This, Hidden Jigsaw Piece, Fits the Ukrainian Puzzle

Western Bloc (G7 and European Union) vs Eastern Bloc (Russian federation and others)?

Western Bloc (G7 and European Union) vs Eastern Bloc (Russian federation and others)?

In the past we, and others, had mentioned this as a likely possibility: The policy makers (for U.S. and Russia) had agreed on the geopolitics prior to armed hostilities in Ukraine. The territorial maps are already redrawn that divides Ukraine into the two major power camps of the EU and Russia, while the Ukrainian citizens get no choice to remain independent from the two powers.
Apparently the policy makers have given the “go ahead” to the controlled media to hype the PR diplomacy campaign for peaceful options that meets the preplanned agreements between Russia and the West all along. Their hidden agenda was to carve up the nation of Ukraine into smaller parts for both the Russian Federation and the European Union. They are nearing the completion of their devious plan at the expense of many lost lives in armed conflict and more suffering citizens.
Now offer the olive branch, as most people would welcome a permanent halt to hostilities.
No effective opposition will be offered publicity to deter the territorial changes being proposed.
Granted that this is conjecture, as too much secrecy surrounds the Ukrainian region. Also the Russian humanitarian aid convoy supporting the Donetsk National Republic has arrived, this could possibly mean the Eastern Ukraine region will survive as an Independent State.
This is doubtful, as the Russian Republic is the best hope for prolonged future protection, food supplies and trade.

We want to thank for blogging this news item and their efforts to keep an alternative line of information about geopolitics open. Obviously we offer a different analysis of the geopolitical maneuvers by Russia and the U.S., but, we as always remind everyone to think for yourself and question all. ~Ron


The beginning of a realization in the US elites?


John Mearsheimer just published a piece in Foreign Affairs entitled “Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s Fault – The Liberal Delusions That Provoked Putin“.  It is a typical “establishment” piece in style and assumptions – along with some rather misleading statements about the war in Georgia – but I still recommend that you read it.
Here is the interesting excerpt:

There is a solution to the crisis in Ukraine, however — although it would require the West to think about the country in a fundamentally new way. The United States and its allies should abandon their plan to westernize Ukraine and instead aim to make it a neutral buffer between NATO and Russia, akin to Austria’s position during the Cold War. Western leaders should acknowledge that Ukraine matters so much to Putin that they cannot support an anti-Russian regime there. This would not mean that a future Ukrainian government would have to be pro-Russian or anti-NATO. On the contrary, the goal should be a sovereign Ukraine that falls in neither the Russian nor the Western camp.

To achieve this end, the United States and its allies should publicly rule out NATO’s expansion into both Georgia and Ukraine. The West should also help fashion an economic rescue plan for Ukraine funded jointly by the EU, the International Monetary Fund, Russia, and the United States — a proposal that Moscow should welcome, given its interest in having a prosperous and stable Ukraine on its western flank. And the West should considerably limit its social-engineering efforts inside Ukraine. It is time to put an end to Western support for another Orange Revolution. Nevertheless, U.S. and European leaders should encourage Ukraine to respect minority rights, especially the language rights of its Russian speakers.

Some may argue that changing policy toward Ukraine at this late date would seriously damage U.S. credibility around the world. There would undoubtedly be certain costs, but the costs of continuing a misguided strategy would be much greater. Furthermore, other countries are likely to respect a state that learns from its mistakes and ultimately devises a policy that deals effectively with the problem at hand. That option is clearly open to the United States.



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11 comments on “This, Hidden Jigsaw Piece, Fits the Ukrainian Puzzle
  1. RonMamita says:

    Interview with Sergei Glaziev – Advisor to President Putin

    Konstantin Semin’s interview with Russian Presidential Advisor Sergei Glazyev on July 24 2014.

    CrossTalk: Russia’s Worldview

    CrossTalk with Martin McCauley, Nebojsa Malic and Ray McGovern.
    Russia’s worldview of international politics is largely neglected in western media.


