Tremors Within The System

Tremors Within The System

MOSCOW – When Vladimir Putin says the United States is endangering the global economy by abusing its dollar monopoly, he’s not just talking. He’s betting on it.

Not only has Putin made Russia the world’s largest oil producer, he also has made it the biggest gold buyer. His central bank has added 570 metric tons of the metal in the past decade, a quarter more than runner-up China, according to International Monetary Fund data compiled by Bloomberg. The added gold is also almost triple the weight of the Statue of Liberty.

“The more gold a country has, the more sovereignty it will have if there’s a cataclysm with the dollar, the euro, the pound, or any other reserve currency,” Evgeny Fedorov, a lawmaker for Putin’s United Russia party in the lower house of parliament, said in a telephone interview in Moscow.

Federal Reserve Confirms Security Breach

Public Prosecutor of Rome to Investigate Bilderberg Group on Allegations of Corruption and Conduct of Politicians

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, the oldest reigning Dutch monarch, announced her abdication on Monday evening in a sudden move three days before her 75th birthday.

Pope Benedict XVI is to resign on February 28th, according to reports on Italian news agency ANSA.

Published on Feb 6, 2013 The Federal Reserve has admitted that one of its internal websites was hacked, raising questions about cyber security at the US central bank.



MOSCOW — When Vladimir Putin says the United States is endangering the global economy by abusing its dollar monopoly, he’s not just talking. He’s betting on it.

Not only has Putin made Russia the world’s largest oil producer, he also has made it the biggest gold buyer. His central bank has added 570 metric tons of the metal in the past decade, a quarter more than runner-up China, according to International Monetary Fund data compiled by Bloomberg. The added gold is also almost triple the weight of the Statue of Liberty.

“The more gold a country has, the more sovereignty it will have if there’s a cataclysm with the dollar, the euro, the pound, or any other reserve currency,” Evgeny Fedorov, a lawmaker for Putin’s United Russia party in the lower house of parliament, said in a telephone interview in Moscow.


Gold, coveted by Russian rulers including Tsar Nicholas II and the Bolshevik leader whose forces executed him, Vladimir Lenin, has soared almost 400 percent in the period of Putin’s purchases. Central banks around the world have printed money to escape the global financial crisis, sapping investor appetite for dollars and euros and setting off a scramble for safety.

In 1998, the year Russia defaulted on $40 billion of domestic debt, it took as many as 28 barrels of crude to buy an ounce of gold, Bloomberg data show. That ratio tumbled to 11.5 by the time Putin first came to power a year later and in 2005, after it touched 6.5 — less than half what it is now — the president told the central bank to buy.

During a tour that November of the Magadan region in the Far East, where Polyus Gold International Ltd. and Polymetal International Plc have operations, Putin told Bank Rossii not to “shy away” from the metal. “After all, they’re called gold and currency reserves for a reason,” Putin said, according to a Kremlin transcript.

At the time, gold was trading at an 18-year high of $495 an ounce and the Moscow-based central bank held 387 tons, or 2.2 percent of its $165 billion total reserves. The share reached 3.5 percent within a month, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

An ounce of gold for immediate delivery traded at $1,670 as of 7:24 p.m. Moscow time on Feb. 8. It rose 7 percent last year, the 12th straight year of gains. Analysts expect the metal to advance again in 2013, to $1,825 by the end of the year, according to the median of 26 forecasts in a Bloomberg survey.

“Putin’s gold strategy fits in with his resource nationalism, statist agenda,” said Tim Ash, head of emerging-market research at Standard Bank Plc in London. “It’s kind of a defensive play, but it worked, right?” Ash said in an interview in Moscow. “You need luck in politics and business, and clearly the guy has it.”

Other world leaders haven’t been as lucky. Gordon Brown, as U.K. finance minister, sold almost 400 tons of gold in the 30 months to March 2002, when prices were at two-decade lows. London tabloids have referred to the period as “Brown’s Bottom.”

