Banksters Won Another Round, Scotland; Is Spain Next?

Scotland was not a surprise.
Scotland was another signal that the grassroots are sprouting for liberty and growing…
What nation is next?
Spain-Catalan; Greece, and plenty of other nations with secession movements… ~Ron

Catalan president to sign decree calling for independence ‘consultation’ vote

People wave Second Spanish Republic and Catalonia independence flags during an anti-monarchy demonstration in central Valencia (Reuters / Heino Kalis)

People wave Second Spanish Republic and Catalonia independence flags during an anti-monarchy demonstration in central Valencia (Reuters / Heino Kalis)

Catalonia’s president, Artur Mas, has said he will put his signature on a decree calling for a ‘consultation’ on independence from Spain on November 9, despite Madrid deeming any potential referendum unconstitutional.

“I will sign the decree for the consultation in Catalonia, in fact I will call this consultation for November 9 as agreed some months ago with the majority of Catalan political forces,” Mas said.

Mas added that Scotland’s push was a powerful and strong message: “If there is such a conflict elsewhere in the world, you have the right way to try to resolve these differences. So it is not a setback, it is a very positive message for us and should be for the central institutions in Madrid.”

The Spanish central government said previously they would be holding an extraordinary cabinet meeting on Saturday or Sunday should the “consultation” law on the referendum be signed. Madrid deems any vote scheduled to take place on November 9 ‘illegal’.

While it is a vote on whether to secede from Spain, Catalan authorities – the Generalitat – are not terming it a referendum.

Mas has the support of some 79 percent of deputies in the Catalan parliament, Spanish news agency Efe reports.

Catalan daily La Vanguardia previously reported that Mas would not be calling the November 9 referendum immediately after the passage of the bill. Nonetheless, Madrid expressed wishes to have its appeal for the State Council and Constitutional Court ready as soon as possible, reported Spain’s ‘The Local’.

Spain lauded Scotland’s rejection of independence from England on Friday, while Catalonia stated that it was not a setback.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said Scots had “chosen the most favorable option for everyone; for themselves, for all of Britain and for the rest of Europe.”

“The Scottish have avoided serious economic, social and political consequences,” he said, according to a Reuters report.


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9 comments on “Banksters Won Another Round, Scotland; Is Spain Next?
  1. swo8 says:

    Why shouldn’t countries reassess their status when they have evolved over the years and many things have changed. Better a referendum than a physical battle.


    • RonMamita says:

      The European Union is a nuanced distinction on nation forming.
      The People have been marginalized as the bankers have implemented a plan to federalize all of Europe under false pretenses…
      The Edinburgh Agreement had a clause, perhaps to appease a few opposition officials, that it was not a tyranny, and stated that Scotland would have to complete a vote (referendum) prior to 2015 to decide on whether to remain in the Union or to leave.

      Again expect social unrest to grow from the policies that marginalizes People and limits freedom and prosperity. The core issues have not been addressed by the referendum…
      Other regions are seeking to escape the centralization of power in search to restore sovereignty and freedom from the technocrats, authoritarian rulers, and there are many other names that are appropriate for those behind these institutional policies.

      We are witnessing the transition as social unrest continues to grow and oppressive authoritarian rule by institutions also tightens its deadly grip.


      • swo8 says:

        True, the core issues haven’t been addressed, but I do think it was healthy to have the referendum. Better to vote on issues than to go to war on issues.


        • RonMamita says:

          Which is why I used the phrase “nuanced distinction”, skilled social tricks are being used to herd the majority of the citizens into accepting harmful conditions. The institutions are “hoping” most citizens will feel as you do.

          Are you skilled with using the Hegelian dialectic for persuasion?
          It is used in propaganda, public relations, advertising, politics, banking, and other professions to achieve a desired outcome on a unsuspecting voters, audiences, clients, consumers, etc.
          Place false choices in front of the subject giving the illusion of “freedom of choice”. Whereas the reality is that all the choices provided leads to the desired and planned outcome by the fraudster.

          Most citizens want peace and yet voting may not achieve that peace because what is on the ballots are not the substance needed to keep the peace…

          The “NO” vote may have been lighting the fuse. I am not saying that the no vote lit the fuse in this particular case, only time will reveal if the “NO” vote did, or if armed conflict will be avoided.

          However, what is being implemented by the central banks is only going to get worse and not better. This is a global issue and each region and nation will face a distinctive response from their level of awareness and creativity.


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