The Bankers’ Wars, Political Puppets and Assassinations

The videos below are insightful, however I am not agreeing with the voting campaign promoted and my wish is to highlight the policy to shift power from West to East, bankers’ wars, bankers’ money laundering, political assassinations, color revolutions, bankers captured governments and certainly HSBC is a major member in the international banking cartel. The final message is sovereign People (not officials) must solve and remedy the current crisis.
But, first I enjoyed laughing at the money laundering banking parody.~Ron
Bankers' Opium wars

The Dirty Money Laundry at HSBC: A Parody

To the tune of “When I was a Lad” from HMS Pinafore, LPAC brings you the story of the now embattled HBSC Bank, the British Empire’s most prestigious and respected money laundering institution. By Bill Ferguson

Here at the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank
We serve the Queen and those of peerage rank,
Got billions of pounds, and opprobrium,
For the financing of Royal trade in opium.

For the financing of Royal trade in opium!

We finance all that traffic so carefullee,
That’s how we launder money at HSBC.

They finance all that traffic so carefullee,
That’s how they launder money at HSBC.

There is so much dope to buy and sell;
We’ve accounts of the Sinaloa drug cartel.
Some cash they got selling their cocaine
Obama got for his two thousand eight campaign!

Obama got for his two thousand eight campaign!

I guess that’s why we’ve always gotten off scott free,
With laundering their money at HSBC.

He’d guess that’s why they’ve always gotten off scott free,
With laundering their money at HSBC.

Convicting us, it seemed such a cinch,
But the DOJ sent Loretta Lynch,
She made our bargain so benevolent,
She got the nomination of the President.

She got the nomination of the President!

Deferring prosecution with a fine so wee,
So we can launder money at HSBC.

Deferring prosecution with a fine so wee,
So they can launder money at HSBC.

Bandar bin Sultan, of Arabia the Prince
To finance jihadis spares no expense,
As his Al-Yamama funding grew,
So Al-Qaeda did, and Islamic State too.

So Al-Qaeda did, and Islamic State too!

When assassins have their banking needs,
They can come launder money at HSBC.


When assassins have their banking needs,
They can come launder money at HSBC!

With Wall Street and with London crashing down,
As the raids, subpoenas, are circling around,
I am now looking forward to a prison cell;
If I’ve a soul, I fear that it will burn in Hell.

Had he a Soul, he fears that it will burn in Hell!

But p’rhaps while in Hell, I invited will be,
To tea, with Her Majesty, at HSBC!

But p’rhaps while in Hell, he invited will be,
To tea, with Her Majesty, at HSBC!

CIA LIES, Economic Collapse & The Banker’s WW3 — Harley Schlanger

Posted 4 Mar 2015
“Harley Schlanger the national spokesman for LarouchPAC joins me to discuss the very latest global news.
We begin with the assassination of Boris Nemtsov and who is likely behind it as the Western banking powers lead the world closer and closer to WW3.
Harley and I discuss the collapse of the EU and the fraud that is the Greece debt bomb. Harley reminds us of the need to stand by our principles here at home by impeaching Barack Obama for his litany of crimes against the US Constitution and we round out the discussion by exposing Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton for the Globalist frauds they are, and the absolute antithesis to everything Ron Paul stands for. Thanks for tuning in.”

Harley’s site:
Victoria Nuland Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, is widely recognized as the architect of the 2014 coup d'etat in Ukraine, as well as the sponsor of the neo-nazi organizations which led that coup.

LaRouche Says the Murder of Russian Opposition Leader Nemtsov “Smells Like Nuland”

Read more:
and PDF file:
Russia talks about Moscow Beijing high speed rail details and willingness to sell China 50% stakes in oil and gas fields
{Nemtsov’s murder, and U.S. led sanctions against Putin, are already producing the geopolitical opposite goals of the West publicly stated goals…
I smell deception to increase Eastern influence and development.
Consider how China-Russia with associations of BRICS and other international organizations are gaining momentum and agreements as countries jump ship from the U.S./UK hegemonic Anglosphere. ~Ron}
From West To East The Money & Power Will Go.