Quantitative easing by major economies to support financial asset prices is driving demand for gold in the emerging world, said Marcus Grubb, head of investment research at the World Gold Council. Before the crisis, central banks were net sellers of 400 to 500 tons a year. Now, led by Russia and China, they’re net buyers by about 450 tons, Grubb said by phone from London, where his industry group is based.

While Putin is leading the gold rush in emerging markets, developed nations are liquidating. Switzerland unloaded the most in the past decade, 877 tons, an amount now worth about $48 billion, according to International Monetary Fund data through November. France was second with 589 tons, while Spain, the Netherlands, and Portugal each sold more than 200 tons.

Even after Putin’s binge, though, Russia’s total cache of about 958 tons is only the eighth-largest, the World Gold Council said in a Feb. 8 report. The U.S. is No. 1 with about 8,134 tons, followed by Germany with 3,391 tons and the Washington-based IMF with 2,814 tons. Italy, France, China, and Switzerland are fourth through seventh. While gold accounts for 9.5 percent of Russia’s total reserves, it accounts for more than 70 percent in the U.S., Germany, Italy, and France.

Russia keeps about two-thirds of its stockpile in a greenish gray stone-and-glass building on Ulitsa Pravdy, or Truth Street, in central Moscow. The street is named after Pravda, the official newspaper of the Communist Party, which also was headquartered there.

Then-Prime Minister Putin became the first Russian leader to visit the complex on Jan. 24, 2011, according to the government’s website. He toured the 17,000 square-meter facility, which includes 1,500 square meters of storage, with First Deputy Chairman Georgy Luntovsky, posing for photographs lifting an ingot. Most of the bars weigh 10 to 14 kilograms (22 to 31 pounds) and are boxed in plastic or wooden crates alongside an emergency supply of banknotes.

Technically, state metals depositary Gokhran has the exclusive right to buy all gold mined in the country. In practice it lets commercial banks buy from producers directly, usually in the form of project financing, said Sergey Kashuba, chairman of the Russian Union of Gold Producers in Moscow.

When the central bank buys gold, it’s from those commercial banks, led last year by OAO Sberbank, OAO Nomos Bank, VTB Group, and OAO Gazprombank, Kashuba said. Russia produced 205 tons of gold last year, making it No. 4 after China, Australia, and the U.S., according to U.S. Geological Survey estimates.

Security is tight along the entire production chain, Kashuba said. Just two organizations are allowed to move partially refined gold from miners in the Far East and northern Siberia to processing facilities in other parts of the country, he said. One is FeldSvyaz, a courier service that reports directly to Putin. The other, SpetsSvyaz, was split off from Stalin’s NKVD secret police in 1939 to transport precious metals and state secrets, according to its website.

Russia has gone through bouts of hoarding before. Tsar Alexander II ordered his government to start amassing bullion in 1867, just months after selling Alaska, now the No. 2 gold- producing U.S. state, for $7.3 million. His grandson, Nicholas II, introduced the gold standard in 1897, then needed a loan from France to ward off speculators and save the system in 1906.

Nicholas, Russia’s last tsar, was forced to free the ruble in 1914 as war broke out in Europe. Lenin’s revolutionary government reinstated the gold link along with a new currency in 1922. While Soviet rubles were nominally backed by gold, sales of the metal to citizens were halted in 1930, making the peg meaningless.

When Lenin’s Bolsheviks seized power in Petrograd, as St. Petersburg was then known, in 1917, one of their first targets was the State Bank and its gold, which they captured at 6 a.m. on Nov. 7, according to Bank Rossii’s website. They soon nationalized all the banks, confiscating any gold found in vaults and deposit boxes.

Communist secrecy regarding the country’s gold holdings fueled speculation that party elites had amassed a huge hoard of bullion that they spirited out of the country before the Soviet Union disintegrated in 1991.

Viktor Gerashchenko, the last Soviet central banker and a two-time chairman of Bank Rossii, has repeatedly denied such speculation, including last February.

“When people ask about the party’s gold, my answer is always: Are you an idiot or something?” Gerashchenko, 75, told Afisha magazine.

For now, with more than five years left in Putin’s term, Russia plans to keep on buying.

