8 comments on “Career Investors and Economists Still Shocked When Central Bankers Deceive them!
  1. RonMamita says:

    Silver Producers Were Deceived By The London Fix!

    Were Silver Derivatives about to blow and the Silver Fix Rigged to save them?

    Perhaps a gun is held to someone’s head.
    I sense many threats are pressuring officials and executives to obey harsh commands as some influential and prestigious corporations (aka institutional investors) face bankruptcy

    The silver bullion price is set every day by six participantsHSBC, JPMorgan Chase Bank, Mitsui & Co Precious Metals, The Bank of Nova Scotia, Toronto Dominion Bank and UBS – using a system run by CME and Thomson Reuters.
    CME and Thomson Reuters won the battle to provide the methodology and price platform for the daily process back in July 2014, replacing the 117-year old fix in August that year under sweeping reforms of the entire precious metals complex.

    – LOST TRUST –

    If the mining companies used the $13.58 London price to settle their production, or if any company or investor used that low price, then they may have lost huge sums of money!

    Will they seek law suits against the crooks in London?
    Will anyone lose their jobs?
    Will regulators shut down the club?
    Will industry stop using the London system?

    Bill Holter wrote this:
    “One last topic and I’m not 100% positive what it means. Silver flash crashed last night and the morning fix came in .84 cents below where spot was quietly trading on the LBMA! http://www.bulliondesk.com/silver-news/update-silver-market-disarray-after-benchmark-priced-far-below-spot-rate-108129/
    My initial reaction was someone needed to “settle” a trade and the price had to be below $14 in order to not trigger something. In fact, it is being said that this anomalous “fix” will not be reversed but will instead stand. Why would this be? Why, if it was a “mistake” would it not be fixed?

    After a five mile afternoon ride to ponder this, I can only come up with two viable scenarios. Scenario A. as I just mentioned above, it is possible some bank, broker or other entity needed to “settle” some sort of contract UNDER $14. It is possible this fishy fix enabled someone to close a short without any pain. It may have been an “accommodative” trade so to speak. Scenario B. this may have been “margin liquidation” meaning someone was long silver but received a margin call from another market that needed to be met and very sloppily liquidated all at once. This is not normally how trades are done but if it was a forced sale, the action is possible. We have had huge volatility in so many other markets, it is certainly possible this was a forced sale. The one thing I am quite sure of since backwardation now rules the day in London, this was not a “cash” fix. I am quite sure it was a paper contract “fix”.
    Why else is China so hell bent on creating a “cash only” exchange?
    Because China knows!

    It is important to understand we will see things going forward we never expected or ever dreamed of. What started to happen in 2008 where counter-parties lost trust in each other is exactly where we are headed again.
    Central banks stepped in to restore trust, I am not so sure they have enough credibility or goodwill left to turn a far larger credit tsunami than 2008.
    The credit bubble is again unwinding like 2008 with no White Knights large enough or credible enough to restore confidence once broken.
    All I can say is “gee, what rocket scientist could have figured out the greatest credit boom in the history of history would begin to unwind after an interest rate increase”? ”


    Troubling Turnover
    “Total COMEX silver inventories hit their lowest level in three years, at under 155.4 million ounces recently. That’s down by nearly 30 million ounces from last year and flies in the face of the widespread belief in a silver surplus. Not only are visible silver inventories actually decreasing, the inventories are being frantically turned over. The price of silver remains stuck at some impossible-to-justify depressed level, yet physical demand has caused its turnover to explode. I don’t think there could be more compelling proof of price manipulation and a skyrocketing price to come. The surplus in crude oil is as real as rain and the price is mostly reflective of the physical glut in oil. But the “surplus” in silver is only a surplus of COMEX futures contracts and not of real metal. The evidence in silver points to a growing physical tightness based upon the documented COMEX physical turnover and visible inventories shrinking instead of growing. If that’s not an invitation to buy and hold silver, then I don’t know what is.” –Theodore Butler January 28, 2016


    Japan Just Lit the Fuse on a $9 Trillion Debt Implosion

    January 29, 2016 by The Phoenix

    Last night the Bank of Japan implemented Negative Interest Rate Policy, or NIRP.

    It is the second Central Bank to do so. The European Central Bank or ECB first went to NIRP in June 2014.
    Thus, between Japan and Europe, over 20% of the world’s GDP is being managed by a Central Bank with NIRP.

    More importantly, TWO major currencies in the world are now at NIRP while the US Dollar is at 0.5%.

    Why does this matter?

    Because hundreds of billions of Dollars in capital will be fleeing Japan to come to the US.
    The US Dollar has been in a bull market since mid-2014. It is not coincidence that it started when the Euro first went to NIRP: the minute the EBC implemented NIRP money began fleeing the Euro and moving into the US Dollar.

