Ssshh, I Hear Whispers About Bank Run Concerns…

Do you know the meaning for the central banking phrase “Helicopter Money“?
Many individuals falsely assume the phrase to mean free money for the citizens.
By now we all should know the elite globalists and the governments do not care about the citizens, so the phrase obviously is not about free money to the citizens.
The phrase is about the cozy relationship between governments and the bankers’ manipulated corporate markets.
“Helicopter Money” is the stimulus capital that reduce government borrowing cost, Bloomberg reports it also mean:
“Central banks also send back to their governments most of the interest received on assets purchased through quantitative-easing [QE] programs. Governments essentially are paying interest to themselves. Since the beginning of their quantitative-easing [QE] activities, the Federal Reserve has returned $596 billion to the U.S. Treasury and the Bank of England has given back $47 billion. This cozy relationship between central banks and their governments resembles “helicopter money,” the unconventional form of stimulus that some central banks may be considering as a way to spur economic growth.”

Another important QE element is the Federal Reserve’s version had the Central bank buying $Trillions of toxic debt (mortgage backed securities, “MBS”) market derivatives traded around the world’s markets. That band-aid helped to prop up the monetary system temporarily.

Ben Bernanke: The Father of Lies founder of U.S. model of Helicopter Money
I think the phrase “Helicopter Money” is totally misleading and therefore inappropriate, which is likely why the deceiving investment officials use it.
If the government treasury and central banks in concert agreed to dispense national currency safely to citizens below the high class income bracket then Main Street and households would pay off their expenses and the real economy would see an immediate growth spurt.
A write off of debts on Main Street, student loans and home mortgages would also work very effectively.
Clearly, something important (other than concern for citizens) is being addressed.
This can’t be made any more blatantly clear after the central banks implemented Zero Interest Rates (ZIRP), and after that they “doubled-down” by implementing Negative Interest Rates (NIRP) for their owners and customers (the corporate board, and governments respectfully).
The citizens are left out in the cold with a higher tax obligation and threat of job loss.

Ben Burnanke Central bank governor Liar extrodinaire

If you have money and do not want the bank fees to take it away from you – surely the last place to put it would be in a bank.
There is a bank minimum required to keep an account open, and with the operating fees those with little money have only two reasons to keep a bank account, that is to pay bills and meet the corporate-government requirements for electronic funds payment transfer. Governments are refusing to dispense paychecks at work or mail checks, making a bank account mandatory for all workers (retired, disabled, or anyone receiving a government or corporate payment). Imagine when the cashless society is mandatory and the national currencies become digital currencies replacing all cash (making it illegal to possess Cash)!

The hopeful sign is that plan is very difficult because the drug trade requires cash, and so much cash is held by foreigners and foreign banks.
I have discussed many times that the monetary system “Reset” is very disruptive, and they may choose to stage a false flag (war) or international state of emergency to justify the authorized power, and crisis management policies implemented.



If you have a large sum of money and do not want the bank fees and the government taxes and inflation and currency devaluation to reduce that value – surely the last place to put it would be in a bank.
Middle and upper class income in today’s market should understand the maxim that wealth is never destroyed, it is transferred.
The greatest wealth transfer is underway as the wealthiest .01% of the population is accumulating all the wealth via the investment markets, the repossession on loan defaults and mortgage foreclosures, asset forfeiture on bankruptcies and legal suits.
Thus, if you do not have a broker’s license, you would be prudent to consider not investing in the manipulated exchange markets. Rather you would consider entrepreneurship (business owner), and/or community development (many options and innovative opportunities), or you could consider hands-on emergency insurance (vault with precious metals, and armed security).

– I Hope You Have Transferred Your Savings & Wealth Out Of Banks –
Now, I look at the statements above and think to myself that the worldwide banking cartel has a real problem with small businesses on Main Street and individual account holders (banks’ unsecured investors who will lose all their assets deposited in the banks when the next bank crisis happen).
National currencies are not flowing briskly through the banks. Banks are not lending cash (lower than previous lending levels) to small business (banks have become hedge funds/institutional investors).
Bank loans are traditionally the major source of Capital for Small Businesses and home ownership.
And that was part of a circular flow chart for community health for local jobs growth, for local housing growth, and for local bank profits.
All of that local community capital flow has been intentionally wrecked by policy makers when central banks stopped the flow of capital to Main Street, to shove it into Too Big To Fail Corporate Wall Street (Government Bonds, Exchange Markets and Development Funds).
This is an engineered crisis.
Main Street is literally being starved…


The Markets Will Crash When The Banksters Decide To Crash It

But, that doesn’t mean the citizens will not run to withdraw their money from the banks before the crash!
Gerald Celente from Trends Journal is on the News Media Circuit warning “World Crash Looms”.
And the internet is ablaze with discussions about Europe preparing for war against Russia.
Of course U.S., U.K., and NATO officials demonizing Russia and deploying military assets to the Russian territorial borders is not calming the military tensions.

