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Leave the thinking to us
The discussions among the Aware Media usually is about Officials, Policies, and how effective the globalist use manipulation, or mass media, or the dialectic of controlled opposition, or the Left and Right hands of the Globalists, or a debate about the question – is BRICS, or China and Russia in the NWO…
Less often is the discussion about personal sovereignty and self governance vs institutional governance.
Less often is the discussion about how to stop supporting institutional governance and start nurturing self governance.
One question for the individuals who want to install “good leaders” in governing institutions and simultaneously want to believe they are helping to free people.
After you learn the bank, as your employer, is a criminal organization then what is the correct action for you to take?
Below is my summary of this dynamic world-wide dialogue and how IMPORTANT it is to AMPLIFY Awareness.
Predictions by Lada Ray

Lada Ray Predicts Institutional Future

[… Full Text]
USA collapse:
Many expect a collapse starting in earnest in 2014. I don’t see it that way. I see the problems visible to a naked eye and “feel-able” (say, to people on the street) start in earnest mostly in 2016. Some problems may be visible in 2015, but more so in 2016. US will be in a real collapse mode by 2018 and later. Most importantly, the collapse won’t happen overnight. It’s important to remember that this will be a process. Stay tuned for my future special reports and videos about how it will develop . Hint: very differently from what many people believe.

Of course, the cracks in the US system and the petrodollar dominance had been developing for a while, but just about any expert totally misjudged the timing and velocity of the US collapse. They misjudged the fact that US would so audaciously and recklessly manipulate markets, including treasuries, gold, silver and stocks. The only market, it turned out, US could not manipulate any more is oil. But natural gas IS being manipulated and the price of natural gas is being suppressed via fracking.

The experts further misjudged the US determination to hang on to its crumbling empire (unlike USSR, that just let go).

They also misjudged how much the rest of the world craves stability – and this is what US has been successfully exploiting. China and Russia need stability in order to develop properly and steadily – something they had been denied for many years previously. They value stability so much that they would rather support US so it would not start crumbling prematurely and cause a global crisis.

Even more so, same it true for the EU. EU would rather be a US lap dog and do what US says than rock the boat, risking destabilizing its already shaky economy.

This is what US has been capitalizing on big time and this is how US has kept in much better shape than predicted by just about anyone. It has been exporting its problems, inflation, economic imbalances and violence through wars, to other countries.

Do I think other countries are right in supporting the giant on clay legs? No, I don’t. Do I understand them? Yes.

China and Russia are buying time. They need more time to pull all the pieces together and put them in place. Will they actively pull the rug from under the US? Nope. It will happen naturally. As a matter of fact, by interfering in Ukraine, the US is doing everything to expedite its own downfall.

In my opinion, Russia and China have been too complacent and slow in executing changes that are necessary to transition to the new world economic system. By interfering in Ukraine, the US unwittingly has given Russia a kick in the rear to get moving decisively in the necessary direction.
Amplify awareness and share knowledge

Ronmamita: The Alternative

Now imagine there is a “Invisible Hand” aka Mr./Ms. Global or the architect.
Many throughout recorded past have cited this invisible manipulator, including influential economists, propagandists, statisticians, and other researchers ad writers…

Thus, I think it is important to comment about a phenomena that has been discussed and not understood throughout the centuries.
Unfortunately it still is not understood, at least not by me at this moment.

China, Russia, and other nations did not want to create a full alternative to the existing system but a “Invisible Hand” has directed them to do so anyway, even using war and terror to motivate them into action.
WWIII (World War 3) is underway but it is not identical to the past World Wars.
WWIII is more info-cyber-commerce-currency and less nuclear and less direct armed conflict between the great economies of the US, UK, EU, Russia, and China.

My major concern is what is lost or downplayed is the personal sovereignty, the freedom of the People.
The enslavement of the People on Earth must end…
In this world matrix I see a 3-way conflict.
The 3rd way is the way out of the Matrix. People who say “NO” to authority rule and institutional governance.
People who know how to govern themselves and want to govern themselves.

Free People don’t want to be governed from the West or East.
Free People don’t want to be governed from the Left, Right, or Center.
Free People want to govern themselves.

Word-spells and legal fiction no longer control them.
The invisible hand must be revealed and must honor their request to be free.
A Prison planet no longer necessary.
The canopy is a protective net of waters above and waters below that can be opened for those sentient with mature heart and mind…



Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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2 comments on “To All Truth Seekers and Researchers
  1. RonMamita says:

    Central Banks Buying Gold – 14% more in 2014

    17 Feb 2015
    Most alternative media reports about the trade/currency wars and the fraud/corruption…


  2. RonMamita says:

    ROB KIRBY: THE LIES & DEPRAVITY of Politicians & The U.S. Mockingbird Media

    Published on Feb 15, 2015
    Rob Kirby of joins me to dissect the latest REAL news and information. We start with the latest lies about Putin and Russia and quickly move on to the duplicity and treachery of the mockingbird mainstream media.

    Rob breaks it down perfectly, “The reality is the media conspires with and is complicit with the governing class and the financial Elites and the Globalists who control the world…

    This speaks to the very essence of everything we talk about because we can bracket it all by saying, conspiracies DO exist, conspiracies are actually the norm rather than the exception and they are hiding in plain view when you’ve got sniveling lying scumbags like Brian Williams who are given such a wide berth to sell such enormous lies in so many different areas regarding issues that so profoundly affect everybody.

    So there it is, the stench of the mainstream press.
    This is a very very profound event that has occurred with Brian Williams because what it has done, it’s put a big label on the entire Western press as treasonous pieces of garbage…
    These people, you can’t say nasty enough things about them.
    But you know what?
    They’re signing their own death warrants by doing what they’re doing.”

    Rob’s site:


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