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BRICS & International Monetary Policy Changes

Formula RMB joins SDR Reserve Currency
We aim to increase awareness whilst freely sharing it with creative alternatives.
We listen to all, we question all, and we follow none.
We think for ourselves and request you think for yourself too.
“Following” is what most have been trained to do (follow authority, follow tradition, follow successful people,  follow religious teachings, and etc.), but you can make the conscious effort to explore different paths, to complete more research prior to accepting any conclusions.

Distinction: Conspiracies and Criminal Conspiracies?
Fine, research and investigate it; if it is false then dismiss it. Most crimes are conspiracies and all policies are by definition a conspiracy, thus, not all conspiracies are destructive or criminal.

What we have found is that there are many wealthy (individuals with 100s of thousands of dollars, and some with millions ready to invest at a moments notice), and of course there are those career professionals that are institutional investors that are employed and required to invest billions (SWF) of Dollars, or Yuan, or Euros, or some other national currency. Those capital flows are manipulations on the markets…
But, what we wish to point to are some wealthy individuals consider themselves to be “good” men and women.
They are aware of the rigged system and want to help change it. Some of them are part of the alternative, or independent media, and some of them you know and will find quoted here on this blog site.

Unfortunately they have accepted the belief that “sound money”, and sound policies will develop from the return of precious metals backing currencies, they call this (Gold bullion) “sound money”. They look forward to this transition and they are actively pursuing and supporting that objective. They also see investment potentials and opportunities in the East and the BRICS. They may also be assisting financial centers in Singapore, Hong Kong, or elsewhere in the belief they are assisting the transition to monetary reform and a better world…

Gold and silver was once used to back currencies; you know his-story…
However, many forget that slavery, debt bondage, wars, price manipulation, dirty politics, and the other abuses that we are experiencing today were present in that era when precious metals (Gold & Silver) backed currencies as well.

U.S. Gov Running Protection Racket For Banksters

Have you heard, former bank examiner, Carmen Segarra’s recordings?

Download this link or listen to the recording above.
The audio evidence, that what was suspected is factual: Goldman Sachs’ crimes covered up by regulators. In my words as I have stated repeatedly, the criminal monetary system is a protection racket for a ponzi scheme. Some people may want to believe that some nations are exiting the U.S. Dollar because they are “good” guys and women, however the more likely explanation is that they are preparing for the transfer of leadership of the criminal syndicate (from West to East). The system will have a collapse or an emergency, afterwards some debts will be forgiven, some debt may be deferred, and the reform monetary system will come online with international agreements among nations for a “reset” and another 100 year run of a fraudulent, debt based system. A escalation of military World War could be used, but actually is already taking place primarily in the form of currency and trade…

But, many people are not okay with that repeating cycle, and the dangerous food, water, land, air, outer-space controls being enacted by powerful institutions that will place future generations in permanent debt slavery…

“Hong Kong Risks Losing Its Role As A Financial Capital,” Deutsche Bank Chief Economist Warns

And What about the Hong Kong Protests?

All Regions On Earth, Includes All Nations

Our wish is for the arrival of a critical mass of awareness and action that individuals take to stop supporting the fractional reserve banking international monetary system, their national currencies, and their wars.
Do Not Consent and Do Not Support the Beast.

What ever emergency plans they try to implement by force with fines and imprisonment must be challenged and rejected.
The marathon race has been ongoing and the institutions’ hope is that they can implement their false flag ops to terrorize the People with justifications to implement emergency powers to kill and imprison opponents to their policies.
BRICS, in this regard, are being too slow for some perhaps?
If BRICS is the new system they have a lot yet to accomplish…

I can imagine the money masters (Globalists) yelling “Hurry up!”
We will force them along quicker, threaten sanctions on Russian oligarchs, threaten war in Ukraine, bomb Syria, “can’t the nations see America is insane” – you best hurry with the BRICS policies and stop dragging your feet! [G20 summit, BRICS summit …]

Remember our discussions about manipulation skills using “Framing”, “Shaping”, and other tools in the conditioning paradigm by institutions.
Popular secession movements are increasing along with social unrest and calls to empower local communities to respond to local needs rather  than follow the policy dictates coming from far away centers of power

Russia’s largest bank executives put relentless: 2-3 years to abandon the U.S. dollar

“Russia also discussed the establishment of an alternative SWIFT system, ‘We have approved this proposal. China UnionPay has not yet been prepared to cooperate fully with the establishment of the Russian national payment system, would provide all the infrastructure cooperation.” –
Recall this Russian June 20, 2014 report:
Russia has developed its own microchip for the national payment card which is hoped will provide better information security.
Russia is ready to replace the technology used in foreign payment systems – Visa and MasterCard – with a chip created for Sberbank’s Universal Electronic Card (UEC), Kommersant reports.

The chip was developed by Payment Technologies, a company owned by Igor Godowsky, who has been developing Russia’s first payment systems the STB Card since 1994.

Shortly before the announcement Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said it was necessary to use Russian technology in the national payment system, which will counter security issues and provide data protection.

