When The People On Earth Are Free

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What type of games will be played when the People on Earth are Free?
Over the years I have searched for new games that reveal the shift of consciousness and awareness. I am still searching…
Perhaps some readers have found new games that exemplifies this awareness, if so please share those games with us.
I think that some past games from the early years of computing may have some elements of a post empire world with personal sovereignty written in the story line, but today games are mostly build a empire, destroy competitors, and be the ruler of everything meme.
The gameful exceptions are largely virtual-life (such as farming and sports games), puzzle, and card games.

I expect to see a massive population of new games that embodies the personal sovereignty and the emerging self-organizing collaborative meme embracing and nurturing freedom.
Imagining worlds without governments may be too difficult a task for some, thus games can be playful guides in seeding the concepts of living on a truly free planet. ~Ron

Jane McGonigal: Playing Tetris Prevents PTSD, Flashbacks

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The Sovereignty Series – You Can’t Make Me!

You Can’t Make Me!

Self Victimization through Personal Speech Patterns

The Sovereignty Series


Cognitive Dissonance

Introducing a new portal into the mind of Cognitive Dissonance



We’ve all heard of word association tests administered by the psychiatric profession which are used to determine our unconscious psychological makeup. The same goes for various other tests, such as the Rorschach test, that are (supposedly) designed to detect underlying thought disorder and overall personality characteristics.

I have often spoken about the hijacking of language to control and manipulate people, both as individuals and as the collective herd. George Orwell’s classic “Nineteen Eighty-Four” is a wonderful examination of the concept of language hijacking. I suggest that regardless of whether you have read “1984” or not, that you do so again in light of what we all see coming round the bend.

I tend to cringe whenever I use the word ‘hijack’ because it implies that our language has been forcibly taken from us, transformed into a weapon to be used against us, and then placed back in our hands disguised as an everyday tool of essential living. Even if the process I just described is actually what happened (in practice it’s more evolution than blunt force trauma) in order for the hijacking to be effective it still requires our consent and willingness to utilize and embrace the weaponized language.

So let’s try something a little different here. Instead of a word association test I would like to try a phrase association test with you. And I’ll bet that even if you tried you could not stop yourself from inserting a word into the blank at the end of the following phrase.

“You make me so <……….>.”


You make me so....


The lists of words you may have inserted into the <blank> are wide and varied. As well if I were to structure the sentence differently, such as “Sometimes you make me…..” or “Every time you do that you make me…..” the list may grow even longer. Sometimes we even declare that “It makes me so……” thereby giving inanimate objects or situations control over us. If you give it some thought you can come up with all kinds of variations.

The one commonality among most, if not all, of the words we place after ‘make me’ are words or possibly phrases that describe emotions, usually strong (triggering) emotions. In keeping with the theme of hijacking a language in order to control or manipulate, one of the techniques used is to distort the meaning of words or phrases in such a way as to promote a ‘victim’ mentality.

Other examples of victim phrases are “You can’t fight city hall” or “There’s nothing we can do to change the situation”, both classics because what we really mean when we say those things is that since we can’t change everything immediately why even try. This is what non sovereign entities say to each other and to their masters. We beg for permission from the ‘authorities’ to do what we as true sovereigns would never consider asking permission to do. This ‘conditioning’ begins with the language we use to speak and thus to think.

So my question here is simple. Since when is someone else responsible, as in “You make me…,” for our emotional ‘State of Mind’? Think about that for a few seconds before you respond because I would be willing to bet that your initial response, the one that quickly rolls off your mental or physical tongue, would itself be a triggered response rather than a logical and rational answer.

Now before you say, “Well, that’s just something we say. It doesn’t mean anything.” I beg to differ. Just watch two people verbally fight, or even just argue, and count the number of times one assigns the other blame for their own emotional state. If there is any emotional attachment between the parties, or the confrontation is emotionally triggering, blame will likely be assigned to the other. That’s the beauty of left/right politics as a control mechanism, to promote triggering emotions in order to divide and pacify a population.


Just Say No to Self Victimization


We are all guilty of this, including myself. Just ask Mrs. Cog. To counter this tendency I try to remain mindful of what I am saying at all times, especially when I’m feeling emotional or I’m triggered by something someone else said. For me one of the signs that I‘ve been triggered is when I won’t let the other person finish speaking or I’m just waiting for my turn to speak rather than actually listening to what they are saying.

