BIG DATA: Blockchain vs Holochain Technology

Institutional governance (Politics & Policies) is so fraudulent, so corrupt, and so heavily influenced by the “debt as money” system, that literally everything can be corrupted or co-opted or regulated out of existence if it is deemed a threat to the establishment.

With that statement above, all good intentions for freedom and healing mankind is challenged.
Hacktivists and truth seekers have to be cognizant of this pervasive influence challenge.

Big data is well funded and data collection is now pervasive, and paving a digital path for society, regardless if it is harmful and unwise.

The financial industry with its profit motives has the tendency to ignore human rights, the right to privacy is lost in the analytics and machine learning algorithms when funding projects.

With that in mind, I ask you to research alternatives.
The financial industry with its profit motives has the tendency to forget about human rights, the right to privacy is lost in the analytics and machine learning algorithms when funding projects.
One alternative is called “Holochain”, in contrast to the “Blockchain” technology.
Holochain is a holographic storage for distributed applications with a validating distributed hash table (DHT).
holochain subsystems simplified chart

“Historically, data integrity has been ensured by restricting access to data. If we wanted to prevent anybody from tampering with data, we locked it behind firewalls, or set strict permissions on databases and file systems. Because with centrally stored data, having the ability to write to data typically means you can change whatever you want.

If we want to build peer-to-peer systems where we collectively hold data among many parties, we need better strategies for shared data integrity. Many are excited about building these kinds of applications on the blockchain, because they provide a strategy to maintain integrity of data that can be held by many peers without a single central authority.

However, other limitations have become apparent, such as high computational overhead for achieving consensus, and the Pareto Effects of Proof of Work and Proof of Stake which steer the system toward being more centralized than many would want.”
Summary of Holochain Architecture

You can think of a holochain as a shared DHT in which each piece of data is rooted in the signed hash chain of one or more parties. It is a validating DHT so data cannot propagate without first being validated by shared validation rules held by every node – like every cell in your body has a copy of the same DNA. –

There are so many code projects posted to github that I have not seen, and now I see “Ceptr” and I now think that some tech-nerds have many alternatives to explore and to challenge the slave system being protected by the establishment.

If you are a hacktivist, developer, or moral individual interested in programming and engineering systems then please share and discuss this.
Have a joyful day, cheers.

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Posted 14 Jun 2017 by Tammy Lea Meyer

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