The Georgia Guidestones Have Officially Been Updated with the Year 2014

Sep 21, 2014

The elite’s cryptic monument to depopulation and world government just became more mysterious (and creepier) – somebody has officially updated it with an engraved cube marking the year 2014 inserted into the English/Spanish slab of the ‘new 10 commandments’ for the ‘Age of Reason’ desired by its creators.

The full GA Guidestones 2014 video at KafkaWinstonWorld on YT:

The GA Guidestones Guidebook:

H/T Shane Bullis for sending us this…

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4 comments on “The Georgia Guidestones Have Officially Been Updated with the Year 2014
  1. RonMamita says:

    Letter to former CDC head turned president of Merck & Co.’s vaccine division, Dr. Julie Gerberding


  2. RonMamita says:

    Georgia Guide Stone- 2014 cube stone removal

    25 Sep 2014

    Good to see People document their experiences!
    I was confused when the video began, and then I began to piece together a coherent picture that the paid municipal employees were ordered to remove the cube, remember the armed man in uniform with a badge?

    Looking further to the video comments we find SGT Report:
    “…In addition to the 20 and 14 which were public facing, the heavy granite cube also contains the following engravings: MM, 16, 8, JAM. So the “code” on the cube in its entirety reads: MM, 16, 20, 14, 8, JAM

    Amazingly, the Guidestones groundskeeper then examines the cube and asks onlookers, “Do you want a chip?” As the small crowd looks on he then proceeds to destroy the cube with hammer and chisel handing out pieces – an excellent metaphor for what humanity ought to do to the individual controllers of the Satanic New World Order system.”


  3. RonMamita says:

    The Georgia Guide Stones and the 2014 Block of Time

    Posted 21 Sep 2014
    This video discusses the recent newly placed block, numbered 20-14, that has been placed into position, on the Georgia Guide Stones.
    Background Links:


    The Mega-Ritual of Time Manipulation and the Super Computer Discussion of 20-14

    Posted 26 Sep 2014

    This video report is possible, only because of the recent Georgia Guidestone Block 20-14 addition, and the revelation of the 12-21-14, Winter Solstice Sunrise finding.

    This report also discusses the many recent ritually coded dates, that have often been repeated in crop circles, and which seem to point to October and beyond as being significant to the NWO one world govt. agenda.

    In addition to these trying times, is the possibility of a Planet X or Nibiru, Hercolobus, issue, that Comet Siding Spring may be declared, if it is not a Comet. This fact could also bring into the picture the possibility of Comet Siding Spring, being declared an Alien Space Craft if not Planet X or other items already mentioned.

    Many options are in front of us and it is important to see them in a broader way, so that you can discern the efforts that the NWO and the super computer are currently involved in, to create their one world govt.

    Every since the UK Forest Hill Crop circle of 07-17-14, the date of the MH17 shoot down disaster, that occurred in the Ukraine, these specific dates and the recent Georgia Guidestones matters, have all helped to paint me a complex and intricate web of conspiracy, that is being orchestrated by a super computer, that will begin managing and manipulating 3 time lines at one time, beginning 10-22-14, so that it can learn from 2 time lines and apply those lessons to the 3rd time line, so that achieve its primary mission of a NWO.

    P.S. The Bio Hazard Symbol appears to me in the form of an image, which has 3 time line circles, controlled by 1 circle. This to me is an obscure observation that I had to pass along, considering the EBOLA option and that it is a bio hazard element that the NWO appears to have in play.

    This report and discussion is complicated, but needed to help others better understand the many hidden elements and concerns that such conspiracies create.

    As the super computer advances its agenda, it has I believe, found the 3 time lines, that it feels it can manipulate and control into a NWO success. This timing of such an agenda when added to a possibly Planet X or Nibiru factor, or even an Alien Invasion, would pale in comparison, but could be used as the means to justify draconian govt emergency actions as it kicks off a global nuclear war and collapses the economy, so as to use the global emergency, to bring in their NWO and one world govt.

    I will attempt to show and discuss how the super computer timing that includes the repeated dates. I will attempt to show how the super computer is beginning that manipulation, beginning on 10-19, 3 days before 10-22. This period is a super computer learning period, that will used to assess its actions on 10-22 and 10-23.

    Gordon Duff, Interview regarding Soviet evidence about 911
    Gordon Duff interview link:


    The Georgia Guidestones and the Time Capsule of Doom

    Posted 29 Sep 2014
    This Time Capsule of Doom video report, discusses the possible secret NWO motivation, for the recent and public removal, and very public destruction, of the 20-14 Georgia Guidestone Block.

    An open mind is needed to consider this new conspiracy theory, but since there are video images that I can show to support my theory, I am more than prepared to defend my major thesis, with this video report and its initial findings.

    Once this conspiracy theory is understood, there will be those that will immediately ask themselves, why did they do this in the light of day, and in the public eye? Why not remove the time capsule in secrecy, when and where no one would have known or seen?

    This question is a logical question, for I have asked it of myself, but in the bizarre world of ritual protocol, you must see and consider opposites, mirror images, and reversals, but the best answer is as follows:

    “What they did in secret, was for the public, and so what they did recently with the 20-14 Block, in the public, was done for the secret”. Quote by MrCati.

    This is the why they did it, the way they did it. It is the best I can explain the why they did it, without getting all involved.

    What these evil people were attempting, was leaving a time capsule for the future of humanity, that would have allowed only those in the future with the secret knowledge, to know that a vile of the Ebola strain, was available to those in the future, simply by removing the time capsule, drilled into the side of the cavity, left by the 20-14 block.

    It is this small time capsule, filled with the evil of the NWO insanity, that was the main motivation for the recent immediate removal and destruction of the 20-14 Georgia Guidestone Block. Removing the physical evidence concealed by the block, was critical to this exposure.

    My video reports and the images used in previous reports, contributed to helping me in identifying the corner and block, as having a possible hidden time capsule, hidden in the cut out corner section.

    It was the public disclosure and discussion of a time capsule and location hidden in the corner, that I feel helped to expose their hidden efforts, so much so, that they had to immediately act as they did, to remove it and any evidence of what I just discussed.


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