What I Think:

Awareness and Free Your Mind
Ultimately, I think life is about freedom.
My spirit says that, my heart yearns for it, my dreams and my thoughts all align toward the effort to make it reality.

Interesting how truth seeking, free-will, and free thinking are considered wonderful traits, except when it criticize government or other institutional establishments influencing the control meme often called “conventional wisdom”, or accepted policy.
Then those wonderful traits are seen as radical, or dangerous.
Who is afraid to be unconventional?
Oh, yes those individuals who fear the label “fringe”, “abnormal”, “conspiracy theorists”, or fear losing credibility.

Which is to say, some individuals seek popularity and acceptance rather than seek truth.

Actually, I think this is the pivotal century to warn all decent People within this earthly realm:
Stop supporting the plague and the plague-carrying-parasites, the institutional governance that is the mental instrument used to enslave populations within a geopolitical socioeconomic boundary cloaked in propaganda, patriotism, with trained obedience to authority.
Stop this madness!

I won’t talk about government officials, prime ministers, and presidential candidates.
Who could you trust with your life?
Who could you vote for?
Is any political party candidate a real choice to remove the plague?
Unlikely, because whoever is elected is still obligated to the same source.
The same parasitic source that control the worldwide monetary system with elite privileges.

All in all, it does depend on the people:
Finally it gets personal, right down to you – the individual.
When the people at home and at work change – and demand change – the community and institutions won’t have a choice but to comply and change as well.

For those who say that is unrealistic and wishful thinking, as they imagine Hitler’s Nazi regime or U.S. Homeland Security with the gun barrel pointed at you.
Then consider this, rather than provoking armed conflict imagine non-violent noncompliance.
Consider Tax Boycotts, student walkouts, and striking workers returning home.

No need to clash with police or military in the streets in front of parliament or the capitol.
Simply stop feeding the beast and return home.
Real change will be the result, because the People demand it.

-Intentional Focus –
You can consciously choose what you think and what you do.
You can seek truth and know Rights from Wrongs.

Rights and Wrongs

“You are not responsible for the programming you picked up in childhood.  However, as an adult, you are one hundred percent responsible for fixing it.” –Ken Keyes, Jr.

Remember we all are on ONE Earth,
we all share ONE breath (that breath eventually passes through each of us).
We are ONE whole (life within this earth realm).
We can learn to live together in wholeness.

Rearrange the letters, rearrange thoughts


Eternal Hearts
There is amplification of awareness and consciousness with each who visit this blog and other internet-sites that share in the worldwide awareness Dialogue for healing and prosperity.

Your birth was a gift to us all.
Thank you for being here!



Grasp The Sword of Truth

The ancient knowledge will again abound, and overflow, as water, upon the earth.  The remains of this knowledge are everywhere about us, in every-day use, and perfect.  Its revival will point to the restoration of the period prior to the confusions of lip.

That which can be detroyed by the truth should be destroyed


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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4 comments on “What I Think:
  1. RonMamita says:

    Stop The Wars

    The nature of LOVE is Freedom.

    We are aware that People worldwide are sick and tired of the U.S. warmongering, and Russia-phobia, but so are the American citizens.

    Will the puppet-masters be successful installing another political-puppet insisting on the continuation of war policies and global hegemony?
    It is very possible that the establishment with invisible puppet masters can still push through their candidates to win the 2016 presidential selections!
    Because that is the political system as it exist today in America.

    A more appropriate question is: Will anything disrupt that criminal system?
    I think it is likely for the crisis to get much worse.
    But not too late for change to sweep in solutions and healing in the years and centuries ahead of us.

    I would like to see this change in my lifetime, but regardless I do think the world will heal and live as a whole, eventually.

    This is just the beginning…


  2. RonMamita says:

    Why Did A Elite Globalist Print His True Views?

    In the Foreign Policy publication one globalist, James Traub, calls grassroots movements “extremist” have gone too far…
    He states the extremism” (grassroots activism) has gone mainstream.

    Title: Elites Openly Calling To Rise Up Against ‘Ignorant Masses”
    video posted 29 Jun 2016

    They Don’t Care About You

    Title:Amazing Things Are Happening – Hang On
    Video posted 28 Jun 2016


  3. RonMamita says:

    The World Is Not As We Were Taught

    With increased awareness we open our perception senses to so much more knowledge.
    There are so much not understood, the great mystery confuses us…

    Yet, we can learn!
    The foundation of what this earth realm experience is, again something we do not understand.
    I acknowledge this missing knowledge.
    I also acknowledge my family reported to me that the heat burns (too hot, even as the storm clouds rained and hid the sun!) abnormal phenomena with the rooftops steaming.
    How much does it hurt, how much can it hurt?
    The Quest – The Question – For Truth

    Now examine the altered reality phenomenon that is called the Mandela Effect, aka the Quantum effect.
    I experienced the phenomena, and had a different word for it – I called it a “Consciousness shift”. Where I woke one morning and could not find a anime video I had watched months ago…
    I didn’t “feel” a shift in time or universe – no, I felt like my consciouness had shifted, like my thoughts were different from those around me. And as I research the quantum effect I am more intrigued with the possibilities of what is this earthly realm we are experiencing?

    *I note some fictional stories (scripted reality) have altered realities themes:
    Star Trek; Robert Jordan’s fantasy WOT series; and other scripts for sure…

    Matter and material things may be much different than what we had defined it to be.
    If billions of recordings can be altered, millions of thoughts affected, whereas old books and old video records in private homes all altered is a mystery we should be able to imagine possible explanations for this phenomena.

    Invisible War – Faulty Manipulation – Possibilities:
    Time manipulation
    Consciousness shift
    technology energy pulse frequency altered
    entity (A.I./Demonic Lord/Other) with ability to manipulate this earth realm…

    Title: Mandela Effect Predicted By Star Trek 25 Years Ago
    video posted 28 May 2016

    Title: Mandela Effect – Preserve The Residual Error Effects Before They’re Gone
    video posted 29 Jun 2016

    Title: Flat Earth & Mandela Effects on the KJV Bible David Beverley on WorldBeyondBelief
    video posted 24 Jun 2016

    Title: The Mandela Effect – KJV Ephesians 6:12 and the 9 Orders of Angels Observation
    Video posted 4 Jun 2016


    • RonMamita says:

      Today I had a hopeful discussion with a truth seeker that may overturn her knee jerk skepticism about the many unconventional findings revealing many contradictions to the established beliefs and science about earth (and universe or reality):


      I have the motto, Before we dismiss a strange idea that contradicts conventional teachings or beliefs, we need to investigate it in search for the truth. There is a popular saying that the height of Mt. Ignorance is condemnation before investigation.

      Dear Doreen,
      I had many discussions about this and other earth science related Age of Deception false teachings that children are indoctrinated with. Such as the heliocentric theory with the spinning-ball-earth model.
      The last time I attempted to share with you a related consciousness shift subject, I felt your emotional resistance, even as I knew your heart is compassionate and that you may at your own pace eventually research these controversial “crazy ideas” and discover for yourself they are not crazy ideas if I were to promise you that I would not bring it up again on your blog.
      My personal experience anchors revealed to me that the world is not what we were taught.
      Here is one that convinced me to research the Mandela or Quantum Effect:

      I look forward to the day when I can discuss with you any controversial topic to reveal truth and increase our awareness. Even the Level Plane (flat) earth evidence

      Title: Flat Earth, English Gematria and the New World Order
      Video posted 14 Aug 2016 MartyLeeds33.com


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