Anti-Globalization Effect: East To Lead Campaign For Globalization

Globalist Are Bipolar
With the passage of the Brexit Referendum and Donald Trump in the role of U.S. President, the globalists are publicly promoting Xi Jinping (China) and Merkel (Germany) for leadership of the globalization campaign.
Angela Merkal may be on her way out if she fails to be re-elected.

In my opinion, neither Angela Merkel nor Xi Jinping can overcome the popular anti-globalist trend in the West.
De-centralization is a grassroots trend that is revealed in both nationalism and promoting local economies and entrepreneurship.
Many national elections are scheduled for 2017, politicians campaigning for globalization will face strong popular opposition.
Tenth of 1% are the elite globalist designing the new world order
Geopolitics is attempting to control the narrative with overly simplistic fear mongering labels such as Populism, Nationalism, Protectionists, and Radicals.
Expect the 2017 propaganda to ratchet up in the mass media with the G20 and BRICS to be in prominent headlines for economic development and trade.
I ask we keep a watchful eye for the growth of Eastern consortiums such as the AIIB, EEU, SCO, and BRICS; projects and membership growth is a signal revealing globalist plans. ~Ron


China’s president launched a robust defence of globalisation and free trade on Tuesday, drawing a line between himself and Donald Trump just three days before the US president-elect’s inaugural address in Washington.”The problems troubling the world are not caused by globalisation,” Xi Jinping said in an address at the World Economic Forum in Davos. “They are not the inevitable outcome of globalisation.”

The spectacle of a Chinese Communist party leader in the spiritual home of capitalism defending the liberal economic order against the dangers of protectionism from a new US president underscored the upheaval in global affairs brought about by the election of Donald Trump.

“Countries should view their own interest in the broader context and refrain from pursuing their own interests at the expense of others,” Mr Xi said without mentioning Mr Trump by name. “We should not retreat into the harbour whenever we encounter a storm or we will never reach the opposite shore.” –Financial Times


Chinese President Xi Jinping is treading on dangerous ground. In his speech before the World Economic Forum’s annual conclave of political and economic luminaries in Davos, Xi set out to establish himself as the standard-bearer for globalization and China as a beneficiary from globalization in the past and a leader in the future. Many observers have been quick to support China’s claim to a leadership position, not only because China wants the job but also because the United States appears not to. –The Myth of Chinese Leadership by Elizabeth C. Economy


Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel vowed to seek compromises with U.S. President Donald Trump…

Title: Germany vows to seek compromise with US
Video posted 21 Jan 2017 by PressTV News Videos

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is steering clear of the World Economic Forum in Davos, a meeting expected to be dominated by debate over the looming presidency of Donald Trump and rising public anger with elites and globalization.
Merkel has been a regular at the annual gathering of political leaders, CEOs and celebrities, traveling to the snowy resort in the Swiss Alps seven times since becoming chancellor in 2005. Reuters



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4 comments on “Anti-Globalization Effect: East To Lead Campaign For Globalization
  1. RonMamita says:
    • China: We can lead world beyond ‘crisis’ of Western democracy and capitalism


      China’s government newspaper used the weekend after U.S. President Donald Trump’s inauguration to promote China as an alternative to the “crisis” of Western democracy and capitalism. “Western-style democracy has played a progressive role in history, but right now it has heavy drawbacks,” Han Zhen, Communist Party secretary of the Beijing Foreign Studies University, wrote in a Chinese editorial in the People’s Daily. The article and two similar pieces filled up a full page in the government paper on Sunday, and blamed Western democracy and capitalism for global troubles such as the financial crisis and populist … (full story)

    Title: The Worst And Best Actions By Trump So Far And The Real Threat
    Video posted 23 Jan 2017 by WeAreChange


  2. Here in New Zealand we’re particularly concerned about the RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership) that is being pushed by China. It has virtually the same provisions as the TPP – and like the TPP is being negotiated in secret:


    • RonMamita says:

      Has China and Australia revealed their masters?

      – China Relations –
      Do you think the New Zealand and Russian citizens will follow the globalists’ script?

      Title: US exit from TPP may open door to China ‘at expense of American workers’
      Video posted 24 Jan 2017 by RT


  3. RonMamita says:

    Former National Security Advisor: U.S. Empire Is Sinking

    We have been discussing the evidence (From West to East nwo hegemony leadership) for years but only today did I see the video below.

    Title: Bush Military Official: The Empire’s Ship is Sinking
    Video posted 13 Dec 2015 by Empire Files


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