Ruling Class: Implementing Disruptive Policies & Technologies

The Ruling Class Are Implementing Disruptive Policies & Technologies.

Years ago, I wrote about how I sensed the globalists are in a dangerous race against mass awakening with their Fourth Industrial Revolution, FINTECH cashless society, and Eastern led monetary system reset.

Corporations and governments are embracing disruption and innovation to transform local and global markets.
This requires massive funds and policy changes, indeed, this is not an accident.
The ruling class declared a “innovation imperative” with the concept of money is changing.

Since the IMF’s 2010 Quota Treaty, Christine Lagarde campaigned tirelessly for structural and policy reforms.
A Microsoft’s report, “The Future Banking Ecosystem: Evolution and Innovation in the Digital Era”, called for the “Year of Banking Disruption”.

The globalists’ major tools are Social Engineering, Research & Development, Financial Engineering, and funding Wars.
These are very disruptive tools.

Corporate Mergers At A Historic High!

Merger records might be exceeded this year.
The biggest deals seem to be driven primarily due to technological disruption:

Wealth Effect & Technology-Enabled Disruption

This wealth transfer and concentration of wealth and power is a very real institutional threat.

Did you know that the Federal Reserve held a two day conference titled:
Technology-Enabled Disruption: Implications for Business, Labor Markets and Monetary Policy May 24–25, 2018 Dallas Fed
or click this:

“Asia remains vulnerable to a tightening in global financial conditions,” said the International Monetary Fund’s Changyong Rhee in Hong Kong, 9 May 2018

Has capital flows to emerging markets slowed down?

The masters of the U.S. bureaucracy want war, and there is also the risk of a war between Iran and Saudi Arabia and the escalation of wars in current war torn regions.
Watch for the destabilization of the emerging markets…

Stated bluntly, the rising prices and cost to service government debt puts emerging markets at great risk.

The Federal Reserve and all other central banks know this.
Since China was admitted into the WTO as part of the globalisation agenda, capital flowed into Asian and other emerging markets – this was intentional.
What changed?
Is Capital expected to flow to U.S. or to emerging markets?

In my opinion the threat of global contagion has increased to the level that few nations will be spared.

The sharp rise in U.S. interest rates and the U.S. dollar and trade tensions, sparked fear.
Several nations in the emerging markets are facing rising debt payments due to the U.S. Dollar, thus I am warning about the changing monetary system policies and the possibility for a emergency summit to remove the threat posed by the U.S. Dollar.
This has been my consistent warning over several years after the IMF’s 2010 treaty.

If you want to learn more about the looming crisis, research the national currency you are using, and see if its exchange cost for gold, petroleum, and government debt payments are rising.

One major cause for those rising costs is the combination of massive debt in emerging markets and the rising U.S. Dollar interest rates.

Another cause for concern is the institutional investors’ fear of a market crash.
With this, is the emerging markets’ threat of contagion.

The Federal Reserve officials have been signaling that there will be two more increases in its interest rate this year, and this will be followed by three more increases next year.

Be alert to what the central banks are doing, don’t be distracted.
Central banks are rarely blamed for the disruptive policies, social unrest, and wars they cause.

Download the Bank for International Settlements working paper:Channels of US Monetary Policy Spillovers to International Bond Markets” 13 Mar 2018 by Elias Albagli, Luis Ceballos, Sebastian Claro, and Damian Romero

According to the above BIS working paper, the effect of U.S. monetary policy on local emerging market long-term bond yields is significantly larger than the effect of domestic monetary policy, since the 2008 financial crisis.
Thus, emerging markets are at the mercy of Federal Reserve’s monetary policies.
Don’t expect China, India, Iran, Turkey and other emerging markets to be happy about this.

Asia, The Growth Region For The Global Economic Model?

Are Asian emerging markets threatened by the Federal Reserve policies?

What is HIBOR?

The Hong Kong Interbank Offered Rate (HIBOR) is a Hong Kong dollar-based interest rate benchmark for lending between banks in the Hong Kong market.

“Hong Kong Inter-bank Offered Rate, (or HIBOR, Chinese: 香港銀行同業拆息), is the annualized rate charged for inter-bank lending on Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) denominated instruments, for a specified period…” –

Asia (PBoC) are expected to hike their rates too.

“Monetary policy set by the leading central banks, not unseen economic forces, will be crucial in 2018.” –Andrew Sheng


The Origin of Contagions lies in the Common Reserve Currency
If we are going to create a new monetary system, the “reserve” currency cannot be one of any single nation. It must be a basket at best for this is the ONLY way to prevent contagions. Currently, with the dollar as the reserve currency, because we still use Demand Economics, then the raising or lowering of interest rates sets in motions contagions that will either export inflation or deflation to other countries. We need to understand how contagions take place and their origin. -Armstrong Economics

Looming Dollar Shortage Getting Worse As Emerging Markets Implode
Rising U.S. short-term rates and LIBOR rates – courtesy of the Federal …

Stronger dollar set to roil emerging markets – PressReader

Dollar, rates, and commodity trends point to growth slowdown …
Emerging markets could come under even more strain if this trio persists

Emerging Markets Stumble as Global Investors Sour on Risk – WSJ
Emerging markets tumbled in the second quarter after a stronger dollar and higher … Rising U.S. interest rates have pressured bond yields in emerging markets.

The Dangers Surrounding Emerging-Market Bonds – Bloomberg
Global trade tensions, rising U.S. interest rates and a stronger U.S. dollar have beaten down emerging-market dollar bonds by 3.9 percent this year.

When The Financial Centers’ Computers Are Ready The Yuan Will Be Accepted As A World Reserve Currency
Currency Controls and the yuan’s inclusion in the SDR basket…

World Crises: The Geopolitical Watch

I collated Details About The Monetary System Reset – Includes De-dollarization & Blockchain Asset Digitization Digital Economy

G20 Has Commitments Vowed All Citizens Be “Digitally Connected” By 2025

Blockchain Video Promo has creepy subliminal message!

A Glimpse At The Policy Makers’ Plans: De-dollarization, Currency Fluctuations, Market Crash, or War

All Wars Are Bankers' Wars

War Strategy To Defeat The U.S.

This speculative report would be incomplete if I didn’t discuss a possible war strategy against the U.S. Military and U.S.Dollar.

Recall that the U.S. Government was Put On Notice, The Debt Is Unsustainable, and De-Dollarization is being implemented.

How vulnerable is the U.S. Southern border?

What if BRICS and SCO members funded military bases in Mexico and other South American nations?

Imagine if the Russian Federation, China (BRICS) and the SCO (alliance of Asia) agreed to protect Mexico and other South American nations willing to allow military bases in something similar to NATO.

Watch the video below, then research geopolitics and speculate further.

Title: National Security Threat?
Posted 5 Jul 2018 by Headlines With A Voice

Don’t panic, be alert and aware.

If you find this information useful or of value then please share it with others.


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