CIVILIZATION: Social Engineering – I Wish Everyone Understood This

Future of Scirence: We Will Have The Power Of Gods.
The gods wish to be worshiped.
Sounds and looks like scientism to me.

Have you heard about the planned “Fourth Industrial Revolution“?
The 4th industrial revolution is being engineered right now into the fabric of contemporary society, and it is very important.
It was the central theme for the 2016 Davos World Economic Forum, whereas I discussed it here.
I wish everyone to know that the Chairman, Mr. Klaus Schwab, called for integrated and comprehensive response by “all stakeholders of the global polity, from the public and private sectors to academia and civil society.”  as he spoke to government leaders, industry regulators, central bank and other wealthy executives from all nations to make sure this vision for the Fourth Industrial Revolution is implemented.

I made the intentional effort to record the presence of IMF chief Christine Lagarde, U.S. VP Joe Biden, U.S. Sec of State John Kerry, Greece President Alexis Tsipras and many other officials, executives and influential elites were there in Davos.
They write the laws, make the policies, and want to force citizen obedience and compliance.
Like cattle being herded on corporate plantations human resource are chattel (citizens) within national territorial boundaries.
This is not trivial conjecture and speculation.

The first video below is a brief explanation, and below that video are more documented evidence revealing that indeed the dark plan for a Artificial Intelligent (A.I.) controlled robotic subservient worker class society is being engineered – A technocratic utopia.

I am constantly reminded that I am witnessing the recreations from the scripts written in dystopic (cyberpunk) science fiction novels such as 1984 by Orwell, Neuromancer a 1984 novel by Gibson, and the many books that were later adapted into movies from Philip K. Dick.
Even religious institutions follow their scripts from ancient…
Holy Qurannewspaper_xtra
Holy Biblesanskrit

Civilization is scripted

Title: The Dark Future Is Being Engineered
Video posted 9 Apr 2015

In today’s society with internet search features for retrieving information, the willful ignorant should be the only individuals not aware that corporate executives are spearheading global policies. Consider trade agreements, lobbying for tax incentives, nondisclosure clauses, and funding massive projects. Then remember mega-corporations such as Apple, Monsanto, Google and many others that are present in most, if not all, nations.

Health Care Industry & Charity:
The engineers and public relations will make all their policies, activities, products, and services appear to be safe, humanitarian, evolutionary progress, scientific, significant advance, and a must have bargain!

Note the mass marketing, the icons and famous personalities on stage and on camera to promote their agendas.
QUOTE from the producers of the first A.I. home robot:

The unforeseen future is coming.

That quote sounds ominous to me, but Corporate News and Magazines worldwide are boldly displaying headlines saying things like:
Your Fears About The Coming Robot Revolution Might Be Overblown

Remember what we said at the top of this discussion.
DAVOS WEF 2016: The 4th Industrial Revolution
Engineering civilization’s future, while simultaneously manipulating public opinion.
Happy prisoners make the best prisoners. The best slaves are those who falsely believe they are free.

Pepper, you are so cute, give me a hug; you are not the awful terminator A.I. type of technology threatening humanity in the movies.

Note: the “CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE” sign in the background. The Clinton Foundation is a fraudulent criminal charity. Hilary Clinton is one of the globalists’ selection for U.S. President; her husband was a two term U.S. President. The globalists appear to prefer dynasties.

Now, on to priming the masses for acceptance, the great sell (con job), through TV commercials and other mass marketing schemes the public is being duped:

…I can imagine Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants and much more staffed and operated by robots.
If I can imagine the globalists doing that, they can imagine it too. See the hotel video:

Title: Inside the Japanese Hotel Staffed by Robots
Video posted 23 Oct 2015

Now about the criminal Clinton Foundation:

Title: Charles Ortel-Clinton Foundation $100 Billion Criminal Conspiracy
Video posted 24 Jul 2016
Wall Street financial expert Charles Ortel says it’s a “$100 billion criminal conspiracy” To put that number into perspective, depending on how you look at the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme, that was either $40 billion to $60 billion. This is $100 billion, and maybe more.”