    See: http://gainspainscapital.com/2016/01/29/5891/

    *NOTE: Yen slides after Bank of Japan stuns markets with negative rates.
    The yen was on track for its biggest daily fall against the dollar in over a year on Friday after the Bank of Japan stunned markets by joining a handful of major central banks in adopting negative interest rates.

    Read: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-global-forex-idUSKCN0V700D

    Did Japan Just Prove That Central Bankers Are Effectively Out of Ammo?

    Wednesday, January 27, 2016

    Quantitative Easing was probably never about restoring the economy to a healthy state, but some economist think otherwise.

    Since the economic crash of 2008, the US has been using QE and a lowered Fed funds rate forestalling major economic fallout, but eventually these measures will fail.

    Japan is an example that these kinds of economic policies cannot restore economic growth. While the below article details much of this, it does not say what the biggest drain on growth is: interest.

    Usury or interest, especially from a central bank, seems to be the single largest economic limiter, literally draining prosperity out of a nation or region into the hands of oligarchs. So while we strive to restore balance to this darkened world, we must seek the whole truth, and not satisfy ourselves in half-measures.

    In my understanding, until we deal with usury and the hidden aspects of our financial system, no sustainable prosperity will ever come about. Thankfully, the knowledge we seek is at hand, it only requires inquiry.

    Related How and Why “The Money Masters” Took Control (Full Documentary)

    Related Cosmic Disclosure Season 3 – Episode 3: Ubuntu and the Blue Avians’ Message Part 1 – Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and David Wilcock

    Related Quantitative Easing Failed | Central Banks Are Rapidly Running Out of Options

    Related Texas Economy Collapses – Dallas Fed Survey Crashes To 6-Year Lows As “D” Word Is Uttered

    – Justin

    SourceZero Hedge

    Global Coordinated Agenda

    Interview 1128 – Financial Survival in The Cashless Robotic QE Economy
    Corbett • 01/28/2016
    Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed

    James joins Alfred Adask for their weekly conversation on Financial Survival to discuss the latest financial and economic news from around the world, including the cashless society takeover, the QE unwind and the rise of the robots.

    The War on Cash: A Country by Country Guide

    Not even the darkest minds imagined it would be this bad for China

    China Injects Another $50 Billion Liquidity As Mysterious Panic Buyer Reappears In Offshore Yuan

    A Whole New Level Of Moral Hazard: China Will Use Public Funds To Cover Venture Capital Losses

    Wilshire 5000 vs. monetary base

    Did Japan Just Prove That Central Bankers Are Effectively Out of Ammo?

    Bank Runs have begun in Italy!

    Interview with Pepper the robot

    Fed’s Bill Dudley: The Fed Doesn’t Fully Understand How QE Works


    • RonMamita says:


      Fourth Industrial Revolution: Robots, Artificial Intelligence Will Destroy 5.1 Million Jobs by 2020

      Fourth Industrial Revolution Coming

      A new study on the “Future of Jobs” by the World Economic Forum at Davos claims a Fourth Industrial Revolution is Coming.

      The Fourth Industrial Revolution includes developments artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, 3-D printing, genetics, and biotechnology.

      Although no industrial revolution has ever destroyed jobs, the study concludes a net 5.1 million jobs will vanish in the world’s 15 leading countries. Those countries account for roughly two-thirds of the global workforce.

      The report is a 167 page PDF slog. Here are a couple of tables I created from the report data.

      Job Family Losers

      Job Family Losers Job Losses in Thousands
      Office and Administrative 4,759
      Manufacturing and Production 1,609
      Construction and Extraction 497
      Arts, Design, Sports, Media 151
      Legal 109
      Installation and Maintenance 40
      Total 7,165

      Job Family Gainers

      Job Family Gainers Gains in Thousands
      Business and Financial Operations 492
      Management 416
      Computer and Mathematical 405
      Architecture and Engineering 339
      Sales and Related 303
      Education and Training 66
      Total 2,021

      I understand the losses, at least part of them. But gains in financial operations?

      Everything Rosy but Healthcare

      Curiously, the following chart from the report makes everything look rosy except healthcare.

      image: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-wmuWv6QhGdQ/Vp1nSLx72PI/AAAAAAAAhFU/0gEFtHdqLt8/s400/Expected%2Bchange%2Bin%2Bemployment.png

      I don’t accept that chart, at least for the implied reasons. Yet, after boomers die off en masse, I foresee all kinds of health-related jobs will vanish until the next retirement boom hits.

      Trucks and Taxis

      What about truck and taxi drivers? I expect millions of truck hauling and taxi jobs will vanish soon, in the USA alone, by 2025.

