National Currencies Very Volatile or Currency War?

Post BREXIT vote: British pound's greatest decline!
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I will be brief, as many experts are flooding the internet with dire reports about markets, investments, national currencies, and economic models. These are dire symptoms from a unstable international economy with mountains of odious debt.

I simply wish to state a few observations and ask you to remain alert and prepared.

America and the rest of the world are in recession (some would call it a depression).
Phoenix Capital Research reported:
Labor Market Conditions, Industrial Production, the Dallas Fed Workweek, Commercial and Industrial Loan Delinquencies, Corporate Debt Levels, and Inventory Accumulation are ALL in recessionary territory.

Markets reveal:
The British GBP and China’s RMB national currencies are under pressure.
China made a large devaluation with more expected.
Zerohedge reported:
“Responding to the plunge in offshore Yuan since the Brexit vote (down 7 handles to 5-month lows over 6.65), PBOC devalued Yuan fix by 0.9% (6 handles) – the most since the August crash – to Dec 2010 lows. Finally, we note USD liquidity pressures building as EUR-USD basis swaps plunge.”

I expect some major corporations will announce bankruptcy/insolvency.
I expect some-time-soon the mass media will start the reports about a currency/trade war, and deploy the blame game propaganda.
As I edit this report my Internet search revealed central bank of Israel and Korea times already talking about currency war:
Bank of Israel Chief: Currency War Taking Irreversible Toll on Business

Brexit and currency war

Isn’t that the recipe for military intervention or justification for war?

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars


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5 comments on “National Currencies Very Volatile or Currency War?
  1. RonMamita says:

    The Elites Using BREXIT as a Cover:

    Title: 6(9)/23, BREXIT AND THE #7
    Video posted 27 Jun 2016

    The First Casualty Of Brexit: Italy Prepares €40 Billion Bank Bailout

    Scapegoating and the blame game by the elite globalists to hide their guilt.
    “When Britain sneezes, Italy catches a cold. It is the weakest link in the European chain,” said Lorenzo Codogno, former director-general of the Italian treasury and now at LC Macro Advisors.


  2. I call it a Depression – what else can you call a calamity that puts so many people out of work for so long.


  3. RonMamita says:

    Jeff Berwick: 2016 a building year for the planned global banking order

    Many alternative media sources are beginning to report about the federalization of Europe as a plan that was hatched many decades ago, and now it is public as an ultimatum for E.U. membership.

    Title: Next Jubilee Jolt: In Wake of Brexit the EU Announces Ultimatum for Superstate
    Video posted 28 Jun 2016

    Will Lehr of interviews Jim Willie:

    Title: The Corruption Cannot Stop The Masses ~ Interview with Jim Willie, part 1
    Video posted 28 Jun 2016

    Part 2 of 3

    Part 3 of 3

    Keep an alert-watch for the IMF’s SDR to morph into a super-sovereignty bond or a banking world currency to stabilize the world banking system. Download pdf:
    That monetary operation would effectively end the dollar’s role as the leading reserve currency. Heck the international community seems to all be on-board when you throw in some connection to being linked or backed by gold bullion and continuing their system to print money in the interest of keeping a rotten system functioning.

    This new SDR hybrid would become the leading global reserve asset.
    2018 is fast approaching and the globalists have a lot to do!
    Guess who leads the way?
    See CHINA:
    Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of the People’s Bank of China, says China will issue domestic bonds denominated in the IMF’s special drawing rights.

    “LONDON (MarketWatch) — China appears likely to speed up promotion of the International Monetary Fund’s special drawing right under a plan to establish a platform this summer for SDR borrowing by Chinese and foreign entities on China’s onshore capital market.”


  4. RonMamita says:

    Title: Cross Out Zeroes Belarusian Ruble by Ratio of 10,000 1 now Redenominate s at July 1
    Video posted 4 Jul 2016


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