I attempt to counter this in the same why I try to avoid using the words ‘I believe’. Often when I use that term I am simply regurgitating some doctrine or thought bubble that is commonly used among those I associate with. Or it is a label I can quickly assume or wear that enables the view I wish to express to be quickly or easily understood. What I should be saying is that ‘I think’ or ‘My opinion is’. Doing so changes the dynamic of my thoughts and speech because now I am expressing my own ‘State of Mind’ rather than repeating someone else’s.

One of the things that drives Mrs. Cog crazy, especially when we are having ‘words’, is that I sometimes reject her assignment of blame. She’s even turned the tables on me a few times to her everlasting amusement. More often though, whether or not we are having words, I try to slow down and think about what I am saying. If I force myself to take full and exclusive ownership of my emotional state by avoiding the “You make me…” statements, not only must I phrase my words differently, but I must think differently about not just whom I’m talking to or what I’m talking about, but I must also think differently about myself.

By accusing someone else of being responsible for my emotional outbursts I am in essence avoiding responsibility for my own actions. By blaming others for my ‘State of Mind’ I’m assigning myself to the ‘role’ of victim status. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be in this ‘State of Mind’. So you fix yourself and I’ll be all better. That is one of the definitions of a victim, someone who has no control over their ‘self’, who has had the control of their body and/or mind taken from them, often by force or deceit. Only in this case, because I self assign myself as victim, it is entirely by my consent that I am a victim.

While that assessment might sound simplistic and even childish, I contend that there are few conversations/arguments more childish than two or more adults blaming each other for their own (dysfunctional) emotional state. If you don’t believe me, just spend an hour or so in a public park or gathering place where young children are playing. You will hear little fights erupt now and then and if you are honest with yourself you will see the parallels between what is said on the playground and what is said in the heat of an argument with a friend, spouse or other loved one.


Round One


So……..are you ready to take the Cognitive Dissonance challenge? For one entire week starting from this moment let ‘us’ attempt to be mindful at all times, not just when we are emotionally triggered or in the middle of conflict or confrontation, but at all times, of the language we use that sheds us of personal responsibility for our own emotional ‘State of Mind’.

I suspect that at some point during our little experiment we will begin to recognize other words, phrases or mannerisms we regularly use that also directly or indirectly absolve ourselves of personal ‘blame’ or ‘responsibility’ for all manner of things. No one can ‘make you’ do, feel or say anything without your consent and the first consent we quickly (and often without conscious thought) give up/away is when someone else triggers our own inner emotional dysfunction.

The ultimate goal of this thought experiment is to elevate our awareness, our mindfulness, and our inner presence in order to begin to reclaim our own personal sovereignty. In my opinion (see, I didn’t say ‘I believe’) we cannot even begin to assert our own personal sovereignty if we can’t even accept responsibility for our own (emotional) State of Mind.



Cognitive Dissonance




3D Earth Video Games

This is for the Multidimensional Beings that have moved into the game board of the New Energy fields. Things are energetically working quite differently aren’t they? We will see those in-between and 3D beings still playing in the illusion that their ego desires control their future outcome. And since they are not moved into the New Energy yet, this will appear to be working for them. Remember that you are a part of the soul group that is the “Ascension Vanguard” and that you are the first wave doing this group process for humanity.

Human Video Game – The Earth Experiment

As humans, our perceived 3D “reality system” is set up very much like a computer program or a video game. Most Humans perceive themselves and operate only at their “personality program” (the ego, instinctual and subconscious intelligences) level of their expanded spiritual anatomy. The “personality program” is the three layers of intelligence that are having a physical experience in the polarity video game called, The Earth Experiment.

This is the same thing as when you are choosing a specific avatar – like our 3D personality program – to represent yourself when you are playing an “X Box” video game. (Ask any teenager if you need more information on what an X Box is!) The exception for most people is that they do not realize they have a spiritual “joystick” to use to increase their skill level of mastering intelligences and a way to navigate through the earthly landscape of the “game”. (Which avatar did you choose? You can choose another one if you need an upgrade!) This is the analogy of why it’s important to comprehend your spiritual anatomy layers and its structure, as when you do, you clearly realize you have tools and can make upgrades!

