Is Mass Awakening, From The Matrix, A Positive Trend?

System FailureAuthorities & Officials
Facing the Truth and realizing manipulation, deception, and crime is the norm for “Trusted” institutions is the daunting task for “patriotic”, “educated”, “trained”, and indoctrinated citizens…
Some authorities and officials have lied and killed with impunity: Money Laundering Banks get fines & Bail outs/ins instead of prison sentences; Governments get overthrown; Assassinations and Planes Crashes have happened. Not much of a stretch to forecast more of that happening again. ~Ron

If the government will not even tell us the truth about jobs and inflation, how can we believe the government when it tells us, without supplying any evidence, that Russian tank columns have entered Ukraine? Americans need to come to terms with the fact that they live in The Matrix, a world composed of fake information designed to control thought and behavior. – PhD. Paul Craig Roberts

Video Posted 27 Aug 2014

Today’s Employment Report Is The Biggest Lie They’ve Told To Date

6 Feb 2015

“There’s no BS like the brown stuff tossed at us by the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics).
Not only do they want us to believe that the economy produced 257,000 jobs in January, during a time in which the energy sector – the largest source of jobs growth since 2009 – was cutting 10’s of thousands of workers, they revised November’s supposed 353k job gain up to 423k.
It was the second biggest monthly jobs increase this century.
Anyone believe that?” –Read More

Truth? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Truth — Paul Craig Roberts

In the previous posting, The Grand Manipulation, I again wrote about the false reality that government manipulation of information and control over explanations creates for Americans and others who have subordinated themselves to Washington.

Consider the “war on terror.” According to a Nobel economist and a Harvard University budget expert, Washington’s 14 years of war on terror has cost Americans a minimum of $6 trillion. That’s 6,000 billion dollars. This sum, together with the current PayRoll tax revenues is enough to keep Social Security and Medicare in the black for years to come. Without the vast sum wasted on the war on terror, Republicans would not have an excuse to be trying to cut Social Security and Medicare for budget reasons and to privatize the old age pensions and health care of people, thus turning Medicare and Social Security pensions into fee income for Wall Street. –Read More

The Grand Manipulation — Paul Craig Roberts

The government’s economic reporting has no credibility. In the face of depressed Christmas sales and the closure of retail chains such as Radio Shack, do you think retailers rushed out in January to hire 45,900 new retail employees?

In the face of declining restaurant traffic, do you think 34,600 new waitresses and bartenders were hired in January? –Read More


From Washington DC Glen Downs & Martin Armstrong Talk Politics & Economics

It seems someone is pulling the strings behind all of this… and I am not sure if the people who are putting in the Bills are even aware of whats going on…
It certainly does appear as if someone knows that we have a Major Financial Crisis coming on.
And they are just trying to grab every penny they possibly can from every possible source. -Martin Armstrong

1st, 2nd, and 3rd  segments are in order below (for unknown reasons the original recording was chopped into 3 segments:

PS: Deceptive statistics and Official Reports:


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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3 comments on “Is Mass Awakening, From The Matrix, A Positive Trend?
  1. RonMamita says:

    The HSBC Scandal – How NYC Protects the Bankers


    One of the most interesting aspects of my case was the astonishing claim by Republic/HSBC that $1 billion was missing and they had no possible idea of where it went. They used that statement to seize Princeton Economics and just accepted whatever the bank said as gospel. When I appeared at the debut of the film in Amsterdam, one of the three showings was for European bankers. When the moderator asked me about that statement I turned to the bankers and asked, was such a thing even possible? The audience laughed.

    There would be only one possible way that statement could be true – I would have had to robbed the bank breaking physically into its vault. Anything else would have required a withdrawal slip or a bank wire of which there was none, which in the end is why HSBC had to pay over $600 million in return for a non-prosecution agreement.

    All I knew is that when money showed up missing and I called the bank asking what happened to the funds. Bill Rogers, the President of that division, slipped and quickly responded – they probably put the notes back in the wrong account. I would keep all money in Fannie Maes precisely to prevent the bank from using the money in overnight markets. Fannie Maes were not AAA and as such they could not be posted in REPO. It seems they were perhaps selling the notes and not putting entries in the accounts to hide what was going on.