Want Worldwide PEACE and Prosperity. We are the solution we have been searching for... Free People on Earth will solve our crisis and create an era of Creativity. Be Aware; Be Creative; Be Active; Be Free; and then Share it. LOVE & Wholeness AMOR y Paz

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4 comments on “The Bankers’ Wars, Political Puppets and Assassinations
  1. RonMamita says:

    Paul Sandhu: Berlin and Paris look East

    Posted 5 Mar 2015
    As Empire Amerika declines rapidly in Economic might and international prestige, the Eastern dragon (China), and the bear (Russia) are rising rapidly to fill the gap.
    Is the New World Order rising organically or is it being done by design?
    What will be the consequences for the US and the world?

    The Next Empire

    Throughout history, political, financial, and military leaders have sought to create empires. Westerners often think of ancient Rome as the first empire. Later, other empires formed for a time. Spain became an empire, courtesy of its Armada, its conquest of the New World, and the gold and silver extracted from the West. Great Britain owned the 19th century but lost its empire due largely to costly wars. The US took over in the 20th century and, like Rome, rose as a republic, with minimal central control, but is now crumbling under its own governmental weight.

    Invariably, the last people to understand the collapse of an empire are those who live within it. As a British subject, I remember my younger years, when, even though the British Empire was well and truly over, many of my fellow Brits were still behaving in a pompous manner as though British “superiority” still existed. Not so, today. (You can only pretend for so long.)

    But this does suggest that those who live within the present empire—the US—will be the last to truly understand that the game is all but over. Americans seem to be hopeful that the dramatic decline is a temporary setback from which they will rebound.

    Not likely. Historically, once an empire has been shot from its perch, it’s replaced by a rising power—one that’s more productive and more forward thinking in every way. Yet the US is hanging on tenaciously, and like any dying empire, its leaders are becoming increasingly ruthless, both at home and abroad, hoping to keep up appearances.
    …Read More

    Berlin and Paris look East: How close are we to a Common Economic Space?
    Not only would any trade agreement between the EU and the EEU be the basis for the Common Economic Space, it would be the embryo for a broader Eurasian-wide trade zone that has the potential to include the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA), the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). A compartmentalized supranational bloc could emerge.

    From a Russian perspective, instead of prioritizing the TTIP with the US, it makes more sense for the EU to look at creating the framework for cooperation with the EEU. This sentiment has been reflected by Moscow’s ambassador to the EU, Vladimir Chizhov, who told the EU Observer in an interview published on January 2 that Moscow wanted to start contacts between the EU and EEU as soon as possible and that the EU sanctions on Russia should not prevent dialogue and contact between the two blocs. “We might think of a free trade zone encompassing all of the interested parties in Eurasia,” Ambassador Chizhov explained as he described the “Russia-led bloc as a better partner for the EU than the US” during the interview. As Chizhov rhetorically asks, the question that the EU needs to think over is thus: “Do you believe it is wise to spend so much political energy on a free trade zone with the USA while you have more natural partners at your side, closer to home?”
    Is the EU waking up?

    Ambassador Chizov’s question has not fallen on deaf ears. The same questions are being asked in various EU capitals. The leaders of EU powers are realizing that the US is instigating a conflict with the Russians that Washington wants them to fight and waste resources on that would weaken the EU and Moscow to Washington’s benefit. Smaller EU powers have been vocal about this while the larger ones have been slower in realizing it.

    Greece refused to fall in line when the EU released a statement blaming Russia for the eruption of the fighting in the East Ukrainian city of Mariupol on January 24, 2015. Athens refused to blame Moscow and complained that the EU acted undemocratically by not even following its own procedures by asking for the consent of all members before releasing a statement on behalf of the collective. Instead of confrontation with Russia, the Greek government wants closer ties with Moscow.

    President Putin’s February 2015 visit to Budapest ruffled feathers in the EU and US. Hungary has been vocal in its opposition to the EU sanctions against Russia.
    …Read More


  2. CrissCross says:

    Money, Money, Money…sweeter than Honey! 😉


  3. RonMamita says:

    Wealth Watchman: Inspiring Prepper & News Sharer

    As Geopolitical conflicts escalates in opposition to the West’s Hegemony the message is to make your own success story and be prepared to help others even as sadly as it is that some people remain blissfully ignorant with entertainment and infotainment that masquerades as NEWS ~Ron

    Posted 6 Mar 2015

    Posted 8 Mar 2015


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