As well most people have no idea that their “personality program” is temporary and extremely limited to their own views of who they think they are. They get stuck inside the game without using their joystick to navigate. More commonly they become paralyzed between the two opposing forces of polarity (Do I go left or right? Up or down? Choose love or fear?) and while in the state of this confusion, they become inert. This inertia slows down the being’s evolutionary process, and they circle around in the game over and over unable to move past old patterns that keep them in the same level. They do not know how they got here and who is running the game. They do not know how to learn the skills (lessons) that graduate them out of the game (classroom).

This is a way to begin to understand the human souls’ reincarnation plan, in the game of the Earth Experiment. If a consciousness has not figured out how to master a grade of the earthly game, they return to the same level over and over to attempt to complete that grade. No matter how painful or traumatizing that life pattern was, they are destined to repeat it until they learn to transcend it. This could mean hundreds or thousands of lifetime experiences for that soul doing that “same” life pattern.

This has created massive stored pain for humans. This is how distortions have been formed in the soul’s program. The personality program kept repeating the patterns of painful lifetimes as it had forgotten how to connect to its own source/soul for healing or guidance. The personality not remembering how to access higher levels of the soul’s intelligence, created karmic energy debt and imbalances from involving itself in continued life cycles of suffering. This cycle of learning through suffering has an opportunity to complete for human beings. This is the big issue of why there is divine intervention by various Interdimensional Beings during this Ascension Cycle. Divine intervention has been allowed so that more beings will be liberated from the reincarnation cycle. Finally these souls will be able to move beyond the level they were stuck in while playing the 3D polarity video game. This is what it means to say that the Ascension cycle is for the “liberation of the soul”.

Polarity Game III – Atlantian Program

During the last 30,000 years the human species have been undergoing a 3rd level stage of the Earth Experiment video game, one that we could call the “Atlantian” program. This program was a necessary part of humanity’s evolution in 3D reality mechanics in order to understand how to operate and use a part of our spiritual anatomy called our “Solar Plexus” chakra. The Solar Plexus is the human beings 3rd dimensional energy “receiver” and it acts similarly as a computer control center to navigate oneself in the 3D reality program. Within the human lightbody, connected to the Solar Plexus, is the personality program layers and its matrix of intelligence otherwise known as the “ego” consciousness. So this Atlantian program, a cycle intended for human evolution, was originally purposed to learn how this solar plexus control center works and how its level of intelligence could be operated and experienced. It was not intentioned, however, to be the only intelligence accessed that eventually over time, disconnected the soul from the personality.

However, the ego intelligence (personality program) of the human became completely obsessed with the 3D material world by imposing its personal will to manifest its desire for physical result. And as such human consciousness has gone through many lifetimes attempting to master using the ego consciousness. Additionally if that were not enough, forces that observed the humans were disconnected from their true spiritual identity for such a long period of time decided to manipulate the humans for their own personal gain. They were so successful at manipulating humans away from owning their spiritual power, that they have been able to completely control the game for the last 30,000 years. These forces were able to harness the energy resources away from the humans both in the vital essence contained in their own energy bodies, as well as the planetary geological resources. This consistent drain of energy resource by these forces that remain “unseen” by the human, systematically strip the species of its own power, potential and freedom.

Hence these controller forces, as they manipulated the human Ego consciousness in the 3D game, became the Ruling Class and as its absolute power corrupted the system. The Atlantian polarity game evolved into a full Service to Self program, a draconian caste system with primarily a Royalty class and slaves. Their motivation is to manipulate life force to empower a privileged few at the expense and imprisonment of the greater whole. This corruption became like a virus and its infection spread and began to break down all the consciousness that was inside playing the Human Video Game. Since no one remembered they were actually inside the game, it started to become destructive for the soul program. The integrity of the whole game structure began to collapse as the continued use of destructive energy created reversed life codes and phantom energy spaces. Reversing life codes meant molecular compaction for the entire Human Video Game and at a certain point, this would lead to annihilation. Even though all returns to source at some point, (as space dust or sentient units) it was not wished upon the human race to continue this degree of suffering that would continue degradation of the integrity of the human soul matrix. At this time in the Human Video game, the Ascension process became the necessity to retain the original divine blueprint for the Human Soul.

