Have You Noticed What Is Being Engineered?

Awareness and Free Your Mind
Do Not Despair!
Threat awareness and threat management is a survival skill.
Mental exercise and increased awareness improves abilities and skills.
The power is within you to remove the illusion – the globalists’ world order.
You can detect the deception, you can see the engineered construct.
The globalists’ plan is a ancient script that you do not have to follow.
Noncompliance is an option for all truth seekers.
1_BW_Never Give Up

– Consider A Worldwide Script & Spell Cast On Minds –
See things differently from what you were told and trained to believe.
I do not wish to repeat my other discussions about social engineering, the silent war, slavery, psyops, mind traps, indoctrination, the hidden hand(s) directing civilization, false flags, and the institutional script for the world order.
I wish the reader to review those archived discussions (see the RELATED section) at your leisure.

However, I find what others are uploading to the internet about institutional governance as a worldwide problem very interesting.
The trend of information sharing is a growing worldwide dialogue.
I think you will see a interesting pattern:



CIVILIZATION – It is not an Accident, it is Policy

United Nations flag
My conclusion with a wish:
Worldwide, People are waking up with the awareness of mass deception funded by institutions and perpetrated by officials, authorities, executives, agents, priests, members, and others serving those institutions.
These aware People strive for Truth to prevail and Healing to flow worldwide with information sharing.



Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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7 comments on “Have You Noticed What Is Being Engineered?
  1. RonMamita says:

    Too Trusting in Age of Deception

    Cuckoo Crazy For NASA.

    I was ROFLOL 😀
    Sincerely, no disrespect intended, I had never seen the TV NEWS event and the obvious acting hit me so swiftly that laughter literally burst out before I gathered my thoughts.
    When I saw the U.S. Presidential Executive Action on Gun Control video clip.
    The staged acting of tears and sadness was too much!

    Video posted 10 May 2016
    Jump to the video que mark: 1:20

    Adolf Hitler gets angry when told the people have discovered the Earth is not a spinning ball!

    Closing The Book On The Never Ending Story Of Deception

    Dark Occult Sorcery seek the power of control.

    The movie script for the never ending story is interesting:
    The NeverEnding Story [German: Die Unendliche Geschichte] is a 1984 film about a boy who reads a magical book that tells a story of a young warrior whose task is to stop a dark storm called the Nothing from engulfing a fantasy world.
    Directed by Wolfgang Petersen. Written by Wolfgang Petersen and Herman Weigel, based on the novel by Michael Ende.

    “If you want to save our world, you must hurry!
    We don’t know how much longer we can withstand the Nothing.”

    The wolf named G’mork said:
    “People have begun to lose their hopes and forget their dreams.
    So that the Nothing grows stronger!
    [What is the Nothingness]
    It’s the emptiness that’s left.
    It’s like a despair, destroying this world.
    And I have been trying to help it.
    Because people who have no hopes are easy to control.
    And whoever has control has the power.
    [Who are you really ?]
    I am the servant of the power behind the nothing.
    I was sent to kill the only one who could have stopped the nothing.
    I lost him in the Swamps of Sadness.
    His name was Atreyu.

    [The ground shakes and the truth-seeker boy, named Atreyu, falls over backward. He grabs a long, sharp piece of broken stone and stands up. He then yells at G’mork.]

    If we’re about to die anyway, I’d rather die fighting.
    Come for me G’mork, I am Atreyu!
    ” -Never Ending Story movie script

    Deception in Entertaining Delightful Pleasure

    Stealthily slip in propaganda, deception, public opinion manipulation during a state of high emotion, is very effective programming.

    “There is a term “ordo ab chao”_this means “Order out of Chaos”. This is the Luciferian-N.W.O.-Elite goal.
    However, Lucifer needs much more chaos, enough to instill a desperate need for global order in the people of Earth.
    Can you see it happening?
    Just think “Middle East Crisis”, “Global Financial Crisis”, “EU Migrant Crisis” to name a few in 2016.”

    Could governments, scientists, and space agencies Deceive To You?

