A self reminder: Resource Abundance

Today, I enjoyed reading about alternatives to the current flawed global system of institutional control through finance, scarcity, wealth, and force…

In that perspective I look forward to talking about alternatives and ending this meme that is destroying freedom, liberty, life and potentially a cause of human extinction.

My working premise is that to Self-govern and be free is a Do It Yourself (DIY) project. That responsibility is in each of us and is enormous; as is life.

People who want the diversity of life on Earth to continue and not become extinct
(at least not caused by human activity…).

Everyone has the inalienable right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

This may take some time as I have other activities to attend to. However I welcome everyone’s participation and comments as this is human evolution, consciousness, awareness and survival responding to the current and known threat:
The predatory, domination, exploitation civilization and institution meme.
Documented in many research studies…

THEY Own It All
(Please click the link above and share the “THEY Own It All” video)

Psychopaths, corporate-government psychopath, corporation nations, sociopaths, financial greed, profit motive and many other illnesses of civilization.
This is the dawning of another era, as more people are waking up to realize the society in control is a very small group of people that excludes everyone else for their narrow self serving interests.
WE the people are the change.

Alan Watts – MONEY
UNLEARN what you have been taught

Resource living economy/ecology
Self-Govern (Honoring & nurturing Liberty a cultural and consciousness shift)

Resource Living: collaborative discussion papers

GovCheck wants the British people to have a voice on issues that impact their lives:


Local Currencies: (Ithaca hours; Fourth Corner Exchange and many others)

Online Database of Complementary Currencies Worldwide

My vision see conflicts of greed continuing as long as scarcity is highly valued.
The profit motive and assumed prestige of controlling by monopoly or oligarchic cartels will seek to game the system once again.
The great inertia and over-whelming show of force to violently protect the current hierarchy of financial control is daunting. However, the inevitability of the counterforce to express the human will of creativity and freedom eventually must change the current meme.
If I may para-phrase Victor Hugo, They can’t defeat an idea whose time has come.

La Belle Verte (The Green Beautiful)

Removing that element (of profit-greed incentive) has been hotly debated. I will not do so here. However having a powerful incentive to motivate and inspire human creativity is something to note.
Social pressures, habits, traditions, and new norms may have an important role…

If abundance (not to be confused with hoarding) & diversity are highly valued then greed has no economic value and profit models can be abandoned.

THE GREAT PENSION FUND HOAX – Corporation Nation 2


Here is a GOOD read by http://www.newciv.org/essay/freeresources.html

Free Resources

by Flemming Funch, 22 April 95.

My vision of a future society is one where resources are freely shared, where cooperation and mutual respect is the norm, and where we can find synergetic strength in our diversity.

One of my approaches for moving towards a society where things are free is to gradually increase the percentage of my own resources that I can comfortably offer freely to other.

It is also clear to me that it is an developing business trend, to offer some things for free and to charge for other things. And the amount of quality stuff and services you can get for free from viable businesses is growing. Take for example Netscape who manufacturers Web browsers and servers. Their business model was from the start to give their main product, the Netscape Navigator, away for free. Based on that it is now the most popular product of its kind, as well as it is the highest quality product. And Netscape is now the recognized leader in this field and seems to be making more and bigger business deals than any of their competitors based on that.

Offering a product for free is no longer just a trick to get people in to buy something more expensive. Increasingly it only works if the free product is of high quality and is given away without any strings attached.

It doesn’t work well to give something away one doesn’t really own or in a way that one can’t viably support. The resources need to be present and unencumbered before one can succeed well in giving them away.

I am thinking now that it is probably a very good personal strategy to become clear on what resources or services one has available to give freely of, and which resources or services one will have to be exchanged directly in valuables for, in order to survive viably.

For most of us, no matter what we do, I think there is a level of service we can provide that we are comfortably giving for free. Or even that it is most practical to give it for free. At the very least it is a smile or some kind words to another. And then there is a level of service that we will have to demand something in exchange for.

I am a counselor, I do personal sessions with people. I charge $80 per session for doing so, and feel good about that. I do not feel good about doing it for free, and if I did so it would at this point take away from my freedom to do whatever else I might want to do with my life.

However, there are actions I will happily do for free and that I wouldn’t feel good about charging money for, even though they are valuable. Anybody can send me an e-mail message and ask me something, seek my advice, pose philosophical questions, or try to draw on my knowledge or connections. I can viably make that service available freely, and it would be impractical and distracting if I had to think about that I ought to be paid for doing it.

Likewise, I’ve written some training manuals that it is a bit of a bother to sell on mailorder in their printed form. But it is very easy to leave them on an ftp or WWW server and allow anybody who wants them to pick them up. I can do that viably and it makes me feel good.

But, if somebody asked me to write a new training manual for a specific purpose, I probably wouldn’t want to do that without being paid for it.

Or, if somebody tried to commit me to answering 5 personal questions every day over e-mail, I couldn’t do that.

The freedom to choose WHAT to give and WHEN to give it is crucial.

We each have an inner need for security and for being compensated or rewarded for what we do. That is most likely satisfied by a combination of free action and paid actions.

What I am suggesting is to be very specific with yourself and others on what you are available for and what you aren’t.

Then my aim is to arrange things so that the amount of freely given actions and resources will continuously grow.

At some point our collective free resources will reach a point where everything that we can reasonably ask for is already freely available to us.

At which point a monetary economy no longer makes any sense. There is no point in asking to be paid if what you need and want is already abundantly available to you.

– Flemming


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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9 comments on “A self reminder: Resource Abundance
  1. ronmamita says:

    “Red Hat is unique in becoming the first vendor of its size to make all or nearly all of its money from building, maintaining, and selling open source software.”



  2. ronmamita says:

    “Since Linux has grown, so have the benefits Red Hat receives (and gives to others). When Facebook contributes code to make their data centers more efficient, Red Hat benefits; when Red Hat contributes code to improve file systems, mobile device makers benefit; when mobile device makers contribute code to improve power consumption, super computer cooling costs go down; when super computer users contribute code to make Linux faster, Wall St. benefits with faster trading systems — and so on and so forth. So you can see that the positive feedback loop that is represented in the billions of figures above shows no signs of slowing down. Congratulations to Red Hat but also to all Linux users and ecosystem members who participate in this virtuous circle.”



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