CreativExpression: Just Do It!

Art of the Heart

Art of the Heart
Art, Emotion, Healing, Inventing, Engineering, Energy, and Everything
is connected in what is often referred to as the Universal Principle.

The dogmatic priesthood of science and religion have institutionalized their false beliefs with rituals, laws and hierarchies leading to human extinction.
This destructive path can be averted with the help of “WE”, the people.
People who are able to realize that here is a great spiritual world which is sincerely concerned, yet able to face shadows and fears to create solutions, manifest peace and prosperity.

This is our time to apply and Express our Creativity with the Holistic approach.

Nature is abundant energy, or rather omnipresent “infinite energy”.
This goes beyond the limits of materialism.
Harvesting some of that energy will lift up Earth-beings from the Material Age of scarcity to align with the Spiritual Age of abundance that is mother nature.
Aligning our consciousness with the universal principle for
healing, nourishment, art, engineering and all endeavor.

A creative and natural way of living.

. . .

Some foundation sources:

Natural Philosophy

Musical Fundamentals

Sympathetic Tuning

Sympathetic Vibration

9 States Of Energy


Walter Russell

Nikola Tesla

John Keely

Viktor Schauberger

Pallathadka Bhat

Vortex, Subtle, Scalar, Longitudinal, cavitic, and implosion Energy

Alternative Healing

Wilhelm Reich

Frank Chester
Art of the Heart

Pond Science Institute

Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov is a naturalist, a professional entomologist, and artist

Sterling Allan

The Universe represented as 9 musical octaves

The Universe represented as 9 musical octaves


Dale Pond Lecture – Basic Principles of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics and John Keely Parts 1 and 2


Nature of mind force and matter: Sympathetic Vibration Physics “SVP” John Keely and his Dynaspheres

We (humanity) are going from the limited to the unlimited.” Sage

Everything in the universe vibrates and oscillates perpetually. In fact, everything is nothing other than these vibrations and oscillations in different combinations. We study the physics of these vibrations and oscillations to better understand how we and the universe works.

. . .

Frank Chester HEART Lecture July 2011
. . .

. . .

Matt Presti & Robert Otey w/ Santos Bonacci – Misconceptions of the Solar System -Walter Russell

Conversations about the vortex trajectory of the planets trailing behind our Sun-star as it speeds forward; free energy, current false 2d view of reality and advancing to the 3d view with greater awareness…


NATURE was my Teacher


Today we share our collective efforts, experiences and stories to propel our living spirit of consciousness to align to nurturing, loving and creative Nature for Global Peace and Prosperity. The shadow of destruction in the Material Age of Empire and Hegemony is falling as the feminine energy of spiritual creation emerges.

. . .


More People are realizing the need for change as the “Establishment”
continue their destructive and deceptive system of control and enslavement
on national Orwellian farms.
Our creative energy is amplified with each new person that shares the Global Dialogue for Peace, Prosperity and Safe Free Energy.


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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12 comments on “CreativExpression: Just Do It!
  1. ronmamita says:

    Help us create and encourage many more to create free energy.
    The greater the effort and the joy of this effort the sooner we will manifest free energy.


  2. ronmamita says:

    I spoke with the universe as one consciousness seeking information and wisdom.
    The solution for free safe energy generation (start simple and advance) is a natural technique as ancient as a watermill.
    Energy flowing as a river moving a wheel and providing working energy for us.
    The more complex and powerful techniques will employ SPHERES and omnidirectional generation of working energy.
    What intrigues me is that this flow of energy is invisible and have powerful forces of vortex movements. Perhaps magnets and water needs to be used as well?
    The element of WATER continues to present itself to me over and over again…

    However, the objective is to invent a small and simple device available for home and personal use to power home devices and personal transportation.


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