The EUC, however, isn’t ready to start mass production of the cards with the chip, experts told Kommersant. –
The Russian Central Bank has decided to create a national payment card system – a

competitor to Visa and MasterCard – from scratch, without using existing structures. The new system should start working in 2015 and the first cards with the emblems will be issued in a year and a half. According to a Central Bank press office announcement on July 29, the national payment card system will be based on its own platform. “The decision is final: The technological foundation will be its own, however, developments made in Russia and abroad will be taken into consideration,” Vice President of the State Duma’s Financial Market Committee Anatoly Aksakov told the Itar-Tass news agency. –

Reports also say 67% of Russian investors prepared to invest in BRICS markets. Our best guess is that is SWFs and other institutional investments directing capital flow. The financial centers in Asia are key barometers!




Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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9 comments on “Help Us Assemble More Puzzle Pieces
  1. n3angus says:

    Red Alert!
    Just got off the phone with Stew Webb of VeteransToday and we need your help. VT has just been briefed that we have Generals that have gone Rogue and began bombing Syrian Army instead of ISIS! This will start WW3 if not exposed and stopped NOW! Please copy the text below to your Facebook walls and share to ALL groups NOW! VT is giving a briefing of what they learned at 1pm EST less than 30 minutes from now! Need all your help getting out the word! Please post to all walls on Facebook and groups and tell everybody they need to listen to the show! Instructions for listening to the show are in this article. If we all get out the truth about Syria we have a chance to stop this madness! Will you help?
    Here’s the post to make to all Facebook walls and groups! Just copy and paste it!
    BREAKING: World War 3 Over Syria at Hand! Generals Gone Rogue – Bombing Syrian Soldiers and Infrastructure Instead of ISIS as Commanded! VT Intel Briefing at 1pm EST See how to listen to show here – Show will be archived at and and


  2. RonMamita says:

    Bank of China (Hong Kong) partners with UnionPay International to pioneer the RMB Settlement Service of UnionPay Card for Hong Kong Merchants

    04 Dec 2013 Via:

    Bank of China (Hong Kong) ( “BOCHK” ) and UnionPay International today jointly announced to pioneer the RMB settlement service of UnionPay Card for merchants in Hong Kong. In addition to providing RMB settlement service for the merchants accepting payments made by UnionPay cards, this initiative will further promote the development of cross-border settlement in RMB and enhance the competitive advantages for Hong Kong merchants.

    The launch ceremony was officiated by Mr Niu Xiaomin, Deputy President of the People’s Bank of China ( “PBOC” ) Guangzhou Branch; Mr Esmond Lee, Executive Director (Financial Infrastructure) of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority; Mr Cai Jianbo, CEO of UnionPay International; Mr Jason Yeung, Deputy Chief Executive of BOCHK; and Mr Dickson So, General Manager of BOC Credit Card (International) Limited ( “BOC Credit Card” ).

    BOC Credit Card is the acquirer of the RMB settlement service of UnionPay Card for merchants in Hong Kong. Sa Sa International Holdings Ltd, Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Co. Ltd, Sogo Hong Kong Co. Ltd, Oriental Watch Group and Yue Hwa Chinese Products Emporium Ltd are among the first batch of participating merchants of the service. They will be able to settle their HKD transactions in HKD or RMB conveniently to save the time required for conversion at banks.

    During his address at the ceremony, Mr Cai Jianbo, CEO of UnionPay International, said, “The RMB settlement service launched by UnionPay International and BOCHK for Hong Kong merchants has opened up a direct channel for acquiring the currency and thus reduces exchange losses. As a result, merchants would be more willing to accept the UnionPay RMB Card, providing better services for the cardholders who wish to acquire and use RMB. Moreover, this new business, which involves circulation and settlement of RMB as the single currency with the UnionPay Card, facilitates the internationalisation of RMB. It also helps expand Hong Kong’s RMB capital pool and promote the development of the offshore RMB business. Through its new offering, UnionPay International will continue to further support Hong Kong acquirers in innovating RMB services, presenting more opportunities to local merchants who accept the UnionPay cards.”

    Mr Jason Yeung, Deputy Chief Executive of BOCHK, said, “BOCHK takes great pleasure in joining hands with UnionPay International to pioneer the RMB settlement service of UnionPay Card for merchants in Hong Kong. In line with the Circular concerning the Simplification of Cross-border RMB Procedures and Improvement of Relevant Policies issued by PBOC in July this year, this initiative will promote the use of RMB by banks, financial institutions and corporations as well as further enhance the efficiency of RMB cross-border settlement. The service will help strengthen the competitiveness of Hong Kong as an offshore RMB business centre and boost growth in cross-border flow of visitors, commodities and capital given the increasingly closer economic ties between Hong Kong and the Mainland.”

    UnionPay International possesses comprehensive service capability in the international credit card market while BOCHK enjoys unique competitive edges in the offshore RMB business. By combining the strengths of both strong franchises, this innovative service helps meet the growing needs for cross-border settlement in RMB. Over 11 million UnionPay cards have been issued by card issuance institutions in Hong Kong, including BOC Credit Card.

