GOODnews: Refreshing isn’t it?

Goodness and good news is a joy to share

Good News Next Week – #NewWorldNextWeek

Posted Apr 3, 2014

Welcome to – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news.
This week:

Monsanto’s ‘Healthier Environment’ Ads Banned in South Africa

South Africans Erase Bad Credit History

China Destroys Illegal GMO Crop Trials on Hainan Island

Brazil Looks to Ban Monsanto’s Roundup, Other Toxicity Risks

GMO Cultivation Declines in Developed Nations for First Time in 18 Years

Volunteer Gardeners Help Texas Community Garden Grow

Open Sourcing the Food, Nutrition, and Supplement Industries

Team of Scientists Release ‘Global Warming’ Counter Report

Japan Told to Halt Antarctic Whaling by International Court

Texas Researcher: Peaches Inhibit Breast Cancer Metastasis in Mice

Deaf 40-Year-Old Woman Hears Sound for First Time

Study Shows We Work Harder If We’re Given Chocolate

American University Students Walk Out on ‘War Criminal’ Cheney

In Thailand, A New Kind of Protest

Dotcom Launches Internet Party

Kim Kardashian Goes Political re: Armenian Genocide

From Zionism to Peace Activism

13 Wisconsin Cities Vote YES to Overturning Citizens United

R**skins Owner Dan Snyder Ridiculed by Native Leader for Promise of Aid

Sen. Harry Reid Predicts R**skins Name Changes Within Three Years

F.C.C. to Free Airwaves for Wi-Fi and Wireless Broadband

Visit to get previous episodes in various formats to download, burn and share. And as always, stay up-to-date by subscribing to the feeds from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy
Thank you.



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6 comments on “GOODnews: Refreshing isn’t it?
  1. Leslie Kay says:

    Thank you for this, really enjoyed!! Am now subscribed to their channel. Thanks!


    • RonMamita says:

      Oh my!
      You are not familiar with the Corbett Report and Media Monarchy? and

      Unfortunately they do not often share “goodnews” as they are focused on reporting the current activities of the institutions.
      As more people on Earth wake-up, they realize you can not report of the true activities of the institutions without revealing their many misdeeds such as fraud, abuse, bribes, murders, wars, deceptions and other control freakish activities.
      Never the less, with all that being said, they still have a great delivery of what is happening with the governments and their masters.
      Over the years James Corbett has become the International standout in journalism as he champions “Open Source intelligence”.
      In that spirit I would like you to checkout the list here:


      • Leslie Kay says:

        Thank you for your comment. Am familiar with Steven Colbert, watch often. What I didn’t seem to be familiar with is the movement of American citizens to dig deep. Find truth. You are very correct, you can’t do that and not uncover some very ugly and nasty truth. I also read your blog often, it is very insightful and well written. Thank you agin for the post.


        • RonMamita says:

          Thank you for being here,
          Yes, the dominance of the corporate controlled media to convince many people of a false reality and manipulate public opinion is a BIG problem, yet a significant percentage of the people are aware and search for truth…

          You said you are familiar with “Steven Colbert”.
          Perhaps you mistake James Corbett (the Canadian living in Japan and founder of the Corbett Report) with Stephen Colbert (the political satirist and comedian featured in the fictional Colbert Report)?
          I haven’t watched TV in almost a decade but I still remember the comedy central news became a popular comedy about news called the “Colbert Report”.
          Very easy to confuse the two reports.

          I look forward to share more “good news” as more people exercise their freedom and creativity for global prosperity and healing.


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