This is exactly why the Starseeds, Indigo Family, Light Family E.T.’s., Walk-In’s and the Ascended Masters are back to help us.

Game IV – The False Ascension – The Hybrid Breeding of Humans

This is a game program that is still operational in the 4th and 5th Levels (dimensions) of the Human Evolutionary possibility. So we could say there is an agenda by the controller forces to hope that humans choose this game, as they will still have a way to manipulate the power source. Generally this path is opened to all those who do not want to see the truth, face their own shadow, as it hurts too much. This is about finding the willingness and the vigilance to do the Inner Alchemy to serve God Source, no matter what. There is work to do in there and it takes self responsibility to accountability.

Pain avoidance and fear is a huge controller of the masses of humans. Comfort zones (implants) to generate complacency will generally win out to control most of the human population. The controllers know this very well, and are expert in the field of manipulation and astral combat. It is primarily in this level of the game that the Controller Forces use frequency fields to create a NET that keeps humans “in their place”. As long as humans believe they are “free” they will never question the controllers about their personal sovereignty. They can dress this game up a notch, flash us some beautiful things to dazzle us, give us some technology to supposedly “save us” from ourselves. The agenda is then they can begin to introduce themselves to humans and possibly tout themselves as Gods, or Advanced Intelligences. Being “Gods” surely humans would easily want to intermingle and “breed” with them, creating a human super race?? (not!)

Not to belabor this, however, an important key to remember in all situations is to preserve your Life force, your personal power – as directed with your full intention – by retaining the Self Sovereignty and Freedom of your Being. You are God, Period. You are the Cosmic Sovereign Law Made manifest, and it is your divine right to state your claim as such! Stay away from anything that is sucking on your energy, wanting your worship or claiming power or elitism over you.

Game XII – Cosmic Christ Ascension-The Paradisian

This is the accelerated game of 12 D potential activated within the Divine Human DNA Template, the original intention of the human species. Because of its ability and power to generate Eternal Life Giving Current it is the ultimate System Override of any False Ascension or Illusionary Matrix beneath its potential. The Controllers ( those who have forgotten who they are in reference to God Source) do not have access to this Light Force Current and are unable to manipulate it or hide from it. The Cosmic Christ Intelligence is a Multidimensional Consciousness and is able to shapeshift and be a time traveler while in a form. This level of consciousness can embody in any form or exist as pure sentient consciousness at will, as it is One with All.

Within the activated potential, this consciousness is a completely Ascended being outside of polarity and is able to be a full co-creator of God. The capacity remains to retain all of the group life stream individuality while simultaneously experiencing the energetic reality of Oneness and Completion. As a complete being you are totally free to create “worlds”. Creation from Spontaneous Joy is the keynote of this form.

From the Guardian perspective this is who we are with our divine human potential and with whatever we choose, to not forget who we are. We are not to give our power to anything outside of ourselves. This is our purpose in shifting timelines to manifest freedom, sovereignty and liberation for all human beings.


Nature and The Elemental Kingdom

Ascension Tools Series

This month we are exploring Nature spirits and the Elemental Kingdom.  In May we discussed the Devic Kingdom and nature spirits that comprise the M.A.P. healing teams.  This will explore further more of the hierarchies that exist in these realms.  Last week I met a new friend that is a medical intuitive and she does similar healing work as I do. She described to me as a child listening to the orchestral movements of nature, how the blades of grass would sing to her, how the trees moved in beautiful melodies and that walking outside was like sitting in the middle of a beautiful Symphony.  This inspired me to write in more detail about the nature spirits and elementals. Most of us humans have been disconnected from sensing this exquisite level of reality, one that is teaming with consciousness, life and beauty. The Earth and her kingdom’s are very much alive and interconnected with all life forms and human beings.  They are very much impacted by humanities evolution and all are simultaneously evolving with us. When working with the nature realms and the earth kingdoms, it is suggested to learn how to 12D shield your personal aura and learn to create 12D session space first. When one is holding a loving but neutral polarity, being of service to the nature realms is productive ad amplified through a clear exchange of intention to serve the highest expression in divine will for all parties involved. 