“The pace will be determined by the market,” First Deputy Chairman Alexei Ulyukayev said in an interview in Davos, Switzerland, on Jan. 25. “Whether to speed that up or slow it down is a market decision and I’m not going to discuss it.”


Federal Reserve Confirms Security Breach

A Federal Reserve spokesperson confirmed a temporary security breach of its computers to The Huffington Post on Tuesday morning.

“Information was obtained by exploiting a temporary vulnerability in a website vendor product,” the spokesperson told HuffPost in a phone interview, adding that the problem was “fixed after discovery and is no longer an issue.”

According to the spokesperson, who asked not to be identified by name, the breach “did not affect critical operations.”

The confirmation comes in the wake of a claim by hacker group Anonymous on Sunday that it had stolen sensitive information on 4,000 American bank executives from Federal Reserve computers.

Although the security breach has now been confirmed, the spokesperson called Anonymous’ claim “overstated,” and would not comment on the nature of the data obtained other than to confirm that contact information was taken.

Earlier this week, ZDNet reported that “login information … credentials, IP addresses, and contact information of American bank executives” were listed in a spreadsheet posted to a government site that Anonymous had hacked.

Even if the breach might not have been as serious as publicized by Anonymous, it is the first actual leak of information achieved by the group’s Operation Last Resort. Launched in January, OpLastResort is the Anonymous response to the suicide of Internet activist Aaron Swartz. The group demands “reform of computer crime laws” and investigation of “overzealous prosecutors.”

Federal Reserve computers have been hacked before. In 2010, a Malaysian man was arrested in a credit card scheme after managing to hack into and damage 10 computers associated with a Federal Reserve training system, Bloomberg News reported at the time. However, no data or information was accessed or compromised in that attack, a spokeswoman told Bloomberg.

In 2011, Federal Reserve developers discovered a cross-scripting bug in Adobe ColdFusion software, which is used by some Federal Reserve Bank websites. Such cross-site scripting allows an attacker to gain high-level access privileges to sensitive information by way of injecting malicious client-side scripts.

“Web developers working for the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta discovered the cross-site scripting vulnerability as part of an internal development project,” ThreatPost, an Internet security blog, reported at the time.

In December 2011, Adobe released a patch for ColdFusion that fixed weaknesses it said could be exploited in “a cross-site scripting attack.”

In an e-mail to HuffPost, Adobe senior communications manager Wiebke Lips wrote that the company could not comment on the specific breach confirmed Tuesday by the Federal Reserve. According to Lips, a patch released Jan. 15 by Adobe “addressed four vulnerabilities” that had been observed in active attacks against ColdFusion customers.

“These types of attacks are often referred to as ‘zero-days’ because a fix is not available at the time of the attack,” Lips wrote. “As soon as these vulnerabilities were reported to Adobe, we immediately addressed them in the software and provided the fix.”

According to an Adobe security bulletin, the recent patch for ColdFusion fixed loopholes that could have enabled a hacker to “circumvent authentication controls, potentially allowing the attacker to take control of the affected server … could result in information disclosure from a compromised server.”

Although it is unclear whether hackers used the recently patched vulnerabilities as a vector for attack, if a third party gained access to sensitive information through ColdFusion, it would follow that computers belonging to the Federal Reserve may have been compromised because their software was not up-to-date.

The Federal Reserve spokesperson would not elaborate on its security systems other than to say that measures against attacks were “absolutely” in place.


for sharing this information

Public Prosecutor of Rome to Investigate Bilderberg Group on Allegations of Corruption and Conduct of Politicians

Left: Alfonso Luigi Marra
Right: Mario Monti

Public Prosecutor of Rome to Investigate Bilderberg Group on Allegations of Corruption and Conduct of Politicians

Written by Andrew Puhanic
Published on Friday, February 8th, 2013

Globalist Report

An Italian Lawyer from Italy, Alfonso Luigi Marra, has gone to the extraordinary length to request that the Public Prosecutor of Rome investigate the Bilderberg Group.

