Pedophilia Rings and The Clinton Foundation

TRUTH is illegal during age of deception
Many crimes that connect to the “ruling class” are covered up and often the criminal investigations are dropped. One of the most difficult concepts to comprehend is how human and animal ritual sacrifice is a foundational element for civilization and how prevalent pedophilia and the dark occult has been over the centuries among the ruling class.
Thanks to truth seekers within social media and People sharing information on the internet these influential criminals are being exposed and the public investigations continue to uncover pedophilia and child trafficking rings connected to government and corporate entertainment.
Reddit moderators are banning pizzagate discussions!
Twitter is censoring pizzagate discussions, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey is linked to the Clinton Foundation.
[“PizzaGatecould be a psyop, so be cautious and gather facts – but the Clinton Foundation has many criminal connections that needs investigating.]
Mr. Charles Ortel claims the Clinton Foundation is a “crooked charity cooking the books” with over $2 billion dollars in revenue… for more information, read Charles Ortel’s blog or Twitter @CharlesOrtel .

Government as a Protection Racket
We have seen government officials drop criminal investigations many times, but now the internet has gone viral with the mass public investigation links into the criminality of Hillary Clinton’s connections from state department war profiteering & espionage, to the Clinton Foundation charity fraud, to child trafficking and pedophilia rings. Capitol Hill, Hollywood, British Royals, Catholic Priests, Legislators, and others have been linked to these kind of dark secrets over the years.
What revelation comes next? ~Ron


Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.


Title: PEDO BROS. SMOKING GUN: The Podesta Brothers & Madeleine McCann
Video posted 20 Nov 2016 by

Title: #PizzaGate: What We Know So Far
Video posted 23 Nov 2016 by Reality Calls

Title: PizzaGate: What the Heck is Going On And An Alternative Theory
Video posted 24 Nov 2016 by Texas Shrugged Book

Title: Graphic – Comet Pizza Instagram and Its a woman Speaking!
Video posted 20 Nov 2016 by MAXLIBERTY

Video posted 20 Nov 2016 by A Call For An Uprising

Title: Clinton Foundation Is The “Largest Unprosecuted Charity Fraud Ever”
Video posted 6 Nov 2016 by Matt Duncan

Title: PIZZA#TWITTERGATE: TWITTER Suspends Ac After Exposing 20,000+ CHILD PORN Links.
Video posted 23 Nov 2016 by MLordandGod

The Franklin Coverup Scandal: The Child Sex Ring That Reached Bush/Reagan White House




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6 comments on “Pedophilia Rings and The Clinton Foundation
  1. n3angus says:

    About the Spirit Cooking Podestas and Others …. Epigenetic Eugenics, The Population Control Of Today .

    When you are looking to manipulated the Human Mind into excepting a depopulation policy you look to the Occult practice ….

    Now take the Above Information on how these artists are using the artistic displays of sound and visual displays that demean and denounce Humanity , it shows that complacency sets into the resistance to the Threat of Government policies that would be what brings on Epigenetic Eugenics, The Population Control Of Today

    Pay Attention to the 3 Paragraphs in this Link here , ,
    “To understand the darker implications of epigenetics, just think back through human history. There certainly is no shortage of war, famine, exploitation, destruction, epidemic and trauma. Knowing that some of this can leave a biological trace in our genes – which can even be transmitted to future generations – could be problematic.
    Even in the 1920s, some believed that the environment could influence inheritance. Some focused on the fact that we could inherit the best of our civilization and become better humans, while others argued that certain populations had been exposed to various pathogenic environments (alcoholism, poverty, promiscuity, hot climate) for too long, becoming irreparably damaged. Their offspring, too, had to be treated with special care, as it was believed that the damage was likely transmitted across generations.
    The latter idea in particular played into the hands of supporters of eugenics, a popular theory in the early 20th century. It was based on the belief that the quality of the human population could be improved if people with traits seen as undesirable could be stopped from reproducing. Some countries therefore launched eugenics programs prohibiting certain marriages and supporting forced sterilizations. Those seen as unfit to pass on their genes typically included people with mental or physical disabilities. However, such measures became increasingly out of fashion after World War II (though persisted until 1970s in many Western countries), as it became associated with Nazi Germany (in truth Nazis learned a good deal from American eugenics)”.
    Now compare what was said back in the 1920s to todays Academia and Artists circles of Society and we can say that it would seem that “ Epigenetics” , is well under way in shaping Culture’s thinking today !!!!! , and here , , and here ,


