The Economic Collapse and A Rushed Staged Performance

I am convinced we are experiencing a staged performance in a managed or mismanaged economic crisis and monetary policy reform.
Researching the results of recent wars that continue today with drones killing people we discover that some fatalities involved drug lords (were they rivals to the institution’s drug industry?), overthrow of governments such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Ukraine have benefited some geopolitical interests…

It is not a Accident, it is Policy

Over the years the evidence reveals that the economy can be and has been manipulated beyond the conventional economic models, models that does not take into account the elements of fraud, coercion, extortion, espionage and other elements of institutional crime. With the supercomputing algorithms, Trillion dollar investors (SWF) and other market manipulations it is no longer possible for an individual to predict when the economy will collapse (without insider information or a sophisticated A.I. computer), we note that for many decades the collapse has been forecasted with many failures or near misses. For examples:

  • Nixon ended “Bretton Woods” as the U.S. Dollar went off the gold standard, many forecasted a collapse…
  • Y2K” computer crisis, many forecasted a collapse (the recession did happen, and some of us question if a recovery ever happened)…
  • Many saw the danger signs of Mortgage backed securities and the liar loans mortgage crisis, while Chairman Bernanke, and Vice-chair Yellen both lied on camera about a healthy real estate market, again the recession did happen but without the full collapse some had predicted…
  • Currently many expert economists admit to befuddlement as to why the collapse has not happened, and they list more reasons why it should collapse, such as the major banks bailouts, the trillions of dollars the central banks are creating (Q.E.), and the vast additional hundreds of trillions in the “shadow banking” derivatives….

Again, “It is not a Accident, it is Policy“.
A different economic model is needed.
1financial terrorism
Some People are speculating that the coordinated dismantling of the center of power away from the United States, Western hegemonic empire, to the China Eurasian sphere of influence.
My research finds agreement that the U.S. Dollar as the world’s major reserve currency is being deliberately dismantled by the bankers as they implement the transaction centers to freely exchange China’s RMB currency. We are closely watching the IMF and financial centers for additional signs that China’s status has ascended to meet the 2010 policy reforms.
If some disaster befalls the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, or JP Morgan Chase or a major pillar in the U.S. financial sector, some may be inclined to imagine it an accident or terror attack, however we would look at the possibility of a false flag operation or covert operation to reduce the influence of the U.S. dollar and thus furthering the need for other currencies to be received as rescue aid, or development.
Imagine if SWIFT computers malfunctioned, or the bank of England’s computers, or the Federal reserves’ computers failed…
Remember the strange “glitch” that stopped transactions and prompted the apologies from the Bank of England? See: Bank of England’s real time payment system is down
I am convinced a lot was learned from that event, such as how much of the global financial industry was affected, what is directly linked and how other financial centers responded, in other words a effective plan of attack that brings the desired results could be formulated for a managed crisis in the future…
How conveniently, coincidental a alternative system is due to be operational soon via Russia, China and the BRICS.
Speaking of strange computer glitches, there are too many to list but all the major market exchanges had glitches in recent years, and the number of banks reporting problems have alarming spikes in recent years, and we note the governments press releases that stress the importance of cyber attacks and cyber warfare, that have me suspecting financial computers will be a major component in the next financial crisis, or state of national emergency.


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5 comments on “The Economic Collapse and A Rushed Staged Performance
  1. RonMamita says:


    Hollywood Reporter
    A regular reader here, Mr. S.D., sent me this article, and it’s one of those pieces that if one doesn’t really think about it a bit, and read a bit “between the lines,” might be dismissed as not all that important. But I think it is a tremendously important piece for what 2015 might herald. Here’s the article:

    Former Director of BBC World Service: U.K. and U.S. “Outgunned” by Russia, China in Info War

    Here, in essence, is the problem, at least as far as the former BBC World Service director, Mr. Peter Horrocks, is willing to state it:

    “Peter Horrocks says Russian and Chinese state-owned news channels are financially outgunning the foreign language international service of Britain’s public newscaster.

    “Horrocks argues that British government ministers should free up extra money for the World Service to combat Moscow-backed propaganda from the Kremlin’s English and foreign language service RT, according to a report in The Guardian.”

    And a little later, again the same focus on “we need more money”:

    “‘We are being financially outgunned by Russia and the Chinese, but there’s no way we’re being outgunned on the results [a global audience]. The role we need to play is an even-handed one. We shouldn’t be pro one side or the other; we need to provide something people can trust,’ Horrocks said.”

    The short article goes on to cite the cases of two western journalists who had “worked for RT” and then resigned:

    “RT, formerly Russia Today — the Kremlin’s well-funded foreign-language satellite channel — is expanding across the world. It recently announced the opening of a dedicated London bureau and is recruiting British journalists who can expect average monthly take-home pay of £4,300 ($6,720), according to Sarah Firth, the British reporter for RT who resigned in July disgusted with slanted coverage of the downing of Malaysian Flight MH17 in a suspected rocket attack over Ukraine. Firth said she was sick of being used as a propaganda tool for Putin.

    “American anchor Liz Wahl, whose on-air resignation as Russia Today’s Washington correspondent in March is now a YouTube hit, says RT understands it cannot reach the audiences of CNN or Fox News, but channel chiefs focus on “getting the message out.”