    Of course the mainstream press would NEVER report my allegations against the bankers. It was always a one-way reporting scheme. That is the problem in New York. As one lawyer put it best – “You don’t shit where you eat!” The corporate ownership of the press will never report the truth until there is no choice. That is why Snowden went to London knowing no US media organization would have ever published anything.

    There was one NY Reporter who called me, Isabella Ring. She asked me about this allegation in a very curious manner. She asked if the bank was using my account to launder money for the Russian Mafia and Columbia Drug Cartels…


    That surprised the hell out of me. I said I had no idea what they were doing with the money. I assumed they were parking bad trades in the accounts and then backing them out. The forensic accountant (fcl-accountant) said that more than 33% of the trades were errors. Where they parking trades in my accounts? Or where they laundering money through them? I have no idea. That interview was squashed and it NEVER appeared most likely by the corporate editors upstairs.


    All I know is the the US government protected HSBC all the way as did the NY establishment press. If I had been guilty, under the law, I was supposed to HELP the alleged victims. I did an interview with the Japanese press who reported what I said, unlike the NY press. I told the Japanese to file suit in the New York or they would never see a dime for the banks was trying the old rogue trader routine to pocket everything. The Japanese listened and filed against the bank in NYC.

    I then met with the lawyers for the Japanese and offered to help them against HSBC. Then the most UNBELIEVABLE thing happened. The government escorted HSBC into court to get a life-time GAG order on me to prevent me from assisting the Japanese who by law I supposed to help. That was just over the top.

    That GAG order remains in place today where I am not supposed to show any documents to them. When I filed in court in Washington, the government argued I was not even allowed to show any documents to the court it was that broad. I had to go back to court in NY to get permission to even show any document to the court in Washington.

    HSBC now admits, only after internal documents were stolen and given to the French Government, that they were dealing with all sorts of criminal operations. 60 Minutes has now aired this nationally today. It is worth the watch.

    And people have the guts to defend the banks and pretend they are Lilly white? When will the government just admit the banks lied to them? Probably NEVER. What my case illustrates is how NY protects the banks from the government to the press. Will that now start to change at last? Probably not. My bet, the NY press will give the worst possible review to the movie to stop as many people as possible from seeing it.

    All I can say is anyone who criticizes the movie is most likely on the payroll of the bankers. For them to even do such a movie, it required Error and Omission insurance. That meant, other teams of lawyers had to review the documents discussed and the facts to sign off for the insurance company that what was revealed in the movie was true and could be supported by documentary evidence in court. So anyone taking the other side after all of that has loyalties that obviously are questionable. When I was asked to teach economics in Britain at one of the top 10 universities, I asked were they aware of my case. They said yes. “It appears to have been stitched up.” Interesting how the entire world sees through it except those controlling the media in New York City. Guess the land of the free means the land to freely cover up for the highest bidder.


  2. RonMamita says:

    Andrew Perez, a researcher at Public Citizen, reports the alleged illegal activities of multi-national bank, HSBC, just years after it came to a record settlement for its money laundering schemes.

    EPISODE BREAKDOWN: On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin, discusses an announcement by the Croatian prime minister that the country will absolve the debt of the country’s 60,000 poorest citizens serving as a model for the US. Abby then discusses the White House’s new proposed budget and the record amount of military spending that takes away from vital domestic programs like education and renewable energy. Abby then talks to Andrew Perez, a researcher at Public Citizen, about a new report concerning the alleged illegal activities of multi-national bank, HSBC, just years after it came to a record settlement for its money laundering schemes. Abby then goes over a couple of police shooting stories from Denver, Colorado and questions why fatal force was necessary. BTS wraps up the show with an interview with Derrick Broze, writer for Liberty Beat, about the trial and conviction of Silk Road founder, Ross Ulbircht, and how this case could impact the internet.


  3. RonMamita says:

    The Con-Con Con Again

    Published on Feb 8, 2015
    The new Constitutional Convention push rears its ugly head again.
    Delegate Bob Marshall’s explanation:
    Bill Still’s paper on the Con-Con con:


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