    Seeking Truth Takes You Through Ridicule & Scorn:

    Peer Pressure, social outcast, lost credibility, reputation, tradition, social norms, and much more can be heaped upon your load of burden if you allow it emotionally.


    Sleeping Public – Wake Up

    So much deception for the objective of control over the mass populous is revealed.
    Note that the Nazi German influence in America before, during and after the World Wars.
    Note the fact that government and banking influence over the creation of propaganda, animation, mass media and Hollywood. More bluntly, government and banking engineered and funded the development of cartoon-stories, animation, film, TV, radio, and mass media. These facts are not highlighted in educational material. Walt Disney was like a slave master, he had guidance from bankers and the U.S. government.
    Walt Disney Studios were over-run with “brass”, a colloquialism meaning high ranking military operation.
    Note that Disney studios were compartmentalized.
    They understood human psychology and mental conditioning.
    People from birth are told what to believe, their world view is a “make-believe” world.
    That is the hard pill to swallow.

    James Algar (June 11, 1912 – February 26, 1998) was an American film director, screenwriter, Animator, and producer. He worked for the Walt Disney Productions for 43 years and received the Disney Legends award in 1998. He was born in Modesto, California and died in Carmel, California.

    1912 Research Archived

    A 100 year old book written by a Syrian-american scientist with NEW experiments proving flat earth … a book almost lost in time ” PLEASE SHARE” …. by John G Abizaid

    Video Title: “NAME THE ISS” RESULTS – Time to bury NASA

    Bullies With More Curve Than you can Handle

    Travel to record altitudes and stand up to the bullies of thought control:

    Can we open and share our individual stories for intentional joyful dreams?


  2. RonMamita says:

    World War Strategy Continues

    Remember our discussions that world war is escalating.
    NOTE the War Economy, where bread and butter for the citizens gives way to the guns and bullets for military funds and spending.

    In a war economy scenario you note that the military is funded while the public suffers with austerity and rationing policies.

    A U.S. Army general (Mark A. Milley) tells U.S. troops to expect to have to deal with “hybrid armies” and “little green men.”
    The wars in Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, Libya, and elsewhere continues…

    Currently the news reports that German Chancellor Merkel asked Japan to join NATO and Japan declined.
    Germany is expanding the Bundeswehr, the German Federal Armed Defence Forces.
    Russia has been embarrassing the U.S. forces with confrontational military might.
    China has modernized their military and deployed forces…

    In video below Joseph discusses the current reports relating to geopolitics war strategies. He connects the importance of Germany, cyber-warfare, the refugees crisis, East Ukraine conflict, NATO, and Syria factors:



  3. RonMamita says:

    There is More To You

    Do you want CHANGE?
    Many individuals see the Wrongs, the love of money, obedience to authority, the suffering, the illness, and dis-ease plaguing the world.

    Civilization trains and indoctrinate citizens, societies, and communities to be obedient slaves and workers. But there is more to you than that, more to you than a career.
    You are more than your education, wealth, status and reputation.
    Defining yourself with a label is not accepting yourself for what you truly are and restricts your great abilities.

    Trying to change the reflection while the source does not change will fail.

    Trying to change the world while not changing yourself will fail.

    Effective change comes from within.

    Title: The SOUL Purpose of our Existence: Why are we here?
    Video posted 13 May 2016


  4. RonMamita says:

    Canaanite Altars and the Federal Reserve

    Ever wonder why the worldwide money system is so corrupt and evil?
    G. Edward Griffin once said, “The Federal Reserve is a hybrid organization. It’s a partnership between the Federal Government and the private banks. When you look at it deeper than that, its essence is neither as a government agency nor a private company. In reality, it is a cartel.”

    Notice, G. Edward Griffin says that the Federal Reserve is a “hybrid organization.”
    Does he even know just how true that statement apparently is?
    Listen to this interview Rob Skiba did with Tim Bence and discover just how dark the origin if this “Creature From Jeckyll Island” really is.