Nature Devas

There are many types of Devas both working at subhuman and superhuman levels.  Each group of Devas has specific work and methods to attain their goals and evolutionary purposes.  The evolution of Devas is speeding up in synchronization with evolution of the human family.  As humans learn to work more closely with the Devic evolution, they will learn how to heal and control their etheric bodies to a greater degree. They hold the patterns that underlie all living and growing things on the planet.  That includes the mineral, plants, and animal kingdom’s as well as the elements of fire, air, earth and water.  Human bodies are governed by nature spirits where they are the spiritual equivalent of the cell, organisms and microorganisms that work together to make organs, tissues and glands function properly. Devas and nature spirits must be distinguished from each other. Devas are the architects that guide forces to give form, structure and energy to the plant world.  They carry the archetypal patterns for each of the material forms.  The nature spirits actually do the work of building the plants.  They channel the etheric forces they receive into physically constructing the particular plant patterns they are receiving from the Deva.  Nature spirits are like the physical workers who carry out the architects blueprint.  They vary in size from an inch to three or 4 ft. tall; the nature spirits are mostly composed of the etheric matter.  Very few people on the planet have been able to fully visualize them. Most of the written account of detailed communication with nature spirits has been documented by a spiritual community in Scotland called Findhorn.  Quite a few of the well known spiritual leaders and metaphysical speakers, such as Caroline Myss, have spent time there.
Have you ever stopped to think what causes a flower or plant to bloom or how it has a certain color or a certain fragrance?  There is a level of consciousness of tiny etheric beings who work to manifest these qualities.  Apparently the plant kingdom on planet Earth is one of the most advanced in this galaxy. We have an amazing array of nature spirits and elementals in very complex formation to provide so many variations of flora fauna, that we as humans get to experience.

The Elemental Kingdom

Within each of the four elements are nature spirits that are the spiritual essence of the element.  Nature spirits of earth are called Gnomes.  The nature spirits of water are called Undines.  The nature spirits of fire are called Salamanders.  The nature spirits of air are called Sylphs.  These beings are made up of etheric substance that is unique and specific to their particular element.  They are living entities inhabiting worlds of their own.  They have the power to change size and appearance at will.  They cannot however change the foundational law or characteristic of the element they work with, nor work in another element realm.

The atmosphere that humanity has created is poisonous and toxic to the nature spirits.  As humanity became industrialized we destroyed much of nature in its natural abundance.  Many of the nature spirits withdrew into areas of seclusion or left entirely.  Slowly humanity is waking up to the fact that the world we created is not only poisonous to nature but to ourselves as well.  As we transition into this New Energy, new alternatives to environmentally benign products and ways to work in harmony with nature will become apparent and necessary.  The ecological and sustainable freedom movement is already beginning a trend in our transition as it is now become an economical imperative.  The ultimate spiritual maturity of humanity is to take responsible environmental action and take all kingdoms of earth into our awareness, working in conscious cooperation with these nature kingdoms.  It is time for these evolutions to work in mutual love, trust and cooperation.

There are many kinds of Gnomes, each working with a particular part of the Earth, such as the mineral and gem kingdom’s.  It is interesting that gnomes have been a part of collective humanities supposed mythology, whereas we can go to the garden supply store or Home Depot and get one of those red hat plaster gnomes for the garden.  Little did we know the truth in that reality!  Gnomes work with a hierarchy of minerals and gemstones.  People have a hard time realizing that minerals are alive.  The signature of life in the mineral kingdom is the crystal formation the Gnome has created.  In reality the mineral kingdom is most important to life.  It makes up the crust of the earth upon which humans and animals live.  The mineral kingdom provides the basic source of nutrients in that plants are rooted in the mineral soil, plants then nourish the physical bodies of humans and animals, animals then being a food source for humans as well.  Without the mineral kingdom, the plant, animal and human kingdom could not survive.