However, rather than only implicating the Bilderberg Group as Ferdinando Imposimato is trying to do, Lawyer Alfonso Luigi Marra has even gone to the extraordinary length to implicate the Italian Prime Minister, Mario Monti (another Bilderberg Group regular attendee) and has asked the Public Prosecutor of Rome to Investigate the Bilderberg Group.

The following is a translation of the complete transcript of the request made by Alfonso Luigi Marra against the Bilderberg Group and Mario Monti.

Please note, this is an online translation from Italian to English, so some of the English may not be grammatically correct.

To read the original version of this transcript, click here.



Denunciation of belonging to Mario Monti and other criminal organization and occult called Bilderberg Club (Bilderberg Group).

I, the undersigned Alfonso Luigi Marra, born in San Giovanni in Fiore (CS), and electively domiciled in Naples, Business District G1, Denunzio membership of Mr. Mario Monti, born on 19/12/43, and various other characters listed below, the circle Bilderberg, in relation to two profiles.

The first the occultezza and the second is the tremendous wrongfulness of the purposes of Bilderberg that, even according to witnesses such as the Hon. Ferdinando Imposimato, derived from court papers, are to be seen as a “secret world government seeking to destabilize democracies through the carnage.”

Bilderberg has indeed reacted upon being exposed now in millions of web pages ‘autopubblicandosi’ in 2009 in a ‘forum’ so transparent that illustrate everything (except of course the crime). Things including the States, the time and place of the meetings (now ‘conferences’), actually known for years, why not explicit, but because doggedly revealed by the ‘hounds’ anti-international conspiracy, including the distinguished Daniel Estulin.

Such a ‘doing good’ (Daniel Estulin) to make certain that the next ‘conference’ would open the doors to the world and will be inspired by the purest ideals of the good, the beautiful, the just and the useful, because nothing stops these enemies of hours exposed ‘ humanity, to continue elsewhere conspiracies with which, since 1954, make love with our fortunes.

A ‘secrecy’ lasted more than 50 years because the result of very wide institutional collusion, media, political and judicial. So much so that many sources describe the Bilderberg even as born of hidden longings Globalists environments diverted NATO’s criminal secret society with the highest banking powers.

But a pointless gimmick, to groped to save autopubblicandosi, because the crimes are in the very words of which all’invero singular ‘forum’.

On the one hand reads fact the art. Anselmi 1 of Law (Law no. 17 of 25.02.82): “We consider secret societies, such as those prohibited by art. 18 of the Constitution, those which, even within associations evident, concealing their existence or taking secret purposes and social activities jointly or through the unknown, in whole or in part, and even each other, partners, engage in direct to interfere on the exercise of the functions of constitutional bodies, public administrations also an autonomous, public bodies, including economic, and essential public services of national interest. “

On the other hand, the home of the ‘forum’ Bilderberg – tragicomically – reads: “.. In short, Bilderberg is a small, flexible, informal and non-registered forum in which they can be expressed different points of view and can be intensified mutual understanding. Bilderberg The only activity is its annual Conference.

During these meetings are not collected votes and will not be issued rulings behaviour. Since 1954 were held 59 conferences. For each meeting, the names of the participants as the agenda shall be made public and can be found in the press. “

Lying words, because much more than meet once a year in the horrid activities consist of them, but that implies, in themselves, the illicit nature of Bilderberg, because the composition of the contexts of the characters ‘conferences’ mingle without documentation configures itself with the secret of Law Anselmi.

The configuration because it is – just as forbidden – a mixture of public men not free to attend meetings not private, non-protocol, undocumented segretati, with the owners of the world’s highest concentrations of private interests.

A surreal, unbelievable, illegal mixture of Heads of State, Kings, Queens, Ministers, Presidents of Parliaments (type Barroso), European Commissioners, closed in secret areas with bankers such as David Rockefeller, and others at the highest levels of the ECB, the Fed or the BDI, with the top of the top multinational companies, with journalists from major publications, and in fact with the key people of everything that happens in the world.