    Below is a Short clip recording the buildings atop burial sites where giant native Americans (Indians) were buried, and paintings depicting them sacrificing babies at the altar:

    Title: Canaanite Altars and the Federal Reserve
    Video posted 31 Jan 2013

    Title: The Canaanite Altars of Jekyll Island
    Video posted 18 Nov 2013

    The Consequences of Globalization

    Source: OfTwoMinds blog, by Charles Hugh-Smith
    It is not possible to coherently discuss the “New Normal” economy without discussing financialization–the substitution of credit expansion and speculation for productive investments in the real economy–and its sibling: globalization.


    Engineered By Bankers

    Title: How Central Banks Affect Culture | John O’Donnell

    Deception, Propaganda & Psyops

    Title: US Government In Conjunction With Corporations Are Creating A Massive Control Grid: Bernie Suarez

    Pope Francis Calls for Worldwide Communist Government


    Stunning Letter From U.N.

    The OITC, I believe, is the UN “Office of International Treasury Control“.

    The common thread of trying to help our Humanity is present in each individual and/or group. This is undeniable and clearly evident as per the messages given. Helping is in our nature.

    The investigation of the current state, uncovering and understanding historic facts, timelines and bloodlines, assembling the evidence, and properly disclosing and presenting an element that has gone wrong and harmed Humanity is the goal of each individual and entity on the internet it seems.

    The methodologies, positions, and postures differ from one to the other, but the common thread is in existence throughout. However, although the common thread of helping Humanity is deep in each case, the top and visible part of differing opinions causes much strife. Strife is undesirable as it only feeds emotion critters, and a unity of purpose and understanding is preferred. Given that disseminating this information to the rest of the world is clearly evident in the writings and messages we see on the internet, finding a path to walk on to the benefit of our Humanity is the second common thread that runs through all the information disseminators on the internet.

    But, here’s the but, because of the amount of differing thought, opinions, systems (and checks and balances not quite evident for whatever reason), these provide differing paths to the exclusion of others where they are deemed as improper or incorrect. Strife is created at this point. This is clearly the point reached here with OITC and Landa, and OITC and others.

    Each and every one wishes and intends the benefit of our Humanity from their particular system or method. The difference in approach and execution has resulted in attacks against each other, and has created a circus. Many times strife appears to be created for apparent good reason, but sometimes only for a differing opinion.

    Read: https://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2016/05/16/a-letter-from-jerzy-babkowski-zap-5-15-16-all-for-the-sake-of-helping-humanity-about-the-oitc-world-financial-stuff-gold-the-rv-thing-etc/


    • RonMamita says:

      Title: War waged against Pope Francis in the heart of Vatican – whistleblower

      Published on May 13, 2016

      Europe’s smallest country – the Vatican, led by the pontiff – is one of the most powerful states on the planet, a moral compass for more than a billion people.
      However, over the past decades, the Catholic Church has suffered a number of scandals and its congregations are crying out for change.
      Pope Francis came with the promise of change.
      For centuries, the Vatican has been shrouded in mystery, its internal deals secreted behind closed doors.
      However, one person managed to get through and came back to tell his story.
      Investigative journalist, author of ‘Merchants in the Temple’, Gianluigi Nuzzi, is on Sophie&Co today.


      Posted on May 13, 2016 by Joseph P. Farrell

      Mr. G.P. shared this article, and it really prompts some high octane speculation, particularly in the context of yesterday’s blogs and speculations about the survivability of the EU, the euro, and the refugee crisis. As you’ll recall, yesterday I speculated that what we might be witnessing in Europe, with the backlash against refugees, and the unworkability of the Euro, is a return to some form of the Exchange Rate Mechanism, with various such mechanisms in Europe centered or clustered not just around Germany, but also possibly France, until such time that a “European identity” and awareness can be created, for which the refugee crisis seems to be tailor-made.

      It’s in that context that I propose to consider the following article and profer some high octane speculation:

      Suspended audit reveals power struggle at the Vatican

      Two years ago I blogged about the fact that Pope Francis seemed determined to overhaul and “clean out” the notoriously corrupt Vatican bank, the “Institute for Religious Works’. As a part of this overhaul and cleanup, the pope had hired Price Waterhouse and other firms to do internal audits and bring the bank into international regulatory conformity. As I noted then, some of these were also the auditors of record for Lloyds of London and the Bank of International Settlements (another bastion of financial propriety!) But why the sudden push to “clean out” the Vatican bank to begin with?

