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Thank you James Corbett, Dr. Stan Monteith, and
for sharing and transcribing this discussion.

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James Corbett: “A profound cultural shift is happening right now.”

I decided to take notes on most of this podcast, despite my aversion to serving as a secretary. Thanks to SueM for the pointer.

James Corbett with Dr. Stan on Radio Liberty, on last week’s developments

Corbett: A fundamental shift in awareness is going on right now. A profound cultural shift happening right now. Very heartening.

• false-flag terrorism: with even MSM outlets openly writing articles about whether Boston Bombing was false-flag.

• Bilderburg garnering major attention from even the BBC., forced to admit that there really is a small little group that runs the world. People of great wealth who control banking, politics, military.

• NSA whistleblower.

This is a time to grab people’s attention and to show them the real reality of what’s going on underneath the geopolitical game.

Take Bilderburg: this is a meeting that’s been held every year since 1954, 130 of top business, finance, politics and royalty, some of the most influential and richest people in the world. Takes place over three or four days at one of the capitals of Europe or the U.S. Even Alex Jones was on the BBC this year; they tried to quiet him down but he got a lot of information out.

We know that they kill people for leaking.

In 1955, in their second year, they were already discussing the formation of the European Union.

In 2009, they admitted Bilderberg was essential in creating the euro currency.

They were debating the Iraq War at the Bilderberg Conference in 2002. They decided it would be not be 2002, but early 2003, and that’s exactly what happened.

They discussed the housing bubble collapse a few months before it happened in 2008.

Time and again, they make things happen. It’s not just an idle chit chat tea and crumpets affair, like they pretend it is.

They are finally being exposed, brought out into the open. Only a few years ago, even debating the existence of the Bilderberg was considered a “conspiracy.” Also the Trilateral Commission and the Council of Foreign Relations.

Visit the trilateral website, Also These groups have interlocking memberships and agendas: one world government, religion, currency. All of this they’ve been making progress towards for decades.

Dr. Stan: They’ve been trying to form a one world government for 4000 years. The best book is “None Dare Call it Conspiracy,” published in 1971.

Corbett on NSA whistleblower: Anyone who’s been following this will not be surprised. There have been numerous NSA whistleblowers over the years. For some reason, this one is getting a lot of attention. We are now starting to see people who have been staunch defenders of the Obama administration (but see this) talking about not only impeaching Obama, but recognizing that both parties are controlled by the same forces. This is another issue that’s capturing the public’s attention. Staunch defenders of the system are now starting to question the system. No doubt they will also try to spin it away very soon. So we have a moment of opportunity to reach in a grab some of the people in the matrix and wake them up.

Dr. Stan: I’m more encouraged than I’ve been for a long time. I think the next year or two will be the most exciting in our lifetimes.

Corbett: The lies that they try to shove down the public throat cost billions of dollars. But the truth is free, and it will always rise to the surface. I’ve only been in this for six years, but even in that time I’ve seen a remarkable shift. We are seeing the beginning of a turning point. But the turning point does rest on us. We have to spread the truth more than ever right now, because people are ripe for this happening.

Questioner: Snowden seems a little fishy, working for the CIA, college dropout, NSA . . .

Another questioner: I’m a college dropout, and went into the military, and they train you, so I believe he could be telling the truth.

Corbett: I have heard some people being skeptical (see this). And deservedly so.  We should ponder on why this particular whistleblower is getting all the attention when there have been other whistleblowers in the past.

Dr. Stan: I have to question it, too. I don’t know. I know what he’s saying is true. But why is the MSM getting the message out now? It’s a very legitimate question. If they didn’t want it mentioned, you would not be hearing about it. There is some reason it’s getting out.

Corbett: Yes, there are several ways this could work. One way would be that this is a legitimate whistleblower the info he’s bringing may have been salted with a little bit of disinfo; then they expose the flaw and then refute the whole thing as “conspiracy theory.” Or he could be an actual plant, still working for the agency and putting out disinfo. But I think it’s important that we realize that this is what is happening, that NSA is collecting all the data, as as all the whistleblowers over the years have been saying.

Another questioner asked earlier: could the Bilderburgs just be having another, even more secret meeting? Perhaps. But at the very least, this little private get-together has been exposed. These people are being tracked down and asked questions by independent journalists every single day. And it gets up on the internet.

The power really is with the people. We will find that it’s exactly the Wizard of Oz, and we just have to pull back the curtain to see some little man pulling the strings. . It’s a question of getting past the mental barriers, of “conspiracy theory” or whatever other labels they want to call it.

I hope we can pull more and more people out of this matrix every single day.

Questioner: I think they want to war on Syria and Iran. That the media is trying to deliver a message to Obama, you’d better attack them or we will continue to pummel you [with the NSA revelations].

Corbett: I think NSA and Bilderberg are bigger than any one administration. It’s going to beyond the scope of the usual political pressure to start a war on Iran or whatever.

Dr. Stan: I think much of what is going on is smoke and mirrors. I think they give us a lot of things to entertain us.

Questioner: you’re saying it’s all misdirection.

Dr. Stan: Yes.

Corbett: we really are on the cusp of a change in the general understanding on the part of the public. People are awake, they’re listening, they’re interested. It’s incumbent on all of us to be spreading the information even more furiously than usual. There’s no one way to do it, just get it out there however you can.



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