Eastern Europe and Southern Europe are obviously in troubled waters.


is a torn nation after the violent 2014 military coup toppled the corrupt, but legally elected, government with covert aid from U.S. operatives (U.S. ambassador Geoffrey R. Pyatt and State Department’s Victoria Nuland, NGOs, Mercenaries, aka military contractors, and others).
Apparently the regional conflicts are flaring up again with heavy armor moving into the (Novorossiya or New Russia with the city Donetsk in the Donbass region?) bordering Russia amid internet reports of Kiev agents slaughtering innocent Russian-Ukrainian residents. It is said that the Kiev aggressors are armed Neo-Nazis with bloodthirsty attitude against civilian residents.
As the casualties and fatalities are Russian and independent Novorossiya sympathizers it is likely that Kiev is provoking the conflict, and that directly contradicts the western media reports and official statements from Kiev and U.S. governments.

– There Is No Economic Confidence In Ukraine –
Kiev, Ukraine received a generous rescue package from the IMF in 2015 (even as the IMF was refusing Greece’s request), apparently Kiev is not obligated to repay the funds, but rather the requirements could be interpreted to be reunite the secession regions known as Crimea and Novorossiya. If this is true then Kiev has many $Billions of reasons to start war on the Russian border (Novorossiya).
Bloomberg reported “only $6.6 billion has reached Kiev”…
“The current level of reserves is only sufficient to withstand small and short-term pressure on the hryvnia.” -Olena Bilan, Dragon’s chief economist said.

United Kingdom

Is the United Kingdom at risk for bank runs, or a banking crisis?
Mass media news outlets are writing about their fear that a recession in Britain and the EU is possible, as anemic economic (fudged statistics?) growth turns negative indicating economic recession.

The Pound Sterling saw a dramatic fall against the Euro following the Bank of England’s decision on Thursday to cut interest rates to an historic low from 0.5% to 0.25%.
Although this was expected the central bank also decided to increase Quantitative Easing by another £60bn taking the total of QE now to £435bn.

Institutional investors’ confidence in the British economy has fallen since the announcement of the Brexit.
We expect more bad economic news for the U.K. and EU next week…

And I have not discussed other weak European economies:
Italy, Greece, Portugal, and Spain?

Maybe I will discuss the other economies in the near future, I am too sad from the bad policies that allow this devastation on men, women, and children worldwide.
This is not an accident, it is policy.

The U.S. Economy & Investment Markets

50% of all US pension fund assets are invested in stocks and only 20% in Treasuries. – reported Aug 16, 2014

Baby Boomers are retiring, corporate earnings are stagnant, middle class income is disappearing, the poverty class is bulging, economic and investment data are not trustworthy, government officials are not trustworthy, Central Bank Ministers are not trustworthy…

Bye Bye Middle Class: The Rate Of Homeownership In The United States Has Hit The Lowest Level Ever

Yes, the U.S. economy is bad and indications are warning us worse is to come.

Michael Snyder founder of TheEconomicCollapseBlog recently posted:
It is being projected that this will be the fifth quarter in a row when corporate earnings have declined, and even mainstream analysts are now admitting that it is “evident” that we have entered “a global slowdown”

“Earnings season in the U.S. confirms the overall macro picture that we have. We have a global slowdown. It’s evident in all of the major economies,” said Peter Garnry, head of equity strategy at Saxo Bank, on a Bloomberg podcast.


– There is a Social Security Crisis –
Or so some officials are reporting, but is it true?

If Social Security has a problem, and I do not comprehend how it could -unless government redirected the funds. Because the problems relate to government investment confidentiality, where special bond investments are available only to special funds and only special legal entities are privy to.
I wonder how those obligations are fairing in this economic environment with lost trust, and where non-virtuous markets are using fraud and deception on investment statements, securities and other negotiable instruments.
That being said, I heard that government fiscal or budgetary needs tapped into Social Security funds, and there is no longer enough new contributors to pay those who already funded the system. [While this is very plausible, I have no evidence. This is hearsay. ~Ron]
Bluntly stated, Social Security is rapidly going broke.

Social Security began running deficits in 2010.
The problem appears to be growing worse as the economy also declines.
Is Social Security in a permanent and growing deficit spiral?

Some alarming quotes about Social Security:

“Doug Bandow, a former special assistant to President Ronald Reagan, and a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, warns that seniors must plan for “Social Security’s coming crash.”

And in an alarming article, U.S. News & World Report  argues that payouts will inevitably end, and says you must learn how to “prepare for the end of Social Security” now.