      I searched the report for the word “truck” and found this lone reference: “Advanced robots with enhanced senses, dexterity, and intelligence can be more practical than human labour in manufacturing, as well as in a growing number of service jobs, such as cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, it is now possible to create cars, trucks, aircraft, and boats that are completely or partly autonomous, which could revolutionize transportation, if regulations allow, as early as 2020.

      That paragraph was under the category “Advanced Robotics and Autonomous Transport” given a disruptive weighting of 9%.

      Let’s dig deeper with a look at disruptive weightings.

      Technological Drivers of Change

      Driver of Change Rated as Top Trend Expected Timeframe Condensed Notes
      Mobile internet and cloud Technology 34% 2015-2017 Rapid spread of internet-based service models
      Advances in Computing Power and Big Data 26% 2015-2017 Ability to handle the unprecedented flood of data
      New Energy Supplies and Technology 22% 2015-2017 New technologies like fracking and new energy supplies will have profound geopolitical and environmental repercussions
      Internet of Things 14% 2015-2017 Remote sensors
      Crowdsourcing and Peer-to-Peer Platforms 12% Impact Felt Already With peer-to-peer platforms, companies and individuals can do things that previously required large-scale organizations.
      Advanced robotics and Autonomous Transport 9% 2018-2020 Robots more practical than humans in manufacturing and service jobs. Autonomous vehicles could revolutionize transportation.
      Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 7% 2018-2020 Voice recognition will make automation of tasks long regarded impossible for machines
      Advanced Manufacturing and 3D printing 6% 2015-2017 On demand production has far-ranging implications
      Advance Materials, Biotechnology, Genomics 6% 2018-2020 Life science breakthroughs will have profound impact on medicine and agriculture. Bio-engineering critical to pharmaceuticals, plastics and polymers, biofuels.

      The last column is my set of abbreviated notes, condensed from descriptions in the report. The first three columns are as presented in the report.

      Discussion of Disruptive Factors

      I fail to see what big advances in computing power will do. Nor do I see crowdsourcing as a big factor.

      I suspect crowdsourcing is one of those things with huge potential that never really flies because there is no money in it for anyone.

      Remote sensors will eliminate the need for some humans, but hasn’t that been underway for quite some time? If not, we can certainly get rid of all the meter maids.

      On the energy side, fracking is an environmental disaster, and a bust for now, perhaps for a long time. And much of the clean energy systems only work with government subsidies. Battery technology will likely improve and replace or greatly reduce the need for gasoline. If so that will be very disruptive indeed.

      But will batteries destroy jobs or just disrupt them?

      Gas stations could become battery switching stations. That may require people to change the batteries, but it will also eliminate gas delivery and gas production jobs. Regardless, this type of change won’t be in place by 2020.

      I struggled mightily with the report’s 34% rating for “Mobile Internet”.

      It’s possible for huge numbers of teaching jobs to vanish with classes over the internet. And applications like Uber will also have an impact. Yet, this category is over-rated.

      Biggest Disruptive Force

      My number one job destructive force is advanced robotics and autonomous transport. Uber ties into this category as well.

      Uber is adding jobs for now. In the not so distant future, long-haul trucking jobs, Uber driving jobs, and all taxi driving jobs will vanish.

      Millions of driving jobs of all kinds will vanish in the US alone, by 2025 though, not 2020.

      Mike “Mish” Shedlock

      Read more: http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com/2016/01/fourth-industrial-revolution-robots.html


  2. RonMamita says:

    Peddling Fiction: U.S. Economy Grew A Paltry 0.69% In The Fourth Quarter, Missing Expectations!

    Less than 4 weeks ago, on January 6, we reported of the “Macy’s Massacre: Thousands Fired; Guidance Slashed (Again); Weather Blamed“, where in addition to the massive layoffs announced by the iconic retailer, we learned that as a result of the “historically warmer weather”, the company’s prior guidance was no longer valid.

    See: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-01-29/macys-slashes-guidance-again-twice-one-month

    Gerald Celente: Global Banking System in Bear Market

    Gerald Celente goes into a rant against the traitors, fascism, and the Ponzi economy.
    Below I highlighted a few of his points but the video is entertaining as he reminds us all about the criminal activities on Wall Street and the government.

    Central banks keep pumping the exchange markets in a vain attempt to prop up a dying Ponzi Market…

    Capital controls in many countries, and fleeing to the U.S. Dollar
    Venezuela: 200% inflation, Brazil: 14% inflation…

    – 911 –
    Not so fast, the markets and banks can suspend all activity in literally an hour!
    Remember how Wall Street shut down all financial transactions after the Twin Towers were destroyed in 2001?

    Yes, bank bail-ins will come to America.
    Remember Cyprus.