“One of the biggest expenses in the recent period in the Clinton Foundation is for
Pharmaceuticals for supposedly fighting HIV Aids. If this were a well-run charity, you would provide a detailed breakdown of what pharmaceuticals by type and at what price. There is none of that disclosure. You don’t know if that pharmaceutical number is completely made up or not. You have no way of telling, and the auditors have never done their work. This is why I say this is a text book case study in global charity fraud. It needs to be exposed as such.”

Title: Former CIA Agent “The Clinton Foundation Is A Global Fraud Which Has Stolen $100 Billion!”
video posted 12 Jul 2016

I can imagine The Cashless-Robotic-Quantitative-Easing-Manipulated-Market-Economy new world order.
The globalist have a silent war against citizens.
That war crosses all regions and is in fact a worldwide war most citizens are unaware of:

Title: Interview 1128 – Financial Survival in The Cashless Robotic QE Economy
Video posted 28 Jan 2016
James joins Alfred Adask for their weekly conversation on Financial Survival to discuss the latest financial and economic news from around the world, including the cashless society takeover, the QE unwind and the rise of the robots.

Fourth Industrial Revolution: Robots, Artificial Intelligence Will Destroy 5.1 Million Jobs by 2020

 By Mike “Mish” Shedlock

Fourth Industrial Revolution Coming

A new study on the “Future of Jobs” by the World Economic Forum at Davos claims a Fourth Industrial Revolution is Coming.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution includes developments artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, 3-D printing, genetics, and biotechnology.

Although no industrial revolution has ever destroyed jobs, the study concludes a net 5.1 million jobs will vanish in the world’s 15 leading countries. Those countries account for roughly two-thirds of the global workforce.

The report is a 167 page PDF slog. Here are a couple of tables I created from the report data.

Job Family Losers

Job Family Losers Job Losses in Thousands
Office and Administrative 4,759
Manufacturing and Production 1,609
Construction and Extraction 497
Arts, Design, Sports, Media 151
Legal 109
Installation and Maintenance 40
Total 7,165

Job Family Gainers

Job Family Gainers Gains in Thousands
Business and Financial Operations 492
Management 416
Computer and Mathematical 405
Architecture and Engineering 339
Sales and Related 303
Education and Training 66
Total 2,021

I understand the losses, at least part of them. But gains in financial operations?

Everything Rosy but Healthcare

Curiously, the following chart from the report makes everything look rosy except healthcare.


I don’t accept that chart, at least for the implied reasons. Yet, after boomers die off en masse, I foresee all kinds of health-related jobs will vanish until the next retirement boom hits.

Trucks and Taxis

What about truck and taxi drivers? I expect millions of truck hauling and taxi jobs will vanish soon, in the USA alone, by 2025.

I searched the report for the word “truck” and found this lone reference: “Advanced robots with enhanced senses, dexterity, and intelligence can be more practical than human labour in manufacturing, as well as in a growing number of service jobs, such as cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, it is now possible to create cars, trucks, aircraft, and boats that are completely or partly autonomous, which could revolutionize transportation, if regulations allow, as early as 2020.

That paragraph was under the category “Advanced Robotics and Autonomous Transport” given a disruptive weighting of 9%.

Let’s dig deeper with a look at disruptive weightings.

Technological Drivers of Change

Driver of Change Rated as Top Trend Expected Timeframe Condensed Notes
Mobile internet and cloud Technology 34% 2015-2017 Rapid spread of internet-based service models
Advances in Computing Power and Big Data 26% 2015-2017 Ability to handle the unprecedented flood of data
New Energy Supplies and Technology 22% 2015-2017 New technologies like fracking and new energy supplies will have profound geopolitical and environmental repercussions
Internet of Things 14% 2015-2017 Remote sensors
Crowdsourcing and Peer-to-Peer Platforms 12% Impact Felt Already With peer-to-peer platforms, companies and individuals can do things that previously required large-scale organizations.
Advanced robotics and Autonomous Transport 9% 2018-2020 Robots more practical than humans in manufacturing and service jobs. Autonomous vehicles could revolutionize transportation.
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 7% 2018-2020 Voice recognition will make automation of tasks long regarded impossible for machines
Advanced Manufacturing and 3D printing 6% 2015-2017 On demand production has far-ranging implications
Advance Materials, Biotechnology, Genomics 6% 2018-2020 Life science breakthroughs will have profound impact on medicine and agriculture. Bio-engineering critical to pharmaceuticals, plastics and polymers, biofuels.