  2. RonMamita says:

    Ukraine Dividing in Two?
    territorial map
    Behind the curtain there is a growing opinion that Ukraine should just be split in two and hand the East to Russia and call it a day.
    This is starting to come down the pipeline and we may see this develop into open debate soon.
    Not everyone in the East speaks Russian.
    Donetsk is by far the majority.
    Nevertheless, it appears that the odds are rising in favor of a split and we will see how things unfold by November.
    Hot water is produced centrally and that has been turned off in Kiev to save money. This leaves people using stingers (electric rods) to heat the water.


    • RonMamita says:

      Here comes the PR campaign on controlled mass media for halting the Ukrainian armed conflict and redrawing the territorial boundaries!
      That is my sense receiving the signs of a geopolitical agenda on the world stage.


      • I think you are probably right on this Ron. With the meeting held yesterday, it all points that way. Why the US Government was not present is beyond me, they aren’t fooling anybody, trying to make it appear that they are not involved.

        The loss of life and all around strife is still the tragedy of all this, like it usually is.


        • RonMamita says:

          Indeed, as horrific as it is, the monstrosity institutions must be seen in their true identity.
          Devious, wealthy, callous, deadly, psychopathic threats to humanity.
          For too long I had difficulty grasping the depths of the monstrosity, but I did finally “get it” and there are no horror too great the money masters are capable carrying out with their cloak and dagger institutions.

          Which is why open courtroom tribunals are needed for the planetary healing to begin.
          Very similar to the Nazi war crimes Nuremberg tribunal, only better this time as the internet can share live information.

          Again I say, I wish to live to see it.


        • RonMamita says:

          Have you read Paul Craig Roberts “guest column”?

          Now the Dutch wait for the appearance of US troops to show up at the Hague should international law ever be applied to Washington’s war criminals. As one German magazine put it recently, “with friends like America, we don’t need enemies.”

          That is a Bulls-eye statement.


          • Very uncanny Ron…. I just read and posted a story from Stankov’s Universal Law Press that talks about this very issue and the ramifications of the USA Inc.’s behaviour and how it’s creating/ triggering the awakening of the masses everywhere.

            It also related the downed Malaysian flights to Malaysia’s tribunal that found Tony Blair and George W.’s guilt for war crimes.

            Something feel’s different this week, no? Maybe it is finally upon us.


  3. RonMamita says:

    Merkel: Ukraine can go to Eurasian Union as long as it is voluntary

    Germany’s Angela Merkel has said Ukraine is free to “go to” Russia’s “Eurasian Union”, amid signs of a new willingness to make peace with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

    She mentioned Ukrainian “decentralisation”, a deal on gas prices, and Ukraine’s “trade relations” with Russia as elements that could bring about an accord.

    “And if Ukraine says we are going to the Eurasian Union now, the European Union would never make a big conflict out of it, but would insist on a voluntary decision,” Merkel added.

    Some EU diplomats see Merkel’s ARD remarks on the Eurasian Union as a rhetorical statement meant to underline that Ukraine’s foreign policy is its sovereign choice. But others fear Berlin is making a deal with Moscow over the heads of Brussels and Kiev.

    If Ukraine wants to make such a ‘voluntary’ decision (either way with respect to the EU or the Eurasian Union) that would be fine. They have a parliamentary election coming up in October to provide a mandate for the decision.

    I still wonder why it cannot belong to both. Many countries belong to more than one trading treaty or group. What’s the problem with having a trade agreement with both Russia and Germany (as well as the other EU and Eurasian Union member countries)?

    As much as Germany apparently values its trade with Russia, I question the concerns of “other diplomats” who worry that Merkel will make a deal to “give” Ukraine (all or part) to Russia. This is not 1938 Europe when the UK ‘gave’ Czechoslovakia to Germany to achieve ‘peace in our time’. (Although perhaps Merkel could work out a deal to get back the parts of Germany granted to Poland after WWII. Redrawing post-WWII border change ‘mistakes’ seems to be in vogue.)
    historical boundaries


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