The Undines are the elementals that compose water.  Etheric in nature they exist within the water itself and why they cannot be seen with normal physical vision.  It has been interesting to see recently the popularity of the body of work by Dr. Masuro Emoto with his book, The Hidden Messages of Water. Dr. Masuro has gained international notoriety for his groundbreaking work regarding the effect of words/thoughts and feelings on the water and it’s crystallized forms.  He discovered that crystals formed in frozen water change when specific thoughts are directed towards them.  Dr. Masuro has stated he believes water is the messenger of God and that he has further documented this in his research scientifically.  Clearly water is only one of the many “ messenger’s” of God, it just so happens one human being was able to find a way to physically document the impact human thoughts and words have upon another life form, such as water. In the near future we will further our scientific research to find more discoveries within our world, and nature, that it is teaming with conscious awareness and fully responds to human interaction. This begins the era of humanities new awareness of the responsibilities of our impact with all living creatures and the realization that many of these life forms are under our care as the stewards of this planet.

The Salamanders are the spirits of fire.  Fire would not exist without these beings present.  Some people have seen them as small balls of light, usually they are perceived in a lizard-like shape.  Salamanders have the ability to extend their size or diminish it.  If you ever need to light a campfire in the wilderness, call to the salamanders and they will help you!  They are greatly affected, as with all nature spirits, by human thinking and thought forms.  Inharmonious conditions in a home or area can cause these beings to act.  They are like children in that they don’t fully understand the result of their action. Many of the indigenous cultures considered fire the strongest and most powerful of all elements.  Fire and flame is greatly purifying and powerful for those who use fire in a ritual setting.  We have lit candles in memory of others, to evoke powers in our self, to call upon the saints, as offerings to the gods.  Fire amplifies the power of our own intention when focused upon. Always use fire with the highest intention for the highest good.

The Sylphs are air spirits.  Their element has the highest vibration rate of the four elements.  They are volatile and changeable, the wind is their particular vehicle.  They work through the gasses and ethers of the stratospheres of Earth.  The air spirits are associated with mental aspects, one of their functions is to help humans receive inspiration. The Sylphs are drawn to those using their minds in the creative arts.  They can be called upon for creative inspiration in this way.

Negative Elementals

There are other types of elementals that are different from the ones described above.  They are created by thought forms from elemental essence.  They are one of the reasons it is so important for humans to control their negative thoughts.  Negative thoughts such as fear, violence or sadness create these little beings which are called astral elementals.  They get lodged and create energetic blocks in the human aura or Energy Field.  It is important that human beings refrain from the manipulation of these elemental forces until self mastery and consciousness of the soul has attained a certain level.  If a person has a victim consciousness, he or she is easily manipulated by these elementals of lower order and vibration.  One way to create negative elementals is to drink too much alcohol, or take drugs or be in prolonged negative emotion states.  The buildup of these toxic thoughts and substances weaken the energetic field, and eventually created imbalance in the bodies that lead to disease.

Despite our best efforts, just the process of living upon this planet we are exposed to many negative influences.  There are many ways to clear them from your Energy Field.  It just takes awareness, intention and focus.

Specific Healing Tool:

Work with the process of creating your personal 12 D Shield with platinum liquid light. Once in your shield you may call upon other modalities to work with aligning healthful frequencies in your body. If you’re having any health challenges with a nonspecific body part or internal organ, you can ask the elementals to “live”within that organ, within the tissue, and work to repair and restore the organ to its perfect representation of the divine blueprint.  Ask your God source to send the Aurora Light elementals to the organ and tissue you need to repaired.  Give them permission to live inside your organ to heal it fully, completely and totally.  It is best to work in co-creation and focus with the elementals on visualizing your body part completely restored and full of healing liquid light, a least the first few times when making your request.  As long as it’s in harmony, they may stay there for as long as necessary.  You may feel them as these tiny little assembly-line workers, you can feel the activity and the buzzing energy of it.  It reminds me of the sound of a hummingbird or bumblebee buzzing.  You can perceive the tiny-ness, yet profound quality of the interaction as you hone your ability to perceive these energies.

Healing Suggestions to Attune to the Elemental Earth:

Activities to help you attune with our Mother Earth include:

Carrying your 12 D shield and expanding it to harmonize with the earth. Sitting or sleeping directly on the ground, walking barefoot, gardening, camping, hiking, anything that allows you to see, hear, especially feel, the Earth. While doing any of these things, focus on bonding, and becoming one with the Earth Mother. Attempt a regular interaction with nature as its very healing and supportive for us.

