and Iraq to target ISIS militants.

    Rumors of rancor were rife amongst members of the military in opposition to Obama’s derailed plan to attack Syria last year, with many taking to Twitter to express their discontent at the White House’s policy of arming jihadist militants throughout the region.

    When both active duty and retired soldiers began posting images on Twitter under the #IdidntJoin hashtag to signal their opposition to fighting on the same side as Al-Qaeda terrorists in order to topple the Assad government in Syria, many quarters of the media attempted to claim that the images were fake or the work of pro-Assad hackers, despite numerous indications to suggest that the pictures were indeed genuine.

    View a selection of images posted by active duty soldiers and veterans in opposition to military involvement in Syria from last year below.




  2. RonMamita says:

    Awareness Challenge: Face The Truth


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