2018: U.S. Constitutional Crisis Escalates

FBI Dirty Cop McCabe

Is This The First Shoe To Drop?

Let’s be clear about this.
This is a symptom, its connected to the foundational problem of deception and violations that are at the heart of the contract that is the U.S. Constitution basis for the Republic.

At this moment, after the public was told Andrew McCabe was relieved from his active duties as 2nd in command (Deputy Director) of the FBI, we are witnessing the tug at the strings that connect to the Obama White House activities, the intel and law enforcement agencies’ misuse of power, the courts misuse, the corporate funds for political campaigns, money laundering, charity, and more…

This also connects to big Military/Pharma contracts and contractors, as well as the captured legislators and regulators.

Yes, Obama is in jeopardy (who could finger Bush and Clinton) and as Nixon was pardoned to stop the bleeding, I expect a similar tactic will be attempted – for the good of the nation.
As we have documented over the years, this is the Age of Deception, the system is fraudulent, and everything in society is tainted by this institutional plague.

Obviously, the officials will attempt to cut, like a surgeon, to stop the bleeding and return to living the lie. Rinse, Reset, and Repeat.
Don’t fall for it, when only a few people are expected to be fired and possibly jailed in an effort to end the investigations from continuing up the hierarchy.

If the Clintons are indicted, then the Obama White House officials are in jeopardy, and then the intel management, and so on up the power chain.
Potentially, the entire Protection Racket could unravel – and that is their biggest systemic fear – protect the system.

I am watching for the first cut, where will it be?
How many will be sacrificed to protect the Beast System?

Will the Robert Mueller Trump “probe” investigation continue or stop?
Will the Uranium One continue or stop at Mark Lambert with the corrupt federal judge, THEODORE DAVID CHUANG?
Will the Pakistani Imran Awan Congressional computer espionage investigation continue or stop?
Will the Debbie Wasserman Schultz DNC computer leaks be investigated – rumoured to be Seth Rich’s murder case?
Will the Hillary Clinton espionage investigation continue or stop?
Will the Clinton Foundation investigation be re-routed from criminal to only the civil laws?

So many murders and so much corrupt funds flowing, that many questions and investigations should continue until all the facts are out in the open.
Amazingly the Clintons have not been in State courts, as it appears only the federal courts are discussed in the media.

That is why I claim this is a U.S. Constitutional Crisis because the money trail literally connects to foreign lands.

Bank funds from UK, Switzerland, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Ukraine, Turkey, and so on [See: CIA, Mueller, Gulen, Project Pelican, Uranium One, Huma Abedin family connections, and Clinton Foundation]…

Cinton gang has dirty cops in FBI and White House.

McCabe is only one shoe, if his shoe falls who is next?

Think about the real untouchables, the money masters and their management of the IMS.
The IMS (international monetary system) is the top of the hierarchy and it is off limits – so where will the cut be?

Who or how many officials will fall before investigations are officially halted and closed?
All Wars Are Bankers' Wars
They can fund False Flag Ops and wars to change the narrative and halt investigations.
Remember 9/11 destroyed criminal documents, gold bullion went missing, $2.3 Trillion dollars DOD audit halted, DHS was created, and wars were launched.
Their dirty tricks and strategies are no longer a surprise, be alert.

As I type this I hear reports about Turkish armored ground forces invading Afrin, Syria (Kurds rumoured to be protected by U.S.?)…
Don’t be distracted – War is often the effective distraction.

Title: What’s Next For Disgraced FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe?
Posted 29 Jan 2018 by Jason Goodman











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9 comments on “2018: U.S. Constitutional Crisis Escalates
  1. RonMamita says:

    Monetary System: EVERYTHING Is Rigged!

    The political system is corrupt because the monetary system is corrupt, it is a FRAUD.
    The bank funds and/or owns it all.
    They dictate policy and captured regulators, politicians, research, military, judges, farms, etc.

    This is the beast system it is a plague on humanity.

    What is coming?
    Martial law?
    Trade war?
    Military tribunals?
    Or something unexpected and amazing?

    CHANGE is coming – for good or bad – it’s coming…

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  2. You are so right, this is the age of deception

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  3. Ri-chard says:

    Maybe one day people will ask what Constitution are we speaking of?
    The one that says OF or FOR the people of the UNITED STATES or the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? Seek the meaning of the words FOR and OF in the context they are used. Also, what is the United State vs United States of America.

    Many of us believe that the constitution we are to have is actually a dormant doc until all take a new oath to the organic title of the Constitution. Until then it is SOS different day – we remain subject citizens.

    Words mean everything, even word magic.
    The words repeated when taking the oath for their office/position by every President, Military personnel, Police & Peace officers, Civil Servants, Attorney/Lawyer do not exist In Law or At Law. The proper intention will remain unknown until the people “We the People” demand we give this Constitution to the persons that represent us and America we and oath stating those facts.
    Remember we were once told – you now have your Republic, but can you can keep it. Ben Franklin

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    • RonMamita says:

      Indeed, and prior to that, the original corporate charters employed settlers to colonize as a profitable venture and today the U.S. corporation is still not understood by those in academia…

      Willful ignorance, ignoring self determination – self governance.


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