Betrayed Trust is to be expected

Today predatory sociopaths are rewarded as executives and officers at institutions.
Thus, no institution is worthy of your trust and you should view them all with distrust and be fully prepared to hold the people in institutions personally accountable for their harmful activities in governments, in banks, and in other institutions.
See: WHY (some) Psychopaths Make Great CEOs – Forbes
And see: Organisational sociopaths: rarely challenged, often promoted.
With that healthy level of distrust in mind we examine “Biohacking“.

Biohacking is a fairly new practice that could lead to major changes in our life. You could it call citizen or do-it-your-self biology. It takes place in small labs — mostly non-university — where all sorts of people get together to explore biology. That could mean figuring out how the DNA in plants affects their growth, or how to manipulate genes from another source to make a plant glow in the dark. It often is aimed at producing a product, like the chairs and building blocks that artist Philip Ross makes by feeding mushrooms a meal of sawdust or peanut shavings. It is experimenting on the cheap, usually without the benefit of a fancy university laboratory, and it often involves DNA and genes. If you don’t know enough biology to take part at first, you learn it along the way. – By Spencer Michels Sept 23, 2014

Your health, your habits, your opinions, and your thoughts:
what could be more personal than these?
But what if your thoughts are not your own?
What if your health and opinions were manipulated by others?

For decades many researchers have shared the diabolical agendas of the eugenics and transhumanists club members while the poor unaware techno-fans blindly trust corporate tech applications for profit.

I am a technology enthusiast from childhood, a gadgeteer, a tinkerer, a DIY’er, a fan of invention and creativity, yet I strongly distrust institutions with their control meme and profit agenda.
The current established system mandates that the money masters buy-out or strangle funds to smart inventors’ patents, and innovative entrepreneurs’ market leading businesses that threaten their institutional survival or control (that is what happened to Electronic Arts, VGA-Animation Software, Hotmail, Visio, Entropic, Travelscape, Omnibrowse ISPs, and many other computer/software/service companies), entrepreneurs had a very limited choice of selling out or be strangled out of business by the money masters who literally print national currencies and control international markets and commerce.
Today, in the USA, more businesses are going out of business than are being created!

Getting back on topic, research reveals “chemtrails” as part of the hidden geoengineering policies by government agencies and research laboratories.
The basic core of biohacking has to do with increased human performance, great so far.
But, inject the profit or national security motives and get:

  • P.R. slick promo marketing:
    Better Humans!
    Biohackers Want to Make Your Life Better!
    Parents peace of mind knowing where their child is with internal tracking devices!
  • Corporate & government (national interest and security) secrecy
  • Regulated Abuses, restrictions and barriers to entry
  • No-bid contracts with government funds and revolving door employment
  • Legions of super-soldiers, and cyborg warriors
  • ubiquitous cyber-spy-ware, micro tracking, mind altering devices that supersedes privacy, free will, personal sovereignty and freedom.
  • Infant implants, obedient school students and citizens
  • A dystopia future

Imagine nano-kill-switch, manipulative data mining devices everywhere that alter behaviour, genetics, tracks everyone and ability to kill a specific individual target at the push of a button.
Far more effective than current drone wars, and assassinations.
Couple that ubiquitous biohacking, bio-implants, microchip nano-tech with digital currency (electronic money) and the ruling elite’s corporate empire could have 100% policy compliance with the total world governance (NWO) they covet so much.
Here are the latest (Fall 2014) P.R. promotions:

The Beginner’s Guide to Biohacking

Plus, the top 7 Biohacks from the Bulletproof Biohacking Conference
Warning: This is going to be interactive.

Your Challenge

To read this article FAST.
Jim Kwik, accelerated learning expert and conference keynote, asked the audience to remember FAST learning. –

Forget: Forget your preconceptions.
Active: Read actively and participate in the demos.
State: Feel the excitement and curiosity to learn. Sit up, lean forward.
Teach: Read as though you must teach this to others.

MORE Links:

Sure, Nightmare Wicked Obedience to the ruling oligarchs.

Posted 14 Dec 2009
The Human Microchipping Agenda: A Presentation By Greg Nikolettos Part 2 of 10
Derren Brown: Mind Control


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