      I suggest that, since this move came after the establishment of the EU and the eurozone, that the two events are deeply related. In that context, consider the following statements from the article:

      The case of the PwC suspension is revealing. According to CNA’s source, PwC was hired by the Council for the Economy, which made the decision by an unanimous vote.

      However, the Secretariat of State claimed the need for further control, and raised issues for discussion, such as: given that Vatican City is a sovereign state, and not a company, is it even proper that its financial books undergo external auditing?

      The issue of sovereignty is crucial for the Holy See, which has fought recently to be independent of any secular power: sovereignty has helped the Church to act independently throughout the world, without depending on any secular power, and to be able to have an independent voice in the international scene, thus being able to advocate for human rights and the common good without being accused of any partiality.

      Sovereignty is not just a notion: the Holy See’s sovereignty insists on the independent, albeit small, territory of the Vatican City State, which like any other independent nation has its internal jurisdiction and legislation, and is involved in international relations.

      This sovereignty implies that the Vatican dicasteries are considered on par with the ministries of any other country – which includes a level of confidentiality in handling their budgets.

      For Cardinal Pell, the real challenge is to introduce international accountability standards within a state system: to find a balance between the needs of a manager and those of a governor.

      This is, indeed, the rub: the Vatican’s soveriegnty and recognition as such in international law and diplomacy, and its parallel status as a (gigantic) corporation with its own central bank. But given all these claims and privileges in law, why would the Vatican have undertaken such an audit in the first place?

      My high octane speculation may be perceived as the wildest and most bizarre fantasy, but nonetheless, it’s worth putting out there for consideration, for consider, what is the one thing that all of western Europe has in common culturally, and historically(and, incidentally, that Eastern Europe and Russia, do not)? Answer: the papacy. So my suspicion is that the oligarchical powers that be have decided that the only way to make a common currency for Europe(by which they mean, always, and only, western Europe), is to give that currency the sanction of the Vatican, i.e., to involve the Vatican in its issuance and sanction. It’s the old alliance of the bank, and the temple, all over again. Of course, just how such a crazy scheme would work out in detail remains to be seen.

      How will we know if such a scheme might even be being considered? Very easily: if the Vatican starts sending, or increasing the numbers and involvement of its observers and nuncios to the Eureopean Union, to the European Central bank, or is granted representation in the IMF or World Bank. Hence the audits: to achieve representation, the Vatican bank has to conform to the same standards of corruption as everyone else.

      Source: http://gizadeathstar.com/2016/05/vaticans-financial-audit-suspended-whats-game/


  5. RonMamita says:

    Vatican: The New Global Authority Of Mammon

    “Am I therefore become your enemy,
    because I tell you the truth?” -Galatians 4:16, KJB


    “No one loves the messenger who brings bad news.” -Sophocles, Antigone


    Just what is the Vatican to you?

    A city? A corporation? A church? The adversary?

    Whatever one’s opinion of this monstrous empire of all empires may be, one thing cannot be denied. It’s value in monetary consideration is virtually priceless, from its private vault collections to its billion plus tithing members pretending that money is a tribute of forgiveness for sin. But what can we possibly call this beast system that has no purchasable (conquerable) price upon its hydra-like head, a net worth without a net, and globally a partner with most (soon to be all) nations and religions?

    What else can we call this universal incorporation but mammon incarnate?

    Is this merely a passing metaphor, or can we begin to see evidence of such a adversarial nature?

    Today I wish to share a few financial characteristics with my readers that, without a doubt in my own mind, shows that this Catholic (universal) church is nothing more than the protector of the faith, that faith being in the god of mammon. And just as the various denominations of global religions have apparently latched on to that papal teat, so too it appears has all denominations of currency have fallen under that global protectionism of the Holy See.

    Perhaps unofficially it is and has always been this way?

    Read full text: https://realitybloger.wordpress.com/2016/05/10/vatican-the-new-global-authority-of-mammon/


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