Civilizations Guided By Hidden Hand(s), Aliens-Elites-RFID-A.I. Oh My!


I Can See For Miles

I know you’ve deceived me, now here’s a surprise
I know that you have ’cause there’s magic in my eyes

I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles
Oh yeah

If you think that I don’t know about the little tricks you’ve played
And never see you when deliberately you put things in my way

Well, here’s a poke at you
You’re gonna choke on it too
You’re gonna lose that smile
Because all the while

I can see for miles and miles
I can see for miles and miles
I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles
Oh yeah

Time stamped marque (go to) 14:39
Disclaimer: the photo of alien embryo may or may not be factual, however the documented evidence of repeat deception, fraud and criminality within government agencies reveal their untrustworthy nature of hiding truth. Further research and investigation is warranted.

Pierce The Illusion and Deception
Over the decades we have gradually increased our awareness where we can now see the deception and see through walls of secrecy with institutional barriers. The phenomena has effected my perception and messages are revealed everywhere from sexual books to corporate sponsored entertainment and beyond.
You are not alone in this increasing awareness…

Legal Structure of the Hidden Financial System
The more we research and everywhere we look with scrutinizing questions, evidence is found of a invisible influence, or hidden hand(s), in the affairs of the People on Earth. We found this influence is not monolithic, the various organizations, institutions, and agencies do not always agree.
United Nations flag
In looking at the larger picture, one can see the deception from the institutional level of governance, where policy, and money influences the path of civilizations, sponsoring wars, causing mass suffering and trauma for the People on Earth.

Wearable & Edible Programmable RFID Microchips

the shanghai free trade zone isnt as exciting as many make it out to be
We have not seen a comprehensive model of civilization. Most models depict the hierarchies but not the cycles, and not the invisible hand(s) in conjunction with the conditioning upon unaware people/citizens who have unconsciously accepted the coercion and mental program for that era.
What is seen in the complexity of the interconnections of consciousness on Earth is a lack of knowledge and awareness; in particular the unseen realms of consciousness, the spiritual, the undetected frequencies, the intentional deception, the spell-cast/manipulation, the false beliefs, and the genuine mistakes all combine to muddy the waters of comprehension and awareness whilst simultaneously guiding behaviour that manifest outcomes.

For instance, consider these distinctions:
A member of a secret organization has a secret symbol for identification, that consist of the “hidden hand” often depicted as a hand inserted into a vest. Examples are in the Congressional rooms with paintings of George Washington with his hand inserted into his vest.
Paul Craig Roberts Hidden Hand

Now consider that a nonmember, but patriotic citizen, who idolizes George Washington, impulsively purchased a George Washington portrait for his home. That patriotic citizen later becomes prominent for his books, career, and is interviewed many times in his home with the painting (of the hidden hand) in plain view.

Is it a coincidence or is it intentional?

Again, research reveal many instances (such as  the above example) is not coincidence nor an accident.
That behaviour is to be expected because of the mass programming, the cultural engineering, the spell casting that guides the collective consciousness.
People often do things without knowing why they did them…

Groups behave as a herd, and rarely does research speak of a “herder”, or a master-program that cast the spells or manipulate for a specific outcome.
Imagine the developing quantum computer artificial intelligence capabilities for perfecting societal manipulation.

Esoteric Flat Earth

Short Story: The Hidden Hand

Their nescience made them easy prey

From the great abyss of the ineffable unknown It came.
It directed minions to enslave the Earth.
The outpost was parked as the manipulative all seeing eye from above.
The outpost became known as the Luna goddess, it is now called the moon.
The Earth is domed within a barrier with the sun and moon near that boundary to manipulate and govern the flow of energies both to and from.
Over the cycles of the Ages the entities on Earth have been engineered to this current state for the coming harvest…
For this Momentous event turbulent waves have rippled beyond the barriers and the great distance to tickle the attention of the extra-dimensional entities.

The extra-dimensional entities’ curiosity focused on the primitive life on the surface of Earth.
Minute portions of their thoughts seeped through the barrier and touched the dreams and visions of the primitives on Earth.
The primitives began to express their visions of hope and advanced skills with technology. Song, prayer, and art were powerful cries for help.
The primitives’ despair imagined their approaching dystopia while smaller factions imagined their vision of utopia. A forked path is facing the primitives on Earth… ~RonMamita

IMPORTANT NOTE – To measure, consider dimensions, such as: length, width, depth/elevation, density, temperature, frequency, color, and all manner of detection available to consciousness. Rather than call this multidimensional I consider this extra-dimensions (3D, 6D, 9D and so forth) as in extrasensory.
Imagine: an entity of lesser density with higher frequency, that is outside of our ability of detection and sensory perception. At some advanced level of awareness we would manage to perceive or detect them and measure them within the extra-dimensional techniques of frequencies and density measurements.
Advanced measurements of detection would identify structure, frequency, density, and many other means of sensing the existence and presence.


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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3 comments on “Civilizations Guided By Hidden Hand(s), Aliens-Elites-RFID-A.I. Oh My!
  1. RonMamita says:

    Digitize Everything For Centralized Control

    Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Digital Money, Smart Meters, Smart Phones, Smart TVs, Smart Appliances, RFID, Mass Surveillance, Technocracy, Sustainable Development, Human Resource Management…

    Apparently, the world governance agenda is being unrolled as you read this!
    Total enslavement of the People on Earth.


  2. RonMamita says:

    Speaking of Entertainment:

    You are not alone in this increasing awareness

    Derek Gee: Fake Moon Landing Set (GTA Vice City)
    Video posted 08 Nov 2014


  3. RonMamita says:

    David Icke: The Isis Crisis, The Hidden Hand

    Video posted 03 July 2015

    Look at Greece:

    And the hidden oligarchs, that the mass media rarely identifies during major policy moves…

    Behind the Troika, almost invisible, are the Greek oligarchs who have robbed the state coffers of hundreds of billions over the years, tucking it away in numbered Swiss and Lichtenstein secret bank accounts, avoiding paying a single penny tax to support their nation. And it is looking more and more as though the “leftist” economist, Varoufakis’s role is that of a Trojan Horse for the destruction of the entire Eurozone by the bankers and those Greek oligarchs. Next after Greece Italy looks poised to become victim, and that will put the entire Euro in a crisis that is today unimaginable.



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