Men – just like Monti after the ‘conference’ of St. Moritz on 9/12 June 2011 – sol that sortano muffled by alcoves of the secrets of the rituals inseminatorii bilderberghina impregnation, are kidnapped by Messianic breaths and transferred to the Olympus of all forms of power, like Clinton, Obama (whose government representatives participating in the ‘conference’), Trichet, Ignazio Visco, Romano Prodi, Tony Blair, Mario Draghi, Franco Barnabé, Giulio Tremonti, Marco Tronchetti Provera, Tommaso Padoa Schioppa, Alessandro Profumo, Emma Bonino, Gianni Riotta, Ben Bernanke, Corrado Passera, Walter Veltroni, Sergio Romano, Carlo Rossella, Claudio Martelli and many others.

Politicians, kings, queens, princes, such as Sofia of Greece, Bernhard of the Netherlands, Beatrix of Holland, Charles, King Juan Carlos of Spain, grotesquely mixed in a common delusion of omnipotence with sharks industry, commerce and of global finance, such as Edmond de Rothschild, or our own Giovanni Agnelli, Umberto Agnelli, John Elkan, with representatives of Coca Cola, IBM, Sony, British Petroleum, Shell, Exxon, Pan Am, Mobil, Texas Instruments, ENI, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Philips, Dunlop, HP.

A unique, illegal brotherhood of people who – forget the lessons of history, but full of reversals of power ‘timeless’ moment before being caught up – it is considered above the law, because of being so many, powerful, connected regimes of relationships from year to year more and more have consolidated in the ‘salons’ of the world and in every other place and time that the circumstances require. Men who must inter alia be considered the architects of the crime of crimes: the primary and secondary seignorage.

Men whose “points of view” – those in the 59 conferences that have followed have “intensified mutual understanding” – actually configure global policies of these 59 years, atomic energy and military choices with which we have ruined , the wars to break out, or those to be put down, those governments to promote or to break, crush, or those economies to be fed, those dictators to kill or to be incurred, ethnic groups, nations, peoples, or to exterminate to harass those economically or be promoted, pollution and allow that to size, and so on all made dramatic our daily life.

Crazy things made possible by a lack of the judiciary which is perhaps now the case of remedying, investigating also those judges who themselves are part of or are adjacent to the Bilderberg organizations controlled by it or close to it.

Behaviours, those of Bilderberg, its members and those who support them, which constitute the obvious, blatant violation, to say the least, of the articles of the Criminal Code:-n. 241 (terrorist attack against the integrity, independence or the unity of the state);-n. 283 (terrorist attack against the Constitution of the State);-n. 648 bis (Recycling)-n. 501 (Upward and downward fraudulent prices on the public market or the stock exchanges of commerce);-n. 501 a (speculative maneuvers of goods);-n. 416 (criminal association).

I ask for these reasons, want the Public Prosecutor of Rome launch a broad investigation aimed at info-activities to verify compliance or non-compliance with laws work of the Bilderberg club and its members and in relation to what happened recently that in recent years in ‘conferences’, and is related to continuing to work each during the year and in different ‘theaters’, with particular reference to the legality of the conduct of Mario Monti as a member of Bilderberg, and the possible relevance of the reasons for those who supported his appointment to the Presidency of the Council to its membership of the Bilderberg and / or other secret organizations or in conflict with the public interest.

I ask in particular the assessment of whether there are connections between some politicians denounced by the participation of the Mountains ‘conference’ Bilderberg St. Moritz in June 2011 and his appointment to the Presidency of the Council.

Explicitly ask to be informed in case of request for dismissal pursuant to art. 408 Code of Criminal Procedure.

Alfonso Luigi Marra

Queen Beatrix abdicates

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, who has abdicated. Her son Crown-Prince Willem-Alexander will become the new monarch. Photograph: Marcel Antonisse/EPA

Beatrix to relinquish crown at end of April after 33 years, leaving monarchy to Crown-Prince Willem-Alexander

Ian Traynor, Europe editor, Monday 28 January 2013 13.37 EST

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, the oldest reigning Dutch monarch, announced her abdication on Monday evening in a sudden move three days before her 75th birthday.

