Value In-change: Energy Transfer

ENERGY is Abundant.
Many recognize everything is energy…

The lengthy Silverdoctors’ report below is a bit narrow in that it only considers the value of precious metals as the model to base economic value, but never the less the Silverdoctors’ report is valuable in that it explains the Energy Exchange as a value of transferring energy.
Our friend Heather Ann Tucci coined the term “Energy In-change” as we are creative beings requesting a shift in consciousness to transparency and full disclosure exercising our freedom to reconnect to the universe of abundance absent limits (limits and boundaries are hierarchical mental constructs).

The Collapse of the Roman Empire and the Falling EROI

There has been a great deal of debate on the reasons why the Roman Empire collapsed.  Some say it was due to the decline in morals, while others say it was due to either the debasement of the currency, high taxation, corruption, expensive wars, decay of infrastructure,  and so on and so forth.

However, the real reason the Roman Empire collapsed was due to the falling EROI of their civilization.

The EROI can be simply explained by how much energy is returned by the energy invested.  Some like to use the abbreviation of EROEI, but I find the less letters the better.  Even some of the top minds who research this subject use EROI to describe it.

The rule of thumb is this… the higher the EROI ratio the more energy profits which may translate into a higher percentage of financial profits and gains.  Individuals need to realize ENERGY DRIVES THE WORLD MARKETS… NOT FINANCE.  Finance only steers the markets.  And as I have stated before, finance is presently steering the world over the cliff.

Let me give an hypothetical example of the EROI at work.  Let’s assume a family owns a business and is doing so at an EROI of 3/1.  For each unit of energy they use or consume, they have 2 units of energy left over as a profit…. not 3 as one unit represents the energy consumed.  A break-even EROI would of course be a 1/1 ratio.

They take these 2 energy units which are converted to money by the market to maintain their household and have 1 unit left over to put into a local bank as savings.  I realize some of you may not agree with this theory, but just follow along for a  time being.  Furthermore, if we were to assume that the other families in the town averaged about the same 3/1 EROI and deposited their 1 unit of energy profit as money in the bank, there would be a great deal of money (energy profits) deposited over a period of a year.

Let’s also assume this money was in the form of gold or silver.  Just think about all the work and energy by all the families that went into producing that 1 daily unit of energy profit that has accumulated in the bank.

Now, one day two strangers ride into this town (circa 1800′s) with a few firearms.  They go to the local saloon, grab a bite and a few shots of whiskey and then head over to the local bank.  There, they calmly walk in and hold up the bank and ask for the all the gold and silver in the bank vault.  After a few minutes work, they leave the town with a great deal of money.

If we think about the EROI of the bank robbers it could be something like 10,000+/1.  If you add up the energy (money) they invested in their lunch and whiskey, plus all the energy they expended in riding to the town, robbing the bank and their grand escape, you will find out it was a fraction of a fraction compared to all the energy units that were now stored in those gold and silver coins resting in their saddle bags.

I realize this simple example may  stir up some debate, but this very same method was in fact the very same business model practiced by the early rulers of the Roman Empire.” –

I recommend you read the rest of the above report to familiarize yourself with the concept of energy exchange, and value exchange (“In-change”, a Heather-ism terminology) as more discussions for transitioning out of the current financial crisis broadens. Each of us has VALUE, an inherent value and we, the People of Earth must be Aware of this.
Universal value must become common knowledge as we value the universal abundance in nature again instead of the practice of indebtedness of scarcity as a value model.
Embrace the abundance model and exit the current scarcity model.
Once again this is a shift of consciousness as awareness increases.

A reminder:
Governments are not your masters and Money is not your god.
As a mature being you self govern and you have Value.

The nature of free-will, and creation produces diversity, abundance and embraces freedom.
*Exercise your Freedom, imagination, and creativity to manifest something beautiful.

Currency ($100 Dollar is debt/scarcity based) as a Flow (current) of Energy
A visual dramatization is here:

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These energy charts scream recession!
Thank David P. for compiling this data.

David kindly shared three of his five charts of energy consumption per capita (i.e. per person). This first is total energy consumption in the U.S. per capita.
The key takeaway here is how closely energy consumption tracks recession: notice how energy consumption cratered in the deep 1980-82 recession, and how it fell off a cliff in 2009, and has continued to weaken despite the official return of “growth.”

Next up: energy consumption in the residential household sector of the economy.While the downtrend since 2000 (lower highs and lower lows) could be attributed to improved efficiency, that cannot be the reason behind energy consumption’s waterfall decline in 2011. That says one thing: recession.
How about the lifeblood of American life, transportation? Once again, the sharp decline in consumption says “recession.” Consumption rose slightly in post-recession 2010, but then resumed its dramatic plunge:




Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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