    As the market leader in the RMB business in Hong Kong, the BOCHK Group has the most extensive service networks, a diversified range of RMB products and services, a proven track record of cross-border trade and settlement, as well as a strong professional team with sound knowledge of the financial policies and regulations of both Hong Kong and the Mainland markets. Capitalising on its close collaboration with its parent, Bank of China, the BOCHK Group provides quality and professional RMB services to its customers.

    For more details on the RMB settlement service of UnionPay Card provided by BOC Credit Card for Hong Kong merchants, please call its Merchant Business Development Hotline at (852) 2853 8702.

    – End –

    About Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited

    Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited ( “BOCHK” ), established on 1 October 2001, is a leading listed commercial banking group in Hong Kong. With over 260 branches, more than 580 ATMs and other distribution channels in Hong Kong, BOCHK and its subsidiaries offer a comprehensive range of financial products and services to individual and corporate customers. BOCHK is one of the three note issuing banks in Hong Kong. In addition, the BOCHK Group (comprising BOCHK, Nanyang Commercial Bank and Chiyu Banking Corporation) and its subsidiaries have 41 branches and sub-branches in the Mainland of China to provide cross-border banking services to customers in Hong Kong and the Mainland. BOCHK is appointed by the People’s Bank of China as the Clearing Bank for Renminbi business in Hong Kong. On 13 July 2010, BOCHK was authorised as the Clearing Bank of RMB banknotes business for the Taiwan region.

    BOC Hong Kong (Holdings) Limited, BOCHK’s holding company, began trading on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong on 25 July 2002, with stock code “2388” , ADR OTC Symbol “BHKLY”.

    About BOC Credit Card (International) Limited

    BOC Credit Card (International) Limited ( “BOC Credit Card” ) was established in 1980 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BOCHK. All credit cards issued by BOC Credit Card are collectively called BOC Credit Cards. BOC Credit Card has issued various international credit cards and revolving loan cards, and is now the card issuing and acquiring processing centre for BOCHK and its subsidiary banks (Nanyang Commercial Bank and Chiyu Banking Corporation), as well as other institutions and organisations. BOC Credit Card plays an important role in the credit card business in the Mainland of China, Hong Kong and Macau.

    BOC Credit Card provides a wide variety of products to serve different market needs. Its product family includes the Visa Infinite, Visa and MasterCard Platinum Card, Titanium Card, Gold Card, Classic Card, Business/Corporate Card, Purchasing Card, Co-branded Card (with over 20 co-branding corporations and organisations), Intown Virtual Credit Card, BOC CUP Dual Currency Credit Card and BOC Express Cash Card. It also took the lead in launching the UnionPay Card Payment Service in Hong Kong in January 2004.

    About UnionPay International

    UnionPay International is a subsidiary focusing on international business of UnionPay. Unionpay International defines Membership Scheme to be the basis for development of the worldwide UnionPay Card acceptance network; promotes the international issuance and usage of the UnionPay Card as well as other innovative payment solutions and enhance the international brand position of UnionPay. By cooperation with over 200 associations worldwide, the UnionPay international network has enabled the UnionPay Card acceptance in over 140 countries and regions to date. UnionPay cards have been issued in above 30 countries and regions. UnionPay International provides quality, efficient and secure cross-border payment services to the world’s largest cardholders group; and provides convenient and localized service to the increasing overseas UnionPay cardholders.


  3. RonMamita says:

    Asian Exchanges may tip us to the next collapse

    Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea…
    [audio src="" /]


  4. RonMamita says:

    Remember LIBOR

    Through all of my experience, what I never contemplated was that there were bankers who would purposely misrepresent facts to banking authorities
    Alan Greenspan, former US Federal Reserve chairman

    Paul White, who joined Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) in 1984, was one of the employees responsible for the firm’s submissions to the London interbank offered rate, or Libor, the global benchmark for more than US$300 trillion of contracts, from mortgages and student loans to interest-rate swaps.

    Behind him sat Neil Danziger, a derivatives trader at the bank since 2002. On the morning of March 27, 2008, Tan Chi Min, Danziger’s boss in Tokyo, told him to make sure the next day’s submission in yen would increase.

    “We need to bump it way up high, highest among all if possible,” Tan, known by colleagues as “Jimmy,” wrote in an instant message to Danziger, according to a transcript made public by a Singapore court and reviewed by Bloomberg before being sealed by a judge at RBS’s request.

    The trader typically would have swiveled in his chair, tapped White on the shoulder and relayed the request, people who worked on the trading floor said. Instead, as White was away that day, Danziger input the rate himself.

    The next morning RBS said it paid 0.97 per cent to borrow in yen for three months, up from 0.94 per cent the previous day. – Bloomberg reported March 2013

    When a bank can benefit financially from doing the wrong thing, it generally will. The extent of the Libor manipulation was eye-popping
    Sheila Bair, a former acting chairman of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission and former chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp

    It has to be the biggest financial fraud of all time. Libor is the basis for calculating practically every derivative known to man
    Adrian Blundell-Wignall, special adviser to the secretary general of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development


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