After 33 years on the throne following her mother’s abdication in 1980, Beatrix said she would relinquish the crown at the end of April, leaving the monarchy to Crown-Prince Willem-Alexander, the oldest of her three sons.

The queen went on national television and radio on Monday evening to announce the departure, having recorded the broadcast earlier in the day. The prime minister, Mark Rutte, delivered a statement on television shortly afterwards, with both stressing that the crown prince had been intensively prepared for the role of monarch.

“The queen was there for us in good times, but also in bad times. Her knowledge and compassion made her an icon of the Netherlands,” Rutte said in his statement.

The popular 74-year-old has kept a relatively low profile, aspiring to an image of homely normality by, for example, riding her bike in The Hague. She is also said to be a member of the Bilderberg Group and is ranked among Europe’s wealthiest royals.

But behind the scenes, Beatrix took an intense interest in national politics. Although a constitutional monarch, the queen is officially a member of the Dutch cabinet and until last year she had the right of initiative in proposing who should try to form a government in the complex Dutch coalition system.

“Almost 75, [after] 33 years of rule, she’s quitting when she’s at the top of the world,” said a diplomat.

Widowed a decade ago on the death of Prince Claus, a German aristocrat who served as a German diplomat, Beatrix has been visited by intense family misfortune over the past year. Her second son, Friso, was badly injured in a skiing accident in Austria last February and has been in a coma in a London clinic ever since. His wife, Princess Mabel, a commoner prominent in NGO circles in the 1990s in the Balkans, lives in London with their two daughters.

The abdication secures the Dutch throne for Crown-Prince Willem-Alexander at the age of 45. His wife, Princess Maxima, is Argentinian and her family have been involved in court controversies over the past 18 months stemming from her father’s role as a civilian minister for agriculture in the Argentinian junta between 1976 and 1981.

Relatives of one of the thousands of “disappeared” killed under the junta sought to mount a criminal case in the Dutch courts 18 months ago. Last March the Dutch prosecutor’s office ruled there were no grounds for charging the father, Jorge Zorreguieta.

The ascent to the throne of Willem-Alexander means the Netherlands will have its first king in more than a century. Abdication is also in the tradition of the Dutch monarchy. Beatrix’s mother, Queen Juliana abdicated in 1980, her mother, Queen Wilhelmina, in 1948.

Anonymous posts over 4000 U.S. bank executive credentials

Anonymous posts over 4000 U.S. bank executive credentials
Summary: Anonymous appears to have published login and private information from over 4000 American bank executive credentials its Operation Last Resort, demanding US computer crime law reform.

By Violet Blue for Zero Day | February 4, 2013 — 07:28 GMT (23:28 PST)

Following attacks on U.S. government websites last weekend, Anonymous seems to have made a new “Operation Last Resort” .gov website strike Sunday night.

Anonymous appears to have published login and private information from over 4,000 American bank executive accounts in the name of its new Operation Last Resort campaign, demanding U.S. computer crime law reform.

A spreadsheet has been published on a .gov website allegedly containing login information and credentials, IP addresses, and contact information of American bank executives.

If true, it could be that Anonymous has released banker information that could be connected to Federal Reserve computers, including contact information and cell phone numbers for U.S. bank Presidents, Vice Presidents, COO’s Branch Managers, VP’s and more.

The website used in this attack belongs to the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center (ACJIC). The page extension URL is titled, “oops-we-did-it-again.”

The spreadsheet document contains usernames, names of individuals and their titles at banks across the U.S., hashed passwords (not passwords in plain text). It was placed on a .gov website and on Pastebin, and publicized via various Anonymous accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

A Reddit member called the numbers and commented,

OK, I called a few of them. What must be so problematic for the Federal Reserve is not the information so much as this file was stolen from their computers at all.

The ramifications of that kind of loss of control is severe.

Banks listed on the document claim credentials from management at community banks, community credit unions, and more, across the United States.

A visit to the bank websites on the document shows that these are current employees at each of the banks.

Anonymous stated in its first Operation Last Resort defacement last friday ( it had infiltrated multiple federal websites over a period of time. The hacktivist entity dropped enough technical details to make it clear that its tracks were covered and that Anonymous still had access to .gov websites.