“We could see the end of Social Security as soon as 2016, and there is nothing President Obama, Congress or any other government agency can do to stop it.” -James Dale Davidson, economist


[Social Security is a BIG political tool, discerning the facts from the politicized deception is a challenge. Please view the comment section for more details. ~Ron]


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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3 comments on “Ssshh, I Hear Whispers About Bank Run Concerns…
  1. RonMamita says:

    Americans Have Difficulty Accepting Social Security Is Bankrupt

    When Social Security program was instituted they planned for the record baby-boomers retiring. In other words the recent record spending FY 2015 $944.143 Billion is not a shocking surprise. No, the surprise is the claim of what remains available in the Social Security Trust Fund!

    In 2015, Social Security turned 80 years old.
    The original Social Security Act was signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1935, creating the Social Security Board (SSB). At that time, the U.S. was just beginning to recover from the Great Depression.
    In 1946 the SSB was renamed the Social Security Administration (SSA).
    Citizens are patriotic, their paychecks are reduced from automatic deductions that goes to taxes, social security, and pension. To further deceive the citizens, institutions tell the patriotic citizens that the U.S. economy and investment markets are doing great!

    Social Security was designed to face powerful economic crises and to be social stabilizer.

    So why are citizens’ jobs and Social Security in jeopardy?
    Why are they discovering the bad news that Social Security has a deficit?
    In fact Social Security has been in deficit spending for several consecutive years now!

    There is no transparency with the special Social Security Funds Investments.
    Compounding the difficulty to comprehend the fund’s crisis is Medicare and Disability payments are usually intertwined into the reports (probably because of the governments’ special investments), who knows why?
    However, to be fair, there are scores of files from researchers that explain the Social Security crisis, and they are available from the internet(I have read several pdf files).
    But ultimately, citizens are left with relying on the executives telling the truth in their reports; we have to rely on other individuals who are licensed within the regulated finance industry (banksters) to explain it to us…

    Yeah right, trust the lying “Banksters” and Predator State.

    Title: Venezuela in Economic Crisis, US Cuts Social Security Funds – #CTSECN @CrushTheStreet
    Video posted 5 Aug 2016

    Title: A Looming Crisis in Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid? The “Fiscal Cliff” is a Scam Pt2
    video posted 1 Dec 2012

    Title: Top 10 Must Know Facts About Your Social Security Benefits
    video posted 18 Sep 2013

    Title: GreenTV #52 Social Security The Phony Crisis
    Video posted 9 Jul 2016
    “The ‘Nothing There For Me’ Story Just Doesn’t Make Any Sense!”
    Unless Congress changed the law…

    Title: REALIST NEWS – Less Paid Into Social Security Than Paid Out – Finally Got The Stats
    Video posted 1 Aug 2016


  2. RonMamita says:

    Who Is This Doom-Gloom Economist James Dale Davidson?

    He is claiming the gambling with institutional debt will come to a devastating end.
    Back in 2010, he said on TV “Obama White House Is Lying to You”.
    So, perhaps he actually know the facts about how the HUGE Social Security Funds are being misused…

    James Dale Davidson calls the Market a CURSE!
    He details the institutional investment deception.
    I interpret his commentary to suggest that the new international monetary consensus is to dethrone the mighty (unipolar) U.S. Dollar, install a multipolar monetary policy with the Asia region (AIIB) a key component. Note how former U.S. allies have joined the AIIB as founders, including the United Kingdom.
    Once Britain joined the alliance, Australia, Italy, France, Germany and many more followed suit by the end of the month.

    And in just the last few weeks, 9 nations — including Israel, Denmark and Finland — made the final step to becoming a member of this alliance.
    This alliance has already reached the key milestone for global dominance … these 57 nations represent 62% of the world’s economic power … 3 times the economic power of the United States.
    An alliance with 15 times the population, 6 times the land mass and a military budget 1.7 times bigger than the United States.

    So, the 21st century Currency War has a very detailed story.
    Bretton Woods Agreement is truly DEAD!
    Many countries are openly bypassing the U.S. Dollar trade by trading in RMB and Gold.
    International Monetary Fund (IMF) face competition from the AIIB!