    “‘Stories must conform to a basic principle: Make the U.S. and the West look bad. In doing so, you make Russia look better by comparison,’ she said.”

    So what are we really looking at?

    Here comes my high octane speculation (and an equally high octane prediction): first, I’ve long suspected that the cases of the RT resignations were a little “too convenient”, and have entertained the idea that perhaps a scenario was concocted to make RT look bad. Everyone knows that RT is a propaganda organ, just as SeeBS or Faux News or Deutsche Welle or the BBC itself are propaganda organs. The real problem, if one reads a bit between the lines of Mr. Horrocks’ complaint, is that the West is losing the propaganda war, at least among a more intelligent audience. And the Ukrainian fiasco was a crucial catalyst in speeding up the increasing cynicism and loss of trust in the West against the political and media elites: there is no easy way to “spin” the fact that a legitimate government was simply overthrown by a series of well-executed covert ops that installed what for all intentions and purposes is an even more corrupt government in Kiev, with very murky links to Fascist groups.

    Enter RT. If you’ve ever watched RT over a prolonged period of time, two things will become evident (1) it is self-evidently a propaganda organ, but a very good one. Contrast it to the fanfare–blaring ham-fisted broadcasts from Radio Moscow of the Cold War and you’ll get the idea of just how good it really is. Looked at a certain way, one could say that the Western media propaganda outlets, Deutsche Welle, The BBC, Radio Liberty, even (for those who can remember it), Radio Free Europe, didn’t have to work all that hard nor be all that sophisticated in their presentations because Soviet propaganda at the time was so bad. In short, the Cold War made western propaganda sloppy and, over time, ineffectual, since they didn’t have any real competition. (2) What makes RT so effective is that it does cover genuine news, often news ignored in the West, and does so with an aim to challenge the inherent systemic contradictions and hypocrisies in western policies and institutions.

    And that’s the rub, because those contradictions and hypocrisies are not going to go away, and hence, must be spun to the West’s own audience. Mr. Horrocks, in this reading, is admitting, in other words, that the Western is losing its own people. The problem isn’t therefore, a lack of money; the problem is that the western elite’s playbook is old, well-known, and exposed, and they can’t come up with anything genuinely new. The problem is simply declining faith in the responsiveness of Western elites and governments to their own people, and the declining trust that this has engendered, and RT carefully and deliberately speaks to that growing audience.

    And that’s why they need more money: they intend, as the article notes, to go toe-to-toe with Russia (and China), and specifically over the Ukraine issue, but they also need more money because their propaganda has to become much more sophisticated. They intend, beginning in 2015(here comes the prediction) to greatly intensify the propaganda wars against Russia and China. If they’ve been paying attention to RT and its growth(and they obviously have), one of the things they will do (here comes another prediction), is to restore trust in their media outlets by the admission, here and there, of the hypocrisies of western policies and institutions, while targeting their geopolitical agenda. They will of course, do nothing whatsoever to address and rectify those systemic problems in any meaningful or substantive way. So long as banksters aren’t jailed, LIBOR rates continue to be fixed, derivatives of derivatives are traded, mortgage fraud is countenanced, military-industrial complexes are lavishly funded, covert operations and “regime change” to be the order of the day, then RT is going to have a field day, and the BBC is going to spend a lot of money for essentially nothing. But make no mistake, the propaganda wars are going to intensify, because both parties to it know the value of the individual human mind.


  2. RonMamita says:

    The Ponzi Economy Needs A Make-Over

    A new public face headquarters, a new public name, a multipolar monetary policy?
    Committee of 300 aka The Olympians
    The Vatican (Rome)
    And other secret organizations…

    NOTE: the anglo members on the boards of MAJOR Russian & Chinese Banks and Industrials.
    Consider these possibilities:
    > With most of your currency in electronic form at a Basel III-compliant bank (implemented to supposedly stop financial fraud), they can track and control it.

    > With RFID chips embedded in your cash and coins (implemented to supposedly stop counterfeiting), it all becomes trackable and controllable.

    > With RFID chips embedded in your consumer products (implemented to supposedly stop shoplifting), they all become trackable and controllable.

    So this is how it will go down (if they are able to pull it off)…

    > They will collapse the old system.

    > They will launch the new system by handing out lots of money so people will gleefully accept it. (At this initial stage, they’ll probably block financial access to very few people, such as those trying to buy weapons.)

    > Once everyone is dependent on the new system, they will start blocking money from more and more people for more and more reasons until all who remain are locked into a very small box of “elite”-approved behavior.


  3. RonMamita says:

    About Face Or Nuanced Policy?

    Wasn’t the U.S., E.U. opponents of Russia? But surprise, now Germany want security with Russia?

    BERLIN, December 31. /TASS/. The European Union seeks “to establish a system of security in Europe jointly with Russia” that will not be directed against the Russian Federation, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a New Year address recorded for the German television.

    Merkel also said “Europe will not allow Russia to disregard international law in the context of the Ukrainian crisis.” -Read More:


  4. RonMamita says:

    Descent Into Tyranny

    Exposes the New World Order’s global control system.


  5. RonMamita says:

    Institutional Investors: Dark Pool & HFT

    Jan 22, 2015
    Joseph talks about the establishment of the first private “dark pool” for high frequency trading, bypassing the middlemen, and his high octane speculation on their reasons for doing so.


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