The last column is my set of abbreviated notes, condensed from descriptions in the report. The first three columns are as presented in the report.

Discussion of Disruptive Factors

I fail to see what big advances in computing power will do. Nor do I see crowdsourcing as a big factor.

I suspect crowdsourcing is one of those things with huge potential that never really flies because there is no money in it for anyone.

Remote sensors will eliminate the need for some humans, but hasn’t that been underway for quite some time? If not, we can certainly get rid of all the meter maids.

On the energy side, fracking is an environmental disaster, and a bust for now, perhaps for a long time. And much of the clean energy systems only work with government subsidies. Battery technology will likely improve and replace or greatly reduce the need for gasoline. If so that will be very disruptive indeed.

But will batteries destroy jobs or just disrupt them?

Gas stations could become battery switching stations. That may require people to change the batteries, but it will also eliminate gas delivery and gas production jobs. Regardless, this type of change won’t be in place by 2020.

I struggled mightily with the report’s 34% rating for “Mobile Internet”.

It’s possible for huge numbers of teaching jobs to vanish with classes over the internet. And applications like Uber will also have an impact. Yet, this category is over-rated.

Biggest Disruptive Force

My number one job destructive force is advanced robotics and autonomous transport. Uber ties into this category as well.

Uber is adding jobs for now. In the not so distant future, long-haul trucking jobs, Uber driving jobs, and all taxi driving jobs will vanish.

Millions of driving jobs of all kinds will vanish in the US alone, by 2025 though, not 2020.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

Read more:

Okay, there are many exposed dots available for the truth seeker to connect institutional crime syndicate with fraud, controlling government officials, investment banking, development funds, campaign-bribery funds, market manipulation, technocracy, geopolitics, trade agreements, and engineering civilization to permanently enslave mankind.
I wish everyone understood this. ~Ron

There is so much more being engineered.
These are very revealing phrases such as social engineering, genetic engineering, bioengineering, geoengineering, and other massive science projects being funded by DARPA, and member nations in the United Nations one example is the Large Hadron Collider within the science project called CERN.

Thus, it is evident (when you look, you see their intentions and hidden agenda) the globalists aim to manipulate human population and behaviour, manipulate genes, manipulate the weather & climate, and far much more…

Do not fail to look into the other massively funded projects, such as:
remote control Killer Drones, “Super Soldier”, Transhumanism, Cloning, Chimera (Laboratory created genetic human-animal cross species hybrids), Organ replication farm, and other massively funded mad-science projects.


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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2 comments on “CIVILIZATION: Social Engineering – I Wish Everyone Understood This
  1. RonMamita says:

    Title: Inside the Japanese Hotel Staffed by Robots
    Video posted 23 Oct 2016
    If there’s one place on Earth you can already get a glimpse of our robot-assisted future, it’s Japan. Routinely at the forefront of robotics research, the country has brought us some of the weirdest automatons, most lifelike androids, and cutest helper-bots.

    Nowhere is this more evident than at Nagasaki’s Henn-na Hotel, a hotel run by robots that opened this year. Walk into reception and a mechanised dinosaur will guide you through check-in; go to your room and a luggage bot will wheel your suitcase along beside you; get ready for bed and your own robot companion will turn out the lights.

    Henn-na Hotel CEO Hideo Sawada sells his offering as part of a utopian vision where robots take over manual labour so humans can turn their attention to more creative pursuits. Replacing staff with robots might reduce labour costs, but their appeal to visitors needs to last beyond novelty value.

    Motherboard host Ben Ferguson checks into the robot hotel in the first episode of our new travel series Voyager, made possible by travel tool KAYAK ( The robot workers he meets are courteous and communicative, but can they emulate the human warmth of their flesh-and-blood counterparts? Could robots really be our future holiday companions, or do man and machine ultimately get lost in translation?


  2. RonMamita says:

    Engineering Civilization in the 21st Century

    Indeed, policy makers in think tanks and institutions (ruling class) are scripting and engineering civilization.

    Title: Techsperts Propose Driverless Highway – #NewWorldNextWeek
    Video posted 05 Oct 2017 by corbettreport


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