Stay in the luminosity of your heart and soul path! We are here as ONE!

Blessings !
Lisa Renee

Suggested links:
Findhorn Foundation

© 2000 Lisa Renee, http://www.EnergeticSynthesis.com


Your Guides

This is the information I want to share with you from my findings and requests to the Spiritual Hierarchy to assist our healing evolution as smoothly as possible. My Ascension path is intense as I have opted to be a facilitator of this process so others may have an easier time in their evolution.
I continually research, study, channel and experience everything I can get my hands on. I wanted to have a comprehension of what was happening to me so that I could explain it to others. Truly I do not want anyone to feel the sense of isolation or fear without the support or knowledge being available to them. Having some instruction and knowing how to feel your spirit connection gives you such comfort and strength when facing your mysteries.

Ascension Tools Series: Inner Circle News
April 2005

Dear Family,

This Newsletter series will begin to offer information and explain more about the interaction of many unseen energies and entities that interact with us human beings. We will focus more on exploring the members of the “Spiritual Hierarchy” and the various “Beings of Light” and Life-forms that are contracted to help humanity in its transition to a New Era of Higher Consciousness. (Also known as “The Shift to the Ascension”.)

Previously, we have discussed much about the meaning of “Ascension” and how this shift of planetary energetic frequency is altering the perception of human consciousness and our beginning journey to explore multidimensional realities. As human beings are evolving to become multidimensional, as a result, we will become “Cosmic Citizens”. Thus we will need to have a greater understanding of the nature of this new reality, the various interactions we may have and be ready to experience the unexpected

During this time, we have much support from the “Forces of Light” and I endeavor to get you more familiar and comfortable with the idea of becoming multidimensional and having an awareness of other energetic life forms sharing your reality. Over the next weeks, I will be sharing healing tips and tools that will support your process and cultivate your connection to Spirit exponentially. It will be important to decipher the Light of the Higher Self with its “Language of the Heart” versus the Shadow of the Ego with its “Language of the Mind.” Psycho-spiritual integration is key for your ability to maintain balance in these areas.

As we prepare ourselves for the coming years, if we allow non judgment and acceptance to flood our subconscious and conscious mind, our transition will be much easier. This is especially so if we do indeed experience visitation or memory with non-physical or other beings. We as humans have huge fear implants in the collective consciousness around the unknown, death and “Alien” or contact with non-physical life forms. This series is intended to demystify these aspects we have been taught to fear from our societal programming and to become comfortable discussing or experiencing these topics. Knowledge is a powerful tool that may eradicate fear of the unknown. Now is the time to prepare and cultivate your intuitive discernment by examination of your own personal truth. For those of you that this information resonates and is appropriate, please read on. If this is not feeling resonant or you are not ready for this information, then please disregard.

This topic is one of the divine paradoxes of God that will be challenging to explain in a written language. We as the “Soul Personality” have the ability to experience a consciousness that can decipher its connection to “All as One”, and yet have unique individual essence that experiences itself as separate. So as “ All is God” that exists in One body, simultaneously there exists various personalities of God of which there is a divine order and structure of each individual essence purpose for the greater collective body of God. These various “Spirit Hierarchies” is the nature of what we will be exploring. Further I want to offer you tools to work with, co-create and get assistance and healing when you need it most, which is right now!  There is no need to suffer through your expansion into the Ascension. You have a spirit family ready to love, support and help you every step of the way.

This is the information I want to share with you from my findings and requests to the Spiritual Hierarchy to assist our healing evolution as smoothly as possible. My Ascension path is intense as I have opted to be a facilitator of this process so others may have an easier time in their evolution. I continually research, study, channel and experience everything I can get my hands on. I wanted to have a comprehension of what was happening to me so that I could explain it to others. Truly I do not want anyone to feel the sense of isolation or fear without the support or knowledge being available to them. Having some instruction and knowing how to feel your spirit connection gives you such comfort and strength when facing your mysteries.