    Title: Davidson: Obama White House Is Lying to You
    Video posted 19 Jan 2010

    Title: James Dale davidson economic collapse
    Video posted 12 Oct 2015

    Title: Newsmax Now | James Davidson discusses the Yuan crisis in China
    Video posted 19 Jan 2016

    Below is a economic-geopolitical discussion/review you rarely hear.
    Some Key issues to follow up on are:
    * Monetary system reset (dethrone the U$D) has 57 nation bloc alliance with a $47 Trillion dollar arsenal has the U.S. in criminal desperation mode (no wonder the U.S. wants to start a war), their goal is “to overthrow the economic dominance of the USA. He claims this will result in a 60% reduction in the stock market and a 50% reduction in property values”…
    * “Life savings will be vaporized by 80%. The stock market will plummet by 60%. Real estate will fall by 50%,” he warned. “Millions of seniors will go from luxurious retirement communities to government-sponsored nursing homes as Social Security and Medicare get slashed.”…
    * Compared to the United States, this alliance presently has 15 times the population, 6 times the land mass, and its military budget is 1.7 times bigger. -the economic threat this 57-nation alliance poses is bigger than anything else America will face in the years ahead. -it’s bigger than an all-out war with any number of [U.S.] enemies….
    * “The dollar is going to collapse 80% or 90%,” obliterating $9.5 trillion in savings -Simultaneously, food prices will jump up as much as 300% and gas prices will increase to $6.00 per gallon…
    * Will the IMF (a Bretton Woods creation) survive; or Will the IMF move HQ to Asia?
    * Can we obtain evidence for “a basket of currencies called the ‘AIIB currency’ would most likely be adopted as the bank’s currency for settlements.” Once these 57 nations agree on this basket of currencies, the dollar is doomed.

    Title: America’s Day of Reckoning 2017 Dollar Collapse?
    Video posted 10 Jul 2016


  3. RonMamita says:

    Successful psychopaths hide among us as professionals in expensive suits.

    Psychopaths Control The U.S. Government!

    That is what I am convinced of; they may be reptilians, insectoids, or a different species, but what ever the hidden hands are, they do not have the best interest of the People on earth on their agenda.

    They don’t care about you.” -deceased comedian George Carlin

    What should the U.S. do in regard to the AIIB?

    [What should the U.S. Do About The Failed Federal Reserve Note, aka “U.S. Dollar”?]
    Nixon's Lesson for NASA
    The Bretton Woods agreement was shredded in 1971 when U.S. President (“Tricky Dick”) Nixon told the world on TV that the U.S. Dollar will no longer honor its commitment for gold convertibility.

    In 2010 the international community reached a new monetary consensus that called for a weaker U.S. Dollar, a stronger basket of reserve currencies (SDR), and a more heavier weight for gold within the SDR value computation, and surprisingly the 188 member IMF agreed. That included the U.S., but it took five years before Congress finally ratified the treaty in 2015.
    It is important to note that when the U.S. government had the opportunity to join the AIIB as a powerful co-founding member it failed to join the AIIB and compounded that disastrous diplomatic gaff by pressuring allies to refuse to join the AIIB as well.
    That blew up as a geopolitical embarrassment for the failing prestige White House, when the United Kingdom became a founding AIIB member along with Russia and other G20 members.
    The White House losing face was an important step to lowering the worldwide dominance of the U.S. Dollar. It was either by design or truly a shocking mistake. (Remember that the U.S. government is a captured puppet, thus it is plausible that this is by design)

    So the BIG question is who are the psychopaths opposing this consensus and requiring a world war military campaign?
    Which individuals are violently opposing the peaceful U.S. Dollar transition into the AIIB?

    Some obvious suspects would be within the institutions that control the U.S. government budget (as both spending and debt would be reduced); some suspects would be within the Military industrial complex (as U.S. foreign military bases and deployed fleets would be reduced); and another obvious group of suspects would be in the PNAC and other think-tank organizations with neocons that called for the new American Century of Dominance.

    The major point I wish to make is that there are options other than simply going to war with other nuclear powers!

    Intentionally allowing the transition from the dominating Federal reserve note, aka U.S. Dollar, to a domestic U.S. Treasury Dollar would be preferable use of focused innovation and domestic resources.
    Getting rid of the Federal Reserve would be a good start, and repairing diplomatic foreign relations with other nations (especially Russia, China, African and South American Nations) would also be a good thing.

    China and Russia are superpowers I think it is best to assist them in their efforts to peacefully operate a massive Asian World bank, rather than by starting wars over islands with Japan and the Philippians.

    This monetary system reset is destabilizing a innately unstable system to begin with, and there never was away around that. But that instability doesn’t have to be addressed by the war policy.

    Converting the current Federal Reserve Notes (USD) to a U.S. Treasury Certificate would be a formal return to the U.S. Constitution that required the government to coin gold and silver as money (making paper currency, aka “cash” redeemable in precious metals, perhaps in less amounts than a ounce and less than a gram).

    It is not too late for the U.S. to join the AIIB (although the U.S. entering as a weak non-founding member is not the ideal, it would be a positive a move forward).
    Call Bix Weir and the folks at Road To Roota, and the G20.
    Let’s Get Started!


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