  2. RonMamita says:

    Listen Very Closely To Joe Biden!

    Title: Joe Biden: For Those Who Didn’t Believe The First Video #PizzaGate
    Video posted 22 Nov 2016 by Reality Calls

    Don’t Trust Reddit!

    Title: #PizzaGate New Update
    Video posted 24 Nov 2016 by Reality Calls

    No More Fake News!

    Title: David Seaman on #pizzagate
    Video posted 21 Nov 2016 by martyleeds33

    Title: #UnfollowFriday to End #FakeNews Epidemic – #NewWorldNextWeek
    Video posted 24 Nov 2016 by corbettreport

    See Show notes:

    Title: So THIS Is Where That Infamous Soros Video Came From…
    Video posted 18 Nov 2016 by corbettreport

    Title: The USSA Government To Protect Their Tax Farm Slaves From Fake News
    Video posted 25 Nov 2016


    Caution, like all good quality research has shown repeatedly over the decades, there is likely to be both facts and intentional deception in such a high profile political scandal. So hold your judgment on “PizzaGate” until we get more facts about the pizza companies and the names of children…

    Title: PizzaGate Is FAKE (Here’s Why)
    Video posted 25 Nov 2016 by Barry Soetoro

    Video posted 24 Nov 2016 by

    Title: EXPOSE THEIR EVIL DEEDS — Gonz Shimura
    Video posted 21 Nov 2016 by

    Title: Richie Asks Michael Rivero Does He Now Regret Endorsing Donald Trump After His Policy Reversals.
    Video posted 25 Nov 2016 by The Richie Allen Show


  3. RonMamita says:

    Title: #PizzaGate Pedophile Rings Exposed by former HEAD of FBI and the PEOPLE
    Video re-uploaded 24 Nov 2016

    Pedophile Rings Exposed by former head of FBI and Citizen investigators as the media calls it ” fake news ” and reddit shuts down the #pizzagate thread .
    Help With Research On #pizzagate :
    You can also spread these images : with the description ” Research #pizzagate

    Facebook is also announcing new censorship methods being applied soon for ” fake news ” through a recent post on Mark Zuckerberg’s wall .

    We live orwellian times my friends and the thought police is no longer fiction .

    Stay Safe !


  4. RonMamita says:

    The Establishment’s Silence is Damning Them:

    See the signs: msm news refusal to cover events, criminal investigations are dropped or court refuse to prosecute, and now internet giants (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Youtube, and Google) are censoring content and discussion forums…

    T.E.M.O.C. = Transactional and Ecological Model of Coping (COMET pizza spelled backwards?)

    Title: CENSORED! Most Damning #Pizzagate Evidence! SHARE MORE
    Video posted 28 Nov 2016 by Enterthe5t4rz

    Title: PizzaGate is just the tip of the ICEBERG — Ole Dammegard
    Video posted 27 Nov 2016 by

    Title: T.E.M.O.C. (COMET) “Sex Abuse Study” Exposes #PIZZAGATE! Transactional & Ecological Model Of Coping
    Video posted 27 Nov 2016 by Enterthe5t4rz



    • RonMamita says:

      Yeah, there is much to investigate but the physical evidence is needed to break the case wide open.
      I encourage everyone to remain fact based in their reporting.

      Title: PIZZAGATE IS REAL. S.W.S.
      Video posted 02 Dec 2016 by RichieFromBoston


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