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Yesterday, I wanted to type my dreams and I became distracted with other things, today was more of the same.
Typing is becoming more of a challenge as my dexterity and eyesight are diminishing.
Yesterday’s dream was an emotional wrenching of facing “friends” and loved ones as they are deceived with the lure of evil power, and wealth.
* I recall a ceremonial GRAND opening was scheduled for the new corporate business that would mean thousands of jobs paying a living wage in our distressed community.
I was one of the minority voices with reason to oppose it. I knew the corporation would wreck and ruin our good community.
But the Public Relations (P.R.) campaign was effective and money was the shiny lure and hook.
At the day of the event, I was at the pre-gathering before the start of the GRAND opening ceremony, where my dear friend said publicly to me something similar to:  “C’mon Ron, I am going to get a job and support my family. Are you going to say I am evil too?”
That statement sent a shiver of dreadful sadness through my emotional heart.
I thought to myself, I wish you had not made your challenge public, but let’s do this public then. I replied:
“Good People, Hear Me Speak TRUTH!”
We Question ALL Things
I then orated about the trappings from professional deceivers.
Wolves in sheep clothing, and the true story about the drug lord that owned the mega-bank and hired the good town’s folk and bought out the competition, then bankrupted the remaining banks.
The workers later discovered they were working for one of the most vile men in the world.
I asked them to put themselves in that town see the parallel here today.
3 wolf in sheeps clothing

EVIL does not announce itself to its victims, evil deceives and recruits their victims.
Walk with him and find yourself recruited by the great deceiver.

I am calling on all to not be lured victims.
Seek the TRUTH and
leave this place.

Today’s dream was a smaller version, with me noticing the enticing calls of protecting the empire with rhetoric that romanticize sacrificing life for the good of the empire (nation)…

I was listening to the same historic sales’ pitch:
For the good of the State, for the good of the Empire, for the good of the Kingdom, for the good of  all mankind…

Citizens volunteer to be heroic, they volunteer to murder or die in wars, and policing.
Civilization must endure all challenges was the familiar popular hymn at all mass graves.

Those were the two most recent dreams I had.
Actually, I have been looking critically at civilization for years with mounting researched evidence that begs the question:
Was civilization, the evil in disguise, created to rule over a community?

A community and tribe is where everyone knows each other, or before the tribe overreaches the boundary of population size the community at least everyone has the opportunity to speak directly to the elders and leaders.
When that population becomes too large and everyone does not know and can not speak directly to everyone then it births neighboring or wandering communities and tribes.

However, today that direct challenge to the leaders is almost extinct.
My personal experience has found my letters challenging the officials’ rights and wrongs are ignored, and  when I attempted to personally speak with a presidential front-runner I was restricted by big men in suits and the candidate ignored my request as he kept on walking.
I have heard from those allowed to meet publicly with the president they are instructed not to embarrass him.
This is more evidence that orders are given and rarely are the People allowed to challenge the wrongs from institutional governance.
With nations, with large cities, metropolises, institutional governance and security, the citizens became obedient order followers without ever knowing the individual(s) who command them.
Sure a local puppet or commander or council may speak with you, but they follow their chain of obedience to the unseen top where secrecy and a code of silence is “CLASSIFIED” policy, or codified in legal statutes that are harmful and wrong.

If a evil Prince of Darkness wanted to rule over the People on Earth, what better lure than the grand net called civilization with its “rule of law”?

2016 Scientists Link Ritual Human Sacrifice To Modern Society
Laws and policy rules that have changed often and rarely with the consent of the citizens.
Discovering the research conducted by educational academics that revealed ritual human sacrifice was a foundation for civilization is eye opening.

There it is, the evil lure.
Centuries of it, the AGE of DECEPTION


PS: History, as it is presented in school, is not the whole factual story…



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One comment on “Dream Sharing
  1. RonMamita says:

    Speaking of Wolves…

    The most expensive “science experiment” known is called “CERN”, (Large Hadron Collider) and what it truly is for is a mystery wrapped in deception.

    Believe it or not, there is a character in ancient Wiccan mythology named Cern![2]
    What is also interesting about this particular myth is how (yet again) it also seems to have direct ties to Nimrod – and the many other myths associated with him. For instance, there is a character in the Wiccan mythology called Lupercus. In the myth, he is known as the Great Golden Wolf.
    He was born on the night of the Winter Solstice (December 25th) – imagine that!

    The Wiccan myth goes on to state that Lupercus was given “twelve labors” to perform in order to prove himself worthy (similar to Thor, Hercules, Gilgamesh and others). These labors are what sends this sun through the signs of the Zodiac in one year. Succeeding at these labors, he was proclaimed a sun god. So, once again we see that this god is exactly the same as so many of the other Nimrod-based gods!

    That the story of Lupercus is really another culture’s version of essentially the myth of Osiris becomes even more obvious as it progresses. On Easter (the Spring Equinox) while out hunting, he gets struck by lightning and dies. And so he becomes the god of the Underworld – just like Osiris. The only thing that remained of Lupercus was his wolf skin which was found by “another hunter.” Remember what we learned about the battle between Esau and Nimrod in the God vs god – Part 3 blog? Esau the hunter, rushed up (like lightning?) and killed Nimrod the mighty hunter. Then, he took “the valuable garments of Nimrod” after he killed him. It’s a total match! The Lupercus myth even states that just like Nimrod’s “valuable garments” this “pelt of Lupercus” turns out to have magical powers.

    But here’s where the story gets really interesting. After Lupercus goes into the Underworld, his brother Cern decides to usurp Lupercus’ earthly throne as the ruler of this world!

    Although in this myth, Cern is the brother of Lupercus, we see a similarity between Lupercus as Nimrod/Osiris and Cern as Tammuz/Horus! And that, at least in my mind, absolutely connects CERN with the Illuminati! But to show just how connected CERN is with the occult, we’re going to have to spend some time exploring yet another mythological character first – Saturn!

    Saturn and Lupercus seem to have a lot in common, especially when it comes to feasts! The Saturnalia feast of the Winter Solstice (which later became known as Christmas), seems to be closely related to the Lupercalia feast through the Carnival season. Likewise, there appears to be a real strong tie between CERN here on Earth, the planet Saturn and the Hindu gods, which may put the statue of Shiva into greater perspective!


    See Rob Skiba’s research:

    The same old story appears to be retold in many languages and cultures after the fall of Babylon and the confusion of tongues was upon the people on earth.
    The Romans retold the myths Saturn, aka Cronus in Greek mythology.
    The Hindu myths mentions a powerful god named Ravana, describes a similar battle of brothers to that of the Wiccan myth of Lupercus and CERN.

    Rob went on to state, “In this description, Revana seems to have more in common with Cern than with Lupercus. At any rate, in the story of Ravana we can see the Hindu and Roman myths have an overlap of characters.”

    Now for a discussion about DECEPTION of BIBLICAL proportions:

    And only the willfully ignorant will trust mass media:


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