Puzzle Pieces: Monetary Reset Plan

1financial terrorism
Below are a few puzzle pieces assembled for discussing the global “reset” being implemented by the globalists.
We must question everything, as there is betrayal of trust with a high probability of infighting, and a crumbling central banking system.
Consider Argentina, Ukraine, Libya, Middle-East, and various international emergencies…

As false flag ops (Ebola, cyber attack, wars, martial law), and other declarations of national emergencies loom over the People on Earth, we ask for your helpful research and comments to amplify the global dialogue to save the People on Earth.
One reminder, we do not support predicting dates for future events, because by definition events are event driven and thus can defy schedules.
We are grateful that you are here. ~Ron
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Puzzle Pieces: International Monetary “RESET”

Christine Lagarde – Commercial Banking atty & agent 3 stages for the reset:

1. Confirmed, consolidation (globalization) bigger “Too Big To Fail” corporations with government policies and regulatory agencies to support that model (FDIC, SEC, Treasury, FRS, etc.)…
They recently completed a “war room” simulation with UK, U.S. practicing how to respond during the coming collapse
2. She said this is “unconventional” and is going on now, “Economies around the world” must move to another monetary policy (currency valuations): See Lindsey Williams’ secret sources info. below.

3. “Structural reforms” for 2014: “Final reset”
These 3 points of the “reset” are mentioned in several different presentations for the year 2014 by Christine Lagarde, below is only one recording as evidence that she said it.

Lindsey Williams – Chaplain & Hidden sources “mouthpiece” comments suggest:

1. Globalist’s central banks and Trade agreements (TTIP, and others) has a role that assists in the revaluation of the national currencies.
He calls the event a “Global Currency Reset”.
This plan will bring about the U.S. Dollar losing it’s reserve currency role; causing the U.S. gov to raid pension funds for the government debt (to buy T-Bills, Treasury notes and bonds).
Steal pension funds!

2. His scenario is some foreign central banks will no longer purchase the U.S. Debt (T-Bills, notes and bonds), countries such as China, Russia, Saudi Arabia…
That is the excuse they will use to confiscate the pensions.

3. He does not think they are ready for a devaluation of the U.S. dollar, possibly sometime after the national currencies have been re-valued because they don’t want the banks to close with “bank holidays” just yet…
He says the “RESET” is a revaluation first before a collapse and a devaluation is only likely after currencies are revalued.
His currency reset time frame seems to have been wrong, however still in play before 2015.
He also claimed there were 204 (magic 7 number) countries that agreed to the currency revaluation policy. The IMF will keep their currencies within 5% differential of each other.

RMB China’s currency – the agreements protected with BRICS

1. several international financial centers (some in Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa) have implemented clearing transaction services, global network computers, etc…

2. China & Russia agreed to expand a independent (SWIFT clone) transaction service, and independent credit rating agency (Standard & Poor’s’ like, or Moody’s clone).

3. China has expedited the opening and operations of their Shanghai gold (PM) exchange. Interestingly, Singapore also launches a gold exchange. (*S’pore is suspected to be a Israel controlled puppet-State, research their military funding and SWF.)
New policy has international currencies within 5% range of each other, a controlled relationship to each other.
Formula RMB joins SDR Reserve Currency
I have viewed IMF documents that formulate the inclusion of China’s currency and thus changing the ratios of the IMF’s current basket of currencies with gold.

Has Argentina, China, and Russia (others as well, but the Lindsey rumours are that “204 countries” have already) agreed or is it all a staged show to reach their goal even as opposition grows?
*We must watch out for those fakes, “Lip service”, phony appearances of agreements, and not only those false flags…
Obviously, national security/emergencies for War & Martial Law are effective tools to accomplish plans when opposition persists.

I counted 193 member-states of the United Nations as of Oct 2014 from the UN’s webpage: http://www.un.org/en/members/
Lindsey Williams’ comments interests me because 11 more countries would be required to be in agreement than there are nation members of the United Nations.
Careful consideration of his comments, if factual, implies some countries are not members of the U.N., this also raises the questions of which countries are not members, and a second question is could some member nations not be in agreement?

I have not done the exhaustive research for the exact number of countries on Earth, however my preliminary research reveals 196 or 204 {204 Olympic Nations, 209 FIFA nations, and 249 Country Codes in ISO 3166-1. Yes, I once was a sports fan before my permanent TV-Boycott} countries on Earth.
Does this indicate that Lindsey was misinformed, or are there more countries we do not know about (more sovereign states away from public scrutiny)?

What started my inquiry, after 9/11, was the “follow the money” criminal conspiracy research. The discovery of evidence that the global Matrix is a institutional control system with a global ponzi economy.
A fraudulent system.

SWFs are multi-billion dollar state funds (investors), and they are what really influences the economies. Perhaps there are 204 SWFs (not countries)?
Those investors, in agreement with the globalists could very well be the important entities.
The important Axiom: “Follow The Money“.