Significance of Monday, February 4?

While today in the United States it is the day of a major American sporting event (the Superbowl), this Sunday night’s timing of Anon’s document release coincides with another event more important to the new Anonymous campaign Operation Last Resort – a campaign anchored on the Swartz tragedy.

After the Anonymous OpLastResort hacks last weekend, last Monday a House panel issued a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder (.pdf link) with seven specific questions, and demanding answers regarding the Swartz prosecution.

Tomorrow, Monday February 4, is the deadline for Attorney General Eric Holder to answer specific questions regarding the Aaron Swartz prosecution.

Anonymous may be focusing on that deadline, as well.

Previously on the defaced website Anonymous cited the recent suicide of hacktivist Aaron Swartz as a “line that has been crossed.”

The statement suggested retaliation for Swartz’s tragic suicide, which many – including the family – believe was a result of overzealous prosecution by the Department of Justice and what the family deemed a “bullying” use of outdated computer crime laws.

With the letter to Holder, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee requests a briefing with the Justice Department. CNET writes,

“Many questions have been raised about the appropriate level of punishment sought by prosecutors for Mr. Swartz’s alleged offenses, and how the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, cited in 11 of 13 counts against Mr. Swartz, should apply under similar circumstances,” [Reps. Issa and Cummings] say in the letter, which requests a briefing no later than February 4.

The letter is another voice from the Federal side of the discussion, joining a chorus led by Democratic congresswoman Rep. Zoe Lofgren who has authored a bill called “Aaron’s Law” that aims to change the 1984 Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (with which Swartz was being prosecuted).

Last friday February 1, Lofgren submitted a draft of the bill to be reviewed on Reddit. Ars Technica reported that after its online critique, a revised version of the bill was published today, with more far-reaching reforms.

Last weekend Anonymous commandeered the US Sentencing website to launch Operation Last Resort “warheads” (encrypted files suggested by Anonymous to be sensitive US government documents).

The defacement demanded reform on US computer crime laws, citing the January 11 tragic suicide of young hacker and digital rights activist Aaron Swartz.

Anonymous spent last weekend playing cat-and-mouse with the Department of Justice after taking over the website (still decimated and now “under construction” over a week later).

After the US government regained control of the .gov website used in the hacks and defacements, Anonymous regained control of two .gov sites and turned the sites into a mocking video game of Asteroids.

Public interest in Sunday’s Asteroids game created a crowdsourced DDoS, downing the websites for days.

It is possible that banks and user information on tonight’s new “oops we did it again” document may be connected to accounts at The Fed (The Federal Reserve Bank).

The Fed has a collection of services called Fedline, which operates at highly critical junctures across the U.S. banking system.

For instance, one of the services offered by Fedline is money and funding transfers via the U.S. Federal Reserve.

It enables financial institutions to transfer funds between member participants. These participants are estimated to be around more than 9,000 financial entities (such as banks).

Fedline is the primary U.S. network for high value, time-critical and international payments.

In 2007 the estimated average daily value of funds transferred via Fedline products was 2.7 trillion (an estimated 537,000 payments daily, the average was over $5 million per transaction).

At this point, the information on the document is unverified and exactly what banking systems the information may affect is not known. ZDNet will update this article with new information as it becomes known.

The Operation Last Resort video, posted Friday on the U.S. Sentencing Commission website now has 1,183,000 views.

It is interesting to note that this second “official” #OpLastResort salvo does not cite AntiSec, as seen in the Asteroids game.

Anonymous appears intent to influence federal action – one way or another.


Pope Benedict XVI ‘to resign’

It has been reported that Pope Benedict XVI is
to step down Photo: AP Photo/Riccardo De Luca

Pope Benedict XVI ‘to resign’

Pope Benedict XVI is to resign on February 28th, according to reports on Italian news agency ANSA.

10:57AM GMT 11 Feb 2013

Last year the Pope started using a cane on occasions and recently he appeared to have trouble reading the text of an address he delivered in Rome. There was no immediate comment from the Vatican.



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