The first level of “Spirit” human support is our personal team of “Guides”. Why I mention it to be the “first level” of communication is that our guides are the closest in frequency and dimension to our physical form. This means they may be felt in our etheric level body and/or communicated within the astral plane dimension. Since these are within the 3rd-4th level frequency planes, they are easier to connect and communicate with for most all human beings. You do not need to be spiritual, evolved or have a special talent to communicate with your “Guide”. Absolutely ALL of us have them without exception and they are always available for you.

Guides may be any type of life form, sometimes they are passed on relatives, aspects of our soul personalities, Angelic Beings, Animals and E.T.’s.  I support everyone in utilizing guidance and finding comfort in communicating with their own personal guides.
Before we go on, I do place a warning, your guides will NEVER ask, demand or place fear in their responses to you! If any response or feeling does not feel natural, loving and acceptable to you then stop immediately. Anyone needing further help here please contact me.

Guide Protocols

First let’s get familiar with the general rules. There is a set of protocols known to all guides that were developed for use in the “Earth Grand Experiment.” Because our planet is located in a “free will” zone, guides are bound by protocols that are designed to honor and protect our free will. Guides may help you work on releasing patterns and blocks. As a result there are many things they can and cannot do.

  • Guides can give you advice but they cannot tell you what to do.
  • Guides can only give you information that you request.
  • Guides are allowed to withhold information when they feel it would in some way hinder your progress.
  • When asked for a specific outcome to an event, guides can give you the most probable outcome along with other possibilities. They cannot tell you which one will occur as that means that they would have to predetermine what choices would be made, thus violating your free will.
  • Guides cannot give you information on someone else without that person’s consent. They also cannot give information that is contrary to your belief systems without permission; this may require that you rescind any vows made about what you’re willing to receive/hear.

Contacting your Guides

Our Spirit Guides are entities – physical and non-physical – who have chosen to aid others on the path to spiritual enlightenment as we are about to Ascend. Most spirit guides have had incarnations on the physical Earth plane, as well as other realms. They, like yourself, may exist there multidimensionally at this time.

Spirit guides are often your polar opposite – the other part of your soul which remains on the other side in higher frequency as your soul experiences in third dimension. Spirit Guides may remain with you for a lifetime, or may may come and go depending on your needs and where they are needed.

As they exist in higher frequency – they are beings of light that may physically appear to you in humanoid form so you mind can conceptualize them better. They would generally appear as ectoplasmic forms – but some can manifest in a physical form. We all have spirit guides. Each guide generally comes in for a specific purpose in your life.

  • Restore you to balance
  • To help you with the spiritual mission we all feel
  • Healers
  • Help with your creative work
  • Show you past/parallel lives
  • Are deceased relatives or close friends who come to guide or for closure
  • Extraterrestrials who link you with another aspect of your soul experiencing in another reality

Some guides stay with you for your entire experience in your present body. Others stay for many years then leave. You can ask a spirit guide to leave if you so chose. You can ask to have another brought to help you evolve. Spirit guides ‘speak’ to you in many ways. Sometimes they are the little voice you hear in your head – your thoughts. Often times they speak to you in dream state, meditation, altered states of consciousness, through the synchronistic things that occur in your life, through, art, music, dance, or acting.

If they really want to make a point they will create a synchronicity in your life so you will sit up and take notice. Synchronicities, in general, are experiences created by your soul to bring you into greater awareness of what is occurring in your life. YOU or your spirit guide may create the synchronicity in a higher realm – then you manifest it in 3D. If you meet someone by accident – it is because your soul and theirs has made a decision to meet. There are no accidents.

Spirit guides travel interdimensionally. They meet with us at night when we sleep and remove our consciousness from 3D placing it in faster moving frequency – faster than the speed of light – which we call higher frequency. It is here that we work with our spirit guides and plan what we will do in the physical realms when we return to wakefulness – place our conscious mind back in our physical bodies – when we get up and experience the physical world.

Healing Tip

At bedtime, ask your Guide to escort you to a inner plane healing temple when you are sleeping. Request that you are rejuvenated and revitalized to awaken refreshed in the morning to meet your daily commitments.

Otherwise we will continue on exploring more of the “Spirit Hierarchy” in the coming weeks. Stay in the luminosity of your heart and soul path! We are here as ONE!

Blessings !

Lisa Renee

© 2005 Lisa Renee, http://www.EnergeticSynthesis.com



Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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