    Merger acquisitions and corporate stock buy backs were at all time highs in 2015.
    The central banks continue to prop up the Ponzi Markets.
    Meanwhile real wages are DOWN, median household income adjusted for inflation have declined to 1999 levels!

    They will do anything they want!
    They take you to war based on lies!
    They steal our money based on too big to fail!
    Come on – Of course they will do anything they want.
    It is the merger of State and Corporate powers; Mussolini called it Fascism.


  3. RonMamita says:

    Something You Can Do:

    Trust yourself.
    There are options, alternatives and solutions!

    All retirement accounts have to be held at a Trustee or Administrator

    Title: Home Delivery IRA Gold & Silver ~ Metals Debit Card ~ Get Your Assets Out
    Video posted 26 Jan 2016

    Not many individuals know about the self directed IRA.
    Freeze and confiscation of assets is a real threat from banks, brokers, and government.


  4. RonMamita says:

    The Asia-Pacific Perspective

    Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed

    The Asia-Pacific Perspective, where James Corbett of corbettreport.com and Broc West of apperspective.net bring you the latest headline from the Asia-Pacific region. On this edition of The Asia-Pacific Perspective:
    China goes on a Middle East tour as the Asia-Pacific gears up for more military drills; Australia goes for cashless welfare; and the Malaysian PM receives a $681 million “gift” from his Saudi friends.

    Title: Xi Jinping’s Middle East Tour – The Asia-Pacific Perspective

    Chinese President’s Tour of Greater Middle East

    Challenging China as a Balance Weight of Asia-Pacific

    China’s ICBC Launches Second Branch in Belgium

    Chinese Environmental Problems are Taking a Serious Turn for Worse

    China Says Soros “Hasn’t Done His Homework,” May Be “Partially Blind”

    US Pacific Chief Talks China, Regional Partnerships

    Exercise Cope North 2016 begins in February

    The War on Cash: A Country by Country Guide from corbettreport.com

    Australian Greens senator Rachel Siewert moves to block cashless welfare card trial

    Gov’t reportedly considering expanding cashless welfare card to regional Australia if trials prove successful

    As Myanmar Enters a New Era, Washington and Beijing Vie for Influence

    Outgoing Myanmar president pushes to expand army-run ministry

    Incoming Myanmar Leader Aung San Suu Kyi, Military Chief Discuss New Government Formation

    Outrage and New Questions After Malaysian PM Cleared in Scandal

    Malaysians protest against TPP

    New Zealand Police door knock ‘known activists’ ahead of TPP protests

    Japan requests Singapore to review restriction of food imports from Fukushima

    Fukushima fishermen to expand operations off crippled nuclear plant

    Virtual Reality To Be Used To Help Decommission Fukushima Plant

    Toshiba Unveils Remote-Control Robot to Dismantle Fukushima Plant

    Toshiba to offload chip business in wake of accounting scandal


  5. It’s their greed that blinds them – any street level con artist knows this. You suck people in by appealing to their greed – the belief they are getting something for nothing.


    • RonMamita says:

      I was hoping readers would connect the dots and see the trend of most if not all officials and executives of influential institutions deceive the public in front of the cameras and news reporters.
      We see it in election campaigns/politics, banking and elsewhere…

      – I Concluded With The Voting Ritual –
      Actually the career economists and institutional investors have very few choices as they are hired and contractually obligated to play that rigged and deceptive game, thus much of their reported shock is pure acting.
      Now on the other hand, citizens voting for puppets selected and funded by the money masters have no obligatory contract excuse, and stupidity is on display as elections roll around.


  6. RonMamita says:

    Electronic currency seems almost inevitable

    It is self delusional:
    …as if government will surrender all power and bow before the masses after laying down their military/police weapons. Government would NEVER do that!
    Many centuries document worldwide institutional governance continuing to regulate slavery.

    I find it interesting that many professionals assume “this is not globally coordinated, and would take brains and probably years to accomplish”

    Armstrong Quote:
    “Assuming this is not globally coordinated, which would take brains and probably years to accomplish, the typical move by politicians has been to assume they are ALL POWERFUL demigods, and as such, they focus on their domestic fiefdom only. They are already hunting gold. The French had to leave town to buy or sell because the gold dealers were driven out of business with regulations that demanded they report everyone who bought or sold. They even chased out the rare coin and antique shows, as the dealers went to London and Zurich where they did not have to report on everything bought or sold. This is just an example of how they see the world through their own power. In the USA, both the city of Philadelphia and Atlantic City are destroying their own existence because they demand income taxes from anyone holding a convention or event there. We will never hold another conference in Philadelphia. They built a convention center with taxpayer money in the hundreds of millions of dollars that now remains in the dark most of the time.


    Gold will be driven underground. If you have too much gold jewelry on, they will pull you over and weight it at the airport.” –Martin Armstrong


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