Thorny issue of counting countries: There are countries that are not U.N. members…

Vatican City is not a member for ecclesiastical reasons, and yet amazingly was granted full observer status.
Kosovo has recognition from 69 of the 192 members of the UN, but it is believed that Russia would prevent its application to the UN.
The Republic of China (aka Taiwan), is excluded because China will not allow its acceptance by the U.N. Security Council where it holds a permanent veto privileged.
Taiwan’s 23 million citizens are not represented based on the question of its sovereignty. Mainland China maintains that Taiwan is a part of China.
South Sudan, and Crimea, as it has only recently declared independence and therefore has not had the time to process an application to the U.N.
Palestine is also processing an application.




Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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6 comments on “Puzzle Pieces: Monetary Reset Plan
  1. RonMamita says:

    Ben Fulford

    13 Oct 2014
    Do top Western leaders work for hostile aliens or are they just evil?

    What passes as the leadership of the Western world, especially the United States, is acting in such a stupid and downright evil manner that we have to ask the question of who they really work for. As this article is being written, the secret government of the West is continuing to spread bio-weapons, yet again threatening nuclear terror, trying to start World War 3 in the Middle East or Europe and otherwise behaving like a bunch of psychopaths.

    Then there is what appears to be some sort of secret weather warfare going on. As this story goes to press, supposed super typhoon Vongfong


    is directly over Tokyo and yet it is hardly even raining and there is no wind. A look at the Japanese infrared and visual weather satellite photographs of this typhoon over the past 48 hours show some very unnatural goings on. On the one hand the typhoon seems to be hit with pockets of cold dry air, causing it to break up, then, there are unnatural pulses of ultra-hot plasma appearing in the infrared photographs causing the storm to gather strength. In the end, though, whatever forces were turning the super-typhoon into ordinary rain clouds have prevailed and Tokyo is just fine.


    Whoever or whatever was responsible for these goings on were clearly not connected with our visible governments. Nor do we appear to be dealing with normal weather patterns. Certainly the forecasters have been dead wrong for all the recent typhoons despite a very good historical track record.

    It is also clear from other goings on that the official governments of the world have little real power or clue to what is really going on. This was shown at the G20 finance ministers meeting held last week in Australia. The representatives of a group of countries that account for 85% of world GDP called for $1 trillion a year in infrastructure funding


    but apparently did not have the authority to make such funding available. Neither does the IMF, the supposed pinnacle of the world financial system. It has been reduced to begging.


    These same G20 leaders called for money to “fight ebola,” being apparently unaware that it was being spread artificially by their own secret leadership.


    The question we are forced to ask is exactly who, or what, sits above the G20 governments that are publicly in power. The answer is both well-known and yet at the same time mysterious. […]


  2. RonMamita says:

    Exposing The Psychopathic Control Grid

    Inverting the Federal Reserve Pyramid
    [audio src="http://www.corbettreport.com/mp3/2014-10-09%20WAC%20Fresno.mp3" /]
    We all know the bad news: the Federal Reserve Act was passed by Congress in 1913 as the capstone to the banksters’ financial pyramid. Now fewer and fewer cronies own a greater and greater share of the economic pie. But here’s the good news: we are the ones holding that pyramid up, and we can start removing ourselves from the base of this structure. Join James Corbett and We Are Change Fresno for this in-depth conversation on “Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve” http://www.corbettreport.com/federalreserve/
    on WAC Fresno Radio https://www.youtube.com/user/WeAreChangeFresno76

    Posted 16 Aug 2014

    Vinny Eastwood, Thomas Sheridan, James Corbett and Jay Weidner engaging in an awesome roundtable discussion on Psychopathy on The Vinny Eastwood Show.

    Thomas Sheridan’s website: http://thomassheridanarts.com/

    James Corbett’s website: http://www.corbettreport.com/

    Jay Weidner’s website’s: http://www.jayweidner.com/

    Vinny Eastwood’s website’s: http://www.realguerillamedia.com/


  3. RonMamita says:

    Opening salvoes in Libya’s $1 billion Goldman Sachs suit

    Each month James is joined by David Smith of the Geneva Business Insider to discuss the latest breaking stories in politics, finance and society. This month they tackle: Libya’s sovereign wealth fund’s billion dollar lawsuit against Goldman Sachs; the many, many fraud cases and convictions against GlaxoSmithKline; and the latest DOJ show trials against the banksters.

    Opening salvoes in Libya’s $1 billion Goldman Sachs suit

    Libya’s Sovereign Fund and Goldman Sachs Clash in Court

    Dutch transport pension fund to sue Goldman Sachs

    The mystery of Gaddafi’s gold

    Libya’s loot: South African banks may hold $1B in gold, diamonds stolen by Qaddafi

    Saving the world economy from Gaddafi

    GlaxoSmithKline fined $490m by China for bribery

    GSK faces U.K. fraud investigation

    GlaxoSmithKline PLC (NYSE:GSK)

    Why GSK Has Been Immune To Ebola Gains

    Big Banks Face Another Round of U.S. Charges


    • RonMamita says:

      As simple a message as:
      the U.S. Dollar 70 year reign comes to an end.
      Magic 7
      The elite have prepared now they go operational…
      Install the Chinese RMB as a global reserve currency alongside the U.S. Dollar…
      A few managed international crises to justify enforcing the reforms…


  4. RonMamita says:

    Global Monetary Reset With China Leadership?

    Posted 13 Oct 2014


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